Tutoring Noah

Matt Richardson
MB, anal, oral, nc, reluc

Noah wasn't my first boy. Not by a long shot.

I started tutoring in college. Before too long I realized I could simply turn away the girls, and the boys who were too young or too old, saying I was too busy — leaving all my tutoring time with the middle school age boys I loved so much.

I cut my teeth (and wet my cock) on those boys in college, and I'll admit there were some pretty close calls. But I got better, and after college, I was surprised that a good tutor can actually keep tutoring even when he's not a student — that even in these scared parent times, a single guy in his twenties or thirties could be left alone with a twelve-year-old boy to teach him math.

Now thirty-four, I had been tutoring Noah for a few months. I was a good teacher, and good with kids — and it helped that the vast majority of boys needing tutoring were from homes that left something to be desired, whether that was a single parent working all the time or wealthy parents who were never home. Either played just fine into my hand as the caring, playful older man these young teen boys craved.


With Noah it was the former: A single mom, working two jobs and overwhelmed by it, such that she didn't have much time for her only kid. It only took a couple of weeks before she was asking me if I could take on babysitting duties as well as tutoring. This one would be easy.


And Noah was a kid I wanted to spend more time with. He was twelve, shy, awkward, mostly a loner at school. He was short, had naturally black hair, and had recently taken on the "emo" look — tight black jeans, colorful t-shirts, lots of bracelets and, most notably, some eyeliner on most days.


I figured this boy for a fag pretty early on. Yeah, not just a gay boy, but a faggot boy, meant to be used. Those were my favorites.


Noah had a thin, smooth body, average I suppose for boys who have made it out of the lingering baby fat stage of the preteen years but before they hit the testosterone blasts of high school. He had a tight, hot little ass that looked great in the girl jeans he wedged his thin hips into.


He was also a little dumb. Not slow, or mentally handicapped or anything, just a little dumb. I think it was a product of him being socially outcast for so long (other kids probably figured him for a faggot too), but he had almost a childlike way about him, that he was bewildered by things other boys his age had already figured out.


That said, puberty had definitely hit this kid. His jeans didn't leave much to the imagination, and he got erections all the time, much to his deep embarrassment. He was constantly trying to slide out of a chair sideways or slink into a room without showing his front side, usually without much success. His little boy boner was painfully obvious, and he knew it. And I would make a point to look. Oh, fuck yes I would. And I would watch the blush creep up his neck and fill in his pale, smooth cheeks and just smile as if he had merely wished me a pleasant day. Then he would scamper off, and I would watch his pert rear end as he left.


More to the point, he was jacking off, regularly. He would usually take forever in the bathroom, "reading a magazine," and come out with flushed cheeks and an awkward look. One afternoon, after seeing him pop no less than three boners as we worked on his pre-algebra homework, he told me he was exhausted and "needed to take a nap." The nap, if it happened, lasted all of five minutes. I heard him cooing as I stood outside the door, the telltale slap-slap as he did what every twelve-year-old boy does. I heard him try to stifle a moan as the slapping abruptly stopped, and I could imagine him biting his lip in earnest through his boygasm.


He waited perhaps another five minutes before "getting up," and when he emerged from his room, he met my "Hi Noah!" with a frantic "Gottagotothebathroom!" as he tried to hide his still-flushed face.


I figured getting my seven-inch cock into Noah's boy body wouldn't be all that challenging. In fact, about a week later it became laughably easy.


It was one of the days I had been tasked with tutoring him and then watching him for a few extra hours, as his mom worked the late shift. It was late enough that I had gotten pizza, and was supposed to hang out to make sure Noah went to bed.


He was in the shower. I contemplated walking in on him, as I had the times I knew he was jacking off, but I wanted to take things a little more methodically. Since I had some time (he took forever in the shower, like everything else), I figured I'd investigate his room.


I'd been in his room before, and it was typical, I suppose, of most middle school boys, at least the ones who were into emo music — lots of band posters on the wall, including several with pierced and tattooed lead singers. There was also, somewhat incongruously, a poster of One Direction, the boy band. Between that and the aggressive-looking tattooed guys plastering the walls, it was a wonder his mom hadn't already figured out what this kid wanted. Since she was kind of religious and pretty conservative (she hadn't taken well to the eyeliner, among other things), I wondered if it was just willful ignorance on her part.


