Timmy Measures Up

(MB) (anal) (humil) (nc)

My pals and I started a kind of fun thing in our group of beer buddies. It seems that four of us have boys who are twelve years old. So we came up with the idea of taking bets on which of our son’s dicks grew the fastest and the biggest. Of course, we all boasted “like father like son” and swore that our sons would grow really huge fuckers just like “the old man,” but the truth of the matter is, we all know that just because dad has a gigantic schlong, that doesn’t mean sonny boy will have an impressive hunk of fuck meat. Anyway, that’s how the bet started.

My son, Timmy, was timid the first time I asked him to measure his dick for me. He said he didn’t want to be part of a game like this, so I had to slap him around just a bit. I am not a cruel father. I love my son, but he has to learn to follow a father’s orders, doesn’t he? My wife was embarrassed too when she heard what we were doing, but I had a lot of money riding on this bet, as well as pride.

We decided that the boys’ dicks had to be measured every day as boys grow so fast at that age. We soon realized that there was no way to prevent cheating under the present rules, so we decided we had to take photos of our boys every day while they measured so we could judge the accuracy of the cock measurements. We all ragged on about how our sons were going to be real girl fuckers when they grew older and how impressed we were about our boys’ pricks. However, the photos were not really irrefutable proof, so we changed the rules a bit.
Each boy in the group had to measure the dick of another boy every day. The boys had to measure the other boy’s prick soft, hard, length, circumference, dick head, length of piss hole, length and width of each nut, etc. The boys were really embarrassed and felt ashamed, and we had to get quite stern with them.
But then the competition took on a new tone. I found out that some of the father’s in our group were exercising their sons’ pricks to encourage them to grow more. They were having their boys masturbate five or six hours a day without cumming just before measuring time. They had the boys wear weights from their nut sacks and do cock stretching exercise every day. Well, I wasn’t about to lose to those cheaters. I had read someplace that stimulating the prostate enlarges the cock, so I started to finger my boy’s asshole, rubbing his prostate while he played with his prick. I’d make him kneel on the bed and jerk his dick while I shoved two fingers in and out of his rectum to rub against his prostate.
“We just can’t lose, son. I’d never live it down. We have to prove that you’re a real stud.”
I started to have Timmy sleep with a carrot up his ass, but that didn’t seem to help, so I changed it to a cucumber. His cock did seem to get a bit larger. He complained that it hurt him and he couldn’t sleep well at night with his ass stuffed, but I told him that I just could not lose this bet. His mother thought I was going too far with the boy. She would sit with him at night and stroke his forehead and cheeks as he cried because the cucumber up his ass was so large.
One of the guys in the group had a kid who at twelve already had quite a prick bush, and his dick was shooting thick, creamy cum. So I jerked my boy almost all day and night for two weeks until he had his first real cum. We were so proud. The good thing is, it was summer vacation, and there was no school because I masturbated the kid all day. His dick got real sore at times, but I could see it was growing.
I realized that the cucumber up his ass at night was stretching his boy hole, but not stimulating his prostate enough and my fingers could not get deep enough, so I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to provide additional anal stimulation for him, and then I read that fucking made a dick grow, and so I bit the bullet and started to fuck his little ass. It was not queer! There was nothing queer about it. It was simply to help my son’s dick grow and win the bet. I insisted on fucking his ass three to four times a day. I didn’t have much energy to fuck my wife anymore.
Now before you go judging me, think clearly. I didn’t want a small dicked son. I wanted to help him, so what better person to fuck him than his own father. Timmy was quite upset at first, saying it was perverted and sick, but I pointed out that our reputation was at stake. So I fucked Timmy three to four times a day.
We had set a time limit on the contest—six months. So after six months, we took the final measurements, and I am proud to say, Timmy won.
There was a downside that I am a bit ashamed to talk about, but one has to face reality. I enjoy fucking Timmy’s ass more than my wife’s cunt, so after the contest, we continued. After he got over the initial shame, he really got into it. Another downside of the competition was that Madge, my wife, left me. Oh well, so what. Now, Timmy sleeps with me every night, he sucks me off, and I fuck his delicious tight teen boy ass.
Whatever works for you! Don’t judge others. And Timmy, well, he’s fifteen now, and we are still fucking, and he has this really awesome virgin dick.