Zak and His Stepbrother

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And the day had started out so great for little Zak. He was so proud of going into third grade and of the very “grown-up” school uniform he had to wear. Dress slacks, black shoes, a white dress shirt, a tie, and a blazer. He felt very grown-up, indeed. And then he walked in on a scene that changed his life, and Zak, who was such a fucking goody-goody, threatened to tell his mom.

To say he was not close to his stepbrother Jace was an understatement. Jace hated him, hated him because the little kid was always in the way, hated him because their recently wed parents traveled a lot, and Jace was now burdened with babysitting chores. Christ, he could not even bring a chick home to fuck without the little asshole being around.

Jace did not particularly like his new stepmom either. Shit, he would fuck her if he had the chance. She was nice looking and all. Good tits. And he could not blame his dad for wanting that ass, but as a person, Jace wanted nothing to do with her. Like her little faggot of a son, she was all uptight, upright, and sanctimonious. What she needed, according to Jace, was a big dick down her throat and one up her cunt at the same time.


Zak once threatened to tell his mom when he found Jace fucking this really hot thirteen-year-old in the rec room one night. Jace was having a grand old time, forcing his thick hunk of teen fuckmeat into the tiny virginal twat, when he turned his head and saw Zak standing in the doorway. Jesus, Jace almost lost his boner; he did lose some of his enthusiasm. And he’d just spent half an hour convincing the little cunt of a thirteen-year-old bitch to let him fuck her without a rubber. He’d had to tell her how much he loved her and all that shit, just to get his bare dick into her.


“You know Mom wouldn’t like you doing that,” Zak said, holding his cute little pug nose high in the air as if his shit didn’t stink.


“I don’t give a fuck what Mom thinks, and anyway, she’s not my mom!” Jace had shot back, standing there bare-ass naked in front of his new little stepbrother, his recently spent dick hanging full and still leaking.


“That’s gross, and you are gross!” Zak snapped, pointing at the swinging greasy prick of his seventeen-year-old stepbrother.


“Look, asswipe, just because you are too young to understand sex, and your balls haven’t dropped yet, don’t think you are so pure, I’ve seen you by yourself in your room, naked and fingering your peanut-sized pecker!”


It was true too. Zak had started to experiment just a bit with what felt good and what did not. He heard his parents fucking in their room at night. He had seen Jace fucking girls and masturbating lots of times. So, yes, he tried a few things himself. His dick was still no larger than a peanut, it was true, but then he was still a very little boy. It did feel good to rub the soft, smooth head of his peanut prick. And he got a funny feeling through his whole body when he fingered his baby asshole. He’d even tried shoving the eraser end of a pencil up his asshole, but it hurt. He was sure he would never have had any of these “bad” ideas if it had not been for Jace.


And now, on his first day in the third grade, he came home from school, dressed in his new private school uniform, feeling all grown-up, and he walked in on Jace and three of his high school buddies, all bare-ass naked and jerking their dicks over girlie magazines! That’s right! Jace, who it must be admitted was a really good looking seventeen-year-old boy and very, very popular, was sitting on the edge of a chair, his strong young legs spread, his big, fat, lightly-haired balls bouncing as he flogged his nine and a half inch prick. With his other hand, he rubbed his athlete’s pecs and tugged at his nice sized nipples. He was staring at the photo spread of a naked girl with huge tits.


“Look at the fucking tits on this bitch!” he yelled, yanking harder on his fuckmeat and sending sprays of pre-fuck onto his bedroom rug.


His best buddy, Steve, was stretched out naked on Jace’s bed, masturbating his own fat fucker. His balls were not as low hanging as Jace’s balls but were round and bloated looking. He was also not as handsome as Jace. Cory, who was darker of complexion and a bit heavier than his two friends, sat on the floor, legs spread, leaking dick slop onto the face of a naked girl in a magazine in front of him. Cory’s dick was really thick, as thick as a Coke can, but not so long. Brad, who was the captain of the football team sat on the edge of Jace’s desk, also totally bare-ass naked, his big feet just touching the floor, as he almost angrily pumped his own huge fucker, his balls dancing and jiggling as they hung over the lip of the desk. He was panting heavily, and his muscular chest rose and fell with the masturbation effort, as he hungrily eyed the cunt in the magazine on the desk next to him.


