When a Pledge Needs Help

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Sometimes pledges are quite shy about initiation tasks. We know that hazing can be humiliating at times, but we also know that it is for the ultimate good of fraternity to break a boy down a bit before we accept him. To see what he's made of. When a couple of pledges, for example, are very shy about simply being requested to put on a masturbation demonstration at a co-ed mixer. When they balk at simply having to strip bare ass naked in front of girls and guys and beat their fuck meat until they cum when something as simple as this puts them off and even beating their asses with paddles won't persuade them, then those pledges need personal help.

Now some guys think we try to turn pledges away or get them to quit not at all. We truly hope each and every pledge we have selected makes it into the frat, but we have to test the mettle of the pledge to make sure he’s frat material so we help out when we can. In the case of the two shy pledges, we told them that before they were dropped from the fraternity, they would be given one more chance. All they had to do was put on a little jerk off show for the brothers in the fraternity, no girls, and of course, a little video camera. They were to lie side by side on a bed and beat their fuck slabs for us. Yes, they were really shy and humiliated.

In fact, they could not get hard, so we decided to help them out. We allowed them to read some girlie magazines while they stroked their dicks. We got some real good pictures, which later we, of course, did send to all the sorority houses, frat houses and dorms on campus and post through all the buildings. (Pledges need to be taught not be uppity.) Anyway, we got the boys stroking real good then I told them that they had to each pass a special test to make up for their bad behavior at the mixer. If they passed the special test, they could continue on as pledges. If they failed, they would immediately be dropped.

The first pledge, Jeff, had to help his fellow pledge jerk off by massaging his shaved ball bag. At first, Jeff who was a real homophobe said he couldn’t touch another dude's balls, but when we threatened him with expulsion, he finally gave in and gave his buddy a good nut rub while his pal looked at girlie pictures and jerked his dick. Both boys had big trouble maintaining their hard-ons as they were so embarrassed. We, of course, teased them a bit over that. Finally, Jeff was rubbing Tom's balls real good and then we told the boys they should jerk each other’s dicks. We told them to keep reading the magazines and thinking about cunt and that it would be all right and we knew they weren’t queer, so it was no big thing, just a test of loyalty. Well, we got them jerking each other like two homo fags.

Both Jeff and Tom were pretty much out of it, what with the beer we had given them before the little show. Well, the show was under way. There they were, two straight college dudes, lying on a bed frigging each other’s pricks like little faggots. Both dudes had girlfriends, and I couldn't wait to send videos of this to them or perhaps use the videos as blackmail for some more hazing fun and games. I told Jeff it was time for his special test to make up for the miserable failure he was at the co-ed mixer. I told him I wanted him to help Tom to cum by licking his balls for him. It was so fucking funny as Jeff’s eyes actually teared up.


"I can’t lick a dude's nuts. I'll be queer."


We all assured him that he would not be queer and that it was a test of loyalty to the fraternity. Of course, later, for the rest of the hazing time, his official name was "Ball Licker." We called him that in front of all the kids at school and everyplace. We even made him autograph pics of him doing it and hand them out to guys from other frats. He couldn’t refuse because we had the video. We knew that someday he’d thank us and turn into a mean, lean, frat dude, not some homo pledge. I told him gently that he had no choice and that while Tom jerked off and looked at the girlie magazine, Jeff was to lick his balls for him. It was great to watch the kid crumble and fall apart. Well, we got him to do it, then when we told him, he had to suck dick. He almost quit.


I said to him, "Look, man, it doesn’t make you queer. What’s sucking one dick? It’s to show us you aren’t chicken shit and to prove to us that you are a man."


He begged for some other test, but no, we wouldn’t relent, and then after about fifteen fucking minutes of hemming and hawing he finally put a fucking cock into his faggot mouth! Can you believe it? He sucked dick. It was so great to see this smart-assed dude take a prick in his wise-assed mouth. I think it was then, we secretly decided that before the initiation was over, he’d be sucking off all of us regularly.


Well, we didn’t want to push things too far so just before Tom came we allowed Jeff to pull off and Tom shot all over Jeff’s face. Jeff was so happy not to have to swallow the cum he was crying like a baby.


For Tom’s test, we had Jeff jerk off, and Tom had to catch the cum in his hand and not lose a drop, and then, of course, we made him lick it up. That took some time. Tom almost quit, but we told him how much we wanted him in the frat and how important it was to all of us that he pass this test and so what if it was another guy’s cum. He could do it, and finally, the drunken fucker licked up Jeff's dick snot. We roared with laughter.


Tom looked really happy, though. Pledges always feel real good after a bad hazing, when you tell them they did a real good job. It makes them feel better somehow, taller, manlier. So, you see, it’s good for them. Next week, we are going to make them sixty-nine. And then I have plans to make Tom fuck Jeff in the asshole. We have to go slow as these shy boys are about ready to crack.


Of course, all of this could have been avoided if they had just jacked off at the party like good little pledges. Now, we have the video tapes for leverage.