Noah had his own computer, an old piece of shit that he always complained about but that he apparently invested a lot in — I was pretty sure he had profiles on every social network in existence. With his mom hardly ever home, I was guessing he didn't do much in the way of covering his tracks. A quick look at his browser history was right: Mixed in among Facebook and VampireFreaks and SceneKids visits were XTube and RedTube and, if it wasn't already blindingly obvious, GayBoysTube. So, that answered that and gave me a little ammo if I needed it. Now, I just had to make my move.


Noah emerged from the shower in a yellow t-shirt and a pair of black boxer briefs, with blue "racing stripes" going up either side. He'd been in his underwear around me once or twice before, so this wasn't that unusual, but before he had a chance to go to his room and put on pants, I told him to join me on the couch so we could talk.


He sat next to me, and I moved closer to him, putting my arm around him. I'd hugged him plenty before — shy boys in early teenage years respond great to that kind of affection if you play it right — and he leaned back against my arm without hesitation.


"How're things going in school, Noah? I know about your classes, but I mean otherwise."


"Well…ah...okay, I guess," he said, looking down.


I put my other hand on his knee as if to comfort him.


"Yeah, I know middle school can be kinda shitty sometimes," I said.


He looked up at me.


"You cussed," he said.


I chuckled.


"Yes I did, Noah. Some things are worth cussing about."


He looked down again.


"Well...yeah," he said softly. "School is...um…well, school is shitty."


I moved my hand further up his smooth little thigh.


"Yeah, I know how it is," I said. "Kids are just idiots in middle school; I don't know what it is."


"Y…yeah," he said and glanced down at my hand. "Like some of them won't stop making fun of me no matter what."


I chuckled and moved my hand a little further up. I looked at the crotch of his boxer briefs, and they were definitely beginning to tent. "Well, it might be because of the clothes you wear," I said with a smile.


"Yeahhh," he said breathily, "but I like them. I dunno why."


I moved my hand a couple of inches higher and noticed his underwear tenting even more.


"Well, as long as you don't mind that they make you look like a faggot, Noah."


"A…a what?"


"A faggot. Noah, you look like a little fag," I said, moving my hand higher. My fingertips were at the hem of the short leg of his boxer briefs.




"But that's okay, Noah," I said. My fingers were creeping onto the fabric of his underwear. "Because you are a fag, aren't you?"


The boy began blushing hard. "Um…well..."


My fingers met resistance. His stiff, little, boy prick, trying to leap out of his undies. His cheeks colored a deep crimson as I looked at him. I lifted my hand up, ever so slightly, and then back down. Closed. Around his throbbing twelve-year-old penis. Noah gasped softly.


"You like this, don't you, Noah?"


"Y…well…I dunno," he said, looking down and away from me.


"Look at me, Noah," I said, and he looked back, his eyelids drooping. "You like this. Me. Touching you."


"Um..." he said.


"I'm molesting you, Noah," I said. "And you like it. You like being molested."


"Yeah," the seventh grader whispered, almost imperceptibly. I squeezed the shaft of his stone-hard, boy dick through the fabric and he breathed in sharply.


"And what does that make you?" I said, looking into his eyes with a smile.




"It makes you a faaa," I said, starting the word for him. "Come on Noah. What are you? A faaa—"


"A...a…" he trailed off softly, "a faggot."


"That's right," I said and opened my palm so that my hand was flat against his shaft and my fingers gently held his balls. "You're a little fag. And you like being fondled by a man."


"Y…yeah," he said quietly.


"Let's go in your room, Noah," I said. "I want to play with your body a lot more."


I stood up and took his hand, and he slowly stood, his tented boxer briefs leading the way, and followed me in a daze to his bedroom. I couldn't wait to take this kid's boy cherry.




I guided him to his bed and had him lay down.


"Let's get these off of you," I said, tugging at his underwear.


"O…o…okay," Noah said nervously, as I pulled them down and off his slim, coltish, little legs.


Noah's boy dick was cute in the way most twelve-year-old boys' are, about four inches long and the thickness of my thumb, which I thought was kind of thick for a kid his age. He was uncut, which I've noticed has become more common for boys lately, his foreskin just parting open at the tip of his stiff, boy cock. His balls had clearly dropped and were grape-sized, loose from the shower and in a smooth, unblemished sac. He did have a smattering of wispy black pubes starting just above his middle school penis, but they didn't extend very far and didn't mar his shaft or thighs. The rest of his body, as I mentioned, was nearly entirely smooth, with just a few equally wispy hairs starting under his arms.


