White Boy Taught Humility

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Preston was a fucking mess — fucking white boy mess. He had been a proud teenage college freshman, a straight-A scholarship student who had graduated high school at sixteen because he was so smart and so driven academically. He had been called a "boy genius" since he was five. He had come to this inner-city college at the premature age of 16 to study sociology so that he could be among the poor, black people he was going to dedicate his life to helping. But now he had been reduced to something less than a man to almost something less than human. He had been abused and humiliated beyond belief by black racists. Everywhere the white boy turned, he found nothing but hatred and prejudice. His body had been battered and bruised, fucked and tortured. He had been treated worse than any animal — and all because he was white.


Preston had returned to his dorm room. He had crawled bare-ass naked, swinging his little white boy ball swollen and bruised from being beaten, up to the second floor and down the hall to his room only to find his side empty even the mattress was gone. While the other side was still decorated with rap posters and African tribal colors, his side of the room was vacant as if waiting for a new inhabitant. Preston didn't know whether to feel relief or dread. He licked his thin white boy lips. Did this mean they were going to send him home? Let him go, stop the blackmail that held him prisoner, and cease the threats on his family? Or did this portend some new horror?


Tyrone, his studly black roommate, entered the room. The black college man towered over the white boy. He was on the football team and was six foot three and two hundred fifteen pounds of pure, lean muscle. He was much bigger than Preston who was small for his age at only five foot three and a slim one hundred pounds. Tyrone grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to look him in the face. Tyrone spat in his face and gave him the answers to his questions.


"White boy stink got too much for us. We just couldn't stand it anymore. We had to move you to a new room."


Tyrone's baggy jeans hung low on his smooth hips showing just the waistband of his boxer shorts. He had a smooth, muscular chest with two dark; half-dollar sized nipples. He ran a hand over his smooth, shaved black scalp and grabbed the chain leash from the shelf. He latched it to Preston's collar gave it a rough yank knocking Preston back down to his hands and knees.


"Come with me, white boy. I'll show you your new room."


Preston followed Tyrone down the hall, crawling behind the black boy into the bathroom. Tyrone led the white teenager over to one of the shit stalls. Preston noticed the stall had no door. He was amazed to see that the toilet had also been removed. All that remained was the hole in the floor. It was small, only about three inches across. A shelf had been fixed to one of the stall walls and on the shelf was Preston's books, and his framed photo of his upper-class white bread family struck him as funny amongst the otherwise horrifying scene being presented to him.


"This shit stall is your new room," Tyrone informed the white boy as he connected the other end of Preston's chain to a d-ring anchored into the tile wall. "This is where you will sleep and study. Think how convenient it'll be for you." Tyrone, who was very masculine, had a mischievous smile. "You can shit right in that hole there and never have to leave your room. You're the only student with a private toilet! Of course, it may stink in here sometimes when lots of guys come in to take dumps, but white boys like shit stink, don't they? It reminds them of the smell of their teacher's asses they’ve been brown-nosing all the time to get those straight A's, am I right?"


Preston hurt so badly he didn't even have the strength to protest. He just curled up on the cold tiled floor and closed his eyes.


"Just a minute, white boy, I ain't quite through yet."


Preston opened his eyes to see Tyrone standing there with his jeans and boxers down around his knees.


"I would like you to suck on my big old dick. You don't mind, do you?"


Tyrone had a beautiful nigger cock, thick and meaty with a fat, dark brown, uncircumcised head and a large piss slit.


"I was just chatting up my lady on my phone, and I got a real bad hardon, so I need some relief. You don't mind helping out a brotha, do you?"


Preston raised his head to the fuck tool, which kept getting harder and harder. He opened his mouth and stuck out his pink, white boy tongue. He ran the tongue all over the slick soft dick stalk, feeling the cock skin move over the muscle of the shaft.


"Hey, boy, don't forget my balls, huh?"


Preston lowered his head and began to lick the big, sweaty, swinging fuck sack of the black teenager. If you had asked Preston a few weeks before if ever would consider licking a guy's balls, he would have been horrified. Now, he took big swipes with his tongue of the full, low-hanging hair-covered teenage balls. The balls moved on his tongue, ball skin draped over his lips, kinky black ball hair got stuck between his teeth. Suddenly, Tyrone turned around.


