Young Ballers

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“Hey, honey, how are things over there?” the young lady said, holding the tablet so her husband could see her and their three boys.

“I’m okay, it’s hot, but it’s been quiet around here,” Chris, the young Latino soldier, said as he admired his wife and three beautiful boys. “Where are you guys at?” he inquired not recognizing the background.

“Well, we have a little surprise for you,” she said.



Three of the biggest stars from professional football were walking to the main building towards their good deed for the day, giving a soldier some appreciation and meeting with the family for a bit.


“Fuck, man, look at the ass on this soccer mom. You can hardly tell she popped out three little fucks.” Rob, the stout tight end, said. He was six-foot-six, dirty blonde hair white stud, pure muscle with a drunken “bro” personality.


The other two laughed.


“Fuck man, she probably misses her husband so much your thick piece of nasty cock would probably console her.” Nick, the black 6’2 slender wide receiver, said.


“You two mother fuckers gonna keep her sons busy while I fuck the bitch?” Rob asked, shoving Jermaine, the ripped cornerback, ruggedly handsome black man with shoulder-length dreads.


“They look a little young, but those little butts I’m looking at, make me not care...mmm…mmm, fine little fucks. You sure you don’t want to dip that dirty white cock in their tight holes instead of that stretched out bitch?” Jermaine asked.


“Nah, man, you two are the pedophiles. I’m just a fucked up man whore that can’t get enough pussy.” Rob laughed as they slowly walked towards the family.


“Fuck you, bro, if adults had as tight of holes and would scream and beg as much as boys do, I’d fuck adults more. The little fuckers make my nigga dick feel so fucking good.” Nick replied, laughing.


Nick did not mind being called a pedophile. Neither did Jermaine. They both spent more time with their cocks using the throats and butts of little boys more than chicks or their own wives. Hard to argue with the characterization and being rich athletes, they did not give a fuck about society’s hypocritical disapproval.




“What’s the surprise?” Chris asked of his wife and three giggling sons.


“We hear you’re a big fan of ours?” Rob said as they came up behind Chris’s wife and into the camera shot, all three in muscle shirts and compression shorts that left little to the imagination.


“Oh, my God, I can’t believe it. This is so cool!” Chris yelled, hardly able to remain seated in front of the computer.


“Well, believe it. Thank you so much for your service. We’ll send you some sweet gear to wear as you cheer us on from over there in the desert.” Rob responded.


“Yeah, and we hear it’s a certain young man’s birthday?” Jermaine asked, placing his hand on the top of the head of little Jake.


“Yeah, bud, I so wish I could be there, Jake. As soon as daddy gets home next month, we’ll celebrate,” Chris said, beaming at his son.


“Don’t worry, man. We’ll show him a real good time, all your boys actually. Just get home safe, bro,” Nick encouraged the young soldier.


“Mrs. Santos, let’s show you inside. We’ve got some activities for the kids waiting,” Rob suggested.




“Chris, I miss you so much. Hurry up and get home. Be safe. I love you.” his wife gushed before handing the tablet to Rob.


Nick and Jermaine corralled the family towards the building.


“Hey, bro, don’t worry. We’ll make sure Jake has a special birthday. You just be safe over there, and thanks again for your service.” Rob offered. He realized the group was now out of earshot. “Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, I’m gonna fuck your wife; she’s got a hot ass for a soccer mom.”


“Wait, what?” Christ reacted.


“Don’t worry, Jermaine and Nick are gonna keep your boys entertained while I fill your wife’s pussy with my fat cock. She’s gonna love it,” Rob reassured.


“Fuck you, what?” Chris was startled.


“Oh, and Jermaine and Nick are gonna fuck your boys, push their fat nigga dicks up their little virgin holes. Probably paint their cute little faces with their nasty pedophile cum. I’m not into little boys myself, but damn. man, your boys are fucking hot,” Rob explained to a shocked Chris. “Well, I gotta go enjoy defiling your wife now. I might even have her eat out my sweaty ass. Have a good evening, bro,” Rob grinned and obscenely extended his tongue. He clicked to end the call and turned around towards the building. He could see Jermaine spinning little Jake around, the boy’s face “accidentally” rubbing against his crotch over and over again.


Chris sat at the chair, unable to believe what was happening. The knowledge that his kids were about to be raped by two professional football players engorged his cock, which was currently down the throat of the little Iraqi boy under the table. He always made sure to have a little local cocksucker working on his military dick when he talked to his boys. It made for some intense orgasms. Chris grunted as he imagined long black cock filling his little birthday boy’s throat, and then filled little Ammar’s stomach with army cum.