"Very nice," I said, reaching out and stroking his velvety-firm hardon.


"Th…ah…thanks," he said, reacting as the first hand other than his own to touch his immature member gently stroked him. "You don't think it's…oh…too small?"


"Actually, it's thicker than average, and it's about the same length hard as most boys your age."


"Oh," he said breathily. "Cool."


He didn't ask me how I knew what the average length of hard boy dicks his age was. Perhaps he guessed. I sat down on the bed next to him and continued stroking, Noah sighing and cooing the whole way. His nipples, a pale pink on his smooth chest, had perked up as I masturbated the boy. I leaned over and took one into my mouth, biting gently. Noah gasped, loudly.


"Oh!" he cried out.


"Like that?" I teased, flicking his nipple with my tongue.


"Ohmygod, yes!" Noah said.


I could tell the boy was getting close, his skinny hips thrusting with more urgency against my hand. But all this playing with his body had gotten me plenty aroused too, and I figured it was my turn to get some attention.


"Hold on one sec," I said.


He whimpered when I released his boy dick, but I swatted away his hand when he tried to rub it.


"Hold on," I said, standing up. I stripped off my shirt and watched his eyes as they stared at my chest.


"You have really nice muscles," he said softly.


"Thanks," I said, unbuckling my belt.


"I wish I had muscles," Noah said morosely, but I just smiled at him.


"You have a hot little body Noah," I said, unbuttoning my jeans and dropping them. "Just look what you did to me."


My boxers were tented out visibly, and I kneeled on the bed next to his head so that my bulge hovered over his face.


"I…I did that?" he said.


"You sure did, Noah. And I know you want to see it, don't you?"


"Um...well…can I?" he said after a moment.


"Of course you can little fag, reach into my fly and pull out my man cock."


Hesitating only a moment, Noah did as he was told. His smooth, young hand on my hard cock tugged gently, and I popped through the gap. His eyes were wide.


"It's big," he said softly.


"It sure is Noah," I said. "Stroke it for me."


The little gay boy began to rub back and forth, slowly. My foreskin slid back and forth over my already slippery cockhead.


"Let me get more comfortable," I said and moved his hand away so I could take off my boxers completely.


"Woah," he said as my pubes and balls came into view.


"Yeah," I said. "This is what a man looks like." I took his hand and moved it to my balls. "Feel how big these are?" I asked him.


"Wow, yeah," he said, cradling them gently.


"They're full of sperm," I said. "Sperm for you, Noah."


He giggled nervously. I began leaning over his mouth.


"Give this a taste, Noah," I said, positioning my hard cock in front of his mouth.


"Wh…what?" he said.


"Come on, I know you know what a blowjob is Noah. Put my dick in your mouth and suck on it."


He moved his hand up to my shaft and stroked me for a second. And then, apparently having made a decision, he moved his head up slightly until his lips came in contact with my cockhead. Now, I should say that I tend to pre-cum a whole fucking lot, especially when there's a naked, teenage boy on the other end of my dick. This was no exception, and Noah quickly got a sheen of pre-cum all over his lips. It looked hot as shit, of course. I saw his tongue dart out and lick some off.


"Not so bad, right?" I said, still crouching my body over his face.


"Nah, it's okay I guess," Noah said.


"Take it into your mouth," I said and began pressing my cock against his lips. After a moment, he relented and let me slip inside.


"Thaaat's it little fag," I said. "Nurse on this man cock."


And right on cue, I felt Noah start sucking gently, his small hand moving up and down at the base of my dick. I could feel my foreskin moving back and forth inside the kid's mouth from his stroking. Of course, he had been watching porn. It's not like he didn't understand what was supposed to happen. I pushed further until he backed his head back down onto his pillow, then kept pressing until another couple of inches of my thirty-four-year-old penis had slid into his hot, wet little twelve-year-old mouth. I felt his little tongue working back and forth across the underside of my cock, then abruptly the boy began gagging as I reached the back of his mouth. I let Noah gag for a few minutes, not letting him push me away, and then slowly withdrew so I had only about three inches of man dick past his lips.


"Breathe through your nose Noah," I said. "And let's try that again."


I gave him a moment to take a big breath, then began sinking further inside. Four, five, six inches of fully grown cock entered his middle school mouth until he reflexively gagged again. And once again I enjoyed his clasping little throat for a few moments.


