Wrong Attitude

(Mm) (humil)

The young man bothers me. His attitude bothers me. Here, a nice older man is paying some kind attention to the ungrateful teen who does not seem at all receptive to the act of kindness. He reminds me of how selfish and self-centered so many teen boys are. You would think the young man would be grateful to have a smarter older man show him some attention. He should be thrilled that someone is bothering to give him some adult affection. Instead, the boy is probably spending all of his time thinking about shoving his fat teen dick up the cunt of some teenage girl. He probably spends hours every day beating his big fucking cock while dreaming about fucking cunt.

At this early stage, the kid is giving negative feelings over something as simple as tongue-spit kissing. Here, an older gentleman is willing to devote some time with the boy teaching him about other forms of affection, and he seems to be resisting it. That kind of resistance might have to lead to discipline. I mean, how will the boy respond when the older man tells the kid he wants to stick his adult prick in the boy's mouth? How will the boy respond when the man asks the boy to lick his balls and eat his ass? How will the boy react when the man tells the boy to strip naked so that he can fuck the kid up the ass? Boys should be taught early on when they are quite young that as part of growing up they may get fucked up the ass frequently, and that they should accept it as part of the growing up process. This young man is headed for trouble if he keeps up his recalcitrant attitude.