(Mm) (anal, oral, scat) (humil)
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Following the horrible disaster in Japan, and the painful suffering of so many innocent people, my friend, Ryo, found it necessary to temporarily move his business to another country. Where exactly, I am not at liberty to say, but he asked me to join him for a weekend of fun and frolic as he resumed his work on different shores. It was a long trip to make for a weekend, but well worth it when I found out Ryo’s objectives. You see, Ryo makes underground, extreme porn films with underage boys. Often he uses boys who do not participate consensually. His films sell to wealthy clients who want to see teenage boys and sometimes younger forced into degrading and humiliating, and often painful situations. With a hit thirty minute film, Ryo can make three hundred thousand dollars. Of course, a percentage of this money goes to pay off those officials who are supposed to take a dim view of molesting boys and using them for sexual pleasure.

At any rate, Ryo has set up a temporary headquarters at a very private hotel. He had with him three assistants, who would not only do the actual but also participate in fucking the boys. What Ryo needed now were young actors. In Japan, before the horror of the tsunami, he could acquire teenage boys from private schools and from the streets of Shinjuku. The boys were first attracted to money, and then too embarrassed to ever reveal what happened to them. Ryo was also not averse to simply pulling his van up to a wandering youth and abducting him for a rough, brutal filming session. I was curious about Ryo's new set up and how he obtained talent.

My curiosity led to one of the most interesting, sexually stimulating and rewarding weekends of my life. I was privileged to see a beautiful fifteen-year-old Japanese teen totally ruined — sexually and psychologically. Ryo greeted me with a certain amount of excitement.

"We've got a fifteen-year-old Japanese virgin, ready to do anything for us. Well, he thinks he is ready, but he has no idea of what is in store for him."

In writing down dialogue after the event, I am trying to remember what as accurately as possible, but I admit that I to fill in some blanks. I do not speak Japanese, so Ryo or one of his assistants had to translate for me what transpired. Ryo had very strict instructions for me. I was free to watch, and later, after the initial fucking, sucking and perversions were complete, and the filming finished, I could have the boy's ass and mouth if I wished. But, I had to not get in the way, and if I wanted to snap pics, I had to be careful to not interfere with the movie being made. After all, this was big business, and Ryo had to make up for money he lost to the earthquake. It was the earthquake that connected him to the boy, whose name was Toma.

Toma's parents and sister were not harmed by the disaster, but they did lose everything of value to them. Toma was attending a private school in another country and living with an aunt and uncle. Ryo got the boy’s name and situation, and moved in. Now Toma sat nervously in an armchair with the camera eating up his pretty, little form, while Ryo explained the facts to the boy.

"Toma, you have agreed to model and film with us, and in return, I have agreed not only to pay for your continued schooling, but to help your family out of their financial disaster following the tsunami. I told you openly and honestly that our filming would be sexual and that we would ask very embarrassing and humiliating things of you. You agreed. I have already sent agents with a substantial amount of money to your family so that they can begin their painful recovery. I hope you keep your part of the bargain, as it would be terrible for them, and for you, if you were to back out at this time."

Ryo spoke all of this in Japanese, in a very polite and quiet manner. The boy, nodded and kept saying "Hei," which of course means yes. Every now and then the teenager would close his eyes and press shut as if in deep nervousness or fear. I started at once to snap pictures with my cell phone, and I tried to record every moment of his anguish.

Here was an innocent, straight, fifteen-year-old, intelligent teenage boy who was about to be totally sexually ruined and destroyed in every imaginable perverse way. And I was going to make a detailed record of it. He was quite mature for fifteen, but still had a baby face and a look of total innocence in his eyes. After Ryo had Toma's assurance that he would do whatever was asked of him in return for help for himself and his family, Ryo asked the boy to remove his clothing. This alone was horrible for the boy. Ryo decided to play on the anguish.

"Toma, you may, of course, go into the bathroom to disrobe. Put on the terry cloth robe you find there. I don't wish to make you uncomfortable in any way."


Oh, how relieved the boy looked, but I of course knew that this just to prolong the humiliation and to play with the boy. He took longer than he needed in the bathroom, and we joked at how nervous he must be about having to open the door and join us. We had drinks while we waited, and Kenji, a muscular, handsome assistant and cameraman in his mid-twenties, remarked that he couldn't wait to shove his thick dick balls deep up the boy's young, tight asshole. Ryo wagged a finger at him.


"We have lots to do to the poor boy before we even get to the fucking. Our client wants the boy to go through the ultimate degradation, and you know what that means."


