Winter Fun

(Mm) (tort)

Winter is such a great time to have fun with a fucking faggot submissive. Everyone loves winter activities—well, perhaps, not everyone. I have a young man on whom I try various experiments that, if they work, I use in my stories. After all, I sometimes need inspiration, and this young man provides inspiration. I have worked on his balls, and they are becoming quite low slung. I have turned him into a cocksucking, ass fucked piece of shit. I have shown him what his toilet duties are. And I have used this and more in my stories. A recent chapter in some story about stretching a faggots ass open until it looked like a fucked cunt was based on my work with him.

Cold and snow can provide hours of fun for me with him. I have him outside with his wrists manacled behind his back and a chain going from his balls to the shackles on his ankles. His sore nipples get really hard and small from the cold. I want to see icicles hanging from his pisshole. I am wearing a parka and gloves, as it is frigid. He begs for me to take him inside to warm him up. Poor boy—he promises anything if only I will bring him inside. He has no idea what anything includes. How about his teenage brother who hates fags?