While Minding Kevin

Jon D
mm, anal, oral
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The attack came out of nowhere. One minute Shaun had been quietly watching television, and the next thing he knew he was soaking wet. The stream of water from the super soaker had been right on target, he was drenched.

"Kevin! You turd!" Shaun yelled and took off after his brother.

Sixteen year-old Shaun was in charge. He had been given the duty of taking care of his younger brother while the boys' parents were out of town. Well, make that out of the country, for eight weeks.


Kevin, the thirteen-year-old, screeched in delight at the success of his plan and started running. He hurried up the basement stairs, rounded the corner, cut through the dining room and raced into the kitchen. He was comfortably ahead of Shaun until he hit the rug on the kitchen floor, that's when his plan fell apart. The rug slid out from under him, and he fell flat on his ass.


Shaun skidded to a halt a foot away, Kevin was dead meat. Shaun looked down. "Nice try," he snickered, "you almost made it!" he said, glancing at the back door.


Kevin looked up, a worried expression on his face. Shaun tried to look menacing, but couldn't quite manage it, and broke out laughing instead. He pounced on his little brother. Kevin squirmed and squealed as Shaun tickled him.


"Stop it! Stop it!" Kevin giggled, kicking and rolling around trying to protect his tummy.


"Give up?" Shaun asked, still pressing his attack.


"Yeah, yeah, anything!" Kevin laughed.


"Say, `Shaun is the best brother ever!'"


Kevin shook his head `no' and stuck out his tongue. His disrespect earned him another fifteen seconds of tickling.


"Say it!" Shaun warned, pausing, but ready to renew his assault.


Kevin rolled his eyes in surrender. "Okay, okay, Shaun is the best brother EVER!"


Shaun lifted his knee off his brother's chest and laughed. "Ass wipe!"


Kevin stuck out his tongue again. "Dickhead!"


* * * *


Much had happened in the months leading up to Kevin's little sneak attack.


Shaun had waited impatiently for his sixteenth birthday. Like all teen boys, getting his driver's license was a big deal. He and a small group of friends had studied together, and then, when they thought they were ready, had all taken the written exam on the same day. Their hard work had paid off and they had gotten their learner's permits. Weeks passed before they could take behind the wheel classes, and then came the driver's test. To their relief, they had all walked out of the DMV office as teen drivers.


Shaun's birthday party was the following Saturday. He couldn't wait to open his gifts, especially the one from his mom and dad. Taking the top off the small box, he spotted the key chain, and his face lit up. "I knew it," he thought to himself as he eagerly reached to push the paper aside. "This is going to be so cool!" he thought. But a moment later, his smile froze. Something didn't look right.


"Go ahead and check it out," his Dad said cheerily. "It's in the driveway."


Shaun walked out the front door, numb and hoping it wasn't true. But to his disappointment, it was true. There sat a bright red scooter.


"It'll get sixty miles to the gallon!" He barely heard his Dad say.


The only words he heard clearly were his own, as he thought, "You've got to be fucking kidding me!"


* * * *


Shaun pulled Kevin up from the floor. "You better watch it, mister!" he smiled and gave him a little punch in the arm.


Kevin grinned. "I really got you that time!" he giggled.


Shaun grabbed a towel from the counter.


Kevin smiled as he watched Shaun dry his hair.


"Almost time for supper," Shaun said softly and gave Kevin a look.


His brother sighed, nodded, and headed upstairs to his room.


* * * *


Kevin looked at the jumbled mess on his desk, and then over to the orderly array of things on his dresser. The contrast couldn't have been more dramatic.


"That's the way things are supposed to be," Kevin mused, looking at the desk, "if you're a normal kid."


His dresser told him he wasn't. Kevin would never forget the week just after winter break. "That's when everything changed," he thought.


"Fucking diabetes!" Kevin mumbled as he stepped to the dresser. His blood sugar monitor, test strips, alcohol swabs, syringes and all the other diabetes shit were laid out in neat rows. His mother saw to it that they were in order every morning and every night.


