Theokles and His Patéras

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A gymnasium in Athens in the year 428 BCE.

Adastros took a sip of wine from the cup that a slave boy had given him as he stood in the covered walkway looking onto the palaestra. The portico provided Adastros with a perfect view of a group of nude adolescent boys who were engaged in wrestling practice. Among them was Adastros's youngest son Theokles, who had been the reason for the man's visit today. Adastros had come to meet with the boy's tutor to hear of his educational progress. The teacher had said that Theokles was excelling in all subjects, particularly music, rhetoric, geometry, and above all, athletics. After the conference Adastros decided to stay to observe his son in action personally.

Theokles sat with his classmates awaiting his turn at a match. He looked up to see his father and gave him a big smile. Adastros smiled at his son warmly and then turned his attention to the two students who were currently competing against each other. Their well-oiled bodies glistened in the midday Mediterranean sun while their developing muscles alternatively flexed and released as they sought tactical advantage over one another. Arms and legs flew about and torsos twisted until finally one was bested, and two more ephebes stepped up to take their turn.


Like most of his peers, Adastros understood the beauty of the adolescent boy and had bedded many boys in his day, particularly since his wife's death a few years earlier during the plague that had devastated Athens. Adastros's penis had started to harden as he watched the first pair of boys wrestle, and now as the second set went at it his meat rose to a full erection and caused a noticeable tent in his richly embroidered chiton.


Of course, men were expected to enjoy the spectacle and Adastros had no need to hide this obvious sign of his appreciation. Most of the boys would, in fact, be honored to be fucked by a man as wise, successful and respected as Adastros. Many of Theokles' friends had older lovers who mentored them in addition to fucking them, although Theokles had not yet himself been introduced to the mutual pleasures and virtues of pederastic love.


Adastros called the wine bearer over and gestured for a re-fill.


"Thank you, Ganymede," Adastros joked as he playfully patted the young boy on his trim butt. The slave smiled as he had been trained and bowed respectfully to the older man before heading off. Adastros watched the nimble, little boy scamper away in his skimpy tunic and then turned his attention back to the activities in the palaestra just in time to see his son step up for his turn. Theokles was beautiful to see, certainly one of the most handsome in all of the gymnasium.


At fourteen, his body was nicely developed but still boyish, muscular but still sweetly vulnerable and vaguely feminine. His buttocks were rock hard and often made men do double-takes in the agora. His genitals were nicely sized (not too big), and only a few tufts of the hair that would soon mark him as a man had begun to sprout around his penis. Adastros had always been proud of Theokles, a beautiful, bright, and talented youth who seemed to be aglow with the eternal glory of the gods that his name proclaimed.


Theokles' opponent was also an attractive boy, and the two athletes were the same size and appeared evenly-matched. As the contest began, it became apparent that both boys were skilled wrestlers and desired victory. This was not just a game meant to pass the time, rather the two boys were honing skills that they would need when they engaged in hand-to-hand combat against the well-trained soldiers of Sparta who recurrently threatened their magnificent city. Theokles deftly thwarted several of his opponent's moves, but the other boy was similarly adept at defensive techniques.


Adastros found his eyes drawn irresistibly towards his son's ass. The firm cheeks flexed and rippled as the boys lunged at each other, and occasionally Theokles would lift his leg high enough for Adastros to get a glimpse of the boy's hairless scrotum swinging underneath. The swaying of the boy's taught ball sack enraptured Adastros, and the man soon realized, as his penis throbbed insistently, that he had to have his boy's ass. While elite Athenian men regularly fucked boys they met at the gymnasium, they did not, at least not openly, fuck their own sons.


But Eros was a naughty boy who delighted in shooting his intoxicating arrows without regard for society's expectations. Moreover, as an aristocrat and an esteemed military officer who had helped lead the Athenian fleet in the Pelopponesus the previous year, Adastros was beyond moral reproach and reigned as the undisputed head and master of his household and everyone who lived in it. If he wanted to fuck his son in the ass, he would do so, and no one could stop him.


Finally, Theokles succeeded in wrestling the other boy to the ground. Excited by his victory he ran over to his father, and it seemed to Adastros that the boy's penis had stiffened somewhat as a result of the stimulation of the bodily contact.


"Father, did you see? I won!" the boy exclaimed as he threw his arms around the man's neck. Among the youth's charms was his demonstratively affectionate nature. Adastros hugged the boy towards him and wrapped his arms around the boy's trim waist, then allowed his hands to venture downward and grab his son's ass cheeks. Theokles was startled but delighted, and he smiled broadly at Adastros with sparkling eyes that were as blue as Poseidon's waters on a bright day.


"I did see, you were beautiful to watch," his father answered. Adastros squeezed the firm ass cheeks that his fingers were holding hostage and pulled the boy into his groin, which was at the level of the youngster's lower abdomen. Theokles felt his father's erect penis press against his stomach and a wave of excitement coursed through his young body.


"It seems as though you did enjoy it, Father," Theokles giggled teasingly. While still a virgin, Theokles' friends had taught him what it meant when a man's organ hardened like that.