"Yeah, choke on my cock, little faggot," I said before relenting and slowly withdrawing back to the three-inch mark. Noah kept sucking on it, I noticed.


"Mmm, you're a natural Noah," I said. "Oh, shit yeah, you were born to suck dick."


Holding onto my cock with one hand, he pulled his mouth off for a moment and said wetly, "Thanks!"


Remember, it's always good to give the boys you're tutoring positive feedback! After letting the boy suck for a couple more minutes, I withdrew and began moving my dick around on his face. Slick with saliva and precum, Noah's seventh-grade face was soon covered with a sheen of slime.


"Suck on my balls, fagboy," I said.


And he did, of course, as I let the weight of my thick man cock rest on his face. He suckled on my hairy, adult testicles gently, letting his tongue dance across my sac as he tasted the heavy containers of sperm I was going to put inside him. After I was satisfied, I pulled to gently release my nuts from his mouth, then pointed my dick back at his face hole. I pushed, purposely going a little deeper down to four or five inches. I was still planning on getting the full seven down this kid's throat. But he pulled his mouth off again to tell me, stupidly, "It tastes weird."


I used my hand to position my cock back at his lips and pushed.


"I know Noah," I said. "Now enough talking. You'll get a good taste soon."


I put my hands on the back of his head and began pushing deeper. When I reached five or six inches in, his hands flew up to my hips and tried to push me back, but I wouldn't let him. I felt him gag and choke, and I used the opportunity to shove the remaining inch or so down the boy's throat. Seven inches of man cock stuffed into this skinny, little, bitch boy's mouth. Of course, it didn't last long, with Noah nearly pounding on my hips now trying to get me to pull back. Eventually, after relishing the feeling of being balls deep inside him from this end, I did, since I had to let him breathe. I didn't pull out all the way, though, because I was getting close.


Now, I know most men get the boy off first, so the man can get him hooked and keep him interested, but what the fuck ever, I had a load building up that I hadn't released in five or six days. There was no reason for me to remove my dick from this kid's mouth before I emptied my balls, so I reached down and grabbed Noah's hand, moving it back up to the base of my shaft. Right on cue, the little faggot started stroking me again. His small hand barely wrapped all the way around my cock, and I'm sure it was a different experience from rubbing his little twelve-year-old boy dick. My hands were still on the back of his head, and I began rocking back and forth, not pushing all the way forward into his throat, but making sure he understood that he was getting his mouth fucked.


"That's it, little fag. Oh fuck, Noah, I'm gonna give you such a big present," I whispered. "Oh shit, yeah, little boy, keep sucking on that cock."


Before long I was there. I held the emo boy's head in place firmly as I felt my cum start rushing up my cock.


"Oh, FUCK…yeah…little FAGGOT," I yelled. "Fucking TAKE this load!"


And I felt the first shot of cum erupt from the end of my cock, pressing right against his tongue. Instinctively Noah tried to pull back, but I wouldn't let him.


"Swallow, little fag," I said. "Swallow my sperm, Noah. This is what you fucking need…ah!" I cried as another shot blasted out into the boy's mouth.


Noah tried to swallow like a champ, but the sheer volume of semen flooding his mouth was too much for the inexperienced, little cocksucker. I started seeing little dribbles and spurts of thick, white man cum out of the corner of his mouth. In my lust, I pushed a little too hard into his throat as the fourth shot burst out, and the boy choked, hard, and a millisecond later I saw my sperm shoot out the kid's nose, where it lay in two cummy streaks from his nostrils down to his lips. When I had finally finished draining my nuts into the middle schooler, I finally withdrew. His lips made a wet, little pop sound as rivulets of sperm that had collected around the edge of his mouth began running in. As I pulled away, I could see his lips and tongue were awash in semen, although the natural born cocksucker was smart enough to quickly swallow that down too. Noah looked a little shellshocked, not saying anything, so I used that moment to dip my cock against his upper lip, where the cum from his nose had collected, and push it back into his mouth.


"Here, clean this up Noah," I said, and his tongue darted out and licked the ejaculate off my dick. "That's it. A good cocksucking boy always cleans off his man's cock afterward."


"It still tastes weird," Noah said softly, and then after a beat: "You almost choked me."


I chuckled. "Well, to be fair Noah, I think I did choke you," I said, "but sometimes that happens. And you'll get used to the taste. Don't you ever taste your own?"


"No, I thought it was kinda gross. I still think it's kinda gross actually," Noah said looking up at me.