“Mrs. Santos, Jermaine, and Nick are gonna take the boys to get some official gear. We can go relax in the conference room until they’re done. Then we have a short reception with some of the team officials. Is that okay?” Rob asked, his hand gently guiding Mrs. Santos toward the door.


“Oh, sure, that’s fine.


“Boys, behave,” she chided. The boys smiled and followed the two massive black men towards the locker room.


Rob guided Mrs. Santos through the door as he looked back and caught Nick’s eye. The two smiled and winked, knowing they were about to give this sweet family an afternoon to remember.




“So this is a professional locker room, feel free to explore,” Jermaine said as he watched the boys run around exploring, ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ as they saw the famous names on the lockers.


“Oh, wow, this is the quarterback’s locker. This is so cool,” Jake said, reaching out his newly five-year-old hand wanting to touch it.


His older brother, eleven-year-old Tim, slapped it.


“Dude, don’t touch, you’ll get us in trouble.”


“It’s okay, bro, touch whatever you want,” Nick counseled.


Jermaine and Nick both sat on a bench admiring the boys as they rubbed the growing mounds in their sliders.


“Fuck, man, I can’t wait for them to touch my cock, bro,” Jermaine whispered to his teammate.


“Ew...is that his jockstrap,” Brad, the eight-year-old middle child, asked.


“Yeah, bro, go ahead and see what a famous quarterback’s jock feels and smells like,” Nick encouraged and laughed.


Tim turned around and gave the men a weird look, but both Brad and little Jake had grabbed it and were sniffing it.


“Ew, it smells like butt.” little Jake said, curling up his nose.


“Ew, it does. That’s gross but totally cool that we’re smelling his butt,” Brad giggled.


Nick leaned over to Jermaine.


“Why don’t you take Jake and Brad and show them the pool. I’ll take Tim to the training room, give me about fifteen minutes and bring them back. Gonna get him in a more cooperative mood.”


Jermaine just smiled, as he could not wait to get in these boys’ Underoos.


“Hey, Tim, wanna see the training room?” Nick hollered over at the little sixth-grade hottie, his dad’s Latino heritage giving him beautiful smooth skin and sexy eyes.


Tim and the boys started over towards the pair of black football studs, their minds filled with dreams of boy fucking in their heads.


“Jake and Brad, Jermaine’s going to take you to the pool. The team doesn’t allow young kids in the training room, sorry,” Nick explained.


The two youngest look disappointed at being excluded but figured a pool was better than whatever a training room was. Jermaine grabbed both boys and carried them in his arms as they giggled. Neither noticed the thick black snake throbbing in his compression shorts nor the wet spot forming. Jermaine loved the smooth warmth of little boys against his black body.


Nick and Tim walked into the training room, filled with ice baths, massage tables, examination tables, and various therapy machines.


“You play football, bud?” Nick asked, his arm falling across Tim’s shoulders as they walked.


“Yeah, this is my first year! I’m a wide receiver like you.”


The boy beamed up at one of his heroes.


“Nice, little man, how are those leg muscles? Taking care of them?” Nick asked as they stopped in front of an examination table.


“I guess,” the boy said with the cutest little look of confusion. The kind of look that melts a mom’s heart and makes a pedo’s cock throb.


“Great, let’s have a look. Hop up,” Nick said, patting the beige vinyl of the table.


Tim did not even hesitate, his innocent young mind not questioning why a world-famous athlete wanted him to sit on an examination table.


“Here, let’s take these off so I can see these leg muscles.”


Nick flipped the boy’s Nike’s off and then slid his jeans down, leaving him just in a superhero t-shirt and some nice tight white briefs. Nick’s cock pulsed and spit a little pre-cum into his pants as he tried to not look too happy even as his boy loving cock was pleased.


Nick ran his large black hands over the boy’s calves, pretending to be testing muscle strength as he molested the sweet little jock boy. He bent his knees and massaged his thighs. He heard the boy let out an involuntary moan.


‘Halfway there,’ Nick thought.


“Let’s try some stretching exercises,” Nick suggested as he began pushing the limits of Tim’s leg flexibility.


As he stretched the boy out, Nick reached down into a drawer for some nylon straps that players used in all kinds of exciting ways. The boy’s eyes were closed as Nick wrapped his large black hands around his ankles and pulled back toward the boy’s head. Tim grunted as his body was pulled in new ways, the discomfort distracting him from the feel of nylon straps wrapping around his ankles. Nick deftly secured the straps behind the boy, ensuring the boy’s ass was up off the table. Tim finally did notice when Nick grabbed his wrists and pulled them back and quickly secured them above his head.


