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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Unidentified Boy Kidnapped, Used For Sex
PETAL MOUND - An unidentified boy was kidnapped earlier today by two men in their thirties late yesterday afternoon in a state park south of Petal Mount. The boy is believed to be about thirteen years of age. Witnesses say the boy was naked, and his hands were tied behind his back as the two men forced him into the back of a van.

One witness claims she saw something hanging from the boy's genitals. "Something was hanging between his legs, but I only got a glimpse of it. The boy looked very wet like he'd been sweating a lot."


Another witness says she thinks she has seen the boy before. "I think he goes to a local school here. I pick my daughter up from school, and most days I see him coming out. The other lady you just talked to who says she saw something hanging between his legs. Well, I saw it, too, and I was at a different angle. That was his penis. He does have a huge one for his age, and it hangs halfway down his thigh. That's one of the things that tipped me off. The kid I see coming out of school most days has an unmistakable bulge in his pants and having seen him so many times I'm almost certain that was him getting into that van. It all fits together because I haven't seen him at school for at least three months. He is a really a good-looking boy with fair skin, but kinda an exotic appearance and the brightest eyes I've ever seen. I just know that was him being pushed into that van."


Though the witness claims she has not seen the boy at school for three months, none of the parents of youths attending Petal Mound Middle School claim to be missing any children. However, the parents of one boy could not be contacted, and it is believed that they are involved in the sexual exploitation of their own son.


To complicate the case more, none of the witnesses to the crime have ever seen the two men before, and no one has claimed to have ever seen the boy's parents before. Police K-9 units tracked the steps of the two men and the boy back to a cabin, which has been abandoned for the last fifteen years following a major renovation here at the park. Inside the cabin, officers found what appeared to be a sexual torture chamber including a single table in the middle of the room, and chains, straps, whips, and a huge assortment of sex toys of all shapes and sizes scattered around all four walls. Some appeared to have been used recently, while some were still covered with dust. Moreover, judging by the condition of the objects that were used, they were not cleaned off before being used on the victim.


Officer Perkins talked about his discoveries in detail about an hour ago. "Since some of the objects have dust and spider webs on them and some don't, It looks like they bring their victims here occasionally to abuse them and then leave. Unfortunately, the most recently used objects were also some of the largest ones. Anal plugs and latex penises seem to have been used extensively. Significant amounts of sperm, semen, saliva, and anal fluids were coating the objects. Around and on the table, there are deposits of sperm and semen, which haven't completely dried because of the high humidity lately. The cabin is about four miles back into the woods, so any screams probably wouldn't have been heard."


There is another shocking discovery in this bizarre tale of sexual depravity. A cave was discovered by K-9 units, and it was indeed a cave of horrors. "The cave is about 800 feet long and opens into a large natural cathedral," told one investigator. "It appears to be the location of satanic sex rituals, and it appears that the boy was used daily in these rituals. Judging by the footprints, several trips were made from the cabin to the cave, which is only about half a mile apart. Since there are no bones and no blood at this point, we're assuming there have been no murders. It appears that the boy was taken to the cave. There are fresh footprints inside which match the prints found in the cabin, and there are also smaller footprints made by bare feet, probably made by the naked boy. We haven't found any clothes or remnants of clothes for the boy, so we're presuming he was brought here naked and kept naked for the whole time, probably about three months as one witness said."


Investigators are asking for any information you might have on the boy or the two men. And if you know anything more about the cabin or the cave, give the department an anonymous call.


We'll be covering this story and will report with more details as they become available.