"Well, you did a good job anyway," I said. "Here, you missed a little sperm here." I pointed to the pubes around the base of my cock where some had leaked. "Lick that up."


And, of course, the boy did.


I was tutoring Noah in being a good, little faggot, and it was working.


I looked down over Noah's smooth body. His tummy was heaving, probably trying to decide what to do with the first instance of semen draining into it. But his boy dick was hard and throbbing, as nervous as he was, and I could see more than a little wetness gathered at the tip. I knew he was a natural.


I shifted my body, sitting at his legs and then leaning over until my mouth was on his pulsing prick. Without any preliminaries, I took his entire member into my mouth, skinning the foreskin back as I tasted his young pre-cum and closed my lips around the base of his dick. Noah gasped like I had just stabbed him in the gut.


"Oh…oh…uh…oh!" he cried out, each syllable increasing in pitch until his immature, teen voice cracked, and he let out a long sigh.


His hips began rabbit-speed humping my mouth, overwhelmed with the sensation of the first orifice to ever enclose his boy dick. I reached down and toyed with his smooth, boy balls, rubbing them gently as I let him fuck my mouth and then I ran my fingers down to his fuckhole, completely smooth and clenched tight. I began teasing it with my fingertips, gently rubbing and flicking the rosebud, and after a few moments, I started working the tip of one finger into Noah's virgin boy-pussy. The kid lasted about thirty seconds. I mean, come on, he was twelve. How long did you last back then?


"Mm-matt!" he yelled. "Maaatt, Matty! Oh!"


I heard several loud gasps followed by what only can be described as mewling. Then quick a "Unh! Unh! Unh!" with each proceeded by a puppy dog whine. Finally, letting a whoosh of air out of his lungs, Noah ejaculated.


He managed three or four jets, pretty good for a kid his age, and sweet as ever — only the barest tinge of muskiness. If I'd been able to see his boy jizz, I'm sure it would have been nearly entirely clear, with just a few sperm here and there yet getting released into his underage semen. In any case, it was delicious, and I held it in my mouth and felt it against my tongue.


His boy hole had gone wild on my finger when he came, throbbing and clamping against my fingertip, which naturally got me thinking about what my penis would feel like inside that little middle school cock massage. I was gonna find out.


The boy was sprawled out on his bed, his limbs stretched wide, and I moved up his body with my mouth still holding his boyish discharge. When I pressed my lips to his for our first-ever kiss, I think he was surprised, probably, that a man would want to kiss him. But I moved our mouths together with my eyes open, and soon I saw his open wide as he felt his spooge being leaked onto his tongue. I kissed him hard, teaching him to French kiss by pushing my cum-coated tongue into his mouth until he finally began sucking on it. Only when I was sure he had slurped the entirety of his boygasm down his throat, following the path my own sperm had traveled, did I finally break the kiss.


"Whoa," he said, staring at me with flushed (and still a little spermy) cheeks.


"Yeah," I said grinning. "Whoa."




I rotated my body so that I was now lying on top of Noah with my legs in between his. Of course, giving the kid a blowjob had gotten me horny again, and my thick cock was dragging against the boy's smooth tummy.


It was time to take Noah's cherry. Of course, it had never really been up for debate — I knew I'd be fucking this boy. And with my first orgasm out of the way, I could plow him good and long. Using my knees, I forced Noah's thighs further apart, then I reached down and lifted them up, so his knees were against my chest. I felt my weeping dickhead swipe across Noah's pucker, and he suddenly looked at me.


"What are you doing?" he said with a little trepidation in his eyes.


"I'm gonna fuck you now, Noah," I said quietly.


"Um…well…uhhh...I…I dunno if I'm really ready…uh…I mean…"


"You're plenty ready, Noah," I said. "And, you need this. So, just lay back and take what I'm gonna give you."


Now, a lot of men will tell you that with a boy this age, or with any cherry boy, you have to finger them for, I dunno, like two or three hours first to loosen them up. That's bullshit. Boy-pussy is remarkably resilient and will stretch to accommodate quite a lot. If you have to keep a boy quiet or want to slide in without any resistance, then sure, finger-bang that boy as long as you want. But personally, I fuck boys because I like tight boy-cunt, and considering what I had over Noah there was no reason to minimize my pleasure just to accommodate him.


So anyway, I pushed.


"No, I mean…AHH…gah…fuck! Nononono, stop take it ooouuut," he whimpered.