“What are you doing? Stop Mr. Nick,” the boy pleaded, struggling against the straps. “Take me back to my mom, please.”


“Oh, buddy, she’s a little busy right now.”


Nick reached for his phone and slid through a few apps, tapping on one, and then showing the boy the screen. He could clearly see his mom with her face buried in Mr. Rob’s muscular ass. The boy shook his head, not believing that his mom would cheat on his dad.


“See buddy, she’s having fun, just like we’re going to.”


“No, I don’t want to,” the boy said, struggling as tears began to form and fall from the corner of his eyes.


Nick leaned down and buried his face into the boy’s briefs. He inhaled deeply. The smell of young boys was one of his favorite aromas. Nick knew he needed to change the kid’s perspective, so he quickly slipped the waistband of his underwear down, freeing the eleven-year-old cock and slid it into his mouth. The cock, the tiny balls, and the whole private area were smooth, a silky brown smoothness that Nick craved.


Tim began to moan as the man violated him, molested his young sixth-grade body. Tim’s mind tried to resist, knowing that he was being molested, but his body betrayed him. Even as he cried and begged for Nick to stop, he kept fighting the feeling that just felt so good.


The tall wide receiver grabbed at Tim’s briefs and began tearing at them, wanting to ensure he had access to every inch of the boy’s crotch. Nick sucked the boy’s balls into his mouth along with his cock, the long pink tongue wrapping itself around the boy’s privates, caressing them with wet pedophile love. It was a beautiful sight, the large black man with his face buried in the crotch of an eleven-year-old little jock boy, tied up, helpless, and moaning and crying as he, at least, somewhat enjoyed his first sexual contact.


Nick’s fingers slid into his mouth alongside the boy’s cock and then down into the crack of the boy’s ass. Even as good as Nick’s mouth felt on his cock, Tim knew what fags do and what was in his future. He began to beg, cry and scream more, not wanting Nick to fuck his Latino boy hole. Who could blame him, everyone knows football players carry around huge pieces of meat.


Nick pulled up and leaned forward, shoving his tongue into Tim’s mouth, kissing him deeply as he reached for another drawer and pulled out a ball gag. Nick’s tongue filled the young boy’s mouth, and then he quickly secured the ball gag. The look of fear and pleading in the eleven-year-old boy’s eyes made his black cock twitch and dance happily.


“Don’t worry, little man, you’re gonna love this. You’ll be as big a whore as your mom apparently is,” Nick said to the boy, again showing him his phone.


Tim looked as Mr. Rob leaned back on a table, playing with the tits he once breastfed on, while his mom was bouncing up and down on the man’s cock, moaning like a whore. The boy furrowed his brow, and he shut his eyes.




Thirty feet away, Jermaine sat on a bench with little five-year-old Jake and eight-year-old Brad in his arms. Jermaine’s shirt was off, leaving him only in the white compression shorts holding back his raging black cock. Jermaine’s hands held tightly to their small butts, pulling them tightly into him as he leaned into Jake to make out with the kindergartner. His tongue invaded the little boy’s mouth, causing Jake to moan and gag at the same time. Smiling, Jermaine pulled back, licking his lips. He always enjoyed the taste of little boy mouths. He turned to Brad and kissed him deeply, swirling his adult tongue against the tiny pink tongue of the third-grader he was molesting.


Jermaine had grabbed the boys and forced his tongue down their throats at first, but after a few minutes, both boys began to melt into his arms. He knew that boys who did not have a dad around often craved the attention of men. Jermaine tested this theory regularly with single moms flattered to have a professional athlete hit on them, never finding out Jermaine had more sex with their sons than with them—hotter and more intense sex, too. Often those trusting moms would be passed out after a unique cocktail, snoring just a room away from where Jermaine was raping their sweet little prince’s upturned toddler butt, crying for his mommy until he gave in and began moaning for his new nigga daddy.


“You are two sexy boys,” Jermaine commented as his hands rubbed Brad and Jake’s little boy asses, “Let’s go find your brother.”


“Aw, do we have to? This is fun,” Brad said while pouting that the muscular black athlete would not continue his molestation.


“Don’t worry, little one, we’re gonna have more fun,” Jermaine reassured the boy as he picked up both boys to go rendezvous with his partner in crime.




