The Wedding Gift

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While his assistants lugged in the photography equipment, Mr. Black made himself comfortable in Johnny's apartment. Mr. Black was thirty-five and very good looking. He sat down on the couch and smiled warmly at his long-time associate who had the smooth unblemished features of a high-class porno star, which he once had been.

“Where's your brother?” Mr. Black asked, glancing critically around the male student’s simple college apartment.

“In the bedroom,” Johnny answered while looking at the floor.

Whereas Mr. Black wore an expensive silver shirt and five hundred dollar trousers, twenty-year-old Johnny Martin wore jeans and a tee shirt. He was a stunning kid, with a mop of curly hair above a youthfully smooth face set off with bright blue eyes. His body was lean but hard and perfectly proportioned, and the bumps of his nipples sat proudly on his well-developed chest and showed through the tee shirt.

Johnny had always been a favorite of Mr. Black.

“So, tomorrow is the big day, huh?” Mr. Black said casually. “I can’t believe little Johnny Martin is getting married. My favorite boy...my biggest seller is tying the knot...to a cunt yet!”

“Don't talk about Joni that way. In fact, don't talk about Joni at all. Let’s just get this over with.” Johnny's face grew red with anger. His chiseled lips pulled back in a sneer of distaste at his former boss.

“Johnny and Joni…isn’t that cute fellas?” Mr. Black’s cameramen chuckled. “I can’t believe you actually fuck cunt.”

“You know I'm not gay. I never was. When dad died and we lost everything, I needed money badly to stay at a good college prep school. You came along at the right time, and we helped each other. That’s all there is to it.”

“Well almost all. Now you are one of the most sought after young minds at the University, four major companies have already offered to pay your way through grad school if you work for them and you are only a college sophomore. And all this was made possible because I helped you.” Mr. Black rose and went into the kitchen, a minute later he came back with a beer.

“We helped each other. I hated every minute of it.”


“Watching those videos of you sucking cock and taking it up your fourteen-year-old ass, you'd never know it. Your videos are still among my biggest sellers and it’s been what, six years? I can hardly believe it...six years.”


Johnny sat forward in his chair, the tee shirt strained against his twenty-year-old chest. He wrung his hands nervously. “I’m grateful you gave me the money to finish school, but now those tapes could ruin my future and certainly my marriage. Joni knows nothing of my past.”


Mr. Black smiled, “What, that you were a pussy boy and fucked in the asshole by over a hundred porno actors? Not to mention that basketball team that gangbanged you.”


“And now you want me to withdraw my best selling tapes for the last six years. Destroy them just to please you. So you want a deal...Okay then, we make a deal. I have always been easy to get along with. How did the sleeping powder work on your darling, little brother?”


Johnny stared at his carpet once again he felt terrible He was betraying his own little brother to save his own ass...and his marriage.


“It worked fine,” he mumbled.


“And tomorrow morning, he will think the whole thing was just a result of drinking too much at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Well, let’s get started shall we?”


“These tapes and photos of Chad will not be sold to the public...only to your private clientele.” Johnny stopped Mr. Black with a hand to his chest.


Mr. Black did not cotton to being touched casually. He stiffened and with a gentle but firm hand removed the boy’s fingers from his chest.


“Your brother is sixteen. I can’t sell the tapes to the public...only underground. I keep my word Johnny, you know me. I’ll use the tape as kind of an epilogue to your collection to tie up the series. That’s all. By the way, is it true that your wife to be is still a virgin? Well, her cunt anyway.”


“That is none of your business.” Johnny led the way to the bedroom.


“Oh, for Christ sake, loosen up will you? How many times have I swung on that ten-inch ass buster of yours? I still remember the shock of seeing a ten-inch cock on a fourteen-year-old five foot six inch kid. Does it still leak the way it used to Johnny? Shit, we used to have pre-cum all over the fucking set and the camera equipment and everything. Remember? We had lots of laughs.”


Johnny glowered. “You had lots of laughs.”


“So, tell me do you think the little, virgin cunt will be able to take your fat ten-inch pisser?”


“Look, I don’t want to discuss Joni with you. Okay? Here’s my brother.”