The boy turned the meter on, waited for the test strip to appear, and the tone that announced it was ready for the sample. He opened an alcohol swab, and wiped the end of his finger with it. The snap of the lancet caused him to flinch as it bit into the soft flesh of his fingertip. A drop of blood appeared. He squeezed his finger and touched the end to the test strip. A few seconds later the machine chirped and a number appeared.


"What did you test? Shaun asked softly from the doorway.


"One forty," Kevin said with a frown as he turned.


Shaun nodded, "It's a little high, I'll add a unit. You ready?" he whispered.


Kevin looked down. He was never ready! "I guess so," he sighed.


Shaun stepped into the room, knelt down to the small fridge under the desk and retrieved the insulin. Kevin watched him check the label to make sure he had the one for evenings as it was longer acting. Shaun filled a syringe with the proper dose, and opened another swab.


"Where do you want it?" he asked gently.


Kevin hated this part. He had to choose where he was going to get stuck, it needed to be a different place every time. He hesitated, and then slowly unbuckled his jeans, unzipped, and pushed his pants down in back.


"In the butt," he whispered.


Shaun wiped the spot, poked the needle in and delivered the dose.


"All done," he said softly and recapped the needle.


Kevin pulled his jeans up, "done until the next time," he thought.


* * * *


Shaun told Kevin he'd have supper ready in thirty minutes and then closed Kevin's door. As he walked down the stairs passed the row of family photos on the wall, Shaun thought about the story they told.


His folks were hard working people. His parents had met at a church event when they were in their teens. Shaun smiled at the picture taken back then. "God, they looked young, and those clothes!"


Next was the wedding photograph. His mom and dad had married when both had turned twenty.


Then the baby pictures, several of them bare ass. Shaun had come a year after the wedding, with Kevin arriving two years after that. His brother would soon turn fourteen.


The next picture showed their dad in full dress uniform. The boys were proud of both their parents, but especially their dad. Neil McGrath had continued a family tradition and became a firefighter. It had taken several years to get a job, but he was now assigned full time to an engine company.


Taking another step down the stairs, Shaun smiled at the picture of his mom that was taken the previous year. She worked part-time at a grocery store. She had agreed to work odd shifts as long as she could be home when the boys arrived after school. When he and Kevin were young, their mom would meet them on the corner when they got off the school bus.


Shaun walked the rest of the way down the stairs and came to the end of the pictures. Reaching the kitchen, he turned on the oven. He rummaged around in the freezer looking at the stack of hot dishes his mom had prepared. Each was labeled with the cooking time, temperature, and the odd hint to "add water." Many of them also had the line, "Make sure Kevin eats his veggies!" It was going to be a `meat loaf' night, Shaun decided.


Finished in the kitchen, Shaun made his way to the living room. He flopped down on the sofa, picked up the TV remote, and began to surf through the channels. Glancing at the clock on the mantle, Shaun tried to figure out what time it would be in Ireland. Gram had wanted to visit the old country one last time. His folks had agreed to go with her.


Shaun remembered the night when he and Kevin had been told about the trip.


* * * *


The boy's were in bed. Their dad had gone to Kevin's room first, picked him up and threw him over his shoulder like any good fireman would do. He carried him giggling to Shaun's room. He laid Kevin down and both boys listened as he explained they had just learned their Gram was seriously ill.


Grand Da had passed away when they were little; they had few memories of him. But their Gram was special.


"Gram wants to see the places where she grew up, where she met Da, where she went to school. I'm going to get a leave from work and we're planning to take her there this summer."


The boys were quiet.


"I know you guys want to come with us, but Gram is going to need a lot of help. Your mom and I think it would be better if we went alone and focused on her. Shaun, we think you're old enough to take care of Kevin while we're gone. Do you think you could do that?"


"Yeah, I can look after him, don't worry. You take care of Gram," Shaun said confidently.


