The Sun Will Never Set

(MB) (anal, oral, rim) (humil) (reluc)

Raju hurried across the tiled floor carefully carrying the large pot of hot water in his smooth young hands. Carrying such a full pot was dangerous. If he spilled any, he would be punished, but then, on the other hand, if the pot was not full or hot enough, he would be punished anyway.

Raju was naked. He hated the fact that the Captain insisted that he be naked when in the house. It humiliated and degraded the sensitive Indian boy. Why did Captain Meese require that he be naked? The answer was obvious. Captain Meese was something of a pervert. Not that Raju would have understood the word, pervert. Raju had a nicely muscled, tight, sinewy body. He was quite beautiful, like some temple painting. His dark eyes flashed, and his brown skin was the color of light milk chocolate.

His bare feet slapped on the cool tiles as he entered the room with the large porcelain Western style bathtub. Raju was doubly embarrassed because even at his young age, he had a rather large dick which swung as he walked and slapped his thighs. Raju’s friends teased him that someday he would make a wealthy marriage deal because all of the young girls would want a husband with such a dick! Raju sighed. There was not much chance of that in reality. He was forced to work for the British to send money home to his ailing grandfather. Raju’s grandfather had often said that someday, the British would be driven out of India, and the country would be free again. For young Raju, that day could not come quickly enough.

The first thing Raju saw upon entering the room was one of Captain’s Meese’s pale, muscular legs sticking up over the edge of the tub. His finely arched foot twisted and turned, and the toes wiggled. Captain Meese was considered by Westerners as an incredibly handsome young man. He was only nineteen-years-old but was a high-ranking officer in this part of India because his father had bought him the commission. Captain Meese knew next to nothing about commanding troops, battle strategy, or soldiering. He was the spoiled second son of a wealthy opium trader.

“Raju, you useless piece of fuck slop, where the fuck is the hot water?”

Captain Meese’s sharp tenor voice rang out and echoed in the peach colored room. Two slender but strong hands gripped the sides of the large tub, and Meese pulled himself up out of the warm water so that he could look about. His shimmering blue eyes made contact with Raju.

“Get over here with that water, fuckhole!”

Meese was indeed very handsome. Raju could see that. He had a slender but tightly muscled body. He had pale skin. His hair was curly and his face classically elegant with a fine straight nose and full lips. His ass was tight and round, firm from riding every day, and his dick was the pride of the regiment. Literally. The officers, when drunk one night had taken to measuring their cocks, and Captain Meese had become a legend. So famous was his cock that eligible young ladies hesitated to make themselves available to him for soirees and outings. Truth be told, Captain Meese was not interested in the spoiled daughters of wealthy Eastern traders. He had other, very different sexual tastes.

And poor Raju was on the receiving end of those tastes. To put it bluntly, Handsome Captain Meese fucked little Raju in the ass. Raju hated it but at the same time was overwhelmed by the sheer power and confidence of the British officer. Meese naturally assumed that the Indian boy would give his tender young ass to the Captain’s insatiable lust. And it was true. Raju did feel powerless with him—just as all of India had been raped by the British. Sometimes Raju had to take the enormous British dick up his small Indian ass three times a day. On good days, he was allowed to suck one or two loads from the Captain and only get ass fucked once. What was most disturbing was that Captain Meese just assumed he had the right to do this.

The evenings when he played cards with fellow officers were even worse. Raju had to serve them food and drink, and Captain Meese made the boy go totally naked even on these nights. Raju was a devout Hindu and knew that such behavior was taboo and sinful. Captain Meese would often lose most of his money quickly due to his heavy drinking and clouded mind. Sometimes a bit of opium sweetened the evening. Then he would use young Raju as collateral. Raju would have to suck the cocks of the other soldiers. Some of them were not scrupulously clean like Captain Meese. Some of them washed once every two weeks, and with the heat of the Indian weather, and the heavy uniforms they had to wear all day, every day, their bodies were rank with filth sometimes to the point of being infected. But the worst of all was when the other soldiers were given permission to fuck young Raju in the ass. He had been instructed by Captain Meese always to compliment the length and girth of a British soldier’s dick. He had been taught to beg for the cock like some cheap slut. He had to lick the cocks and balls and even the asses of the soldiers.

“Pour the water down at the foot end of the tub!” Meese said in a now languid voice.

He lifted and spread his legs, his huge balls floating on the water. His massive prick lay at a slanted angle on his stomach. Young Raju could not take his eyes off of the British cock. He didn’t know why. Perhaps it was true that the British were meant to rule the earth. Captain Meese was such a gorgeous specimen of manhood, Raju felt naturally submissive when with him. In a way, he was proud in front of the other boys and servants that he served Captain Meese. It gave him a kind of status. Captain Meese caught Raju looking at the pale, thick dick. He laughed a good-natured laugh.

“Want some of this cock again, do you, you filthy heathen fuck hole? I can see you drooling just looking at it like a midshipman eyeing his first schooner. You want it up your ass again, do you? I’d thought taking seven British dicks up your cunt last night would have satisfied you for a while, but I guess not. Look at your pizzle. It’s standing to!”