"Shut the fuck up, Noah," I said smirking. "You and I both know you want this."


"No I don—" he gasped as the head of my man cock popped through. I rested for a moment while the boy whimpered. I could see his eyes were wet.


"Y…you're...you're ra…raping me," Noah whined.


"Fuck yes, I'm raping you, little faggot," I said, pressing another inch inside his tight fuck chute. "But I know you need this dick even if you don't realize it."


"P…p…pl…please, stop Matt," he moaned.


"Now. Noah," I said, leaning down close to his face. "I saw what was on your computer. I saw the gay porn."


I sank another inch of adult cock into Noah's boy-cunt. The boy's face, which had been flushed, suddenly drained of color.


"You and I both know your mom wouldn't be too happy to hear about that," I said, "from me."


I added, emphasizing it with a short push of my cock. Noah gasped.


"So, this is the deal, Noah," I said. "I don't tell your mom that you're a little faggot who jerks off to men on his computer, which we both know would probably mean she would throw you out of the house..." I trailed off to let that sink in.


Noah's eyes were wide.


"And in exchange, you give me access to your body, especially this delicious little boy-pussy that I'm breaking in right now," I said, sliding another inch inside as he whimpered.




The seventh grader gaped at me, his lip quivering slightly.


"Um...well…oh…okay…uh...I guess," he said softly.


"Good boy," I said smiling and sank another inch into him. "Good little faggot boy."


I heard Noah whimper again, but I wasn't really looking at his face anymore. I reached up to Noah's skinny shoulders to give me leverage as I stuffed the last bit of my man cock into his seventh-grade boy-cunt. I could feel my thick, adult cock stretching open his tight fuck chute, and Noah was breathing heavily as he struggled to accommodate my shaft. I could feel my full, heavy balls resting against his smooth bottom. I laid there a moment and relished in the buttery, hot tightness encasing my dick, from balls to tip, in this slim, middle school fag. There is literally nothing better than feeling your cock inside boy-pussy. If you've never done it, I highly recommend trying boy-pussy at least once.


I whispered in Noah's ear, "You're gonna remember this cock for the rest of your life, Noah,” I said, flexing my dick inside him as he gasped. "You’re gonna remember the first time a man fucked you and used you like the bitch you are."


I pressed against his cushiony, little ass, hearing my pubes crinkle against his smooth skin as I tried to get even deeper.


"Now, wrap your legs around me," I said.


Noah didn't even hesitate. Some of you might be thinking he was hoping it would make things go quicker, but I'd like to think the little gay boy instinctually knew that this is what he needed. I lifted my head up again so I could look at his face. He was flushed again, his eyes were wet, but his mouth was open, forming a little "o" as he stared at me. I withdrew my cock until just the tip was inside feeling the foreskin move forward inside him. I paused, letting the anticipation build — I could see the hope in his face. Then I slammed forward, going balls deep in the underage boy before he could even process it. I felt a whoosh of air leave Noah's lungs as I pushed my weight into him, and his boy-cunt clamped down trying to expel me, but I was much too strong for him.


He whimpered again.


"It really hurts," he moaned.


"I know it does, honey," I said, beginning to move a couple of inches of cock in and out of him. "It's supposed to hurt. After all, you're getting your cherry fucked away."


"M..my ch…cherry?" he said, his teeth nearly chattering from his nervousness, and his whole body quivering as I thrust back and forth inside him. "Wh…wh…what's that?"


"Your virginity, Noah," I said. I could feel him wrap his arms around my back and clutch at me as I began pistoning more rapidly. "I'm fucking away your virginity."


"Ooohhh," he said, followed by a few more whimpers as I drove my cock deeper inside the kid.


"Sh…shouldn't y…you…uh…uhm…use a co…condom?" Noah asked.


I chuckled. "Of course not," I said, marveling that he was thinking of his sex ed classes in the middle of being raped. "You're a virgin, and I'm going to breed your virgin boy-cunt with my man cum," I said.


With Noah's legs and arms around me, and my arms curled underneath him and holding onto his shoulders, I really possessed the twelve-year-old's body. And right around the time, I was thinking that I noticed a distinct hardness forming beneath my tummy. I reached down, and sure enough: the little faggot boy was hard.


"See, Noah?" I said. "I knew you'd like getting fucked."


He blushed, if possible, even more.


"W…well, it's ju…just…uh...I dunno…" he trailed off and turned his head to the side.