Adastros looked his son square in the eyes. "Theokles," he said, "the wicked winged son of Aphrodite has filled me with desire for my own son's ass, and I must place my own arrow inside you. Will you allow me to do this?"


The question was really a nicety, and both father and son knew it. Theokles would be fucked whether he wanted it or not. Nonetheless, Theokles was quite agreeable to the proposition, even honored by it.


"Oh Father, I want to be the quiver for your arrow, please fuck me, fuck me now. I want to feel your paternal penis inside of me, for I love you more than any boy could love any man. I would be honored to pleasure your penis with my boy-ass."


Adastros chuckled at his son's wordplay.


"I will fuck you. And fuck you hard, paidos," he said, ducking into a small storage room that lay behind him. He grabbed his son's ass and pulled the boy into the room with him.


"Lie over that table so that I might have access to your wondrous ass," Adastros instructed his son, pointing to a long table that held some vases along one wall, one of which depicted a man and boy in an amorous pose.


Theokles complied, and his father hastily removed his clothing. Bent over the table, Theokles turned his head to see his father approach him with a massive phallus. The boy gulped as he contemplated his imminent deflowering by his father's Satyr-like instrument, but was determined to excel at pleasuring his father just as he did at everything else.


Adastros ran his hands over the boy's smooth ass cheeks several times, delighting in both the sight and feel of the firm and beautiful flesh. He grabbed one of the decorated vases and, after confirming his hunch that it might contain olive oil, poured a generous glob of it onto his rod. He coated his penis well with the copious juice that had been squeezed from the fruit that the goddess Athena had given to her namesake city, then stepped forward and placed the head of his meat against his son's quivering asshole.


"I love you, son, I love you as Zeus loved the Trojan boy, as Apollo loved the ill-fated Hyacinth," Adastros proclaimed as he pressed his penis into his son's anus. The heat and tightness of the boy's ass made Adastros swoon, and he quickly shoved his spear of lust all the way in to the hilt. Theokles suppressed his desire to scream as he felt the sharp pain enter his rectum. He was going to give his father a fuck to be proud of.


"Kallos, kallos," Adastros panted, "you are so beautiful, so beautiful," he repeated as he pumped in and out of the boy's rump. Adastros had never had such a good fuck in his life, none of the numerous girls and boys whom he had penetrated had made him feel this good. Adastros ran his hands all over Theokles' body and took pleasure in feeling the boy's muscles under his fingertips.


He reached under the boy and stroked his nipples and then ran his hands along his chest until they reached his crotch. Adastros grabbed Theokles' testicles with his left hand as he grasped the boy's cock with his right hand. Adastros was thrilled to discover that the kid's prick was fully hard and he started to jack him off as he tugged gently on his hairless scrotum. Theokles began to moan as he did this, and was soon begging his father not to stop.


"Pull on me, Father, pull on my penis, it feels so good."


"Only if you let me have your ass, son, only if you let me fuck you in the ass."


"You can fuck me, Father, my ass is yours, you can fuck me whenever you want. You gave me life, and I will gladly give you my ass, I will be your wife and take care of all your needs," he answered, and to prove the truth of his words he started thrusting his ass backward to meet Adastros' plunges. Theokles ground his asshole against Adastros's pubis and whimpered like a whore who wanted nothing more than to get fucked.


"Fuck me Father, my Father, my Master, my ass is for you, I beg you to fuck my ass, to fuck me in the ass, to dominate my ass and take all the pleasure my boy-ass has to offer men."


"Oh fuck, boy, your ass is so hot. I love fucking your ass," Adastros replied as he continued to vigorously fuck and masturbate his son.


"Oh it feels so good, Father, my penis feels so good. I think something is going to happen!" Theokles suddenly exclaimed. This prompted Adastros to stroke the boy faster. Soon Theokles let out a loud moan as he ejaculated for the first time in his life, which caused his sphincter to clamp down even harder on his father's stiff penis. The added tightness pushed Adastros over the brink of orgasm, and he started to shoot sperm deep into the boy's spasming ass. As his jizz coated his son's insides, Adastros felt his son's own sperm wash over the dexterous hand which had provided the boy with his own release.


"Oh, fuckkkkk!" Adastros exclaimed, and his son echoed with an ecstatic yell of his own.


Finally, Adastros collapsed on top of his son, and the two lay there for a while. Adastros poured a cup of wine for himself and his son from one of the other jugs. He sat down to drink it but thought he heard a noise just outside the room, so he went to investigate. He peered outside and discovered that the wine slave was getting fucked by the teacher that Adastros had met with earlier. He smiled and returned to the table to drink the wine with his son, then suggested that the two head to the baths.


That afternoon Adastros and Theokles bathed together, had their bodies oiled and then had a light supper of dates, olives, cheese, and bread before heading out to the theater.


"What are we going to see?" the boy asked his father as they walked to the amphitheater.


"A new play by Sophocles about that king of Thebes who fucked his mother. You know, Oedipus."