The bathroom door opened, and Toma padded out on large naked teen feet, wrapped in the white, terrycloth robe. He returned to the armchair. He was now so visibly disturbed that he was shaking like a leaf. That sight gave me a painful erection, and I knew that soon I would start leaking. I loved watching him pad silently across the thick carpet and settle in the chair while wrapping the robe tighter around his tender, young body. He would increasingly close his eyes and squeeze them shut, licking his soft lips. His hands wound around each other, the fingers intertwining in agitation. His toes curled and uncurled, and rubbed the nub of the carpet. He had never been so scared in his life.


"You are doing a wonderful thing, Toma, helping not only yourself but your family this way. You are a kind of hero so just do what you have to do, and in a little while, this will all be over. Just think, a few hours from now, you will go back to your aunt and uncle and be financially secure. I know having your first sexual experience can be frightening, especially as this will be a homosexual experience and you are a straight boy. You are a straight boy, are you not? You do like girls, right?"


Toma nodded his head yes!


Ryo smiled as the cameras recorded the interview. It was part of the film. It revealed the boy in all his innocent honesty.


"You don't feel sexually attracted to men or boys, do you, Toma?"


The boy shook his head no. He seemed to be having trouble forming words. His lower lip trembled.


"Have you ever had sex with a boy or man, Toma? In your fifteen years, have you ever sucked cock or taken a cock up your ass, or even masturbated with another boy?"


The boy squeezed his eyes shut, then they opened very wide and he shook his cute, young head again. I was leaking so fucking badly that there was a huge wet spot on the crotch of my trousers. The boy's pure innocence made me want him fucking destroyed all the more.


"Have you ever had any kind of sex with a girl, Toma? Please tell me the truth."


He licked his lips and shook his head again. He was a total fucking innocent.


"How often do you masturbate, Toma? Please be honest."


The cameras whirred and the cameramen moved in for close-ups. The boy wiped some sweat from his brow and mumbled something. I, of course, could not understand the Japanese, but Ryo also could not even hear the answer.


"I am sorry, Toma, I didn't hear. You must be louder for the filming. How often to you masturbate your fifteen-year-old penis?"


Honest to God, the boy looked about to dissolve into tears. You can see it in the photos. He said something louder. The cute assistant leaned over to me. He chuckled.


"Every day."


"Good, Toma, do you ever masturbate more than once a day?"


Toma gulped and nodded his head.


"When you masturbate do you ever play with your asshole?"


I thought the boy would fall from the chair in shame. He shook his head.


"Do you ever play with your tits when you masturbate? You know, do you rub your nipples?"


The teenager looked down in shame and then nodded.


"Please open the top of your robe and show the camera your fine, young, teenage boy tits."


The kid made a face and just sat there.


"Don't be shy, Toma. Boys show their titties all the time. You show your nipples a lot. When you go swimming, when you don't wear a shirt in summer, when you change in and out of your gym gear in school in the locker room. Boy tits are not private like girl tits. Boys show their tits all over the place. Even in ads. Don't be shy about your tits, Toma. Open your robe and show us your fifteen-year-old teenage boy titties."


Isn't it funny, how the situation dictates the level of shame or embarrassment? Cunts appear in two piece bathing suits, but are mortified at being seen in bra and panties. It’s so interesting. Slowly, ever so slowly, Toma spread the top of the robe to reveal his nicely sized, brown nipples. He had very Asian nipples. His chest was not muscular, but nicely smooth. He sat there in the chair with his tits showing, as the camera moved in.


"There you go, that's a good boy, Toma. You see, that wasn't so difficult. This whole day will be a snap for you, if you just do what we tell you to do. Easy. We tell you what to do, and you do it. That's not so bad is it? Now let's see. You have very nice tits, Toma. You have nice big nipples. Many teenage boys have tiny pebble nipples. They are no fun to play with, but a boy who has nice large tits, has more to offer. We can suck on your nipples, and pull and twist them for you. We can sexually excite you through your nipples. Can you push your chest out a bit more toward the camera? Push your nipples out at us. Show us your teenage tits!"


I knew Ryo's words were humiliating the boy all the more. Words can do so much damage. Ryo let the camera linger on the boy's tits longer than he needed to. He wanted to watch the boy squirm. And squirm he did. He twisted and bent his feet at the ankles. He moved his lightly haired legs in and out. Japanese boys of fourteen and fifteen while hairless on the chest, often have quite hairy crotches, assholes and legs. Well, until we get hold of them. Eventually the cameras pulled back from Toma's face and chest. Ryo moved in and put a finger to one of the boys nicely sized nipples.


"Let me just flick your tit a bit and see how it responds. I am just going to lightly flick your nipple with my fingernail."


The finger flicked and the camera moved in again.


