Tommy's Wicked Father

MB, anal, nc
A palimpsest based on a story by Paul Graham
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"And I want you to be in punishment position when Mr. Caldwell arrives, Tommy.”

The boy was mortified upon hearing this over the dinner table. His brother, Jimmy, looked at him and snickered. What his father was saying was that he would have to be nude for a visit from his seventh-grade teacher tonight. Shortly after Tommy had entered the seventh grade, whenever his father, Sam, felt he had misbehaved he would order Tommy strip off all his clothes and humiliate him somehow.


After dinner, Tommy’s father said, "Jimmy, help Tommy get ready for tonight."


Jimmy enthusiastically responded as he loved abusing his younger brother. He grabbed Tommy by the arm.


"Come on, Tommy, time to get those clothes off!"


Tommy, being something of a timid boy, knew he had no choice, so he submissively went with Jimmy to his bedroom. Once there, Jimmy sat Tommy on the edge of the bed and took his younger brother’s shoes off.


"I think I'll let you keep your socks on since the floor is cold."


Then Jimmy stood up, unbuttoned Tommy’s shirt, took it off, and then told Tommy to stand up so he could take off his younger brother’s pants. Jimmy slowly pulled them down, and Tommy stepped out of them. Then Jimmy reached up and pulled down Tommy’s underwear. Tommy was now naked and his bald prick poked right out at Jimmy. Jimmy guffawed at the display and Tommy, as usual, was very embarrassed. Jimmy slapped at Tommy’s plump ball sack while he jumped around. Jimmy loved to do this to Tommy so he could watch Tommy’s little dick bob about. He told him to sit at the desk and do his homework until Mr. Caudwell arrived.


About a half-hour later the doorbell rang. Tommy’s father answered it and greeted Mr. Caudwell. He was a dour old teacher, and Tommy hated him. He was afraid the feeling was mutual and was not looking forward to this at-home parent-teacher meeting.


"He's in his bedroom, Earl, but I must warn you he is being punished for his bad grades tonight."


"Good!" the teacher replied. "I wish more of the fathers were like you!"


They walked into Tommy's bedroom, and Mr. Caldwell's eyes lit up. There was the boy that he had secretly lusted for sitting at his desk stark naked!


"You see, Earl, when I punish Tommy, I have Jimmy strip him naked."


"Well, what a wonderful idea!"


He was still catching his breath when Tommy’s father said, "Stand up. Tommy. and say hello to your teacher!"


Tommy’s father knew this would be intensely embarrassing for the boy. Tommy still wasn't used to him or Jimmy seeing him naked. Moreover, now his teacher was to see him naked! Tommy slowly got up and turned around.


“Hello,” he meekly said.


He looked up at his teacher, who was brightly smiling while he fixed his gaze on Tommy’s bare privates.


"Why don't we sit down and discuss this bad boy?" suggested Tommy’s father.


Mr. Caldwell agreed, and Tommy was forced to stand in front of them as they studied his report card. Tommy’s father noticed that Mr. Caldwell seemed quite interested in the boy's nudity so he asked her if he would like to have a closer look. Of course, he said yes, and Tommy was told to go over to his teacher. Mr. Caldwell watched while Tommy nervously approached him. His lithe body was trembling slightly, and his face was beet red. Mr. Caldwell still couldn't stop staring at the boy’s genitals. The twelve-year-old boy's privates were still hairless, which made him even more alluring. His penis was about three inches long, and his plump ball's hung deliciously below in a pink sack.


"Now, turn around slowly, Tommy," said his father. "I want your teacher to see everything!"


He was almost glad to hear this since his teacher staring at his prick was frightening. Tommy slowly turned around and stopped when told. The men marveled at the boy’s buttocks, which were very shapely. Mr. Caldwell reached out and scraped a fingernail down the boy’s left cheek. Just this touch gave Tommy an erection. When he was turned around again, Mr. Caldwell gasped at the sight of it.


"Well, look at this hard, little thing! What should we do now, Sam?" Mr. Caudwell asked.


"I'll tell you what! We're going to punish this little boy to teach him some manners! Come with me!"


Tommy’s father grabbed Tommy by one arm, and his teacher took the other. Together they dragged the boy into the bathroom and led him up to the sink. Tommy’s father made him step up onto a stepstool so that his prick was level with the basin. The once dour teacher was now snickering like a schoolboy at what they were doing to the boy. Tommy’s father ran the water warm and soaped up his hands with it. Tommy begged for mercy and tried to get down, but Mr. Caldwell grabbed him around the waist and forced him back up again, and then he gripped Tommy’s thin wrists together with one hand while Tommy’s father grasped the boy’s penis. Tommy sobbed when his father began to jerk him off.


Tommy’s father just grinned wickedly at the pink shaft in his hand and the little hole at the end which would open and close with his manipulations. He leaned over and whispered something to Mr. Caldwell and the next thing he knew he was inserting a bony finger between his cheeks!


"No! Please don't, Mr. Caldwell!" Tommy exclaimed.


However, his teacher continued and pressed his middle finger up into the boy’s most private part. His teacher pulled his back a little and then jabbed inward sharply. Tommy squealed in pain and suddenly ejaculated. Both the men gasped at the sight. The shot out right onto the bathroom mirror. Then Tommy’s father forced Tommy’s penis down and caught the boy’s remaining offerings. Tommy squirted six strong jolts of cum into his father’s hand.


"My goodness, Sam, I had no idea such a young boy could cum that much!" Mr. Caldwell said looking at the handful of the boy's cream.


"Watch what I'm going to make him do now. Get down from there, Tommy!"


Tommy stepped off the stool still sobbing from the ordeal. The two men stood in front of him, and his father held out the hand that held the cum.


"Look at this! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" he said. "Now lick it up!"


Mr. Caldwell couldn't believe this, but it was true. Tommy’s father held his hand up to Tommy's mouth, and the boy slowly stuck his tongue out. He touched his tongue to his warm cum for just a moment.


"Dad, don't make me eat it! Please!"


Tommy was crying now not realizing that it turned the men on even more. Tommy’s father loved seeing his naked, twelve-year-old son humiliated.


"You can either eat it now or get back on the stair. We'll make you cum again so there will be twice as much!"


Seeing no way out Tommy leaned forward and stuck his tongue in the cum pooled in his father’s hand. He lapped the cum up slowly while the men watched. Even Mr. Caudwell got into the act. He ran his middle finger through the puddle of semen and held it up to Tommy's mouth. He cupped the quivering boy's chin with his other hand.




"Open up, you bad boy!" he ordered. "Now stick your tongue out!"


Tommy did so, and he slowly licked the warm cum off his teacher’s finger. Mr. Caudwell looked the boy right in the eye as he swallowed. He liked the feeling of power he had over this prepubescence boy.


Then Tommy’s father inserted his fingers into his son’s mouth one by one until he had cleaned them of cum too.


"That's a good boy!" he said when Tommy was through.


They led him back to his room and told him to finish his homework while they went to have coffee.