“This one is a fucking slut! I’ll bet she needs dick every fucking hour!”


“Are you kidding man? Show me a cunt over twelve who doesn’t need it every hour. They just pretend to be so fucking proper. All the while, their pussies are leaking like the fucking dam broke! I see the bitches at school, staring at my dick lump as they walk by. They can’t keep their fucking eyes off of it!” Jace replied as he rubbed his dick leak over the fat head of his fucker.

“Yeah, I like it when the cute bitches look at my meat bulge in my jeans, but I can’t fucking stand it when the skaggy ones or the fat cows eye my lump. It makes me want to puke. I can’t help thinking, ‘You ain’t never gonna’ get a taste of this prime meat, you fat stinking cow!’ ”


All four boys roared with laughter at Steve’s witty remark. It was just about then that Jace glanced over toward the open door of his room to see Zak standing there.


“What the fuck are you doing home already?” he roared, and all four boys tried unsuccessfully to cover their huge dripping dicks with their hands.


“Ugh…this was the first day and…ugh…they let us out early…and your door was open, and I didn’t mean to see nothing and...and...”


Little Zak’s eyes were riveted to the throbbing fuckers of the four high school jocks.


“You see something you like, faggot?” Jace yelled, taking his hands away from his prick and glaring at his stepbrother.


“I…ugh…no...I...I’ll go downstairs...ah...” Zak was red-faced and scared.


“I bet you dudes didn’t know that my new little stepbrother is a fucking faggot, did you? He’s always staring at my dick and drooling. He even tries to watch when I am fucking some cunt. Don’t you, fuckface?”


“Ain’t he a little young to be a faggot? I mean, he doesn’t even know about sex yet, how can he be a faggot?” Cory said, looking up from the floor, his prickhead still leaking onto the face of the girl in the magazine.


“Shows how much you know, Cory boy! You can have faggot genes in you from birth. They ain’t developed yet, sure, but that doesn’t mean that the sight of my prime, cunt-fucking, teenage, jock fuck meat doesn’t turn him on! Go on, look at it, Zak, look at it bouncing and throbbing and leaking. You love that, don’t you?”


Zak’s face got even redder.


“You guys shouldn’t be doing this. Mom would be furious!”


“Your fucking cunt of a mother would probably crawl across the floor to suck our dicks and eat out our assholes! That bitch looks at my dick lump all the time. She probably sucks on my dirty jockstraps!”

Zak’ cute little face turned a dark crimson now. He chewed his sweet lower lip. His little eyes flashed.


“That’s a lie. That is a dirty rotten lie, and I am going to tell Mom and Dad!”


In his fresh new school uniform, he charged across the bedroom, his little hands balled into fists to attack his foul-mouthed stepbrother. He swung but missed, and Jace threw his muscular jock arms around the little guy. Some of the older boy’s dick leak got on Zak’s new blazer, leaving a messy white streak. Jace held his stepbrother from behind. He felt his hard dick rubbing the boy’s back, and it turned him on for some reason. Maybe it was because he was already in the midst of a jerk-off frenzy.


“I’ll tell. I’ll tell!” Zak shrieked, kicking at his older stepbrother.


“God damn it, Jace, the little fucker is ruining our circle jerk!” Steve yelled from the bed, feeling his swollen prick lose some of its sensitivity. “I had a really beautiful boner going too!”


“What are you gonna do with the little faggot shit?” asked Brad, adjusting his ass globes on the edge of the desk, so his leaking jock dick dripped onto the floor.


“Hand me that package wrapping tape from my desk, will you,” yelled Jace, hanging on to the kicking and screaming Zak.


