Wrongful Arrest

MM, anal, oral, humil, nc, rape

“Hey, check out this camera!”

Frat boy Mark Cummins grabbed Tim’s new digital camera off his bedside table. He gazed over at his roommate, who was still asleep on the bed.


“Bet it takes real good shots of chicks,” Paul, another frat brother commented.


“Tim claims he uses it for his studies!” Mark laughed.


“Hey, do you think you could zoom in on the girls’ showers across the courtyard? Paul asked, looking out of the bedroom window.


“Don’t know, let’s try!”


Mark went to the window and pointed the camera at it.


“See anything? Paul asked, anxiously.


“No, nothing, wait. Shit! I see Cindy big tit Williams! God, I can’t believe this.”


Mark jumped in surprise, accidentally pressing the record button.


“Let me look! Paul grabbed the camera off his buddy. “Holy shit, is she really shaving her snatch? Man, this is hot!”


They spent the next 30 minutes filming and spying on Cindy until she left the toilets.


“Looks like that’s it!” Mark sighed and put down the camera.


“Check out Timmy’s dick!”


Paul pointed at Tim’s cock, which had slipped out of the fly of his boxers. It was very thick and long, obscenely oozing pre-cum all over his boxers. Smiling, Mark aimed the camera at his roomie’s oversized cock.


“Man, Tim’s going to get a kick out of this when he wakes up!” he said.


Purposely, he zoomed in on the thick organ. Tim moaned in his sleep and unconsciously reached down to stroke himself.


“Shit man, we gotta go to class! Paul suddenly exclaimed, looking at his watch.


“Oh, yeah,” Mark muttered and placed the camera down on a nearby table, leaving it still on record mode.


A few minutes later, Tim woke up. He looked down and saw his hard cock sticking out of his shorts. Reflectively, he reached down and began to stroke it, rubbing harder and faster while moaning. He was unaware that his own camera was filming him jerking off. After he shot his load, he tugged his cock back into his shorts and head to the showers.


Meanwhile, the camera was set to go off automatically if untouched for more than 30 minutes, which it then did. Tim returned, changed, and grabbed his camera. He remembered that he had a project to finish, and still needed to take some shots of an old run-down church building. Tim made his way to the building and began filming the old church. As an architect student, he was really interested in old structures like this.


It so happened that there was a block of small houses nearby. As Tim poked his head around a corner, he was surprised to see another man standing a couple of yards away from him. The man was about Tim’s age and looked similar to him with the same dark mop of hair. Tim could see that he had his dick in his hand. He was jerking off and moaning loudly.


‘Bastard must be getting a really hot view!’ Tim thought jealously to himself.


He wondered if he could somehow see what the man was seeing. He went behind some trees and crept up slowly from behind the man. He was a couple of yards away and could not see anything when he heard a woman’s scream. The man had been caught. Tim watched as he sprinted off. There were some shouts and more screams. Tim decided he’d better take off too. He started walking away from the scene, taking his usual shortcut through the park, but a few minutes later, he could hear other footsteps creaking on the fallen leaves and branches. Suddenly two uniformed officers stepped in his path. They sneered at him.


“Hands up in the air, kid!” one of them said.


Tim’s arms went up.


“Look, officers, I think there’s been some kind of mistake,” Tim tried to explain.


“Oh, really?” the first man said.


He pulled Tim’s arms behind his back and quickly cuffed him. His partner went through Tim’s pockets and found his camera.


“Well, lookee here!” he said. “Little pervert has a camera with him!”


“It’s not what you think!” Tim said. “I was just—


“You’ll have some explaining to do down at the station!” the cop interrupted him.


They dragged him off into the police car with a couple of bystanders watching. Tim’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment as people whispered and pointed at him.


“I haven’t done anything!” he protested a couple of times. “Look, I saw this guy running away.”


Finally, he was ushered into the precinct.


“This the guy the lady reported?” asked the desk sergeant as Tim was hauled into the examination room.


“Yeah, matches the description exactly!” one of the officers said.


“But I—


“We’d better process and question him!”