Now, some of you might be saying, well Matt, lots of guys like having their prostate massaged, and the action of your cock bumping against Noah's prostate might have caused him to get an erection involuntarily, even if he wasn't enjoying it. But fuck that shit. This little emo boy was far too faggy to convince me that after getting hard when I fondled him, and sucking me off, and looking at gay porn, that my thirty-four-year-old dick shoved up inside his boy-pussy and his throbbing little boy boner wasn't related. I turned his face back toward me.


"I told you that you needed this, Noah," I said.


I reached down and began stroking the seventh grader's four-inch boy cock. His foreskin was already wet from the pre-cum I was pounding out of him, and as I started moving it up and down, he leaned into my neck and moaned. I continued fucking him but pulled his head back.


"Look me in the eyes, Noah," I said, and he did.


"You like this," I said. "Being fucked by a man. Having a man's cock shoved up your tight, little ass."


"I…I…dunno," he said and blushed.


I reached down further and cupped his hairless, little balls in my hand, squeezing them gently, erotically. I could feel his boy cock throb against my wrist as I pressed my dick up inside him. Noah gasped.


"You do," I said. "You do like this. Noah."


"Ye…yeah," he said finally, exhaling. "Yeah," he added, almost whispering.


"You like being fucked," I said, running the head of my cock over where I knew his prostate was. I saw his eyes go glassy as his body tried to process the erotic sensations.


"Yes," he said, whimpering.


"Say it," I said. "Say you like getting fucked, Noah."


He looked right at me. His cheeks were burning red.


"I…shit…uhh...I li…like…um...I li…like getting fu…fucked," he finally sniveled. He was so shy, it was probably only the fourth or fifth time the twelve-year-old had ever even said a bad word.


"And what does that make you?" I asked, smiling sweetly.


He glared at me. He didn't want to say it. I moved my hand back up to the shaft of his middle school, boy dick and rubbed his foreskin, and then pressed my cockhead against the spot I knew was his prostate.


"Noah, what does that make you?" I said again, still smiling.


He gritted his teeth. "A fa…" he cut himself off, sighing.


"Say it, Noah," I said.


"A fa…uuuhhh…" he whimpered as I drove my cock deep inside him. "A faggot!"


"You're a faggot, aren't you, Noah?"


"Ye…yeah, I'm...I'm a faggot," he said softly moaning as I began pounding his little ass harder.


"You like being fucked?" I asked more loudly.


"Ye…yeah," he said, his whole body rocking now from the force of my fucking.


"You like my thick, fucking man cock inside your tight, little boy-pussy?" I said, almost yelling.


"Ye…yeah, I like, I like your co…your co…cock in my ass," the middle schooler said.


"That's not what it's called, Noah," I growled.


He sighed and then moaned as I slammed into him even harder.


"I li…like your cock in m…m…my, in my buh…in my boy-pussy," he whimpered.


"Fuck, yes you do, little faggot," I yelled.


I was plowing him hard now, ramming my dick full speed up his fuckhole. And every time I drove my cock in deep, I could feel his tight boycunt expanding, being forced apart by my thickness.


"You like feeling my man cock in your twelve-year-old boy-cunt, fag?" I asked him, pounding hard.


"Ye…yeah," he muttered.


"You like being used by a man? Huh, Noah?"


"Yeah, y…yeah I…I do," he said softly.


"That's so fucking fucked up, Noah. You're such a fucked up, little fag," I said.


"I know," he whimpered.


I was moving my hand on his boy dick faster now, and as I pressed down against his tummy and pressed up with my cock, I felt a bulge.


Holy shit, this kid was so fucking skinny I was bulging out his flat tummy with my cock. I withdrew and plunged inside again to make sure. Yep, I could feel it.


"Noah, put your hand here," I said, grabbing his hand and placing it on his lower tummy.


I slammed into him, and he gasped. I held myself in deep.


"Feel that?" I asked.


"Yeah," he said.


"That's my big man penis, shoved up your little boy rectum," I said. "Your body is so fucking little it can't even handle the size of my cock."


"Wow," he said.


"Yeah," I said. "Wow."


I took his hand and grabbed his other one, then held them both above his head, against the bed. His nearly smooth armpits were on display, and I'm sure the boy felt completely exposed.


"I…I'm close," he said quietly. "C…c…can you…um…keep—"


"Fuck no, Noah," I said. "You're gonna learn to have the cum fucked out of you."


