The Three Priests at Christmas

(Mm) (humil)

The three priests were slightly drunk, which was nothing new. They were young and a bit uncontrollable. The head priest of the seminary, Father Gabriel, drank too, but he knew how to hold his liquor. These young stallions, fresh out of the seminary, and teaching boys only slightly younger than themselves were pretty difficult to deal with sometimes. Almost every night the three of them would strip bare-assed and crawl into the beds of the teenage seminary students to fuck them silly. They would draw straws to see which of them got to slam his dick in the prettiest young priest to be.

And while the students were forbidden to jerk off or even touch themselves, the priests had no trouble at all pumping the boys’ pricks for them. They would line the boys up bare-ass naked, and then each young priest would hold two teenage dicks and at the signal start pumping. The priest who brought his boys off first won. The boys were taught that it was a sin to touch themselves, but a priest could help you unload with the blessing of Jesus. It got so that one or another of the muscular young priests would just stride into the boy’s dorm, throw himself upon the ass he had chosen for that night, and fuck the teenage boy right there with the other boys watching. Then he would often make some other seminary students lick his big dick clean afterward.

Of course, the older priests at the seminary and the adjacent parish knew about these activities, but those who were conservative turned a blind eye to it, and those who were liberal said it was good for the boys. First of all, it relieved the teen's sexual tension to make them more controllable, and secondly, it helped the boys and the priests bond. Those priests who said that often had young teenage boy ass in their beds as well. The interesting thing was because they were members of the Church they could virtually get away with anything they wanted.

The boys were told that if they complained or reported the activities, they would be damned to hell. They had to serve Jesus by serving the priest’s pricks. The three young priests had taken to wearing nothing at all under their cassocks so that they could whip their fat fuckmeat out at a moment’s notice. They loved to patrol the showers where the seminary students were forced to shower in a large communal room with only cold water and stiff brushes to scrub their young naked bodies. The priests would talk openly and extra loudly in front of the teen boys about which boy ass they wanted for that night.
“Johnson’s ass looks like it really needs it tonight, doesn’t it? Look how those muscular young ass globes move when he scrubs his chest and shoulders.”
“Johnson, stick your ass out for us and wiggle it.”
And, of course, the Johnson boy did it. He arched his back, stuck his young ass out and wiggled it as all the other boys, grateful that it was not them, laughed. The boys did whatever the priests ordered. Even things like drink piss and eat shit and suck the dicks of dogs—all to please the priests.
The three young priests made the boys stand bare-assed at attention while they gently tickled and stroked the hard throbbing teenage pricks of the boys. The priests taunted the boys about how they would never ever fuck girls with those dicks. They would tickle the dicks, talking about how they would never ever stuff a sweet young pussy until the boys were crying with agony and the need to shoot. However, the kids knew that if they came without permission, they would be beaten. Then when the teen pricks were slapping the boys’ tummies and leaking strings of pre-fuck, the priests would suddenly stop and send the boys off to bed.
During these Celibacy Endurance Games, the boys would be tied to their beds at night, naked on their backs, with the lights on all night and a priest on duty. If a boy got hard in his sleep and looked about to cum, the priest would slap the boy awake. Sometimes these games would go on for weeks. The boys kept hard and on the verge of cumming all day in absolute sex agony. Sexually taunted constantly and then not even allowed to unload in their sleep at night. Soon the boys could not think about anything else. They could not study, or pray, or exercise or play sports as they thought only about dick all the time.
But now the three priests were quite drunk. They were on the decorating committee for the Christmas party at the school. They were, in fact, the entire decorating committee. They needed something special for the party, something to make a statement. Father Granger, a brilliant, nasty, young man from the east coast had the idea. They had the school carpenter build a life-sized cross and a very large manger.
The older more conservative priests retired early, and the younger ones were left to their fun. After the stodgy older priests left, they brought two boys into the room so they could try out their decorating idea. The two boys were thirteen years old and were twin brothers. They were sweet-faced, dark-haired innocent boys. They trembled with apprehension.
“You boys are going to be the decorations for our Christmas party. Our theme is From Cradle to Grave Jesus is Always with Us. Now strip out of your uniforms and put on your costumes.”
The two thirteen-year-old boys, who were absolutely gorgeous, took off their clothes. They always felt embarrassed and humiliated to have to do this, but they were getting used to it. Being twins, the other boys often made them strip bare-assed to compare their dicks and balls. One of the boys, Jeffrey, had a slightly more developed prick than his brother did and that is the way the two boys were identified. It got so bad that the priests ordered the boys to walk around with their teenage dicks hanging out of their pants so they could tell who was who.
When the twin angelic boys were naked and their smooth, slender, just forming young bodies were on display, the priests handed Jeffrey a diaper-like thing and Johnny a loincloth.
“Now, Jeffrey, you’re going to be the baby Jesus lying in the manger at the party. When the priests and boys come to look at you, smile up at them. And Jeffrey, you have a more difficult job. You’re going to be tied to the big wooden cross to be Jesus on the cross at the party.”
Young Father Granger borrowed a skirt from the nearby Catholic girls school to dress as a Roman soldier and used the belt from his cassock as a headband. Father Granger tried on his Roman uniform, but his huge thick dick kept poking out of the Roman skirt. The three priests decided that was cool and they would all dress as sexy, lustful Roman soldiers. After all, they had every intention of turning the party into one big fuck orgy, which it usually did when the priests were drunk enough, the drugs had been passed around, and Viagra put into the wine.
The three priests decided something was wrong though. It was the costumes. The priests decided both thirteen-year-olds should be bare-ass naked. The boys felt really exposed and humiliated.
Johnny, hanging on the cross, his wrists tied, and his teenage dick hanging down was masturbated Father Charles until the boy’s small prick until it stood out stiff and bouncing.
“That looks so much better. Let’s give the kid three or four Viagra, so he stays that way all during the party.”
And it was decided that young Jeffrey in the manger should not only smile up at the priests looking down on him but should jerk his thirteen-year-old prick as well and perhaps play with his asshole.
The three priests had other more nefarious ideas as well. A sign would be put in the manger with Jeffery saying,
For a Five-Dollar Gift to Charity, You may Fuck Baby Jesus in the Mouth. A similar sign would stand next Johnny on the cross saying, For a Five-Dollar Gift to Charity, You May Whip the Dick and Balls of Jesus on the Cross.
The party rehearsal ended with Father Granger fucking both boys, while the other two priests settled for blowjobs.
It was going to be a grand party.