Brad picked up the roll of tape and eased his tall, ripped body off the desk. As he sauntered across the room toward Jace, his thick long jock prick swayed in front of him, still leaking long strings of pre-fuck down onto the floor.


“You’re leaking dick shit all over my fucking room,” Jace complained.


“You wanted the fucking tape! Here let me wipe my dick off!”


Brad grabbed little Zak by the head and wiped his dickhead over the boy’s sweet innocent face.


“Jesus, Brad, that’s queer!” Cory yelled from the floor with a frown.


“It is not queer! You heard Jace say the little bitch was a faggot. He’s probably getting off on it!”


“He’s in third grade, for Christ sake!”


“Never too young to be a faggot!” Jace laughed, holding Zak’s head still, so Brad could wipe more pre-fuck from his wide pisshole on the boy’s nose and cheek and mouth.


Zak was crying now. Well, wouldn’t you be? His brand new school uniform was getting stained with teenage dick leak, and cock sauce was being smeared on his face!


“The bitches at school, love to slurp up my pre-fuck, why shouldn’t this little faggot asshole?” Brad said, rubbing his swollen dickhead across Zak’s lips.


Zak kicked Brad in the balls then. His new black dress shoe connected with the high school jock’s nut sack. Brad pulled back howling in agony. Jace was startled, and Zak used the chance to break free, slipping out of his blazer and heading for the door of the bedroom, but he had not realized that Steve. The tall, lanky basketball player had gotten off the bed and was now standing in front of the door. Zak ran right into him, or to be more correct, he ran right into his dick! You see, Zak was running kind of bent over, having just pulled free from his blazer, and Steve is six foot four. Well, Zak ran his cute little boy face right into Steve’s throbbing red swollen erection! It almost poked out his eye. Steve laughed and grabbed the boy by the head and forced his face into his naked, sweaty genitals.


“Wow, this little faggot bitch is hungry for dick!”


Jace was still standing frozen holding Zak’s discarded blazer.


“Hold onto him. Let’s tape his little faggot mouth shut and his body down so we can finish our circle jerk in peace and quiet!”


And that’s what happened. They wrapped the tape around Zak’s mouth, his chest and arms, and around his wrists which were secured behind his back. They also taped his ankles together. He lay on the bedroom floor, in his dress shirt and new school trousers, with his cute adult necktie, trussed up like a fucking pig. The pre-fuck dried and flaked off his face.


The high school jocks went back to their magazines and to their dick jerking. For twenty more minutes, they stroked their peckers looking at pictures of fresh cunt in the magazines and talking about the cunts of the various girls at school they wanted to fuck or had fucked. Brad who was dating the cheerleading captain, bragged about how well she sucked dick, and Jace offered that he liked his cocksuckers younger as by the time a girl was fifteen or so, her twat and throat were all stretched out.


Zak lay on the floor and listened to all of this. It was disgusting talk! What kind of family had his mother married into? Then as he came close to blowing, Jace had an idea.


“I wonder if the faggot would like some of my baby batter. What do you think, guys?”


“He’s just a kid, leave him alone,” Cory offered, rubbing the face of the centerfold model in the magazine on his asshole for extra thrills.


“Wow, Cory, you just gave me a most excellent idea. You know how hard it is to get a chick to lick and suck our asses. Well, faggots love to suck ass, don’t you, Zak. I think I’ll just squat down over his face and get myself a nice ass suck!” The naked high school jock ripped the tape off of Zak’s mouth and then squatted over the little boy’s face. His huge balls draped over the kid’s forehead and nose. “Lick my ass, Zak, and do a good job. Get all that stinking ass sweat out of my crack!”


I won’t do it. I...mmmph...mmmph.”


Little Zak’s cries and protests were lost between Jace’s hunky ass globes.


The other boys stopped to watch and then in unison, continued to beat their meat, watching the sight of Jace forcing his high school ass down onto the face of his little stepbrother. Brad, dick spraying fuck leak everywhere, Christ the boy was a leaker, came over and reached down and grabbed Zak’s baby dick through the material of his trousers.