They entered a cold sterile-looking interrogation room.


“Okay, boy, we’d better start with the complete body cavity search!” a sergeant by the name of Mahoney said.


Tim shivered at those words. What were they going to do with him? Another cop by the name of Gilbert approached him and started feeling his shorts. Tim was clad in a white tee and loose white soccer shorts. He felt the other man’s fingers pressing against his dick, kneading his balls and pubic region.


“These shorts have a lining. Dunno, suppose he could be hiding something here.” Gilbert muttered to his colleague.


He took out a sharp blade and slashed the delicate material.


“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Tim demanded.


“Shut up, you little pervert.”


Mahoney grabbed him by the back of the neck. To Tim’s horror, Gilbert started cutting away the hemline of the shorts. At the same time, his hands purposely brushed against Tim’s crotch, pressing on his cock and rubbing it roughly. Tim was too embarrassed to mention this and blushed in humiliation as his dick started getting stiff from all the intimate molestation. When Gilbert stopped cutting, Tim could feel a breeze at the back, and he was sure at least part of his ass cheeks were exposed. He looked down and was shocked to see that his shorts were now reduced to micro pair. The hemline had been drastically shortened so that all of his upper thighs were exposed. He was embarrassed by his nearly hairless legs.


“You shave your legs, boy?” Gilbert asked, running his fingers along Tim’s upper thighs.


Tim mumbled a no. He was naturally quite smooth and had always been teased about it throughout college. He couldn’t help it if he didn’t have much hair on his body and it made him look very young.


Gilbert then put his hands inside Tim’s shorts and very roughly pulled the lining down. It easily tore off. They could now see his bright blue bikini briefs through the filmy material.


“Nice pair, kid!” Gilbert squeezed his cock.


Tim winced. The only thing keeping his cock from bursting out was the tight briefs. Tim could not help it, but he had to wear briefs because boxers could not really support his big fat cock.


“I think this pervert is getting off on this, Mahoney!” Sergeant Gilbert said to his partner.


He pointed at a small wet spot at the front of Tim’s shorts, where some pre-cum had leaked through his briefs onto the nylon. Tim blushed even redder with humiliation. Without warning, he felt his shorts being roughly tugged to his ankles, exposing his poorly covered cock.


“Whoa,” Mahoney exclaimed as he eyed Tim’s crotch. “Seem pretty boy was really getting off on it!”


Tim’s erection was tenting the briefs, and the waistband had slipped down such that it was just at the root of his cock. His thick brown pubes were exposed. It was the only region on Tim’s body where he had plenty of hair besides his head.


“Hey, Mahoney, this underwear is double layered!” Gilbert remarked as he tugged on Tim’s briefs.


It was true Tim really did have to wear plenty of layers to prevent his cock from escaping. Mahoney took his blade and quickly sliced off the outer layer of the briefs, leaving Tim clad only in a transparent light-blue lining. By now, he was so hard and leaky that the whole material was soaked. You could easily see his fat pink glans and slit, with the pre-cum oozing out. The lining material was not very tight and thus, his balls were hanging out of the pouch for all to see. Tim could also feel that his ass cheeks were exposed. He was so humiliated!


“You must shave your balls, boy. Ain’t ever seen no balls this hairless!” Mahoney remarked, kneading Tim’s swollen testicles.


Just then, the door to the interrogation room opened, and a small dirty looking man holding a camera stood in the doorway.


“You asked for a photographer?” he asked, eyeing Tim’s state of undress.


“Yeah, we need a couple of shots of peeping tom here for identification,” Gilbert replied.


Tim could see other cops outside the room looking at him, some making wolf whistles. He blushed in shame, wishing that this nightmare would end.


“Okay, just a couple of close-ups and some wide-angle shots,” Mahoney said to the photographer.


And to Tim’s utter horror, he yanked off the blue lining. It made a small ripping sound, and the friction burned his loins. His over engorged seven and a half inch cock stood upwards, pointing at a sixty-degree angle from his torso.


