Zolton's Modeling Agency

(MmBb) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (nc)

I first met Zolton ten years ago through a kinky friend of mine. From time to time, being in show business, I send Zolton boys whom I think might fit his purposes. You see, “Modeling Agency” isn’t a very accurate term for what Zolton does. Oh, he wrangles boys and their parents with promises of a lucrative, starry career in modeling, film, music, and television. The boys end up being thoroughly fucked and used in the most disgusting filthy, depraved ways possible for the benefit of paying customers. He initially made porno films, but lately, he has gone into private streaming on the internet and a kind of chat live video feed where wealthy customers can demand that the boys do whatever they want. Of course, this rakes in lots and lots of money.
Recently, I stopped off at Zolton’s studio to catch up. He graciously took me on a tour of his studio and shared some of his current projects with me. Once a boy is trained properly, he does live streaming sessions for five to eight hours a day. Hundreds of men chat with the boy live and “tip” him to do certain things that they want. They can ask him to shove objects up his boy-pussy, or to masturbate, or to play with his balls, or crawl around. For more extreme acts, or for sessions involving two or more boys, or a man and a boy, the client has to pay much more. These are called “private sessions.” Zolton’s adult actors all have pricks in the eight to twelve-inch range, so the boy gets a “FULL EXPERIENCE.”
These are all healthy teenage boys. Zolton deals in boys from the ages of three or four to eighteen. Then, of course, there are the adult fuckers who might be any age as long as they are fit and have a nasty appetite. These boys are sixteen to eighteen, but some of them have been working for him since they were seven or eight. They now help run the company. These boys have been fucked in the ass and mouth thousands of times. These boys are happy with their jobs. Alas, not all the boys who work for Zoltan are as comfortable with his chosen profession for them. How he acquires the boys, especially the very young ones is a story for another time. A question you might ask is, does Zolton do torture films and toilet films and animal/ boy films? The answer is a resounding YES. He will provide anything short of snuff if a customer is willing to pay enough.
Zolton is a very cheery fellow and immediately had some of his boys massage my prick and balls and invited me to fondle and kiss any of them. He advised me to hold off fucking any of the boys until I had finished my studio tour, as I might see something later on that would take my interest. The boys, most of them naked, were all over me. They spread their fine young boy ass cheeks and almost begged me to fuck their pussies. Thus far, these were all older boys of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen. I could see that the assholes of some of them had been considerably stretched. Zolton winked at me and said that I surely wanted “fresh meat.”
I could never afford the services that Zolton and his boys provide, but he generously insisted that anything I wanted was on the house. As I say, I had sent him some prime ass from time to time. Zoltan took me directly into a studio where five handsome young technicians were filming the first onscreen masturbation session of a thirteen-year-old boy. The boy’s name was Kyle, and he had only started to shoot spunk a few weeks before. I guess you might call him a late bloomer. Zolton wanted to capture one of the boy’s early innocent ejaculations on film. The boy was in the throes of prick pumping when we entered. He was a darling kid, with a really innocent face. The guys filming all had huge erections in their jeans which added to the fun. While shooting, they often reached down and squeezed their fat leaking pricks in their jeans. There was an atmosphere and a smell of total pecker and balls in the studio. They threw commands at him like:
“Spread your fucking legs wider.”
“Show us that tiny teen pecker.”
“Beat that meat harder!”
“Frig that fucker, faggot!”
“Arch your back!”
“Push that prick out toward the camera!”
“Make sure your little balls jiggle and dance!”
“Beat that fuckmeat!”
“Has he been ass fucked yet?” I asked Zolton, who stood with a beaming smile on his face.
“Not yet. That will be his next film. I’ve got a wonderful six-foot, seven-inch, African-American actor with a twelve-inch beer bottle thick dick who will pop the boy’s ass cherry. Kyle will play the son of a white plantation owner in the 1850’s. The slaves rebel and gang fuck Kyle in the barn. We are throwing quite a bit of money into the production. Kyle will also be whipped, tortured and fucked by a dog. In the sequel, the fifteen rebellious slaves go after Kyle’s six-year-old brother!”
“I’d love to see those films,” I remarked, my prick leaking like crazy into my jeans.
“They are pretty extreme if I do say so myself,” Zolton chuckled.
There is something quite delightful, I must admit about watching a very young boy masturbating his tiny dick. You know it is the start of something he will continue to do his entire life. There is also something delightful about knowing that this sweet little boy will be used and corrupted by countless big pricked men.
We moved on to the next room, little Kyle still frigging his little boy pecker to beat the band. In the next room, a small ten-year-old boy named Donnie was doing a photo shoot modeling a small pair of red shorts. He wore a cop’s hat at a jaunty angle on his cute head. This boy was an experienced model. He knew how to arch, twist, and mold his little body to provide the ultimate sexual stimulant for the customers.
“Donnie first started working with us when he was seven. So this is his third year with us. He has been ass fucked hundreds of times He has done doggie films and even a video with a Shetland pony. And you know something, he still provides an excellent fuck in bed. I had him only last week. And he is an excellent ass eater. You know, I almost always have one of the boys sucking my ass for hours every evening while I watch TV. I often have a second boy licking and sucking on my balls to help relax me.”
While we watched, Donnie was told to peel down the red shorts slowly. He did so quite seductively, and I saw that he was a real fucking little slut. He wiggled his ten-year-old ass at the camera and then reached back and spread those delicious boy ass cheeks to reveal a swollen, red, well-fucked boy asshole. Don’t get me wrong, it may have been well used, but it was still enticing.
“We’ll soon be doing a nice fist fucking film with him,” Zolton quipped.
In the next room, they were shooting a film with a schoolroom setting. A fifteen-year-old boy was dressed in a private Catholic school uniform. He was a beautiful boy, and I could tell that he too was not new to this.
“In this film, a slutty fifteen-year-old boy has a crush on his teacher. The boy strips then masturbates and rubs his young body all over the teacher’s desk. The teacher walks in catching the boy’s lewd display and decides that the boy needs some severe discipline. He beats the boy’s bare ass with a map pointer stick, and then he clamps heavy clips to the kid’s nut sack and dickhead and titties. He burns the boy’s dick and sack with a cigarette lighter, and shoves various large schoolroom objects up the boy’s asshole. He fucks the boy’s face and ass and then makes the boy lay on his desk, climbs up and squats over the kid’s face and takes a nice shit into the boy’s mouth. Can’t you imagine that beautiful face covered in shit? A lot of our customers love to see innocent boys defiled with piss and shit. We have a film in the works now with ten huge muscular guys shitting all over a five-year-old boy. It is not easy to film that.”
While we chatted, the young teenage schoolboy rubbed his dick and balls all over the teacher’s desk. He jerked his leaking dick until it leaked pre-fuck all over the religious photo on the desk.
“Andy here is quite a seasoned performer. He has a real nasty personality. He’s a totally filthy fucking slut.”
Andy picked up the spooge-covered portrait of Jesus and rubbed his slimy dick head all over the picture of Jesus.
“Near the end of this film, Andy gets turned over to the priests, who really work him over, shoving huge crucifixes up his boy-cunt and Tasering the fuck out of his nut sack. But let’s move on, shall we? I want you to meet Young Jess, a boy that I think you might enjoy spending the afternoon with.”