Nick heard the door behind him open. He turned to see Jermaine enter with the boys in his arms. Nick gave his friend a questioning look. Jermaine smiled and turned to Brad, letting his long tongue slide out towards the boy. The boy leaned in eagerly and sucked on the adult tongue, then let his own tongue flick and play with Jermaine’s tongue.


Nick grinned, and his cock throbbed. He was envious of the special way Jermaine had with young boys, able to gain their confidence quickly and find his way inside their holes, making them crave it for the rest of their lives. In every city they played in, there was always at least one little boy sitting in class, wearing Jermaine’s jersey, and twitching in his seat, remembering the brutal fuck session he got from his hero.


Nick had his face buried in Tim’s smooth virginal butt. The boy had stopped struggling but continued to cry as he fixated on where the tongue in his butt would eventually lead. It felt good, but he was so scared of the dick he knew was coming.


“Hmm, looks like you’re enjoying that, bud,” Jermaine said, standing behind Nick.


“Fuck yeah, man, the kid has a great ass,” Nick said before diving back between the pale brown butt cheeks of the Latino sixth-grader he was eating out.


“What’s he doing, Mr. Jermaine?” Jake innocently asked.


“It’s a special stretching routine. You wanna help?” Jermaine explained.


“Yeah!” the boys said in unison.


Jermaine loved how easy it was with most boys.


“This is going to get messy, so let’s get you out of your good clothes.”


Jermaine let the boys down onto the floor to help them undress. He slowly stripped the two Latino boys. His hands lingered and rubbed as he did so, the feel of their skin, sending waves of pleasure to his massive nigga cock. He stood down, looking at two beautiful naked boys, still years away from puberty, their tiny cock and balls beckoning to him.


“Now, it’s your turn to help Mr. Jermaine out!” he declared.


The boys reached for his white compression shorts and began to pull them down, struggling to get them down because of the tightness and Jermaine’s sweaty skin. Jermaine wiggled his hips to help, the waistband finally dropping below his cock and freeing it. The uncut black ten inches sprung into view, a long string of pre-cum already dripping to the floor. Jermaine leaked like a faucet resulting in embarrassing spots on his clothes, especially that time he ran a camp for junior high boys. He had to change pants four times despite filling at least twenty of the boys’ asses with his seed. The leaking never stopped when a little boy was around.


“Get on your knees, boys. Let Mr. Jermaine teach ya something,” he commanded.


The boys knelt down, their wide eyes taking in the massive fuck stick before them.


“This is a nigga dick. Do you know why it’s a nigga dick?” he asked of his pupils. They shook their head no. “Because I’m a nigga. Now say ‘nigga dick.’ ”


“Ni...nigga dick.”


The two boys hesitated, saying a word they knew was forbidden. Then again, being used as sex toys by adults was technically forbidden, but they probably did not get the contradiction.


“Nice, now this here is an extra special nigga dick,” Jermaine said as he waved it in the two boys’ faces. “This here is a nigga dick. Do you know what it’s used for?” The boys again shook their head, still in awe of the black cock now copiously dripping cum onto the floor. “It’s used for making boys like you happy, and men like me even happier,” Jermaine smiled as he educated his young charges.


“Would you just molest them already?” Nick yelled over from having his tongue up in their brother’s sixth-grade asshole.


“I’m getting there, dude. They just look so hot kneeling in front of me waiting on my big black dick.” Jermaine said, reaching out and running his black fingers through their silky hair. “Okay, boys, now give Mr. Jermaine’s nigga cock a kiss,” he instructed as he pulled them in.


Little Jake was the first, straining to reach up. When his small pink lips touched the sweaty black pulsing cock, he pressed in and gave it a kiss. Little Brad did the same. The smell of sweaty nigga crotch filled their noses as one kiss turned into two, and before long, the boys were kissing it all over.


“You want a drink from my nigga cock, little Jake?” Jermaine asked.


The football player moved the boy towards the head of his cock. Jermaine pulled back the skin of his uncut cock, exposing the slimy pink head. Jake’s mouth was open. The first drops of pre-cum slowly drooled onto his five-year-old lips. Jermaine pulled him in even more.


“That’s it, baby, nurse on Jermaine’s nigga dick.”


Jake’s small kindergarten lips stretched obscenely around the uncut dick as a steady stream of professional football player cum filled his little mouth. The boy instinctively began to nurse, gentle sucking motions drawing even more pre-cum into his young mouth. Kool-Aid was no longer his favorite drink. Jermaine placed his hand on the back of Brad’s head and maneuvered him down to his hairy and sweaty balls.


“Lick my nuts, little man, lick ‘em good,” Jermaine encouraged as he leaned back and enjoyed the service of these two elementary school kids.


