Tommy Mallory

(Mm) (humil)

Fourteen-year-old Tommy Mallory heard the doorbell ring. He threw back the covers and almost leaped from his bed. Tommy slept naked, his nice full young teenage dick was bone hard, and it slapped his belly as only a very young, very hard prick can do. His fourteen-year-old spermy nuts jiggled in their still hairless flesh sack. He was a beautiful boy, no doubt about it, lean and lanky, dark hair, smooth skin, and an angelic face almost too pretty for a boy. Some of the eighteen-year-old senior boys that Tommy loved to hang out with kidded that he was too pretty for a boy and should be a cunt, which sent a thrill through Tommy. Not that he wanted to be a cunt, but that the older boys thought he was pretty and commented on it.

Tommy’s growing bare feet slapped the hardwood floor as he raced from his room and fairly flew down the stairs. His mom and dad were both at work, so he could run around the house naked. The Man liked it that way. The Man had ordered him to be naked in the house whenever he was alone. What really got to Tommy, what embarrassed the fuck out of the boy was when the Man ordered him to be naked in front of his Dad or Mom. The Man would give Tommy orders like; “Tonight you are to come out of the bathroom naked when your father is in the hallway. You are to make sure he sees your dick and balls, and ass. You can pretend it is just an accident, but make sure he sees you!”