“Jesus Christ!” The photographer exclaimed as Tim’s cock was exposed.


A big drop of pre-cum oozed out and dripped down his cock shaft.


“Seems big boy here likes beating his meat for the ladies!” Mahoney said. “Get a close-up here.”


He grabbed Tim’s cock and aimed it at the camera.


“One of the witnesses claims that the flasher had a birthmark on his dick,” Gilbert remarked.


‘This cannot be happening!’ thought Tim to himself.


“Well, what do we have here,” Mahoney commented as he pushed Tim’s dick against his belly.


Coincidentally, Tim also had a small birthmark on the underside of his dick. The small birthmark was now exposed. The photographer eagerly snapped more shots as he licked his lips hungrily. It wasn’t every day that he got to photograph a reluctant nude model, especially one as good-looking and well-built as this kid. Not wanting to miss other shots, he also took whole body full frontal nudity shots of Tim.


“Hey, Mahoney, Gilbert, crime lab got the stuff from the camera loaded onto a computer,” a cop stuck his head in the doorway and said to the two sergeants. “Think you better have a look at it.”


He gave Tim a wink. Tim frowned, wondering what was up.


“We’ll be right back, kid. Don’t try anything fishy.”


The two sergeants exited the room and closing the door behind them, leaving Tim with the dirty photographer. As soon as they were alone, Harry, the photographer, said to Tim, “What’s a good- looking boy like you doing, peeping at girls?”


“But I wasn’t!” Tim protested. “Look, it’s all a big misunderstanding. I saw the real guy doing it. He was jerking off, and then he ran off!” Tim explained.


“Oh, really? The photographer snapped some more shots.


“And can you please stop that? Tim asked in exasperation.


The photographer walked behind Tim and took some shots of his bubble butt.


“Don’t you believe me?” Tim asked.


“Yeah, yeah, I do!” he said.

“Now bend over, please,” he told Tim, pointing at the desk.


“What for?” Tim asked.


“I’ve been asked to photograph you. Your photos will only be distributed to the victim. Now if you don’t want your face in them, I suggest you do as you’re told! No need to get rude just because I’m doing my job!” he snapped at Tim.


Reluctantly, Tim bent belly down over the desk.


“I don’t see what this is for,” he muttered.


Suddenly he felt his legs being pushed wide apart as the photographer snapped some shots of his pink hairless asshole and the view of his balls from the back.


“Just shut up and stay still, kid! Or I’ll tell the cops what a naughty boy you’ve been,” he said.


Tim froze, confused and ashamed. This was too good for Harry! The kid was so easy to convince, he thought, as he snapped more shots of the smooth ass. Then he stopped and told Tim to stand up. The door flung open, and the two cops stormed into the room.


“You have some nerve, boy!” they said to Tim.


Both had seen the recording of Cindy and himself on the camera, and they were now convinced of his guilt even though there were no photos of the victim. Mahoney snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and squirted a tube of lube onto his fingers.


“You’re gonna get the full treatment, boy! Bend over!” he ordered.


Before Tim could ask what was wrong, he was shoved belly down onto the table. He squealed in shock as a thick cold finger was shoved into his tight little asshole. Both cops were too angry with Tim to notice Harry as he kept snapping more shorts.


“Officer…ow…please,” Tim groaned as Mahoney purposely twisted his finger inside Tim’s passageway.


“Taking dirty pictures of girls and jerking off for the camera!” Mahoney muttered under his breath.


“Sir…oh,” Tim groaned, feeling his cock twitch in response, against his wishes. Mahoney pushed another digit into the boy’s asshole. “No, sir, please take it out,” Tim begged.


He could feel his cock really on edge now. And then suddenly he lost control. He felt his whole body shaking as his cock exploded, and a puddle of cum began forming on the table. Mahoney pulled out his fingers and took off the gloves.


“Now, we’re gonna book you for indecent exposure kid!”


He yanked Tim off the table. As he did so, Tim’s squirting cock pumped some cum onto the floor. The cop jumped in surprise.


“What the…”


“Looks like the little twerp was getting off on your exam!”


