Young Trouble

Bb, anal, oral, nc, rape

It was summer sports day at an all-boy high school, and all students were expected to participate in some way. Seniors had been posted around the school to look out for other pupils that may have been hiding to get out of it. Jason and Mike, heard noises as they passed a utility closet. They went over to inspect, and after a short search, they found a petite, eleven-year-old boy with brown hair and large, brown eyes hiding in a corner.

"Hello, what the fuck are you doing there?" Jason asked.

The boy knew he was in trouble.

"I'm just skipping sports day," he sulked.


The teens grinned at each other. They had often talked to each other about having sex with a younger boy too afraid to act on it. This young, cute lad was vulnerable. Now was their chance. Jason decided to do all the talking.


"You really shouldn't be skipping, buddy. What's your name anyway?"


“What...what are you going to do?"


"We'll have to take you the headmaster’s office, but first, we need to check a few things."


"Like what?"


"We need to make sure you haven't stolen anything," Jason lied.


"But I haven't.


"We still need to be sure, though. It's just something we have to do."


Richard fumbled around in his pockets and pulled them inside out to show he had nothing. He patted himself to try and prove that he had nothing underneath.


"No, you'll have to do better than that. Take off your shirt, Richard."


They young boy pulled his white shirt over his head. He was slightly tanned underneath, with no sign of hair.


"See? I've got nothing!"


"Wait a minute, get those sneakers off."




"You might have stuck something small in your shoes."


Richard flashed a weird look back at Jason, before leaning on a wall and removing his shoes and socks.


"OK, good. Now take off your jeans."


"Fuck off!"


"Do it."




"Do it, or we'll make you do it," Mike piped in.


Richard looked at the two teens, weighing up his chances. They were taller, heavier, and older than he was. Probably quicker too. He let out a sign, before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He let them drop to the floor. His body shivered from the sudden cold of being almost naked. His shiny black boxers were now the only thing that clung to his body.


"Very nice," Jason observed, "and now your boxers."


Richard made a dash for the door in an attempt to escape. The teens laughed as they grabbed him and pulled him back.


"Where are you running off to in just your underwear, little man? It’s time to have some fun."


Richard started to sob.


"Don't hurt me," Richard sniffed.


Jason slid his fingers down the sides of Richard's boxers and eased them down. The kid’s two-inch cock flopped out revealing it's true beauty. His body was completely hairless, perfectly smooth. Puberty had yet to find this boy. Jason and Mike surveyed their prize, as Richard turned bright red from being fully exposed.


"See now, you don't have to be shy Richard. You have a gorgeous body. A cute bod' such as yours shouldn't be hidden away under all those clothes."


"What are you going to do to me?" he said looking down at the floor


"We are going to teach you a few things, little boy. Lie down."


Richard lay on the floor as Jason and Mike towered above him. Jason grabbed Richard's ankles, and walked over him, spreading his butt cheeks wide, and laying everything else above in full view. Richard began to snivel silently.


Richard watched in horror as Mike got on his knees and crawl up towards his asshole. Mike leaned in and kissed the boy's ring hole, and began licking and poking at it with his tongue. Richard let out a small whimper of concealed delight.


"You like that don't you? Can you cum yet?" Jason asked.


Richard didn't answer. He had shut his eyes and was in ecstasy as Mike worked every inch of his ass. Suddenly Mike stopped, and Richard was told he get up on his hands and knees. With little resistance, Richard complied. Jason still knelt in front of Richard, the fly of his trousers just a few inches away from the boy's face. Mike positioned himself behind, unzipped, unbuttoned, and pulled his pants and boxers down. He placed the knob of his cut teen cock at the entrance to Richards ass. Richard knew full well what he had in mind.


Just when Richard thought Mike was going to do the deed, he didn't. Instead, Jason unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Jason’s cock was uncut and a little bigger than Mike’s cock. It stood at attention not far from Richard’s gaze. Jason pulled it down and pushed it against the boy's lips and ordered him to open his mouth. He wouldn't.


"Open your fucking mouth, Richard. Do it. You WILL suck it whether you like it or not."


"No! I'm not doing it. It's nasty."


Mike wrapped his hands around the boy's thighs and began to push his cock in. Richard screamed which allowed Jason to slide his cock into Richards' mouth. He didn't care if Richard sucked it. It was warm inside the boy's mouth, and he began to fuck the boy’s mouth as if it were a cunt. The boy was gagging as Mike probed the molested boy’s throat.


Richard only muffled a response at this, now that his mouth was filled with cock. Mike began to edge his way further into the virgin-tight anus. Richard was in agony on the inside. He was young and tight — too tight for a big teenager to force his way into yet he had nowhere to go. He couldn't go forward as his nose was already pressed into Jason's hairy crotch, and he couldn't go back without receiving more pain!


Eventually, Mike broke through, Richard’s ass giving him access. He began to pump the boy's ass in and out, making sure to go the full way in each time. Jason's hot cock was throbbing inside the boy's mouth. Jason was the first to blow, filling the mouth of the youngster. Richard had no escape as he was filled with the teen's ball juice. Jason moaned with pleasure, and he felt the suction of Richard swallowing his cum. Some of it leaked out Richards' mouth as tears streamed down his face. Mike was next to explode in Richard’s ass. Richard jumped a little as he felt the spurts of cum scald his ass. Mike yelled out as he let loose inside, as he continued to pump the boy’s tight ass. Mike let out gasps of pleasure as he relieved himself inside the boy's bowels. The snug ass felt so good on his cock.


The teens got up and stood for a moment after all was said and done. Jason’s cock became limp again and flopped out of Richard’s mouth, and Mike retracted after his balls were empty. They remained, heaving for a moment after a job well done.


Richard lay on the floor, his tummy breathing in and out quickly, his face covered with snot and tears and cum leaking from his mouth, looked up at the two hulking teens with his large, brown eyes for what they had done, as Mike stood up and pissed on his abused naked body and Jason pissed on his clothes. Richard was happy when the boy’s left him. He was finally free of his abuse.


He would never skip class again.