Jermaine had to crouch down a little to give both of his precious little shorties full access. His hands guided their young inexperienced mouths on his sweaty adult body. Jermaine leaned his head back, a broad smile on his face.


“Aw, that’s it, my little fuckers, please your new nigger daddy.”


The boys giggled but kept sucking and licking.


Nick could hear the slurping and his friend’s moans from behind him. His long black fingers were busy playing with Tim’s eleven-year-old little boy-pussy. The boy still struggled, not wanting to give in to the pleasure flowing through his body, resisting being made into a fag by these two large black men.


“You like that, baby boy. You enjoying daddy eating your hole?” Nick asked before leaning in and digging his tongue up the six grader’s ass again.


“You’re not my daddy,” Tim mouthed into the ball gag, struggling to be heard.


“Hmm, before long, you’ll be calling me daddy, baby boy. My cock has that effect,” Nick promised.


The boy moaned and let out a long ‘no.’


“Hey, Jermaine, bring those two little fucks over here,” Nick called


Jermaine pulled the two boys off his cock, their hungry mouths struggling to stay latched on. He led the boys over to Nick and their older brother, who was helplessly tied so that his ass was spread and fully exposed. Nick stood up and faced his audience.


“You boys wanna unwrap this nigga cock?”


The boys didn’t hesitate, attacking his crotch and pulling off his silky nylon shorts, freeing the thick veiny cut cock. Jake tried to fit it in his mouth, but Nick had a much thicker head than Jermaine, so the boy could only get a little into his small mouth. Little Brad started lapping at Nick’s nuts, the hair of the adult bush tickling his nose.


“Hmm, boys, feels so good, but do you wanna help your big bro with his new training program?” Nick asked as he caressed the cheeks of the boys servicing his nigga dick.


The boys shook their heads, never stopping worshiping the thick veiny cock in front of them.


“Okay, boys, you need to open wide and push as much spit into your brother’s butt as you can,” Nick instructed. The boys stopped and looked at him with a confused look. His large black hands guided their heads into their brother’s butt. “Eat,” was Nick’s only command, and with a slight hesitation, both boys began to eat out the ass of their older brother.


“Fuck, man, that’s so hot,” Jermaine said, standing next to his best friend while stroking his cock watching a little kindergartner and his eight-year-old brother eat out a smooth eleven-year-old boy ass.


“Fuck, yeah, man, can’t wait to get my cock up his ass. You gonna fuck one of the little ones?” Nick asked.


“Hell, yeah, both their little asses are calling to me,” Jermaine said, reaching out and caressing the little brown asses in front of them.


“Fuck, man, I’m not sure if they can take this monster,” Nick said, reaching over and stroking his bud’s cock. “Let’s get some eleven-year-old boy head!”


Nick and Jermaine walked around and laid their nigga dicks on Tim’s face. Nick pulled the ball gag out of the boy’s mouth.


“Suck ‘em, bitch!” Jermaine commanded.


Tim opened his mouth, allowing the slender uncut cock to invade his mouth. The boy gagged, but Jermaine pushed deeper, ignoring the boy’s discomfort. Tim felt like he would puke, so he tried to adjust until it was not as uncomfortable as the massive sweaty black dick passed his tonsils and filled his throat. The balls rested on his chin and he felt the pubes shove up his eleven-year-old nose. The men built a nice rhythm throating fucking the kid, each taking a dozen deep strokes before politely turning Tim over to the other.


“Mr. Jermaine, I don’t wanna suck on Tim’s stinky butt, can I suck your nigga cock some more?” Little Jake looked up from his brother’s hole and pleaded to Jermaine.


“Sure, little one, why don’t you two join me on the couch over here while Nick makes a man out of your big brother,” Jermaine said, leading the boys to the couch.


The two boys climbed on to Jermaine’s sweaty black body, the threesome making out with each other as Jermaine pulled the boys in close.


“Jake, I’m gonna put my fat nigga dick up your butt in a little bit. Would you like that?”


The boy’s eyes grew wide, and he shook his head, remembering how big that black cock was and how small his butt was. He may only be just starting kindergarten, but he knew what could fit in there. Jermaine laughed.


“Of course not, little slut, but I’m going to anyway. It’s more fun if I’m raping this little boy pussy.”


Jermaine pulled the boy into him, kissing him deeply, squeezing the butt he’d soon destroy.


Nick replaced the ball gag in Tim’s mouth and then rubbed his cock on the spit-soaked eleven-year-old hole.