Gilbert laughed, as they dragged the boy out of the room, his cock still pumping its load, through the hustle of other cops and arrest prisoners. Tim blushed in shame as everyone stared at him. He felt several hands pinching his taut ass as he was dragged through them.


He was led to the main room. They uncuffed him, fingerprinted him, and took down his details. Despite his protests, they did not believe him. More photographs of him were taken, and no one made any effort to cover him.


“You’re under arrest now, kid. You’ll be spending the night here until your court appearance tomorrow,” Mahoney told him.


He was led, totally nude, down a dark corridor and into a small dark cell with minimal lighting. As the door shut, Tim whimpered softly. Then he felt a large hand on his shoulder.


“Welcome to my domain, pretty boy,” a husky voice whispered in his ear.


Tim jumped and turned around, hands covering his cock, which was starting to harden in fear. There was a huge and burly man in his cell, looking at him eagerly.


“Look like we have some fresh meat here,” he remarked.


He pinched Tim’s ass, and the poor boy squealed.


“Hel…Hel…Help,” Tim stuttered, struggling to shout but was subdued.


“No point calling out boy. They can’t hear you!” the man said. “What’s your name?” When Tim did not answer, the man slapped his face. “I asked you your name!”


Ti…Ti…Ti…Tim,” Tim stuttered in fear.


“I’m Carl. Ever been fucked by a man, before, Timmy?”


Tim’s eyes widened in shock. Carl laughed out loud.


“Guess not, hey? Well, well, must be my lucky night. I get a tight little cherry to pop!”


Carl pulled Tim’s hands away from his crotch, exposing his now swollen cock.


“Looks like you’re also looking forward to this!”


Tim shook his head, but no words came out of his mouth. He watched as Carl tugged down his trousers to expose a twelve-inch cock. It was at least three inches thick. Thick black hair covered his balls.


“Alright, boy, you’d better lube me up nice and slow here!”


He lay down on his bed and forced Tim to kneel down on all fours between his widespread legs.


“Pl…Please…I’ve ne…never done thi…this before.”


“Just open wide and take my cock in your mouth, Timmy.”


Fear in his stomach, Tim reluctantly took the big cock in his mouth.


Oh…wee…he’s got a nice and warm mouth,” Carl remarked as Tim wrapped his pink lips around his thick cock.


Poor Tim felt his lips about to split in pain. The cock was obscenely thick and tasted horrible. Salty, bitter pre-cum flowed into Tim’s mouth and then streamed down his throat. He felt like throwing up and could barely breathe. Carl grabbed Tim’s hair and pushed harder.


“Take it all in, boy!”


Soon enough, Carl was pumping his cock in and out of the boy’s mouth as hard as he could. Tim’s mouth was aching so badly that he felt as if he was going to faint when a hot geyser of salty cum filled his mouth.


“Drink it up, baby. Drink it all up!”


Carl made Tim swallow every drop of cum before taking out his monstrous cock. In horror, Tim’s eyes widened. The cock was still hard! Carl noticed his look.


“That’s right boy, I haven’t fucked for a week. I think I can go on for hours!”


“Now, for the main course.”


In one powerful move, he flipped Tim onto his stomach and kicked his legs wide apart. Tim’s whole body shook in fear as he felt the cockhead poking between his tightly clenched cheeks.


“I like my boys tight, Timmy,” Carl whispered in his ear as he pressed down on Tim’s arms.


Tim fought the cock, but it was no use! Carl’s monstrosity jabbed painfully at his asshole until it finally broke the barrier. As Tim began to let out a piercing scream, he was cut short by a large hand around his mouth.


“Can’t have you waking the whole building up, boy!”


It took Carl a while to get all twelve inches inside Tim. Poor Tim, his tight asshole stretching to accommodate the gigantic organ, cried in vain as he was slowly violated. And then the real pain began as Carl started pumping his cock in and out of Tim’s ass. Tim cried into the hand around his mouth, wet tears down his cheeks.


“You sure are one tight little pussy, Timmy!”