Sixteen-year-old Chad Martin lay on Johnny's bed dressed in only a pair of blue boxer shorts. The shorts had been worn all day and they now clung wrinkled and thin to his genitals and thighs. The boy was built larger than his older brother was and already more muscular. He was a football star in high school. He had big pecs capped with quarter sized sixteen-year-old boy nipples. His stomach was rippled, hard and tight with a trail of light brown hair sneaking down into the waistband of his shorts. His chest was smooth but he had large tufts of hair sprouting from his teenage armpits. One arm rested up and under his cute boyish head. He was sleeping soundly — a combination of beer, champagne and the sleeping powder.


He had strong legs with a light coating of hair and big, size fourteen teenage boy feet. “What a fucking doll,” Mr. Black said. “Is he fucking girls yet?”


“Yes,” Johnny admitted. “I warn you, I don’t want any of these pictures ever turning up anyplace where he might see them. You know what I mean?”


“I swear kid and then your ties to me are forever severed Consider it a wedding present. I make a last bundle of money off you and you can get out of the business. Well Johnny, what say you strip down?”


Johnny knew what the answer would be, but he needed to ask anyway...for the tenth time. He’d been begging ever since Mr. Black had called him the week before. “Does it have to be with my own brother? Couldn't I just do a regular porno shoot like in the old days....”


“Johnny you're twenty years old. Nobody wants your body anymore. You're much too old for my clientele, but a final shoot with your own brother, now that’s worth something, especially with the kid as hot as he is. Shit look at that cock lump.


Johnny sighed and slipped off his tee shirt. His body was beautiful. He always kept it tanned and shaved...a result of his porno days. He unbuttoned his jeans and peeled them down his legs. He stood in tight jockey briefs...his huge prick and balls pushing out the white cotton material.


“Leave the shorts on for the first few shots. By the way how did the wedding rehearsal go?”


“It went fine .Could we please not talk about it?”


Johnny stood awkwardly by the side of the bed, looking down at his almost naked teenage brother. It had been so long since he had done this kind of sex thing with a guy he felt the rush of humiliation sweep over him — the same way he had felt when he was fourteen and needed money to stay in school. He had told his mother is was a scholarship from a wealthy, anonymous donor at the school while he fucked and sucked his way through high school to receive a scholarship to college.


“Do you have those framed photos of you and your little brother as kids?”


Johnny pointed to the pictures on the dresser.


“Great let’s start the video with a close-up of them as little boys...then pan over to the bed. Johnny, just get into bed with your brother and pretend to be sleeping.”


Johnny crawled into bed, his white briefs straining across his well-developed ass mounds. He felt like crying. Tomorrow night he would be making love to his new wife for the first time, starting a new life and tonight he was shooting a sex video with his unconscious brother.


“Good Johnny, just relax like you're sleeping. Now just follow my instructions. We’ll add a soundtrack after. Stretch and yawn Johnny, like you’re waking up. Now reach one hand down and scratch your big balls. Shit, I hope Joni will be able to fit those in her mouth. I know how much you loved having your balls sucked back then.”


Johnny glared at the camera and hissed between clenched teeth. “I told you to leave Joni out of this.”


“Okay, okay, don’t ruin the shot or we have to start over again. Now turn onto your side and slide a hand inside your shorts on your ass. Good now pretend you have an itch in your asshole and finger your pussy inside your shorts.


“See how easily old talents come back...see you’re throwing a fucking boner already. Jesus Christ kid, I think your dicks gotten even bigger. It’s great the way the dickhead is sticking up out of the waistband of the shorts.


“Get a close up of that, Fred and get some still shots. Hank, pan over to get a shot of the tuxedo hanging on the closet door and the wedding invitation on the dresser.”


Johnny sat up. ”Hey wait a minute, nothing about...”


“Give me a break kid. Think of how hot it will be, on the night before his wedding , Johnny fools around with his sleeping brother. The ultimate Johnny Cumwad video, two years after his last tape. I’ll never understand why you walked out.”


“I told you I was straight. I wanted my life back. And, I warned you a dozen times to lay off the kinky stuff. I told you I wouldn’t do dogs.”


“Younger models than you made a bundle that way. It’s the popular fad.”


“Its sick shit and I’m glad I’m out of it.”