"Do my asshole while you're at it. I can't get my fucking white girlfriend to suck my shithole. In fact, I'm thinking of changing girlfriends. If the dumb cunts won’t suck a guy’s asshole, what the fuck use are they? Here my buddies are all getting their shitholes reamed out real good every night, and my stupid bitch of a twat won’t lick my crack. Oh, that’s so dirty. Spread my cheeks. Get your white boy tongue up my hole. That's it. Now, suck on the asshole. Oh, that’s great. Yes, sir, I think I'll dump the dumb bitch and get myself some nice little high school cunt who appreciates a college guy and will gladly suck his asshole any time he wants it."


Tyrone picked up Preston's family portrait and saw Preston's younger brother.


"Hey, ain't that your baby bro? What did you say his name was, Franklin? Yeah, that was it. How old did you say he was, only twelve or something, right? Yeah, that's just the perfect age ta get a faggot trained right! Ain't learned no stupid shit. A nigga can take a nice budding white faggot boy like that and turn him out real nice."


Preston cried a muffled cry into Tyrone's ass.


"Bitch, quit your whimpering and suck that ass!"


Preston licked and sucked with quivering lips. He couldn't imagine the terrible things this monster would do to his poor, innocent little brother.


"Gonna be visiting little Franklin tonight, I think! So clean that stinky ass real good. I want it to be sparkling clean when I rape yo’ little brother tonight! Oh yeah, white boy, suck that shithole. Wait a minute...wait a minute...oh, this is going to be freaky."


Tyrone stepped away from the stall and stripped off his jeans and boxers. Now he was as naked as the white boy.


"Lay down on the floor white boy and put your head right over the toilet hole in the floor. This is going to be great."


Preston did as commanded.


"Now, I'll just squat down like your face was a toilet, see? Oh man, this is the shit!"


Tyrone sounded like a little boy with a new toy. Well, after all, he was a normal healthy African-American teenager, only eighteen and a college freshman himself.


Preston looked up at the black boy’s hairy asshole. His big balls hung down over the white boy's neck.


"Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Get your tongue up my asshole. Let me sit down on your white boy face like it was a toilet."


Tyrone sat down on the white boy’s face with his full weight. He even bounced a little to mash Preston's nose and mouth into his moist, sweaty, rank, hair-lined asshole. There are some perverts out there who would gladly suck eighteen-year-old sweaty jock asshole. Some who would even gladly pay for the experience, but Preston was not one of these. The act disgusted him beyond measure. The smell, the feel, all of it was so gross that the poor white boy wanted to die. The asshole rubbed against his lips as his tongue shoved itself into the inner ass rubbing against the rectum lining.


"Or, hell, maybe I just dress you up real pretty and make you my new girlfriend! Do you like that idea, faggot? You wanna be my white bitch girlfriend? You want this fat dick in yo’ boy pussy every night? You want me ta knock your bitch ass up?" Tyrone started to beat his meat as he went on. "Mmm…yeah, I think I found my new girlfriend!"


Preston groaned as he continued his chore and heard the slap, slap, slap of the black boy’s hand on his thick dick. He felt drops of pre-cum slop onto his white chest, but all he saw, smelled, and tasted was boy ass. Suddenly, his probing tongue brushed against something hard. To his utter horror, he realized it must shit. Oh, my God, his tongue was bumping up against a shit log inside Tyrone’s ass.


"Oh, yeah, you feel that white boy. That’s a healthy shit coming. You just keep on sucking. Christ, that feels good. Jesus, it’s almost worth turning gay just to have a faggot suck your shithole. I don't think my dicks ever been this big. Keep sucking."


The black jock squeezed his muscles and the log of shit pushed further down against Preston’s tongue. When the white boy started to withdraw his tongue, Tyrone slapped the white boy’s tiny, swollen balls hard.


"Just keep sucking shit, white boy! You know you love it. It's what white boys were born for — to suck the shit of black guys, to clean their asses, am I right?"