Kevin looked a little worried.


"The Thompson's are right next door, and they said they'd keep an eye on you and will be there if you ever need anything, and we'll call every day!"


Shaun nodded.


"The guys at the firehouse will be checking up on you as well, you can bet on that."


The boy's smiled. Both Shaun and Kevin knew every one of their dad's friend's from work, and their kids. They were sure they'd have plenty of attention.


* * * *


Shaun paused on the sports channel. He smiled, remembering how being trusted with looking after Kevin had made him feel so much more like an adult. It was a big responsibility but he had been sure he could handle it. None of them knew then how much things would change.


* * * *


It was the first day back at school after the winter break. Shaun was asleep when Kevin came to his room. His little brother did that sometimes. Shaun thought it was just another one of those nights when Kevin needed reassurance.


One look however told Shaun that something wasn't right. Tears were streaming down his brother's face. Shaun hadn't seen Kevin crying like that for years.


"What's wrong?" Shaun said quickly, tossing off his blanket and reaching for him.


Kevin stood shaking and sobbing. He looked down at the front of his sleep pants, they were soaked. "I couldn't help it," he cried.


Shaun pulled his brother into his arms and hugged him. "It's okay, it's no big deal," he whispered.


Kevin trembled in his arms.


Later, after he was dry and in clean clothes, Shaun had tucked him back in bed. Kevin confessed he had been going to the bathroom a lot lately, and was worried he'd have an accident in school.


"Don't tell mom, please?" Kevin begged when Shaun gave him a little kiss on the forehead.


"Things will be better tomorrow," Shaun whispered, hoping it would be true.


Shaun watched his brother carefully for the next two days. The sudden hurried trips to the bathroom came far too often, and Shaun knew that something was seriously wrong. He told his mom, and that's when things started to happen.


There was a visit to the doctor, a few tests, and Kevin was admitted to the hospital. The family learned about diabetes and kids, the McGrath family would never be quite the same again.


* * * *


Having finished supper and cleaning the kitchen, both boys had gone to their rooms. Shaun was reading a Clive Cussler adventure and he knew Kevin would play some video games. Several hours passed.


Looking at the time again, Shaun thought he better go check on his brother.


Kevin was sound asleep. He had kicked down his sheet. Shaun glanced at his brother's dresser, and the rows of supplies. Shaun wished he could have spared his brother all the hassles of diabetes, but that was now Kevin's life. Whether his brother liked it or not, he was going to have to learn how to take care of himself. That meant testing, meds, eating right, and doing all the things that needed to be done.


Pulling up the sheet, Shaun knew that at thirteen Kevin wasn't quite ready for the responsibility of handling all that, not just yet.


Going downstairs, Shaun recalled a conversation he'd had with his dad.


"You're his brother. He looks up to you, we need your help to get him to the point he can do it all himself."


Shaun had nodded. His dad was right. It was something he could help Kevin with for a while, but he knew eventually Kevin would have to do it all on his own. "You can count on me," he remembered saying to his dad, and he had said the same thing to his brother.


* * * *


"Are you up?" Shaun yelled at the top of his lungs shortly after eight the next morning. Shaun was tying his shoes and didn't want to be late for his first day on the job.


"Yeah!" Kevin's higher pitched voice answered from the bathroom.


Shaun heard a flush. "What was your number?" he yelled as he tied the other shoe.


"One ten!" Kevin yelled back, this time his voice coming from his room.


"I'll be there in a minute!" Shaun hollered.


* * * *


"No fucking way!" Kevin giggled when Shaun walked through the door. "Who the fuck do you think you are, Captain Poopy Pants?" he laughed.


"Watch your mouth, little man," Shaun warned. "I tell dad you've been swearing he'll whup your butt."


Kevin couldn't stop laughing. "Aye aye captain!" he teased and gave a salute.


Kevin looked at Shaun's starched white shirt with epaulets on the shoulder complete with gold anchors, tight white shorts, white socks, and white sneakers. His brother looked like he had just stepped off a cruise ship.


