Young Boy Training

(B) (humil)

When you are working with a young boy, I would say from the age of four or five to eight or nine, how he dresses is essential. You want to make the right impression on your friends when you take him out in public. At home, he most certainly will be naked all the time even when your buddies visit—or especially when your buddies visit. You will teach the little guy to always sit with his legs spread wide and to lean back slightly so that not only his baby jewels show but also his sweet little blossoming rosebud. His hands must never ever cover his baby dicklet and balls even when he is sent to answer the door or to go down for the mail. Most adults will accept a boy of four or five being naked. They can even play outside naked, but when the boy reaches eight or nine, you have to be careful. Of course, when the boy is naked, and your pals come over to visit, you may want to have an object of some sort up the boy’s ass-pussy to impress them, a plastic soft drink bottle for example.
When you take the boy out in public, shorts are most advisable, big baggy shorts with no underpants under them. The shorts must have large leg holes. The boy is instructed to sit where he can be seen by many people and to spread his legs wide. With a little practice, he will get the hang of it, and his sweet little dicklet and balls will be on full display in a most innocent way.
Even at that young tender age, you want to humiliate and degrade your boy as much as possible. Make him feel as if he is a filthy little beast, and everyone is laughing at him. When he goes into a public restroom to piss, he must remove his baggy shorts entirely so as not to soil them. He must stand at the urinal naked from the waist down to piss. This is fun to do when there is a group of teenagers using the toilet as well. A boy being trained must get accustomed to the fact that his dicklet, balls, and asshole are to be on public display as much as possible. It is always fun to expose a boy like this in front of teenage boys as they will laugh at him, make fun of him, and bully him, whereas an adult may just gape or gape and masturbate through his pants.
When you take the boy swimming, he must appear at the pool or beach in nothing but the very smallest thong or pouch so that his entire little ass is naked and exposed. With a young boy, I cut the thong even smaller, so it is no larger than a large postage stamp. That way, if he moves wrong, his little pink dicklet pops out along with his nuggets. I make sure he exercises in front of high school and college boys. I also send him to the concession stand to buy drinks on the beach.
You must be prepared that your little guy will cry a great deal—huge crocodile tears. I love to see a little boy cry and cry hard. It makes my dick so hard. It reminds me of when we play pain tolerance games. How much pain can the little guy take before he passes out?