“Rub your finger over your dickhead...its leaking already. Now taste some of your pre-cum. Shit I hope Joni is ready for a lake of fuck drip in her bed. Now look over at your bro. Rub your cock through your shorts some more, like you’re getting an idea. Good Johnny you are a natural star.


“Now raise your legs and slip off your briefs. Make sure to show us lots of ballsack and asshole. I see you still keep your asshole shaved...good Johnny keep it that way It’s more hygienic and Joni will appreciate it when she sucks your ass.”


At the very thought of his shy virginal bride to be sucking his asshole, Johnny's beer can thick prick thumped against his stomach and a spray of pre fuck shot across the bed onto his sleeping brother.


“Get that sex slop on the brother’s chest,” Mr. Black directed.


Would Joni ever suck his asshole? Johnny wondered. He loved getting his shitter sucked more than anything in…still he loved her and one had to make sacrifices for love.


“Johnny you are as beautiful as ever. I take back what I said. You’re not over the hill at all. You are prime boy cock. Now, look at your cock, like what am I going to do with this fucking thing on the night before my marriage. Slap your fucker a few times, like you are one frustrated boy. Jesus, look at that pisshole leak. It was true; the bed was a swamp of fuck slime. It pooled around Chad’s sleeping body and splashes of it coated his teenage skin.


“Johnny, do me a favor. Take that photo of Joni off your night table. Now rub it over your cock like you hope it will relieve the pressure.”


“I told you, I don’t want Joni a part of this...”


“We’ll alter the image with the computer graphics later. It’s a hot idea. You got to admit it. A bridegroom on the night before his wedding rubbing his bride-to-be's photo over his prick and balls. I know it’s turning you on boy, your nipples are really hard.”


Johnny could not help it. He was in a state of fuck lust so he rubbed his leaking prick all over Joni’s picture.


“Ohhhhhh fuck...ohhhh fuck,” he moaned while his other hand pulled at his nipples.


“You’ll be fucking her tomorrow night honey, but now it’s time to notice your little brother sleeping next to you and make him a star at sixteen. Look at him closely. Look at his handsome, smooth teenage chest and his adorable face His face looks younger than sixteen even though he has a strong football players body. Good, now put the photo of Joni on the floor.”


The camera zoomed in to catch a close-up of the pre-cum streaked photo of the eighteen-year-old girl.


“Now, Johnny lean in and sniff your brother’s armpit. Frig your cock with your hand. You are so lonely and suddenly your brother looks so delicious. Stretch out your tongue and lick his armpit just a little. Oh boy, look at your prick squirt. Now lean up over him and kiss him gently on the mouth.”


“I don’t think I can do that. I mean sex is sex, but kissing a guy is different...”


“Look it isn’t just any guy. It’s your little brother You love him as a brother. Now lean in and kiss his full young lips. Close your eyes if you have to and make believe its Joni.”


Johnny was in a state of extreme fuck lust. When this happened to him, he went kind of crazy. More than once Joni had had to push his fingers out of her pussy and he had to frig his own cock in anger right in front of her. He studied his brother’s sensitive face His cute nose and full lips, then he leaned down and sealed his lips to them. He kissed his brother long and hard pretending it was Joni. His big thick prick leaked all over the boy’s belly.


“Give him some tongue, Johnny. Get in close so we can see him swapping spit. You’re sure the kid has never fooled around with guys?”


“He fucking hates queers.”


Johnny parted the sleeping boy’s lips and shoved his tongue in. It felt so good, so hot.


“He fucking hates queers huh? Wonderful, tongue-kiss that little stud. Lick his face all over. Now, lick his nose. Great now crawl up and rub your leaking prick all over his face. Johnny felt awful, but he was consumed with lust. He sat on his sixteen-year-old brother’s chest and allowed his fat prick to drool dicksnot all over Chad’s face and especially on his lips.


“Oh yeah, get a close up of that. Little brother’s first facial. Now Johnny turn around and sit on his face.”


“I don’t think I should do that.”


Johnny’s prick lurched and slapped the kids face.


“I think you should. Get your asshole right over his nose and mouth.


“Get that camera down there.


“Yeah, spread your cheeks wide. Wipe your sweaty asshole all over his face. Now kneel up over his head with your cock and balls rubbing all over his face. Now, with your teeth peel his boxer shorts down.


“Holy fuck, the kid is hung as you are.