Preston merely groaned into the black boy's ass in response.


"Tell you what, you eat that shit up real good and maybe I'll let you be my girlfriend for a while, save you little bro from being raped by my big black dick for just a little longer. Do you want that? Keep sucking."


Poor Preston gulped for breath, but all he got was ass air. The shit was now at the ass lips, and the white boy’s tongue was coated with the revolting bitter and burnt taste of shit. He sobbed dry sobs. He had no tears left. His thin white chest heaved beneath the black boy’s muscular ass and thighs. He prayed to God for help and strength. Preston had been raised very religious in a born-again Christian family. His father was a Protestant preacher who railed every week against sin, against homosexuality, against sex, against blacks and Muslims and all the other threats to good, God-fearing white Christians — the "true Americans." His mother was devout and pious, volunteering for the church and devoting her life to spreading Christ's word. She worked at shelters for poor black people in run-down urban neighborhoods, always lamenting the plight of the poor, dirty "negroes.” She had told her sons that sex was only for procreation, proudly proclaiming that she and their daddy had only done it twice, just as many times as necessary to have Preston and his brother. So Preston sincerely believed in the saving power of faith, in the miracle of devotion to Christ, and even as he prayed harder and more earnestly than he ever had in his life, begging for salvation from the one true Lord Christ, the log of shit pushed its way out of the black teen's muscular ass and into the helpless white boy’s mouth.


"Come on, white boy toilet. Eat my shit. Chow down. Fuck, I'd give anything to find a nice girlfriend who would eat my shit. It's such a fucking hot feeling to be shitting into somebody's mouth, to be taking a dump into a human mouth, or in your case a white boy mouth. I hope you appreciate black man shit. It's certainly better tasting than that fancy-faggy rabbit food you rich white boys eat at your polo games and yacht clubs and shit. This is good healthy nigga shit. Got some protein in there for ya! Next time I'll make sure to eat some Mexican first, so the shit is spicy and runny for you. That'll be fuckin hysterical laugh riot watching you suck up that shit."


Preston couldn't answer. His sixteen-year-old mouth was stuffed with boy turd. He groaned and gagged. He didn't know what to do as more and more shit forced its way into his mouth and down his throat.


"Mmm…yeah, that's it, white boy. Take the whole fucking turd, shitface! And remember, by serving me you're protecting your little brother from getting nasty black dicks up his hairless little boy-cunt. Not that black guys ain't probably fucking the little faggot every night already. I'll bet you were sucking black dick while you were still in the crib, ain't that right, white boy? Mommas tit and black dick makes white boys weak and faggy."


Preston's young white body bucked with the shock of what he was doing. His arms and legs flopped about like a fish out of water gulping for life. Above him, the grinning black kid whacked his almost comically long meat as hard as he could.


Suddenly, Tyrone pulled away and twisted around. The turd broke off, and some of it dropped onto Preston's neck. The rest stuck out of his stretched mouth like a grotesque cigar. Now, the sickening thick and strong smell overcame both boys. Tyrone howled like a drunken fan at a football game. Then he sat on Preston's neck and slammed his rock-hard dick into the white boy's shit stuffed mouth. Sweat poured from his body. His half-dollar-sized nipples were hard now, and the pointed nipple tips looked about to burst. He twisted his thick lower lip into a kind of snarl, giving him a cruel, teenage beauty as he fucked the white boy's shit-packed face.


"Swallow...swallow...swallow the fucking shit, you fucking white boy. Swallow the fucking shit as I fucking ram it down your cocksucking throat!"


Tyrone rose up, bent over and face fucked Preston with his full weight bringing his hips high up into the air so that just his fat head stayed in Preston’s mouth, and then slamming his body back down ramming the full length of his ebony rod down the boy's throat! Over and over he pummeled the white boy's shitty mouth hole increasing the force and the tempo of his face-fucking rhythm with each deep stroke. The shit slid down Preston's stretched throat along with long, thick black boy cock.


"Come on, you fucking sewer mouth. Choke on my fuckin' nigga shit!”