“Oh my, yes, you have fine titties, Toma. Look at that nipple nub harden. Let me do both nipples. Don't curl up and be embarrassed. Sit up nice and straight, so the camera can catch me flicking your tits."


The boy shut his eyes and tried to sit still. Ryo played with the tender teen tits for a few moments, obviously enjoying the extreme discomfort.


"Your tits remind me of girl tits, Toma, do you know that. They have the same pouty response as cunt tits."


When this was translated to me, I almost came in my pants. Poor Toma was breathing heavily and chewing on his lower lip. Then Ryo moved away.


"All right, you’re doing very well, Toma. This film will be a big hit, if you continue to obey instructions this well. I am proud of you. Your family would be proud of you too. Now, please open the bottom of your robe for us, and show us what you've got down there. Don't be shy; we are all males in this room. We all have the same equipment, just different sizes. No need to be shy. Spread your legs and open your robe."


I really thought the boy might faint. I also felt faint from all the blood rushing into my big dick. I wanted so badly to fuck that sweet boy then and there. I don't know how many of you have ever fucked a fifteen-year-old, but it is a wonderful experience — my very favorite. Well, fourteen and fifteen. That is my two favorites. The asses at that age are so sweet.


Toma slowly opened his robe and gave us a surprise. He still had on his underpants. He wore pink briefs. Perfect! What boy wears pink briefs? To be sure they were designer masculine briefs, but still, pink? I laughed out loud. Ryo became sullen.


"Toma you disappoint me. This is a very important film. I told you to remove all your clothes in the bathroom. I didn’t tell you to leave your underpants on."


I was not so disappointed, as the kid had a nice bulge in his briefs and looked quite sexy.


"You will not get any money for your family if you cannot follow instructions. Now, Toma, I want you to slowly slide down your underpants and step out of them. We will make amends to our client by mailing your sweaty, teenage underpants to him as a free gift.”


I know how traumatic this seemed for Toma, but if he had the slightest idea of what he would be asked to do in just a few minutes, he would have easily complied with this request. He stepped out of his underpants to reveal a thickly-haired, medium-sized, teenage boy dick and a nice set of nuts in a smooth sack.


"Now, Toma, much of this movie is going to be about your asshole. Your fifteen-year-old, virgin asshole is the star of this film. It is the center of this film. You must not be shy about your teenage boy asshole. I know no one except your doctor has seen your asshole for years and years, but that is about to change. You are going to show everyone your asshole. The men who buy this movie want to see teenage boy asshole. They want to masturbate over teenage boy asshole. They are paying big money to see teenage boy asshole used like a female cunt.


“You have agreed to do whatever we ask of you. I told you this would be a sexual film. You agreed. Now I want you to move your ass to the front of the chair, and lift and spread your legs, so we can all see your teenage asshole. I want you to hold your legs up and apart so we can get a really good look at your boy asshole. I know this is terribly embarrassing for you because your asshole is a very private, dirty place. You shit out of your asshole. You don't want anyone to see the hole you shit out of, but we’re going to make you show us your most embarrassing places. This film will strip you of your privacy. It will rape you of any sense of pride and dignity. You will feel like an animal, Toma. That is the price you will have to pay to get our monetary help for yourself and your family. Now show us your tender, pink, young, teenage asshole, Toma. Show us where you shit!"


It was about now that Toma began to make little whimpering noises that continued on and off through the entire filming session. He was like a puppy taken from his mother. When I heard him whimper, then lift and spread his strong young legs to show his asshole, I felt as if I couldn't stand to keep my prick imprisoned in my pants a moment longer, but it would have been bad form to unzip and air my huge, dripping fucker when the rest of the adults in the room were so composed.


"Oh, Toma! Toma, Toma, Toma, we can't even see your asshole clearly. You’re a forest of black hair down there. You have hair all over your asshole. Do you know how unhygienic that is? When you shit, you get bits of shit in that hair and it doesn't all come out with cleaning. You must learn to shave your asshole."


Ryo moved in and the camera got extreme close-ups of Tomas hairy, fifteen-year-old boy-cunt. It was a mess. I snapped some pics of it myself.


"We are going to help you, Toma. We are going to shave your asshole for you, so it is nice and clean so that it is bare like the cunt of a ten-year-old girl. Have you ever seen the cunt of a ten-year-old girl, Toma? If you are a good boy, perhaps I will show one to you. I have ten-year-old girls working for me. Why not climb up on the bed on your hands and knees? We will shave your asshole clean for you."


Poor Toma could hardly walk. He didn't want his asshole shaved. He didn't want it filmed. He didn't want it touched.


