Training a Boy-Cunt

Like most boys, a boy is likely to object strenuously to and actively resist taking cock at first. Just the idea of having something forced up his ass will feel foreign and unnatural to him. Treating his tight little asshole as if it is just a hole to be fucked will be abhorrent to him. He will feel violated and abused. He will try to talk his father out of it. He will plead with his father to stop because it hurts, because it is uncomfortable, and claim that he is afraid it is going to cause damage to his insides. Ignore it.

The boy might do childish and silly things, like trying to hide from his father, or he comes home late claiming he had to stay after school, and then say he is not feeling well and beg, “Can’t we do this tomorrow instead?” or something similar. He might whine, and whimper, and complain that being fucked in the ass makes him feel like a fag. He might engage in all sorts of other efforts to divert his father’s attention away from his asshole and from what it needs to undertake.
Ignore it, and discipline the boy if necessary. Do not hesitate. A father’s resolve must be paramount to his son’s will. When a father gets resistance that is when he needs to keep his focus, stay determined, and be persistent. Moreover, he needs to fuck his son a little harder and more often to reinforce his dominance. Through his words and actions, a father lets his son know that his steadfast acquiescence will result in a more pleasurable—or at least less painful—experience.
Once father and son go down this road, there is no going back. Getting bent over and fucked in the ass by a cock is a transformative event in a boy’s life and for the relationship. Nothing afterward will be the same as it was before. Take advantage of it. His father’s desires will shape the boy.
It is crucial during the first few months of training that the father’s cock is given regularly and consistently to his son. The training must be carefully paced, consistent, and employ an effective punishment/reward system that takes into account his son’s characteristics. How often will depend upon the son’s situation, but as a general matter, he should be getting fucked at least four times a day in addition to his anal exercises.
The father must mix it up, so the son does not know when his fucking will happen. At night before he falls asleep. In the morning before he goes to school. After school when he gets home. In the middle of the night when the father is in the mood, a father can wake his son in the middle of the night by working the head of his cock into the boy’s cunt to reinforce his authority. Ignore the boy’s whining about getting fucked. The rewards will come later because after a while a father will see something magical happen. Gradually, over time, his son’s resistance breaks down. Like a naughty little boy, he is ashamed of not satisfying his father and deep down inside, he wants to please his father. The boy needs discipline. He wants the most important man in his life that he loves to be happy with him and be proud of him. He does not want to disappoint his father. He craves his father’s approval. A father needs to praise his son thoroughly when he cheerfully submits to his father’s cock.
It is essential that his son’s little penis is locked up or his orgasms are otherwise severely restricted, and it is vital that the father introduce corporal discipline into their relationship. These two elements, enforced chastity and corporal discipline, together with regular use of being fucked are crucial during this early stage of tutoring. All three of them complement each other and work together.
The father will notice a change in the dynamics of their relationship. His authority will increase in direct proportion to how often he exercises it. He is setting the tone for the entire relationship in these first few months. He must be sure to set the tone of how he wants the relationship to progress.
His son will begin to understand that he no longer controls anything. Not his penis. Not his fuckhole. Not his orgasm. Not his erection. The boy will realize that he can no longer do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without any consideration for his father feelings, and needs and desires, which is why it is so important to get control of the boy’s life. The boy will gradually begin to respect his father’s authority.
The boy will gradually get used to having something up his ass. It cannot stress enough how vital butt plug training to maintain the fuckhole between fucking sessions. His little bitch hole will naturally tighten back up, so now is time to continue the training of the boy’s fuckhole by requiring him to wear a butt plug in between fucking sessions to aid in the development of turning his asshole into a boy-cunt.
It is imperative for the father to remember that the boy needs to be broken in slowly as his ass is trained to take cock. He needs to go slow at first, use lots of lube, and start small and thin before he works his way up to big and thick. The regular and consistent physical training will prepare the boy’s fuckhole for use.
The father will want to stretch out his son’s fuckhole to the point where, after he has minimally lubricated him, that when he has pressed his cock up against his son’s fuckhole that there is an initial resistance to penetration so that pressure is maintained to gain entry, but when he thrusts forward and pops through, his cock should easily slide in so that he can start fucking his son without discomfort.
A father should also periodically use different shapes, textures, and sizes of dildos so that his son’s body learns to accept anything presented to him. Increase the size of the dildos over time to keep the experience intense and challenging for him.
Start with a small, thin one. After a few weeks move up to a medium size one. When the boy gets to the point where he can easily take the medium size one, it is time to introduce him to a large one. Remember that each transition up to a bigger, thicker dildo will be as if his fuck hole is virgin all over again. Be patient, but determined. The boy will feel discomfort. That is normal until his fuck hole opens up and adjusts to the new size. For the next few weeks, alternate between both the small and the medium size dildos depending on the mood and experience that is wanted for the boy.
Use the small-size one for making love and emotional bonding. It is the one to use when the urge to fuck him comes in the middle of the night. Roll the boy over and take his sweet ass with it while he is still half-asleep. That kind of spontaneous action is essential to do every once in a while because it reinforces in the boy’s mind that his father owns his son’s ass and can take it and fuck it anytime he wants.