“Get those fucking shorts off him.


“Get a close up of that teenage cock and scrotum.


“Fuck the kids a fucking horse. I don’t know how the cunts in his school can take that. I guess the sluts will do anything for cock.


“Great Johnny, almost finished. Jeez, I hope you don’t think about this tomorrow night when you fuck your bride.


“Now, let’s try to get the kid hard. Suck his tits. He’s got fucking fat cow nipples. Suck those titties. Make believe they’re Joni's tits.


“He’s a sixteen-year-old boy cunt if I ever saw one.


“Suck them, Johnny. Suck milk from those boy titties. Shit, that kid’s tits will be producing milk in a couple of years.


“Look at his prick its getting hard. Great, I wonder what the fuck he’s dreaming about — probably his high school coach. Jesus Johnny, the whole fucking bed is soaking wet from your cock leak.


“Now Johnny get down and lick his balls. Lick that big, fat sweating fuck sack. Come on Johnny don’t let me down now. It’s not like you never licked a scrotum before.


“Remember that video where you were licking that guys nuts and he suddenly started to piss all over your face? And, remember that fraternity initiation flick where you had to lick the ballbags of ten guys. We were afraid your asspussy would never close up after that one.


“Lick down under the ball bag by the leg and the sack…where all the sweat gathers. That’s good, suck your brothers nuts. Do you know how many guys would pay hundreds to lick sweaty, teenage boy balls...that’s a fucking culinary delight.


Now, lick his prick all over. Get your tongue in his pisshole if you can.


“Get that camera in real close.


“Swab his pisslips with your tongue. Sixteen-year-old girl-fucking pisshole getting its first boy licks. Now, suck the cockhead. Look at that fucker throb. It’s gotta be over ten inches.


“Now, deep throat the fucker. Come on Johnny, I taught how. Deep throat your brother’s thick pisser. Great, great, now turn him over.


“Now, spread his legs and suck his asshole. Spread those jock asscheeks and show us that pink virgin asspussy. Oh God, look at that pretty, pink pucker. Look at that tiny shithole. It’s fucking gorgeous.


“I’ve never seen your cock so hard, Johnny. I think you got a thing for your brother’s pussy. Spread those ass cheeks. Get your tongue up that teenage shithole. Fuck his rectum with your tongue.


“How does that asshole taste boy? Can you taste the dark, musky taste of his last dump? Can you taste ass sweat? Remember Johnny, how you used to do this every day? That’s your little brother’s asshole you are sucking, Johnny. Do a good job.


“Oh fuck, I’ve never seen two dicks harder than that. It looks like they’re gonna fucking explode. Now shove two pillows under him so his pussy is ready to be fucked.”


“I can’t fuck him. I’ll tear him up…and he'll know.”


“You gotta fuck him, Johnny. Look at your cock. It’s gotta go someplace. You know you want it. It’s your last gay fuck before you change to strictly pussy. Tell him he’s got hemorrhoids and they were irritated from all the drinking. Come on Johnny fuck his ass.”


Johnny fucked his young brother’s ass. He fucked him hard. He fucked him deep. When his coke can thick cock would not go in, he shoved roughly. He pushed. He rammed. The pre-fuck slop splashed all over as the cock head forced its way into the rosebud rectum. Chad would never be the same again.


Johnny was not ever the same again after his first fuck. Mr. Black had fucked him the first time. Johnny had cried for two days straight. He had studied his ass in the mirror. Mr. Black had told him it was a pussy now.


He fucked the unconscious boy’s ass pussy and made believe it was Joni’s cunt. He wondered briefly if tomorrow when he fucked Joni he would pretend it was Chad, but that was stupid. On the other hand, was it? Sometimes when he beat off he did think about Chad fucking all his girlfriends. Chad had already gotten one cunt pregnant. He was a real hunky stud and here Johnny was fucking his boy ass. Holy fuck, it felt good. The kid’s boypussy was so fucking tight. Johnny's prick felt squeezed…squashed…embraced by the virgin dickditch. Is this how Joni would feel? Is this how her fucking cunt would feel on their wedding night? Johnny fucked harder and faster. The cameras caught it all as the twenty-year-old college student fucking his sixteen-year-old sleeping brother’s asshole.