“You ready to be a man, buddy?” Nick asked.


Tim violently shook his head no. Nick slid one of his fingers into the boy’s hole and pressed up, sending waves of pleasure as he fingered Tim’s prostate. The boy moaned into the ball gag.


“See how good it can be. Sure, it’s gonna hurt for a while, but my cock will make this feel even better. Don’t you wanna be my little fag boy?” Nick asked.


Tim was overwhelmed with pleasure as Nick had shoved two fingers up his butt and against his prostate. Nick was really working the boy’s g-spot hard. Tim’s cock was a three-inch steel nail that shook along with the rest of his body. Nick withdrew his fingers and placed the thick head of his wide receiver cock at the boy’s hole.


“Hold on, baby, this is gonna be rough, but it gonna feel so good for me.”


Nick liked to be honest with the boys he used as sex toys. He pressed in, allowing his and the two little boys’ spit to help him inside. It was tight, but he kept pushing. Tim was screaming into the ball gag, tears flowing. Nick looked down as the sixth-grade ass swallowed his thick nigga meat.


“That’s it, baby, almost home. You feel so good, none of my bitches give me anything as tight as your little middle school hole. Fuck, baby, hang on, and Daddy will make it all better,” Nick lied as he violated the preteen boy pussy.


Knowing his young charge’s limits, Nick stopped with still an inch to go. He looked down to see the tiny asshole stretched around his cock and a very hard eleven-year-old dick that was standing straight up.


‘The little fag likes being violated by my nigga dick,’ Nick thought to himself.


He swayed his hips, moving his cock around inside the boy, opening him up for the intense fuck to come. Tim had stopped screaming into the gag, but his tear-filled eyes were still focused intensely on the large black man raping his ass. Nick reached up and removed the ball gag.


“You okay, baby boy?” he asked. The boy shook his head no. Nick smiled. “Who am I, baby boy?” The boy shook his head no, not wanting to answer. “What am I, Timmy boy?”


“My...nigga...daddy,” Tim reluctantly admitted even as tears streamed down his cheek.


Nick grinned and pushed the kids tied up legs to the side. He leaned in and kissed the boy deeply. Tim kissed back. He did not want to, but his body, his hidden nature, betrayed him. Like a few hundred other little boys before him, from toddlers to high school jocks, he relented and gave himself over to his football playing stud rapist. Nick’s mouth covered Tim’s as the two lovers kissed. Nick drooled into the boy’s mouth, and the boy swallowed the first of many of Nick’s bodily fluids.


“Fuck, baby, your ass is so sweet. I love seeing that tiny Latino boy hole stretched around my man-sized cock. You’re a little faggot now, aren’t you, jock boy?”


Nick laughed before kissing the boy again, his cock now full-on pounding the grunting sixth grader.


Nick heard a scream from the other side of the room, breaking his kiss with Tim he looked to the side to see Jermaine on top of Jake, leaning forward with his massive arms holding him above the five-year-old boy lying face down on the cold tile of the training room. Jermaine’s long dreads hung down and swayed as he maneuvered himself onto the boy. Nick could see Jermaine’s long uncut cock pushing at the small bottom of the little birthday boy. Nick turned Tim’s head so he could watch his little brother have his cherry popped by one of the best cornerbacks in the league.


Jermaine’s cock was pulsing and rock hard as the head pressed against the little five-year-old asshole. Not since he did that PR tour through Asia had he had an opportunity to fuck a butt so young. He could feel every spasm and give in the boy’s ass as his cock pressed forward.


“Hey, buddy, hold his arms down for your nigga daddy. You gotta hold him still until he gets used to it,” Jermaine instructed to Brad kneeling in front of the man-boy coupling.


“Yes, nigga daddy,” Brad murmured.


Jermaine leaned forward to give the boy a slow tongue-filled kiss. Jermaine kissed the eight-year-old as he pressed forward into Jake’s five-year-old hole. The boy cried and begged as he felt Jermaine’s black cock stretch open his tiny hole. His hole was on fire, but Jermaine was in warm five-year-old ass heaven. He felt every centimeter of boy-hole hug his cock lovingly.


“That’s it, baby boy, you’re making my cock feel so good. I got the head in now. Just breathe, baby; you’re doing such a good job, little man. I’m so proud of you. Your dad’s going to be so proud of you.” Jermaine coached the boy as he violated him.


