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So I picked up this cute little college dweeb at a bar a few weeks ago. He was so ripe for fucking that he seemed to be more of a turkey than chicken. Young, smooth, totally innocent and wondering all about this thing called sex.

Oh, yeah, he kind of had a girlfriend—sort of. He met her at the start of his freshman term and started dating her, but he had not fucked her yet. Aw, maybe because he is a fucking cocksucker and just doesn’t want to admit it.
Anyway, his name is Bartlett like the pear, I guess. He comes from a very, very conservative, wealthy family. He must have warned me a hundred times that first night that no one must ever know that he was hanging around with an openly gay dude. I met him standing alone drinking a beer at this college bar. I watched him for a long time and noticed right away that he was checking out dude’s asses and dick lumps and hardly looking at cunt at all.
That was the first sign. I chatted with Bartlett and told him of my work in the theater and modeling, and he seemed star struck. While we got more and more friendly, I got him high and drunk so that I could feel his ass and chest a bit in the course of our “chatting.” Finally, he confessed to me that he thought he might be bisexual but had never had an experience with a guy. I told him buddy-buddy like to take his time and not be afraid. This was a new age, an age of open freedom. I worked my fingers into his shoulder. As he got more and more drunk, he started to look into my eyes and tell me he really respected me and liked me. His looks became almost romantic. Several times, I caught him looking down at my dick lump, which had thickened considerably while talking to him. He had a gorgeous face with beautiful dark hair. He was not muscular, but lean and quite juicy looking with a considerable package himself. Of course, I was more interested in his mouth and his face cunt.
I offered him a ride back to his dorm. After he got my number and text and all that shit, I didn’t take him to his dorm. I took him to my apartment. And then I fucked him. Oh yeah, I cuddled and kissed him a while first, so that like some cock hungry female bitch, he felt all romantic. I shoved my tongue down his throat—the first male tongue to enter there. I licked his face and swapped spit with him. I got him to say he had never felt like this in his whole life. I could feel his sizeable insistent prick pushing against the crotch of his pants. I knew right then that this boy was going to be fun. I fed him a couple of Viagra and more booze. AND HE WAS MINE.
He was a rotten cocksucker, not knowing what to do with a dick in his mouth, but I knew that in the weeks to come that I would teach him to be an expert. I filled his mouth and coated his virginal lips with pre-fuck drooling from my pisshole. Of course, he’d never tasted pre-fuck before. Most gay boys are more adventurous when they were going through puberty and have licked their pre-cum. Even lots of straight jocks have tasted their pre-fuck just as an experiment, but not pure little Bartlett. And, of course, most high school cunts have tasted the pre-fuck of their boyfriends.
Anyway, to move quickly through the preliminaries, I soon had his clothes off and worked my dick up his tight little ass. He has a lovely ass, and his hole is baby shithole tight. Oh, he did not want me to fuck him. Begged that he “wasn’t ready for that” and “that he didn’t want that,” and that was before he even saw the size of my dick. I stood up and showed it to him hard so he could get a really good look at what was going to bust him a new cunt. Oh yes, it was about this time that I decided to turn his asshole into a full-fledged cunt, changing the shape of it forever. No more bisexuality for little Bartlett. Oh no, he was to become a full-fledged cocksucking ass-cunted, faggot bitch.
The first fuck was terribly painful for him. As you know, I have a pretty hefty fucker, but I kept at it because I knew that it had fucked boys much, much younger than he was—much, much, much younger—so his winking little pink asshole could undoubtedly take it. Perhaps, he responded to pain more easily than some boys, which I enjoyed immensely. Instead of the pain turning them off, I love it when a boy has really sensitive pain centers as I really ram my fuckmeat in there. I was delighted to find that he also had good nuts because I love to hold a kid by the nuts a lot. That is one drawback when fucking and playing with little boys, you don’t get a good handful of boy balls to twist and yank and work over.