Preston choked. Puke and shit spurted from the sides of his stretched mouth as the big cock slammed into his face over and over. Tyrone made a sound through his nose and mouth like a steam radiator each time he banged his cock and balls against the white nose and mouth. Tyrone scooped some regurgitated shit up on his fingers and rammed them up Preston’s nose.


"Here, smell this! Smell this black boy shit!"


Now, with his nose clogged with shit, Preston couldn't breathe at all. He prayed the black jock would shoot soon. He had lost count of how many times he had sucked Tyrone's dick in the few weeks since he started his freshmen year — a short time that felt like an absolute eternity. He was an expert cocksucker now, and he knew how to get Tyrone off (in fact, it was the only thing he'd learned in college so far, having had so much practice at it — at least five times a day). So he sucked the nigger dick as hard as he could hoping to end the ordeal soon so he could breathe again. His mouth was jam-packed with shit. Shit slopped around his mouth coating his tongue, stuffing his cheeks, squishing between his teeth permeating every crevice. He didn't think he'd ever be able to get that taste out of his mouth.




Preston knew the end was near. If he could just not breathe for a few more seconds, his body needed air, but he only gulped shit and his own puke. The balls pressed against his lips as the black cock forced its way deeper down his throat. The thick cock pulsed in his throat and began to shoot its copious load.


"Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, yeah, you fucking cuntface. You fucking toilet! You nigger cock gobbler. UNNNGGGHHH! I'm cumming! I'm fuckin' shooting my black nigga seed right into your faggot belly, bitch! You my new bitch now, white boy!"


Tyrone's muscular body shook with the power of his orgasm. His handsome back arched as he threw his well-toned legs back and lay down right on top of the white boy, his muscular ass pumping, his hips grinding and thrusting as his fat prick sprayed fuck sauce straight into the white boy's stomach. Finally, it was over. Tyrone pulled out and stood up.


"Damn, white boy,  that's the most I think I ever came! Shot like a gallon a' prime black baby batter into ya! That seals it, bitch, I'm droppin' Candi, you my new pussy!"


He looked down at his sweat-streaked body and his shit-covered dick.


"Jesus Christ, that is gross. Fucking white boy pig! Shit, man, I gotta take a shower! You stay right there. I'll be seeing you later, faggot!"


He turned to go.


"Massuh, can I has a shower too, please, Massuh?" Preston begged in the slave accent his black masters liked him to use, shit and cum dripping from his shit-clogged mouth.


"Ah, shit, faggot, sure!"


But the kind of shower Tyrone had in mind wasn't exactly what Preston had been hoping for. Tyrone aimed his soiled cock at the white boy's shitty face and hosed him down with a powerful stream of rancid nigger piss. Preston groaned as he felt the hot stream hit his face and run into his mouth. He didn't even make a move to stop it from filling up his shit-caked face hole. He just laid there and took it, utterly defeated. Tyrone had a lot of piss and Preston was soaked from head to toe by the time the black boy was done with Preston's "shower.”


"There you go, faggot. Much better, now, swallow."


Preston obeyed and chugged down the sickening, foamy piss/shit shake Tyrone's piss had stirred up in his gaping mouth. In three large swallows, it was all gone. He opened his mouth wide for Tyrone to see.


"Damn, you a good, obedient fag, ain't ya! We got you trained real good! We gonna have fun with you this year, boy!"


Preston sobbed softly at the hopelessness he felt for the coming year, and what if that wasn't the end? What if it was like this for the full four years? He had made a terrible mistake coming here. And now he was going to pay for it for a very, very long time.


"Now, you just stay that way, white boy. Let the other niggas all see what a filthy toilet mouth you really are. You just curl up in your nice new room and get some sleep. Tonight you’ll have to call home, so your family knows you are all right and having a fun time here at college. You be sure to give them my love, alright? Especially little Franklin! Mmm!"


Preston curled into a white ball. Whether his smooth ivory skin shook from dry sobs or dry heaves even he didn't know. He was a toilet — a living toilet. That's all he knew. He was a fucking shit dump for black boys. At least it could get no worse. Nothing could get more horrible than this — nothing. Or so he thought. He still had a lot to learn.