The head was just inside the five-year-old ass, the now red ring of Jake’s hole was stretched around the uncut dick. Thankfully Jermaine was not that thick. Otherwise, Jake would have been in far more pain. Nick and Tim watched as the hunky cornerback slowly worked more cock inside the small boy, a quarter-inch at a time until six inches of hard adult cock filled the boy. Jermaine generally had a rule about fucking little boys, only one more inch than their age is allowed, so a five-year-old got six inches. He often broke the rule, but it was a good rule.


“Hmm…baby, I think I have as much in you as you can take for now. How’s that feel, baby?” Jermaine asked, leaning down and kissing the boy on the head.


“It hurts, it hurts bad, Daddy Jermaine,” the boy meekly said.


“I know, baby, but it feels so good to me. You wanna make your nigga daddy happy, don’t you? Don’t you want me to play well and win on Sundays?” Jermaine explained.


The boy shook his head yes.


“Well then, this is how I’m so good by showing boys like you how much I love them. And of all the other boys I’ve fucked, you’re so much better than them.”


Jermaine wasn’t lying. It was rare that he got something so young, usually having to settle for middle school boys with a case of hero-worship so bad they would let him fuck them. Jake was different, adorable, so young, and earlier so willing to play sex games with a massive black man. Jermaine knew from experience it would take a couple of fuckings before the boy got used to having his hole stretched.


Jermaine and Nick both began fucking their young boys. Little Brad held his little brother down as he and Jermaine made out. Jermaine started licking the boy’s face making him giggle.


“Open up, Brad,” the cornerback commanded.


The boy complied, and Jermaine let a long string of spit slowly roll off his tongue and drip into the waiting tongue of an eight-year-old.


“Swallow it, baby.”


The boy did and smiled. Fuck Jermaine loved what total whores boys turned into after a little encouragement.


Little Jake continued to softly sob as he upturned birthday-boy asshole was violated by a long black cock. Jermaine ran one of his hands through the boy’s sweat-soaked hair and turned the boy’s head. Jake’s eyes were closed, his mouth opened slightly as he breathed and cried out in sync with the cock fucking him.


“Is it better now, baby boy?” Jermaine asked.


The boy slowly nodded yes, the piercing pain of the black cock raping him replaced with a dull ache and the intense feeling of being full, the sense of being abused, and the feeling of sweaty pedophilic love.


“Let’s turn him over, buddy,” Jermaine asked of Brad.


The two turned the boy until he was lying on his back, the black cock still filling his butt. The corner back leaned down until his lips were inches from Jake’s mouth. His dreads fell down, creating a barrier between the two lovers and the rest of the world.


“You okay, buddy?” Jermaine whispered to him. Jake stared up into the man’s brown eyes and nodded. “I know it hurt, baby, but my cock needed inside of you. It belongs inside of you. I fucking love you, baby boy.” Jermaine confessed in a pedophilic lust-filled haze.


“I love you too, Mr. Jermaine,” Jake responded even as he grunted and tried to clear his eyes of tears from the uncut black cock pressing deeper into his bowels.


“You’re such a sexy little boy. You and I are gonna spend a lot of time together. Would you like that?” he whispered to the boy.


Jake smiled and nodded. He was not sure he wanted to be fucked again, but he loved being around Jermaine.


Jermaine felt someone lick his ass, he raised up and looked back to see Brad knelt behind him, his little eight-year-old face buried up his black ass.


“Fuck, buddy, you’re a nasty fucking fag. I’m gonna have to find you a boyfriend on the team too.”


Jermaine moaned as he began to thrust deep into Jake’s guts, enjoying having his ass eaten by a faggot eight-year-old. He leaned forward, presenting his large pecs and deep purple nipple to his little boy bottom, “Nurse on my titty, baby.” he asked.


The boy complied, and Jermaine moaned, the feelings the two boys were giving him were overwhelming.


Nick came first, breeding Tim’s eleven-year-old hole. Nick pushed his cock in balls deep, causing Tim to cry out, his young cock vibrating as he felt his new nigga daddy’s cum flowing inside him.


A few moments later, Jermaine started grunting and moaning like an animal, his cock a blur as it fucked Jake’s tiny hole. Brad’s tongue slid deeper into Jermaine’s butt as his hole relaxed and then contracted, the telltale sign the cornerback was filling Jake’s hole with the first of many loads. Jermaine pulled his pec from Jake’s eager nursing and kissed the boy passionately, his hot breath filling the boy’s lungs as he came down from his cum high.


Nick sauntered over, his cock shiny from Tim’s ass and still hard.


“Hey, bro, I wanna taste of your little one,” he requested.


Jermaine looked up and smiled as his friend, knowing what he wanted. Nick laid on the floor as Jermaine picked up Jake.