It was sadly true. Young Raju’s brown prick was getting erect. The pink head was poking out from the thick foreskin. He couldn’t cover himself. He was not allowed to touch his prick except on Captain Meese’s orders. Captain Meese wanted Raju to learn to feel sexual pleasure up deep inside his asshole, not from his dick. He wanted the young boy to derive erotic fulfillment only from Meese’s massive fuckmeat. Meese’s big pale pink salmon gave a lurch in the water like a frigate hitting a maelstrom, and then it began to thicken and harden.

Raju’s once tightly puckered asshole ached from the previous evening’s “pigsticking,” and he sorely hoped he could avoid another ass ramming this morning. Six of Meese’s friends had played a sort of blind man’s bluff game. They had blindfolded one of them at a time, and then the sightless officer had tried to slam his swollen fuckmeat up young Raju’s asshole without using any hands or guidance. It was a stupid game. To add to his humiliation, one of the officers had contracted a terrible cold and had stuffed his snot soaked handkerchief into Raju’s mouth. Raju had been ordered to suck it clean. At the end of the fuck session, young Lieutenant Finsborough had announced that Raju deserved a medal for his brilliant “cunt work” and so he had removed one of his own ribbon medals from his uniform AND PINNED IT THROUGH THE YOUNG INDIAN BOY’S NIPPLE! It was painful as hell, sure, but not as bad as it may sound. Captain Meese was inordinately fond of nipple torture and had often worked on Raju’s puffy young tits for hours at a time.

Captain Meese cheerfully justified his torture of Raju in a simple way. “I have to practice, old Chap. Suppose I catch a thug or dacoit and need to interrogate him. You could be providing a valuable service to the British Empire,” he would say while tugging on the boys already stretched and aching nipples, or worse, sticking a pin through the head of the Indian boy’s penis.

And yet, Raju did not hate Captain Meese. He somehow became more and more attached to him. He felt in a strange way that Captain Meese owned him.

Young, handsome, curly-headed Captain Meese stood up in the bathtub. The fresh, hot water was forgotten for the moment. His huge pink fucker had begun to drool pre-fuck.

“Smell it, Raju. Smell my freshly washed prick!”

The captain stood with his hands on his slender hips. Raju moved close, his own brown Indian dick hard and throbbing. He leaned down and inhaled the soapy smell of the Captain’s fuckmeat. Even the soap and water could not erase the natural masculine scent of the cock and balls.

“Go on, you little heathen, have a lick!”

Captain Meese smiled, thinking to himself that he was indeed charitable to these backward people. Raju extended his pink tongue and lapped at the dripping dickhead. Some pre-fuck coated his tongue. He slurped it into his mouth causing Meese to chuckle. Raju licked up and down the stalk knowing that if he did a good enough job, the captain would shoot his load thus avoiding a painful ass fuck. Raju licked up into the Captain’s soft prick hair. He licked down under the dick stalk to where the fuckmeat connects with the ball sack. He bathed the large ball sack with his tongue, lifting each nut in turn.

Captain Meese was delighted with Raju. He would otherwise have to satisfy his lust at one of the local molly houses set up outside of town. A molly house was a brothel with young boys, but many of them were dirty or diseased. There were so few outlets for normal sex in India that the soldiers welcomed boy ass and mouth. There was a saying that the mouth of a young Indian boy was as soft and warm and stimulating as any female cunt. Many soldiers grew to prefer boy ass and mouth to female pussy.

“That a boy, Raju. Lick me good. Lick me up and lick me down!”

Captain Meese turned around, and Raju knew what was to come now. Fortunately, the captain had just bathed. His muscular ass was clean. Raju carefully spread the pale, muscular ass cheeks. Then he extended his tongue and ran it up and down the Captain’s ass crack. Captain Meese let out a quiet sigh of contentment. Raju sucked on the hairs surrounding the puckered asshole. He wondered how Captain Meese would react if someone suggested fucking him in the ass. He would probably kill the bugger. Why did the white Raj assume that a brown boy’s asshole was fair game? Was Raju not a human? Was he not allowed dignity and free will?

“Come on, boy!”

The Captain pushed his beautiful ass out further, and Raju shoved his pink tongue up inside the British officer’s rectum. It was warm and moist and tasted soapy. Raju began to fuck his tongue in and out of the asshole, as Captain Meese liked him to do.

“I’m sorry, Raju, but I do feel like ass fucking you! Your bum is just too fucking tempting. I’ll do my best to go easy, but you know how carried away I get when my saber is embedded in a nice hot, tight cunt! After I fuck you, and you lick me clean, I’ll soak in the tub a bit more, and you can fetch more hot water!”

He was so fucking handsome standing there in the tub, the sunlight pouring through the shutters and caressing his sculpted warrior’s body, that Raju felt weak in the knees. He turned around, so his back was to the Captain with his legs up against the edge of the tub. He bent over, reached back, and spread his small brown ass cheeks. His hole was red and raw from the fucking of the previous evening. It stung terribly when Captain Meese rubbed his swollen dickhead across the Indian ass pucker.

“The sun will never set on the British Empire,” Captain Meese sang out, as he rammed his thick throbbing fuckmeat deep into the Indian boy in a single brutal thrust.