The Man knew every inch of Tommy’s house inside and out. He somehow knew every move that Tommy made. Tommy had no idea how, but it scared the fuck out of the boy. How could a total stranger know so much about him? Well, not a total stranger anymore. The Man knew every intimate detail of Tommy’s life. Of course, once the Man had forced Tommy to install the tiny cameras in his room and the bathroom of the house, Tommy no longer had much privacy at all. Tommy was also on the internet with the Man, Skyping most days and nights. That was how it had all started. Tommy had connected with the Man online. The Man had told Tommy he was nineteen, and he seemed really cool. Tommy had to admit that he had a “thing” for older teenage dudes. They seemed so cool, and he loved how they seemed so in control of their lives. He loved hos they talked dirty about girls and how they played sports. There was this one senior boy at school, eighteen-year-old jock Brian, who quite frankly, Tommy was pretty nuts over.
So was young Tommy gay then? Quite frankly, he did not know, nor did he particularly care. These were new times. Guys could be fluid. Oh, some of the tough older kids hated fags and made fun of them, but most kids were cool with different sexual interests. If forced to confess, Tommy did think more about some of the handsome jocks at his school when he masturbated than about the cunts. And his curiosity was how he first hooked up with the Man. The Man knew all about the latest Xbox games, popular new bands and all kinds of neat stuff. Tommy had become really good friends with the Man. That was how it had started.
Tommy stood at the front door, peeking through the white lace curtains at the retreating deliveryman. The dude was young, maybe twenty-two or so. He had on a tight brown shirt and small ass-hugging brown shorts. Tommy wished the dude would turn around so he could see the cock bulge. Tommy also had a thing for dick bulges. They were hypnotizing to the randy young teen. He would stare fascinated at the dick bulges of the pop stars on TV, trying to guess just how large their fuckers might be. He would masturbate during music award shows, not so much at the celebrity cunts, but at the hot young male pop stars. Why had he ever confessed that to the Man?
He watched the undulating ass of the retreating deliveryman as he climbed up into his truck. Tommy’s prick squirted a little pre-fuck. That always disturbed and embarrassed him, that his young dick leaked so much. He hated the fucking mess it made. It seemed like his dick was always leaking. He was ashamed for his Mom to see his fuck-stiff underpants.
When the truck pulled out, Tommy threw open the door and scooped up the big brown box that sat on the stoop. It was a special package that the Man had sent him, filled with “naughty toys.” Was the Man corrupting the young teen? YOU BET. And it had been oodles of fun at first. It was still exciting, but the games of late had gotten a bit out of hand—games like, “Come down for breakfast in only your underpants, and play with your dick in front of your mother.” I mean, that was fucking sick. That was going too far, don’t you think? And how did the Man fucking know whether Tommy complied or not? How did the Man know if the boy followed all of the perverted orders he had been given of late?
Tommy’s big mistake was sending the Man those naked photos. If he had never done that, he would never have been trapped by the Man. Now, if he did not follow every sick order the Man gave him, his naked photos would be not only spread all over the internet but sent to all of his schoolmates and perhaps even his own family. Tommy was trapped. And yet, the sweet boy had to admit that the whole thing was kind of sexually exciting in a strange way. I mean, it was kinky as hell, right? And for a lean, smooth growing teen boy just into puberty, it was fucking hot in some mystical kind of manner.
Oh, Tommy regretted sending those naked photos. He was after all, a pretty normal fourteen-year-old kid, sensitive about his sexuality and his body. When he looked at some of the other boys in the high school locker room, especially at some of the senior boys, and he saw their big fat pricks and large swinging balls, he was a bit ashamed of his smaller fourteen-year-old fucker. Truth be told, he had nothing to be ashamed about. He had a nice-sized teen boy pecker, but you know how boys are.
When Tommy leaned down to pick up the box, his tight smooth round ass cheeks parted just enough to show the tight pink pucker of his virgin asshole. Oh, it was a beauty. It looked so tight in fact that one would think a finger could never fit up that hole. But recently, the Man had been making Tommy finger his hole while the Man watched. I should explain that it was the Man who had sent Tommy the tiny cameras and taught him how to install them so that he could watch the boy in more ways than just over a computer screen. Now the Man wanted Tommy to stash cameras in his parents’ bedroom as well, but so far the boy had resisted. Why would the Man want to watch Tommy’s mom and dad fuck? True they were an attractive couple, still in their early thirties, but still. The Man kept asking Tommy questions about his Father’s dick as well. He made the boy describe his dad’s prick in detail. What the cock looked like, what the prick head looked like, how the balls hung. Tommy had never thought about his own father’s fucker sexually before, but now the Man filled the kid’s head with all kinds of sick perverted thoughts.
Tommy stood up holding the heavy box, and his slender ass cheeks tightened. He turned and ran back up to his bedroom. He opened the box to find a handwritten note. “FAGGOT: HERE IS YOUR GIFT. FOR NOW, ONLY OPEN PACKAGES MARKED A. AND B. LEAVE THE OTHER’S SEALED.” Tommy hated it when the Man called him a faggot, but the more he hated it, the more the Man enjoyed it. He kept explaining to the Man that he was not a faggot instead he was perhaps “sexually fluid” but not a faggot. That did not deter the Man from calling him faggot, however.
Tommy opened the package marked A. He gulped. In his hands, he held what could only be described as the most revealing, obscene thong he could ever imagine. It was made of some kind of pink mesh and was so small it would not even cover the genitals of a young boy like Tommy. The note attached read: “YOU WILL WEAR THIS TO THE BEACH TODAY AT TWO P.M. BE ON THE SAND NEAR THE CHANGING ROOMS. I WILL BE WATCHING. YOU ARE TO BIKE TO THE BEACH WEARING NOTHING BUT THE THONG. WHEN YOU SIT ON THE SAND, MAKE SURE YOU SIT WITH YOUR LEGS SPREAD. DO NOT COVER YOURSELF WITH YOUR HANDS OR ANYTHING ELSE.”
Poor young Tommy gulped. How could he do this? How could he expose himself to the laughter and ridicule of others like this? And yet he had no choice. There was not ass to the thong or anything, just a small string that went up into his ass crack. The mesh dick cover was so small that it would leave almost all of the boy’s just sprouting prick hair visible. If he, God forbid, got a hardon, it would poke right out of the pouch. The pouch could not even contain all of his smooth hairless teenage nuts. He would be totally on display for everyone to see!
With trembling hand, Tommy tore open the second package marked B. His mouth fell open when he stared down at a long swollen condom filled with cum. It had been tied off, so the spunk stayed fully liquid and wet. Tommy’s lips fluttered as he stared at the sperm-filled rubber. Had this been on the Man’s dick? Could the Man’s dick be this big? The rubber was long and thick. It drooped like a giant hanging sausage in his young hand. The note read: “HERE YOU ARE, FAGGOT. A LITTLE TREAT FOR YOU TO DRINK. I WANT YOU TO STAND FACING THE CAMERA, MASTURBATE YOUR DICK WITH ONE HAND AND SUCK THE FUCK SAUCE OUT OF THE CONDOM. THEN PUT THE EMPTY RUBBER IN YOUR MOUTH AND SUCK AND CHEW IT UNTIL IT IS TOTALLY CLEAN. MAKE SURE YOU DO ALL OF THIS SO THE CAMERA CAN SEE ALL OF IT.”
The boy began to cry. It was beautiful. Large tears welled up in his sexy young eyes and then rolled down his cheeks. He tried to sniff them back, and that made him look even more erotic. He had never tasted anyone’s cum except his own. The Man had ordered him to eat his cum when he jerked off. He did not like the taste much, but the experience had been kind of erotic. But to have to swallow the cum of another man. Some man he did not even know. And so much of it, so fucking much. Had the Man shot five or ten loads into the same condom? I mean, it was swollen with fuck. What if Tommy got sick, what if he vomited up the spunk, would the Man punish him? Things got really bad when the Man punished him, but Tommy did not want to think about that now. That was too horrible to think about.
Tommy was amazed to find that his fear had not diminished his fucking hard on. Pre-fuck bubbled from the slender teenage pisshole. He faced the camera mounted on the ceiling in the corner. It was so small that his parents would not see it. But the camera caught everything. It perfectly captured the boy when he was made to lie on his bed with legs spread and pump his prick and finger his asshole for the Man. It perfectly captured the boy when he was made to kneel with his ass toward the camera and spread his legs, so his teenage balls hung down.
And now it perfectly caught the young boy jerking on his throbbing pink prick and raising the sperm-bloated condom to his pretty mouth. He could not undo the knot, so he had to bite into the rubber. Then he began to slurp the fuck slop from the stretched sheath. He kept thinking about the condom encasing the Man’s rampant pecker, and of the cock shooting its huge load into the rubber. This rubber had been on the Man’s fuckmeat. Had the Man fucked with it on or just masturbated? Had the condom been up a woman’s cunt or the ass of another boy perhaps? Was it still dirty from pussy or ass?
The thick slime filled his mouth and ran down his throat. It was so copious that he could not control the flow, and he gagged. It tasted bitter, and salty, and greasy, and gloppy. His boy dick trembled as he slurped down the fuck of a nan he barely knew. It made him heady and dizzy. The fuck coated his gums and tongue. It gathered thick and slick on his full young lips. His boy balls churned and pounded.
At last with a huge burp that caused cum to bubble from his nose, he finished. He could hardly keep the fuck sauce down. His entire young body rebelled against it. He sat down on the bed, sperm clinging to his lips and dripping from his chin. He put the spent rubber up to his mouth and began to follow instructions by chewing and sucking on it. Then he noticed an addition to the note: “WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED SUCKING DOWN THE CUM AND CLEANING THE CONDOM WITH YOUR MOUTH, OPEN ENVELOPE C.”
Envelope C contained nothing except a single sheet of paper on which was written: “CONGRATULATIONS, FAGGOT. YOU HAVE JUST SWALLOWED YOUR FIRST LOAD OF HORSE CUM!”
Tommy fell to the floor and puked all over the hardwood floor.