“Hey, faggot, get down there and lick my buddy’s balls,” Jermaine instructed little Brad, an order he eagerly complied with. He started lapping at Nick’s sweaty and ass-juice-covered balls and had no desire to stop.


Jermaine held Jake over Nick’s head and lowered the five-year-old’s ass down onto Nick’s waiting mouth. His tongue was hanging out as he looked up at the perfect little ass, and the obscenely stretched and freshly raped red asshole Jermaine had created. He could also see hints of creamy corner back goodness beginning to leak from Jake’s freshly raped ass. Nick reached up and pulled the boy down to him, his tongue fully extended, sliding up inside the boy. He could taste his teammate’s cum mixed with the sweet taste of sweet boy-pussy. Jake moaned as he felt Jermaine let go, and his little boy asshole settled down onto Nick’s tongue and face.


Jermaine realized there was an eleven-year-old boy’s hole filled with cum helplessly tied up several feet from him. He licked his lips and walked over to Tim. He looked down at the brown ass Nick just finished breeding. Tim’s former cherry hole was red and stretched out, the entire crack slick with spit and the slow oozing cum. Jermaine leaned down, licking the whole length of Tim’s crack. The boy moaned at the new attention.


“Push out, baby, give me what Nick left in your boy-pussy,” Jermaine requested.


The corner back then placed his lips around the eleven-year-old pucker and began sucking. A steady stream of nigga cum poured into Jermaine’s mouth along with the sweet essence of eleven-year-old Latino jock boy.


The door to the room flung open, banging against the wall. The naked jocks and their victims looked over to the door. Rob stood there, naked, his hard eight-inch beer can cock sticking out in front of him.


“Fuck, man, that whore bitch is worn out, and I still have one more load, any holes in here?” he roared.


Both Nick and Jermaine laughed at their outrageous teammate. It was true. He usually needed to drop three to four loads in a chick before he was satisfied.


“Here, take this one.” Jermaine offered, slapping Tim on the ass.


Jermaine knew little Jake and Brad could not take the kind of fucking Rob enjoyed. Rob charged over and pushed in balls deep into Tim. The boy cried out. Even though Jermaine had eaten much of Nick’s cum, enough remained to provide lube for Rob’s assault along with the pussy juices coating his cock.


“I thought you weren’t a pedophile?” Jermaine teased, reaching over and tweaking Rob’s tiny pink nipples on his smooth pecs.


“Fuck you, faggot. I just need a fucking hole to drop this last load. The bitch passed out on the table after begging for more. Weak ass whore,” Rob complained as he fucked the boy before realizing who he was talking about.


“Sorry, son, I know she’s your mom, but damn, a dude’s gotta get his nut.”


Rob was pounding hard now, his balls slapping Tim’s ass. Nick, little Jake, and Brad gathered round to watch the white stud fucking Tim.


“Fuck…I’m gonna blow,” Rob moaned.


“Dude, paint these two’s faces with that hot cum,” Nick encouraged as he pulled the boys up next to Rob.


The tight end pulled his angry cock from Tim’s hole and began stroking it in the faces of the two elementary boys, tongues hanging out.


“Fuck…fuck…you filthy little whores,” Rob growled loudly.


The end of his cock flared, and a jet of thick white cum flew from his cock splashing against the cheeks of each boy. The second and third jets dripped from their small noses. Nick and Jermaine dropped to their knees and began licking Rob’s load from the boys’ faces, making out with them as they shared the thick load. Their thick adult tongues gliding over the cum-streaked faces of two little boys enjoying their first taste of cum and sex. Rob breathed deeply as he looked down at his teammates making out with little boys.


“Fucking fags,” Rob said, laughing as he headed for the door, he grabbed a towel to clean the little boy ass off his junk.




The men returned the boys to their mom, dressed, worn out, and walking a little funny. Jermaine stopped by the media room to get the footage from the training room cams to send them to a certain soldier as a special thank you.


Little Jake was happy as he could be on the ride home, his butt hurt, but he was glad to be Jermaine’s new boy. He would be even more content a few months later when Jermaine helped the boy’s dad fuck his five-year-old son. A belated birthday present for the boy and the best way to say thank you to his serviceman father. As the incestuous soldier cock violated his son, little Jake made out with his real boyfriend, Jermaine. The boy moaned “Daddy” constantly as his five-year-old ass was used. Chris was not sure if Jake was moaning for him or the well-hung nigga with his nasty tongue down the kid’s throat. Chris was not sure, but Jermaine sure was.