“You better start licking your stepbrother’s ass, boy, or I swear I will rip your dicklet off and make you a true cunt! I still owe you for kicking me in the nuts!”


He pulled and twisted at the tiny lump he held in his hand. Zak opened his mouth to scream in pain and tasted boy ass! Ass hairs got in his mouth and caught in his teeth. It was beyond disgusting! He smelled ass smell and tasted the sour, salty taste of jock ass sweat.


“Lick that ass. Lick right across the asshole!” Jace yelled, rocking back and forth on his stepbrother’s face and jerking on his own huge swollen prick.


Steve, his prick also leaking and swinging from side to side, squatted down by the little boy’s feet and removed the kid’s shoes and socks.


“Here, I got some of these bulletin board tacks from your desk. Maybe if I stick some of them into his feet, he’ll lick ass better!”


“Way to go, buddy!” Jace yelled back over his shoulder. “I want to feel that tongue up inside my asshole!”

Steve chuckled and started to shove the sharp tacks with the plastic nubs into the tender, soft pale feet of the little kid. Zak screamed agony, but his cries were smothered by ass crack! He forced his little boy tongue up into the dank, moist, musty asshole of his stepbrother.


“Oh…shit…oh…shit…does that feel fucking good!” Jace bounced on his stepbrother’s face. “More, get more fucking tongue up my shit-hole!”


“Hey, Brad, get his pants and underpants down,” Steve yelled. “Let’s stick some tacks into his little baby dick stalk. That should improve his ass sucking technique.”


“Super idea, my friend!”


They opened Zak’s pants and slipped them and his underpants down, revealing his still hairless pubes, his baby pink prick and his tiny start of a sack, not yet filled with unfallen nuts.


“Aw… ain’t that cute? You should see his little dicklet, Jace!”


“I don’t want to see it. I just want to feel his tongue fucking up into my shit hole!”


Zak could hardly breathe. Cory, who had before defended Zak somewhat, now stood silently, beating his leaking meat, a kind of a glazed look in his beautiful dark eyes. Brad took a pin from Steve and gently lifted Zak’s tiny worm of a penis forced the tack into the boy’s dick flesh. Zak threw himself on the floor, and Jace, riding the kid’s face had the time of his life.


“Whoopee! Way to go! Ride that fucking bronco!” Jace yelled, bouncing harder on the boy’s face. “Holy shit, I am going to cum!” he suddenly screeched and became very serious.


Jace threw himself off his stepbrother’s face and swung his muscular jock body around. He pounded his big prick as only a teen in heat can, almost pulling the damned thing off his body. Nobody yanks dick like a teenage boy! His breath came in giant gulps and gasps. The veins all over his hot young body seemed about to explode. His hand flew, and then he blasted a massive wad of cum right down onto little Zak’s face! The other jocks in the room yelled in victory. Glop after thick glop of fuck splattered Zak’s pretty little boy face. The kid’s eyes were wild like a trapped animal. The painful pins in the soles of his feet and the pin in his prick stalk were temporarily forgotten as the seemingly scalding cock slop coated his face, went up his tiny nose and covered his lips. Three, four, five, sprays of fuck shot from Jace’s dick. He was known at school for the amount of cum he could shoot. He won every jerk-off contest in the locker room.

At last, he relaxed back onto his haunches and looked down at the mess that was his stepbrother.


“That was fucking fantastic. Zak, my dear stepbrother, you’re going to be sucking my asshole every day from now on! And don’t even think of refusing because if you do, I will show your mommy the pictures of your cum-covered face that Brad is taking with his phone right now!”


It was true. Brad was laughing and snapping away.


“Don’t I get a turn?” Brad then asked, with a babyish little boy smile on his high school senior face.


“You want to get your ass sucked too?” Jace asked, spreading his hands to welcome his friend.


“No, I was thinking of…maybe...fucking his ass instead!”


“Party time!” Steve screamed, and they began to rip the remaining clothing off of the poor sobbing little boy!