"You have very nice, smooth ass cheeks, Toma. A finely formed ass. Our clients will love the shape of your ass. A nice deep ass crack. But they will not tolerate such a hairy asshole. Can you push your ass out toward the camera more? Don't be embarrassed. I am going to have my assistant put some shaving cream on your ass and then shave it. Don't worry. If you hold still, he won't cut you. He is very good at shaving assholes and knows how to move the razor around the ass lips but you need to stop shaking. If you shake he can cut you, and cuts on the asshole lips really hurt a great deal.”


(As Ryo spoke more and more rapidly to the terrified boy, I couldn't keep up with the translator. Not with watching the boy suffer and trying to contain my dick. I picked much of this dialogue up off the soundtrack as it was once again translated to me afterward.) I snuck in for a close-up picture of the boy's face as he was getting his asshole shaved. How he hated being there. How he hated what he had agreed to. And this, this was nothing compared to what lay ahead.


"Good boy, Toma, just hold very still. Does that tickle on your asshole? He's shaving right around your asshole now. Let me spread your ass cheeks a bit more for him, so he can get the razor smoothly in there. I wonder if any of the other boys at your school shave their asshole. Perhaps you should suggest to them that they will feel cleaner and healthier if they keep their assholes shaved. And, also, if any of them get fucked in the ass by big cocks, it goes much better if the asshole is shaved. You'll see how nice it feels when a cock goes into your ass without all that nasty hair around there. Almost finished."


Kenji finished shaving the teen's asshole, and I could see that the cameraman had a terrific boner in his pants as well. Ryo informed me that Kenji was a really rough fucker, and boys often took weeks to recover from one of his fuckings. Of course, in the case of Toma, all four of us would be fucking him over and over, so he faced a somewhat more turbulent future. Before the filming was finished, he would take two dicks up his ass at the same time and another down his throat. How many fifteen-year-old boys have that claim to fame? However, that would not be what destroyed Toma. Oh, no, you will see graphically what ruined him step by step. I'm sure he felt already ruined and violated when the camera moved in for close-ups of his shaved asshole, and Ryo fingered the hole and ribbed the pucker for the lens.


"You have a really beautiful asshole, Toma, and to think we could not even see it before. That was a crime. You must promise to always keep it shaved from now on. Or better yet, permanent hair removal. Perhaps we can help there later. What a pretty little asshole — so tight and puckered. Can you push out with your asshole a bit? I want to see it move. Just pretend you are taking a shit. Push your asshole out at the camera. That's a good boy. Don't cry. We don't want you crying. We like happy boys. Boys who do what we tell them to with a cheerful attitude. You have just the kind of asshole that perverted boy fucking pedophiles love to fuck. Men watching this film will wish they could have been here to fuck you in that beautiful asshole, Toma.


“Do you feel faint, Toma? Shake your head to clear it. Would you like a glass of water? No, no, don't move stay on your hands and knees on the bed like an animal, with your robe pulled up so your asshole shows to the camera. We'll get you a glass of water. Did you ever think, Toma that your asshole would earn you money?


“Here's your water.


“Now that you have a beautiful smoothly shaved asshole, are we ready for the next part of the filming? There is something I want you to do for me. Kenji has placed a plastic dish on the floor at the foot of the bed. Now, Toma, I want you to remove your bathrobe, squat on the seat at the foot end of the bed, and I want you to shit into that dish. That's right, Toma, I want you to squat and take a nice shit for us, so we can capture it all on camera. We want to see the shit coming out of your pretty shaved asshole. We want to hear you grunt and see you force big, brown turds out of your asshole. We want to see them plop all the way down into the dish."


I had to grab my balls and squeeze hard to stop myself from shooting my load. Ryo was going to humiliate this boy in the most disgusting fashion using shit! I think any teenage boy would prefer to suck dick or even be ass fucked rather than have to perform this most private and personal act in front of others. And, Toma was being forced to shit in front of a camera, knowing his film would be seen by many, many sick, perverted fans. He sobbed and shook his head.


"I can't. I am so sorry, but I cannot do such a thing!"


"Of course, you can. As I said, it will all be over in a few hours. Now come on, keep your word. We kept ours. Money is on the way to your family. Don't let us all down now! It's such a simple thing. You shit every day, every single day. Only this time you are doing it for us and for the camera. Be a big boy, Toma. Show us you've got courage, got the balls to do this. Just squat down and concentrate, then let her rip! Take a nice shit for us."


"Please, oh please, sir, can't I do something else? Please, something else. I beg you!"


He was crying hard now, tears running down his pretty face.


"Toma, no nonsense, please. Time is money, and our client wants to see a cute, teenage boy taking a shit!"


As Toma squatted at the end of the bed, ass hanging out, sobbing uncontrollably, he seemed at the end of his rope. I knew however, that this was just the beginning!