It went on for more than half an hour before Carl stopped, but he still had not cum yet. Pulling his cock halfway out of Tim’s asshole, he flipped the boy onto his back and lifted his legs onto his shoulders. Tim gasped as he Carl faced him and started fucking him again. The cock was going much deeper into his asshole and rubbing against his prostate.


“I can see you really like this!” Carl remarked, indicating Tim’s cock, which was hard against his belly drooling cum. Try as he could, Tim couldn’t fight it, and within minutes, he erupted.


“See, I told ya so!” Carl said as Tim’s cock pumped a small load onto his belly.


Just as he was softening, Tim felt his cock hardening again. He could not understand why his body was reacting this way and felt utterly humiliated at being so easily overpowered and turned on by man-to-man sex. Carl took his time working his cock in and out of the once virgin ass. He still had not cum yet after another thirty minutes.


“Now, I want to try a different position.”


He pulled out his cock and lay down on his back on the bed. His big cock, covered with blood and cum, was pointing directly upwards.


“Sit on it, Timmy.”


Tim shook his head, wiping away the tears. His ass was so painful now.


“Sit on it, or I’ll mess up your pretty little face. Or maybe you’d prefer my fist up your asshole?”


Reluctantly, Tim closed his eyes and squatted over Carl’s big cock, his legs quivering with weakness. Tim froze. His asshole was just an inch away from the gigantic cockhead.


“Spread your legs wide apart.” Carl pulled Tim’s legs apart. “And bend your knees. That’s it!”


“Better spread your ass cheeks wider!”


Tim pried his butt cheeks apart and rubbed the cockhead against his asshole.


“That’s it, Timmy, rub my pre-cum all over your tiny little hole. Get it well lube first, not that you need any lubing! Now, drop yourself on me!” Carl eagerly told him.


Tim felt his leg muscles weaken as he sat on the big cock. He screamed in pain as it went all the way up his anus.


“Fuck yourself on my fuck pole, Timmy!”


Tim began rising up and down, bouncing his bubble butt on the gigantic cock. As it rubbed against his prostate, his cock began to harden.


“I see you like this boy. I want you to play with yourself. Pump your cock, boy.”


Tim obeyed and started jerking off his erection. Then suddenly, bright lights came on, and Tim heard some footsteps.


“Well, well, seems you’re busy!” the voice of Sergeant Mahoney said.


Tim opened his eyes to see Mahoney accompanied by two of his frat brothers, peering at him with shocked looks on their faces. Paul and Mark! What the hell were they doing here?


“Guess your buddy is really enjoying himself!” Mahoney commented.


Poor Tim was beyond humiliation. He was quite a sight too with his legs obscenely wide apart, pumping himself on a gigantic fuck pole and hand around his swollen organ, jerking it earnestly.


The shock of seeing his friends had made him stop in mid-act, and Carl’s huge cock could be seen halfway up his ass.


“I told you that your friend was busy,” Mahoney remarked.


And then they left, and the bright lights were turned off. Poor Tim sobbed painfully as he realized that he would never be able to explain this to anyone!


“Why did you stop, boy? Keep fucking yourself on my cock!” Carl demanded.


Painfully, Tim continued fucking himself until Carl had cum. And then, Carl still wasn’t satisfied. He fucked Tim in several more positions until he had emptied his big balls of cum. He also twisted and roughly manhandled Tim’s cock, forcefully milking him until he too had pumped a couple of loads. When Tim finally fell asleep, it was with a cock in his ass.


The next morning, he thought it was all a nightmare until he felt the awful pain between his legs. His whole body was covered with cum. Sticky, dry cum was between his thighs and ass cheeks.


“Time for your court appearance,” Mahoney said and handed Tim his shorts and shoes.


Tim quickly donned his shorts and then realized that they were obscenely short! His cockhead was peeking out. Without any underwear or lining, his dark pubes were quite visible through the transparent nylon. He felt the back and realized that half his bubble butt was exposed.


“I can’t wear this!”


“That’s all we have!” Mahoney barked at him.