The medium-size one is for general fucking and the most often used one. The dildo’s length equals the boy’s age, as does the circumference of the dildo. Once the boy’s ass is trained, it should go in quite effortlessly like a hot knife into butter. It should be able to slide it into his fuckhole within a couple of seconds with no discomfort before pummeling his fuck hole brutally.
The second medium-size dildo is specially designed and shaped for milking his prostate and draining his balls of semen without letting him cum. These dildos will have a bulb or knob at the end with a slight curve to it.
The large one is for those occasions when a father wants his son to feel his authority, which should be a rare and extraordinary indulgence—perhaps five or six times a month—when he wants his son to know that he is getting fucked. When he wants his son to feel the penetration afterward, this is the dildo he should use. It will be an agonizingly tight fit and distressingly painful for the boy until his ass opens up. It should be the one he fears.
A father can further humiliate and tease his son by enlightening him on how he will soon be able to take much larger dildos with no trouble in the future as his asshole turns into a boy-cunt. Over time the large dildo will become the medium size as his training progresses.
As the boy adjusts to his new circumstance, his fucking will go from being painful to uncomfortable to feeling a little weird to tolerating it to enjoying it and then to craving it. Moreover, if the father so chooses, his sexual release.
If the father has the patience and determination to maintain the discipline, he will see how effective it is. His son will stop resisting and stop fighting his fucking. By denying the boy any direct stimulation of his penis, he will begin to associate his sexual pleasure with anal penetration. His erogenous zone will slowly start to shift from the head of his penis to the opening of his asshole. The boy’s brain is essentially rewiring its pleasure centers. After a while, he will start putting his ass up for fucking, frequently and spontaneously, like a bitch in heat, because he needs and wants anal stimulation. The boy will show eagerness to service his father’s cock and balls, and his asshole because he loves his father and is motivated to please him.
His penis will start to leak drips and dribbles of semen while he is fucked. He is not having an orgasm; his prostate is being milked. It is intensely frustrating and curiously pleasurable for him at the same time—frustrating because it feels to him like he is always on the verge of an orgasm that never happens and pleasurable because he feels the anticipation of an impending orgasm.
About once every four months, it is necessary to release the boy from chastity to drain his balls of semen. His little leaking clitty will become instantly erect. Fuck him hard and fast. When it is time for him to cum, barely touch the head of his penis with fingers, like strumming a guitar, and he will blast off like a rocket. The boy must cum while being fucked. After he has cum, whack his balls until his penis goes soft. He must not equate his orgasm with pleasure. Immediately lock his penis back up, which will significantly reinforce to him that his penis is not his.
Moreover, it emphasizes that his father controls the boy’s penis. His father controls his ability to get an erection. His father controls his orgasms. His father controls his him. The boy should be made to understand that until he has demonstrated the proper level of respect for his father and his father’s authority, and has come to accept his new place in the relationship—his penis is not worthy of stimulation.
Though extremely embarrassing for the boy, he will lick up anything that drips or shoots from his cock as it will reinforce to him the seriousness of the changing dynamics of his relationship with his father.
To reinforce the boy’s subservient place in the relationship and his father’s authority, ball stretchers, cock harnesses, cock rings, chastity devices, and other penis training instruments will remind the boy that his penis gives him no pleasure.
Exercise the boy’s tits for two hours each night until he has beautifully developed sow tits.
Hock spit in his face until it glistens.
To put the boy further in his place, he will orally service his father’s hairy asshole while his father watches football games on TV. He will lovingly fuck his little tongue in the asshole while sucking on the ass lips with his soft lips.
In addition to turning his asshole into a boy-cunt, the boy’s mouth needs to become a face-cunt. Like a pearl diver, the boy should be able to keep the cock in his throat while his throat muscles gently massage the cock for its pearl of cum. His is not allowed to gag.
However, it is more than just getting used to physical changes. In many ways, the mental and psychological changes are even more profound and life-changing. Verbal humiliation is also very effective for breaking in the boy. The first time the father teasingly refers to his son’s ass as a “fuckhole” or his mouth as a “cumdump,” the first time his father tells him that his penis is a clitty so therefore worthless to him since it is too small for sexual gratification, it will shock the humiliated boy.
The father will share with his son that he has decided to share some of the more intimate details of the boy’s obedience with two or three of his closest friends such as that he has a small penis, that his penis is locked in chastity, that his orgasms are restricted, that he is an ass licker, that ass is now a cunt, that he wears butt plugs almost 24/7, that he is not be permitted to have intercourse, that he is not allowed blowjobs, that he can cum only from being fucked. Hinting to him that his friends are allowed to watch his father fuck him as a cunt will only embarrass him further. He will beg to keep his degradation private. Ignore it.
After a while, servicing cock becomes a routine part of the boy’s life. He will not realize he is addicted to cock until the first time he goes more than a day without cock. As he suffers withdrawal symptoms, he lacks concentration and becomes irritable and anxious. After two days, depression and lethargy set in. By three days, tremors and nausea are wracking his body. When his father brings in two dogs on the fourth day, the hallucinating boy does not fight or resist. He needs cock. The elated boy sucks the dog’s cock without complaint. The sucking, like a pacifier to a baby, restores his equilibrium, then as the other dog starts to fuck him, euphoria replaces his paranoia, and he enters a blissfulness he has never known. He now accepts that cock is his life and that without cock his life has no purpose.
Now his father can decide how far he wants to push his son’s training. His son is powerless to resist at this point.