Johnny felt fucked up and confused. He tried so hard to straighten out his life and the world was at his doorstep. He was about to marry the most wonderful girl in the world and he was fucking his little brother’s newly formed boy-twat.


“That’s enough. Pull out and finish off by fucking his face.”


“Oh God, oh fuck, let me shoot off up his ass. Let me cum up his cunt.”


“No, no, Johnny. Fuck his face. That’s what the clients want…your slimy, shitty cock in the kid’s mouth.”


Johnny screamed as he unplugged his fat fucker from the teen twat. His prick was spurting pre-fuck mixed with stringy shit slime all over the bed.


“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, oh fuck.”


Johnny panted. His prick waved, bounced and sprayed everything in sight, even the camera lens. He crawled up onto the kid again, and knelt over the teenage boy’s pretty face. He pried open the kid’s mouth with his fingers forcing the jaw wide open and then he stuck the head of his shit slicked prick between the kid’s lips.


“Fuck his face, Johnny. Fuck the cunt’s face.”


Johnny fucked his cock deep into the kid’s mouth, into his throat, over his tongue through the pre cum, ass slime and spit. He grabbed his brother’s ears and roughly face fucked the faggot. At last, he knew he was about to cum.


“Pull out. Shoot all over his face.”


Johnny did and the pillow, sheets and the boy’s face were drowned in a wave of white slime.


“I should be saving my cum for Joni,” Johnny thought as his cum bloated twat stuffer spurted.


“With your fingers, scoop up the cum slop and shove it into his mouth. Okay Johnny, you can relax. Let’s get some shots of the kid covered in cum.”


Johnny took along hot shower and cried and cried. He felt fourteen again...abused...altered forever. Not like a man. It was like a black mark had been swiped across his happy marriage plans. He came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his lean hips. He stood in shock. The guy’s were taking photos of Chad on his stomach with a huge dildo sticking out of his ass.


“You stop it right now. That’s enough. I kept my part of the deal. Now get out of my life. I gotta get Chad cleaned up.”


With a nod of Mr. Blacks head, Fred left the apartment with the video.


“We're not quite finished, Johnny. You see I realize now that you are too much of a moneymaker for me to let you go just yet. We need a big finale.”


“You promised.”


“Oh fuck, I know I promised, but a buck is buck. Now think boy, what would happen to your life and to Chad’s life if copies of that tape ever got out and into the hands of your college or to the big executives courting you. Not only ruining your life, but Chad’s too. You would go to prison for screwing a minor and Chad would be humiliated for life. So I think you’d better consider doing a few more favors for me and then we'll call ourselves even.”


Johnny slammed a bookcase to the floor. He pounded his fists into the wall. He screamed, cried and then threw up. Mr. Black waited patiently. Johnny had done this kind of thing before — many times.


“You're blackmailing me,” Johnny sobbed as he sat on the bedroom floor.


“Only for a short while, I promise.


“Now, here’s what we'll do. Well arrange for a special suite for your bridal night...nothing spared. I want a really good video of you fucking your virgin wife. We’ll have the best equipment set up behind a mirror. You make sure you fuck her in the mouth, the cunt and the ass. Don’t be too gentle, split that fucking bitch open. Don’t wear a rubber...the clientele doesn’t like that. If she gets pregnant so what, it’s a nice start for your marriage. Your job is to convince the frigid prude to suck cock and take it up the ass. If she doesn’t and we don’t get our tape, the tape of you and Chad goes to the University and to Chad’s high school as well.


“Now I’ll have a little talk with Chad here when he wakes up...just before I fuck him. I’ll show him some of the snapshots. I’m sure he’ll come around and cooperate.


“Your wife never needs to know that every Friday afternoon after classes, you'll be making a series of fuck films with your little brother. Oh, and one more thing, a kind of wedding gift. Tomorrow night, after you fuck your new bride and stretch her holes real good, give her a sleeping powder and when she is out Chad will come in and we'll film you fucking him on the bed next to her.


“He’s a stud so we'll even get him to stick his teenage cock into your new bride’s pussy while you fuck his ass. Remember Johnny, not only your life, but the lives of your new bride and your brother are at stake here. Oh and Johnny, I have another wedding gift for you. Can you guess what it is? It’s big and male — and it barks!”

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