In the morning, Bartlett was a fucking mess—and a fucked out mess. I rammed him three times during the night. He was leaking cum like a water pipe had broken somewhere up in his guts. He cried when he realized, much after the fact, that I had not used a condom. His asshole and rectum hurt so badly he could hardly walk. He cried a lot and said he did not want this. I told him I expected a call from him within two days to set up another date. This is the tense waiting period when you have to see if the boy is a true submissive or not. Sure as fuck, he called me. He said he wanted to see me again, but this time no fucking. He was too sore and did not like it—and no drugs. So, I got him all drugged up and drunk and fucked his shithole three more times. He begged me to use a condom. Stupid turkey!
Well, things progressed nicely. I was soon fucking Bartlett as hard as I could in both his face and ass every evening without the help of drugs and booze. He kept saying he did not want it, but he never refused. His asshole was turning into a really sweet pussy. I could start to have some real fun with him now. I began by walking into his dorm room one afternoon when he was studying there and fucking him right in his room. You see, I discovered that sweet little Bart screamed quite loudly when he was being drilled up the boy-pussy. He cried and groaned as he howled like a bitch in heat, which is what he was. He begged me to please not fuck him in his room for fear one of his next-door neighbors would hear. I told the little bitch that I did not care who knew I was gay. I was proud of it. And I fucked him harder than ever. Half the fun was how very scared he was, terrified out of his mind that someone would think he was gay.
It was so much fun that I decided to expand on it. Those of you who know me know that I love nothing so much as degrading and humiliating a boy. That is for me, more fun than fucking and sucking and pain. I love breaking a boy with shame, destroying his self-esteem. So I had some fun these last few weeks. I would stroll into one of Bartlett’s lecture hall classrooms and say out loud, “Bartlett, get your ass out here, time to have some fun!” If he did not stand up and follow me at once, I would get more graphic, “Let’s go, bitch! I need some of your pussy.” The lecture halls are large, so only those students within like eight rows of where he sat could hear me, but it was enough to destroy his self-confidence. He would hang his head as he closed his books and slunk out after me knowing that other boys and girls were watching him and laughing at him.
One evening, he was sitting with seven other students in the school library when I walked up and said to him out loud, “Bitch, get your ass into the boys’ can. I need to fuck you. Now!”
In the bathroom, he totally broke down. He crawled on the bathroom floor and begged me to stop harassing him, but I knew that secretly it turned him on. I made him strip naked and fucked him with his head in the toilet.
This brings us up to this week. I still have not pissed on Bartlett or in him, or done any number of fun things that are yet to come, but first, I really wanted to get into his head. So, yesterday when we were lying in bed with my cum leaking out of his ass, and more cum dripping from his nose and coating his lips, I told him that I had a project for him. I informed him that I wanted him to invite me to his family home for Thanksgiving. I wanted to have Thanksgiving with his family. And we should stay overnight. Oh, my god, he freaked out. He begged me until I had to slap his face half a dozen times to shut him up. I told him that unless he invited me home, I would send out to all the guys at his dorm the photos I have of him sucking my dick. And maybe I would send some to his mom too. It was time to use leverage. I told him that I would not say anything inappropriate to his family. I would be polite and proper.
I wanted to meet his little brother, and his sister and her husband, and his mom and dad. And I wanted to fuck him during the night in his own house. I wanted to fuck him in the pussy and mouth in the house where his family was sleeping. I left him with no options. So, this afternoon, he told me that I got an invitation from his parents. His dad and mom said Bartlett could bring his friend over for Thanksgiving. I wondered what they would think when a man twice their son’s age showed up with him.
I will have to let you know how this turns out. I cannot lose. The boy is legal age, and I am openly gay and do not give a shit who knows, but little Bartlett’s life could be ruined. Maybe I will teach the little bitch to drink piss in his family bathroom.
I am having lots of fun with the stupid little turkey.