Uncle Henry

(Mb) (anal) (tort, nc) (inc)

About six months ago, I took to babysitting for my sister’s nine-year-old son. The kid’s dad just up and left one day, and my sister has to work hard to make a living. Not only that, but I have to say, she parties hard too. So over the months, I have gotten very close to little Nick. I have introduced him to many exciting and fun-filled games. Since he always was a quiet, submissive boy with not many friends, he seemed to need my care and concern. He was afraid to lose my love so he would do almost anything I asked him to do. Here is an account of a typical day when little Nick comes to visit me.

Nick knows that when he arrives, the first thing he does is remove his clothing. He does this in the garage, as I don’t allow him to have his clothes on in my house. Nick enters the house naked. I never tire of seeing him walk in, all shy and beautiful with his tiny pricklet and smooth velvet marbles jiggling as he walks. He stands in front of the couch and leans over to give me a big kiss. I tongue him for five to ten minutes, depending on how turned on I am. I have taught him to kiss with lots of spit while I kiss him. As I run my hands down his smooth back to his tiny ass globes, he knows that his ass belongs to Uncle Henry. He has learned that whenever hands touch his ass, he is to relax his tiny asshole. Just as when hands slide down his slender tummy, he is to spread his legs slightly to provide an easy grip of his small prick and baby fuck sack.
After our hello kiss is out of the way, he settles on my lap. I play with his tits and balls and prick while he tells me of his school day and how he’s completing the assignments I give him. He uses what we call a “fuck” word in every sentence. I have been training him to use the filthiest language he can. For example, all girls are to be referred to as cunts. So he will call his teachers, “that cunt, Miss Feder.” The girls in his class are, “that fucking cunt, Suzie,” etc. He may substitute “twat” or “dick ditch” for cunt now and then. I even insist that he refers to his mother, my sister, in these terms. At first, he was timid, but now he quite enjoys it. I keep reminding him to put as many dirty words in each sentence as he can. So he never says, “May I have a coke, please?” He says, “May I have a fucking coke, please.” I find this so charming in a boy of nine. Sometimes he forgets to swear in every sentence, and I have to punish him.
In the last few weeks, I have ordered him to use this kind of language around the other kids at school. Until recently it was just between us, but now we’re expanding. He has gotten quite a reputation among the boys and girls of the fourth grade. While he talks to me, I’ll give him his cigarettes. He’s now up to smoking two packs a day, and I am hoping to get him to be able to smoke three by Christmas. I make sure he inhales, of course. I also encourage him to get the other little boys in his class smoking.
While he smokes and reports to me, I will lick his ear and his neck as I slowly slide a finger up his tight little asshole. I have taught him that there is nothing too dirty for the two of us to try together. I work my finger in and out of his rectum, thinking about how it will soon be my big fat leaking prick doing that same work while Nick tells me how he plays with his dick at least six hours a day, as I have instructed him.
At home, he now sleeps naked and first thing in the morning when he wakes up, he telephones me to report that he has a nice stiff morning hard-on. He then carries the phone into the toilet so I can hear him piss and then drink some piss out of the toilet. I tell him that the dirtier he is, the more I love him, and he seems to need love so badly.
I ask him if he plays with his dick all during his classes too. He says yes, and I kiss him. I tell him I want him to start to play with it in front of the other boys. I want him to suggest to the other boys in his class that they play with their pricks together. I also tell him that I want him to get together with some younger boys from the first grade—boys of five and six—and show them how he plays with his prick. Get the little boys to touch it and pump it. I tell Nick that his next assignment is to get some naked photos of five and six-year-old boys for me. I gave him a very good digital camera as a gift, and he is thrilled. I tell him he must get lots of nice naked photos of little boys for me. I also want some photos of the boys in his class bare-assed, maybe in the locker room.
While I tell him this, I fuck my finger faster and faster in and out of his little boy asshole and then add a second finger. His breathing is heavy now, and his eyes are half closed. His nipples aren’t red and stretched out, and I ask him if he has been doing his nipple exercises every night and sleeping with the clothespins on them as I instructed. He blushed and said he tries, but it hurts too much sometimes.
“You’ve just got to learn how to handle some pain, Nick. You don’t want to grow up to be a sissy boy, do you?”
He sniffs back a tear and shakes his beautiful little face back and forth.
“Even if it hurts, I want you to wear those clothespins on your tits all night, every night. You can do it. You are my best boy, and I love you, and I don’t want you to let me down.”
He promises to do better, and my dick gives a lurch. Usually, I don’t fuck his mouth and ass until after dinner, but I don’t know if I can hold out.
“And do you shove a carrot up your asshole every night like I told you to?”
Now he looks proud and nods.
“Good boy. Next week I want you to use a cucumber instead of a carrot. And don’t forget to eat the cucumber the next morning just as you do with the carrots.”
He nods. Then he wrinkles his nose.
“Sometimes it smells and tastes bad when I eat it.”
I laugh and ruffle his hair.
“That’s because you don’t keep your cunt clean enough. I’m going to show you how to douche to clean your pussy and then you have to do it three times a day for me. Only you can’t let your mom find out.”
That’s no big deal cause she’s seldom home and the kid is pretty much on his own when he is at home. I wish he could live with me all the time then I could monitor his training and growth, but, as it is, I am pretty lucky having him four or five days a week.
“Excuse me for a moment, Nick. I really have to piss badly. I’ll go piss in a glass so you can have a nice big glass of my fresh piss to drink with your dinner.”
Oh, I can’t tell you how much he hated drinking my piss at first. That took weeks of strict discipline to get over. But you know, he knows that when I am hard with him, it’s for his own good and because I love him. I am, after all, his beloved Uncle Henry.