"They make you wear this when you work for them," Shaun tried to explain. He had been hired for the summer by an excursion line to help crew a tour boat.


Kevin still giggled.


"Okay, keep it up," Shaun warned, "but remember I'm the guy that's gonna have a needle in his hand in about two minutes."


Kevin's laughter faded, but his smile didn't. "You still look like a dork!"


Shaun shook his head.


* * * *


Having gotten Kevin squared away and safely off to the park program's summer day camp, Shaun reported for duty. The boat set out three times per day from the city dock for two hour tours. Shaun's job was to help with boarding, assisting passengers on and off the ship, handling mooring lines, and selling popcorn and soda at the vessel's snack counter. It was his first real job and he wanted to do well. He had spent the better part of a day going from store to store in the mall looking for just the right pair of sunglasses to complete his uniform. He finally found the right ones. But, he had to admit pulling up to the pier on a scooter diminished the whole Hollywood teen idol look he was going for.


"Hi, I'm Brad," a guy maybe a year older than Shaun said as he approached.


"Hi. I'm Shaun McGrath, I was told to check in here, it's my first day."


"I kind of guessed that," Brad chuckled, looking at the starched white shirt. "Come on, I'll show you around."


Shaun couldn't take his eyes off the guy in front of him. At a little over six feet he was tall but not overly so, he was well proportioned, and his chest and arms hinted at a guy that worked out. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him. His black hair was well styled and with his sunglasses on he looked fucking amazing.


Shaun couldn't really say why he kept staring, but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the sight of Brad's ass as he bent over to pick up some paper from the deck.


"Oh fuck," Shaun thought, feeling his dick stir. "Not now!" he whispered, as if telling his penis to behave itself would be good enough.


"What?" Brad asked turning around.


"Nothing," Shaun blushed.


"Oh, I thought you said something."


Shaun turned away. "Nope," he said quietly.


* * * *


Late that night, Shaun lay in bed staring at the ceiling. He had gotten Kevin to bed but he himself wasn't ready for sleep, not yet. His hand slid down his smooth chest, lingered at his tight abs, and then wrapped itself around his dick. He closed his eyes and slowly stroked. His seven inch penis was circumcised, nicely shaped, and had a particularly nice flared head. He wasn't the biggest guy in the locker room, but he didn't have anything to be ashamed of either.


"You liked Brad, didn't you?" he whispered to his dick.


His penis grew firmer.


Shaun used his right hand to stroke and his left to play with his nipples. His jerk off fantasies had started off with girls, but that was when he was about Kevin's age. Over time, he had gradually changed over to boys. He didn't think of himself as gay, but he knew his dick liked guys way better.


He slowly stroked and teased himself, the image of Brad's ass firmly in his mind. Some minutes passed. His breathing grew shallow, he felt the moment building. "Almost there," he thought as he increased speed. He tightened his grip. "Almost there," he thought again, and raised his ass off the bed. Shaun pushed his cock through his fingers like it was a hole. Again and again he stroked, the tension growing, the need to get off becoming urgent. Finally, he was there. His dick jerked.


"Ugh, ugh," he grunted as his nuts unloaded and several long squirts of cum flew into the air. The warm cream landed in puddles on his chest. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" he moaned, milking several more spurts out of his stiff tube. The last drops of the white stuff slowly oozed down the shaft.


Shaun eventually relaxed and lowered his ass back onto the bed. He ran a finger through the pearly white goo and spread it around on his chest. He loved the feel of the cum.


"That was a good one," he whispered, his eyes closed.


He lay unmoving for several minutes and then reached for his boxers. They were on the floor beside the bed. He used them to clean up his mess. Then tossed his used cum rag across the room.


"I think I'm going to like this summer!" he thought as he pulled a sheet over himself. He closed his eyes and recreated the image of Brad's ass, and what he might do to it. He smiled, and sleep came.