He cuffed Tim’s arms behind his back and led him down the corridor into the main room. Tim was taken to the courthouse, which was just down the road from the precinct. He was humiliated by his near nakedness. His nipples were swollen from being twisted and pinched by Carl last night. He cock was also painfully swollen from the forced milking he’d endured in Carl’s hands. His usually pink glans, poking out of his shorts, was an obscene fiery red. People stared and pointed at him. Poor Tim had never been so publicly exposed in his life. His most private parts were now exposed to the world. As he climbed the steps into the courthouse, he could feel his cock and balls bouncing without support. His court-appointed lawyer took one look at him and shook his head.


Before Tim could say anything, he said, “I’ll do all the talking. You just be quiet and look pretty!”


Tim was led before the judge and forced to sit down, his arms still handcuffed behind his back. To his horror, his cock and balls slipped out the side of his shorts, and he saw the judge’s eyes widen in horror.


“Mr. Packenham, kindly instruct your client to cover himself up! I will not have such contempt in my courtroom!”


“I’m sorry your honor. My client—”


“I want to see Timothy Owen in my chambers alone for a few moments.” Judge Henry said.


Tim was led to the chambers, and the Judge entered. The door was locked, and it was only the two of them.


“You understand that these could be quite serious charges?” Judge Henry asked Tim.


Tim nodded affirmatively, unable to speak.


“Now, since this is your first offense, I don’t think you should be heavily punished.”


Tim breathed a sigh of relief.


“However, I do require you to do me some favors before I let you go.” How you act will affect my ruling.”


Tim swallowed nervously.


“I’m going to ask you a few questions, and you will answer them honestly. If I think you’re lying, I’ll throw your sorry ass in jail. Do you understand?”


Judge Henry smiled as Tim nodded his assent.


“Good. How many women have you slept with?”


Tim was taken aback at the question. It was very personal, and he considered lying because the truth was too shameful, but Judge Henry stared at him with cold blue eyes, waiting for the answer.


“I…I…mean…no one, sir,” Tim answered meekly, looking at the floor. Judge Henry smirked at the boy’s embarrassment.


“Are you a virgin?”


“Yes, sir…no…I mean…”


“Have you slept with a man before?” Judge Henry asked.


“Yes,” Tim answered softly, recalling his rape at the hands of Carl.


“Good. I believe you.”


And then he pulled up his robes. Tim was shocked as the Judge revealed an already hard ten-inch cock.


“I want you to take me in your mouth and suck me off.”


Tim’s disheartened blue eyes looked at the judge, and then he reluctantly went to his knees and took the cock in his mouth.


“Mmm, I like the way you suck, my boy,” Judge Henry moaned.


Just as he felt the judge about to cum, he pulled out of Tim’s mouth.


“Bend over this table and spread your legs.”


Poor Tim winced in pain as the Judge brutally mounted him without any lube but his saliva. His violated asshole screamed in pain as the judge raped it. It did not last long and was soon over, culminating in Judge Henry’s climax. As he took out his cock, he watched in satisfaction as Tim’s red asshole gaped obscenely open at him, cum flowing out. It would be weeks before the kid could walk straight. He tugged up Tim’s shorts, and they exited the chambers. Tim had to clench his ass cheeks tightly to keep the cum from dripping out.


As the Judge resumed his seat, he said to Mr. Packenham, “It is my understanding that since this is the boy’s first offense, I will not sentence him to imprisonment. Mr. Owen has explained to me that he will not repeat this disgraceful act, and I am inclined to believe him. I sentence him to thirty-five hundred hours of community service at Saint John’s with Father Edward.”


To Tim, he said, “I will be watching you, Mr. Owen, and if I ever catch you in my courtroom again, I’ll see to it that you do spend some times in jail! Case dismissed!”


Tim was released and allowed to go back to campus in his current state of undress. He did not look forward to stepping into the frat house and explaining himself to Mark and Paul. Worse off, the movie of him jerking off had somehow been downloaded onto the internet, and he was unaware, but he was becoming a bit of a porn star.