And I started slamming my body into the boy. He whimpered and started crying out again, but mostly in pleasure, I think. I leaned down and took a pale, immature pink nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it as I kept plowing the kid's boy ass. Noah started whimpering again, but much more loudly this time, and I knew his boygasm was imminent. I pushed myself back up, continuing to hold his hands above his head so I could gaze on his body. His hairless balls were bouncing with every one of my thrusts, but getting tighter, getting ready to release their pre-adolescent load. His kid cock was throbbing, the foreskin rolled entirely back, the head wet and angry looking. His tummy and chest, devoid of any hair, were heaving, and his wet right nipple glistened in the light. His pits were ever so slightly damp, and his neck was flushed. His face was sweaty, his black hair matted to his forehead and beads of sweat on his upper lip.


His legs were still wrapped around me, heels locked together and digging into my back. I could feel Noah pressing his soft ass against me each time I plunged inside. The boy wanted it.


"Look at me, Noah," I growled. "Look at me right in the face."


The boy did as he was told.


"I want you to try to keep your eyes open when you cum. Keep looking at me the whole time."


"Oh…okay," Noah gasped. "I'll try."


I started doing short, hard little rabbit-fucks right against where his prostate was. That was all it took. Noah's face scrunched up, and I saw his eyes briefly close, but then he remembered, and they opened with a lot of effort — heavy lidded — as the boy's mouth opened wide, and I could hear him sucking in air through his nose. Noah's back arched and his tummy rose up in the air as he slammed his boy-pussy down against the base of my cock. And he moaned. Oh, how the little, faggot boy moaned.


I watched his boy dick throb, faster and faster until finally he gasped again and it began discharging its sweet, watery, underage essence. The twelve-year-old boy ejaculated nearly as high as his nipples on the first volley, and I drove my cock in hard to force his body to expel the boy cum as far as it could. I was rewarded as the second and third squirts nearly reached the first, and while almost transparent in the way many young boys' semen is, Noah was doing a good job drenching his midsection. At that point, the boy started dribbling, but his snug, little ass had clamped down on my man cock so hard when he came that there was no way I could hold back any longer. With my last ounce of effort, I took my hands off of his. With one I swiped across his chest, gathering up as much boy spooge as I could on my fingers, I brought that hand up to his face and smeared Noah with his own ejaculate. I curled my fingers into his open mouth.


"Suck on that, faggot," I said, feeding Noah his boyish sperm.


Meanwhile, my other hand had gone down to his hip, where I braced his body as I slammed my cock deep inside him. Between my hand on his hip and my other hand now closed around his chin, with my fingers in his mouth and my thumb on his neck, I held the seventh grader still as I used him, used his body as my own personal cum dumpster, drove my man cock deep inside until finally, blissfully, I felt the head of my dick expand, and my hairy, adult balls churn, and I exploded, the semen rocketing up my shaft and out going deep inside Noah's boy-pussy baptizing him with man cum for the very first time.


"Fuck yes, fucking take my man sperm, little faggot boy. Fuck yeah, Noah, you little, seventh-grade, emo boy, fag," I yelled as I emptied my balls inside the kid.


I began rocking my cock gently in and out as I rode the come-down from my orgasm. I was counting seven, eight, nine spurts and now still dribbling, still stuffed way up inside the twelve-year-old's boy-cunt. Fucking amazing for a second cum, but I could still feel the little fag's ass milking my man cock as he accepted my load.


"I'm fucking marking you for life, Noah."


I felt the last of my cum leak out. We could both here loud, obscene squelching as his boy-pussy overflowed with my semen and I kept trying to drive it back in.


"Seeding your tight, little boy-cunt, marking you as my bitch. You're never going to forget this load of cum, fag."


I collapsed down on top of Noah, wrapping his body in mine and feeling his smooth, slippery chest, glazed with boy juice and sweat, pressing against mine as I held him tight, still inside him.


"Good boy," I said, kissing his neck. "Good, little, fag boy."


Noah nuzzled against me, and I knew my tutoring was complete. I was sure I wouldn't be the last man inside this kid.


Afterwards, we cleaned up in the shower, and I got to feel him up some more. He was a cute, playful boy, shy with most people but uninhibited now that I had exposed his deepest secrets. I had no doubt he'd be falling in love with me; numerous boys had before.


I used Noah regularly for a couple of years after that, but nothing compared to that first time when I broke him in.


Tutoring complete.