The Room

(MB) (anal, ws) (humil)

He began to whimper like a wounded puppy the moment I entered the room. Of course, he couldn't speak, with the tape over his mouth. He lay on his stomach on the checkered bed sheet; his strong, young legs tied to two corners of the bed. His arms were tied together in the small of his back, which emphasized his considerable shoulder muscles. He was the perfect specimen of sixteen-year-old jock boyhood.

I stood for a moment just staring at his great beauty. And, I could only see his rear. Only his rear, that's a joke. His rear was not an only! His rear was magnificent. It was his hot, young, teenage ass that first attracted me to him. I had seen a photo of him in his high school football uniform in the local paper with his back was turned, and his beautiful, muscular ass cheeks were on full display. I managed a trip to the school disguised as somebody from the water company. I scoured the gymnasium and locker rooms for days until I saw him step out of the shower.

Now, there were other beautiful boys, lots of them, but not for me. Not just now. My mind and big, hard, throbbing, drooling dick were obsessed with sixteen-year-old, Jeremy Masters. And, now, looking down at him struggling and whimpering on the bed, I knew I had made the right choice. His back was tan, smooth, and well-muscled. He had a tiny waist, those perfect, pale, ass mounds with that tempting teenage ass crack; strong, well-formed jock legs; and large, arched, teenage feet with the full, fat, big toes.

Jeremy stood six feet when he stood. He had broad shoulders and strong pecs capped by two quarter-sized nipples. He must have had an excess of testosterone because even at sixteen, he seemed all male — fucking, macho, teenage male. And, of course, to match his darkly handsome, good looks, he had the dick other boy’s dream about. Some guys have all the luck. This dick hung six inches flaccid and was as thick as a cucumber. Hard it stood at almost ten. Fucking freak dick on a sixteen-year-old, go figure. I'll bet his own father was fucking jealous of him. He had huge balls too, and when I first saw him in the locker room, he walked around bare-assed, letting all the other boys drool with envy over his equipment. I remember seeing his big nuts swinging as he walked, joking with the other kids. The star pupil of the school. Straight A's. All-state athlete. Only sixteen and he had already fucked twelve girls.

As I approached the bed, he began to buck and whimper more. I reached down and stroked the back of his head, twisting my fingers in his thick black hair.

“Your hair is starting to grow nicely now. Wouldn't it be ironic if the thing that slowed us up was your hair not growing?”

He had had a short, choppy, jock haircut when I abducted him, but now I could already see curl coming in. I leaned down and tore the tape off his mouth, revealing full lips, the lower one heavy and sensual. He knew what do to since this had been a morning ritual since he came to my home. He opened his sexy cocksucker mouth and stuck out the condom-covered tongue.

“All clean? Did you suck the rubber all clean? Very good, Jeremy. You know, I found this dirty rubber in the dumpster behind a motel, so I think it might have come from a newlywed's cock. Could you taste the bride's pussy juice on it? Then again, it might have come from some nigger dick used to fuck a two-bit hooker. It's a pretty fucking big, stretched-out dick sheath. It must have been on a big cock. Did you notice from the flavor, would you say he fucked her in the asshole with it?”

The teenager choked and gagged at my little joke. He didn’t think it was very funny. Have you noticed how the sense of humor changes from generation to generation?

“Thirsty baby?” I asked him.

His eyes looked up at me, so sad that it made my dick twitch in my pants. I took the glass from the nightstand next to the bed and unzipped my fly. I took out my own big fucker. His frightened doe eyes always grew larger when he saw my dick. Fear gave the young athlete cartoon eyes. I draped my fat cockhead over the rim of the glass and relaxed. A heavy spray of strong yellow piss shot into the glass. I filled the glass to the very top. Then I set it on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to Jeremy. I put a straw into the glass and help it to the boy’s lips.

“Here, Baby, drink your morning juice.”

At first, I'd had to use the cattle prod, but now he drank like a good little boy. I find that with the right stimulation, a teenage boy can get used to anything. He drank down all the piss.

“Do you have to piss, honey?” I asked him.

He moved his full lips, but no sound came out. His voice was mostly gone from screaming so much. I went over to retrieve the bedpan. I sat it down between his spread legs and reached beneath that gorgeous ass, allowing my hands to stroke the perfect ass cheeks first before pulling down his fat, teenage prick, and full, young balls. I held the dick to the hole in the bedpan, and soon I heard the spray of the boy's piss. Nice, healthy, teenage piss. The kid had a large pisshole, so the spray was quite impressive. I listened to the piss hit the metal dish like music and smiled. I would use the piss in the boy’s afternoon soup. Waste not, want not.

When the kid had finished, I untied his feet and flipped him over onto his back, then pulled his legs up and retied them bent at the knee and spread against his chest. Now he was spread open like a two-bit whore waiting to be fucked. A real cute sight in a sixteen-year-old jock boy. This revealed his huge scrotum and thick, flaccid prick to my gaze. Each time I saw it, it amazed me. It was fucking perfect.

“I saw your girlfriend on the news last night. She was sobbing and begging the kidnappers to return you safely. I had to laugh, Jeremy. She said she loved you and would always love you. But, shit, kid, you know how horny, hot, little cunts of fifteen get. She's probably getting dicked by your best buddy already.”

Jeremy whimpered. I played with his big, hairless nuts. They hadn’t been hairless when the boy had joined me. No, no, I told you, this kid was leaking man juice. No, I had permanently removed all his ball, crotch, tummy, armpit and asshole hair until he was now smooth as a five-year-old. It somehow made his dick and balls look even larger.

“What's her name, Samantha? Well, Jeremy, do you suppose Samantha is sucking some new teenage dick already? I'd bet on it. After all, you've been with me a week.”

I had fetched the enema bag and hose and now inserted the nozzle into his sweet, pink asshole.

“That's the trouble with cunts, they need cock so badly, they can't control themselves. But, you know that don't you? I'll bet they'd slobber over this big, beautiful, prick of yours. This afternoon, I'm going to suck that big dick real nice for you. And, you can give me a nice big load of boy sauce. But, now, let's get your ass cleaned out. Let me just get this soap water into your rectum.

“Oh, your parents were on TV again too last night. Jesus, you’d think you were the only story in the news. They pleaded for your safe return, and I wanted to telephone them. I wanted to say, ‘Hey, you suburban fuck ups, the boy is fine. He's safe. And like I promised him, if he does everything I ask and obeys real good, barring any unforeseen accidents, he will be returned to you in perfect health, once our little project is finished.

“Oh, stop crying for heaven's sake. Sixteen-year-old jocks don’t cry. There, is your tummy all nice and bloated with soap water? I know I forced it in a little fast this morning, but we have lots to do. Now, hold it in there when I remove the tube. Don't let a drop out. Not a single drop or I have to get the cattle prod.

“My God, boy, do you have any idea how beautiful your asshole is? Most sixteen-year-old boys don't. That's because nobody ever bothered to appreciate their bodies and their sexuality. Nobody ever teaches a teenage boy to enjoy his asshole.”

“Please, please sir, I can't hold it anymore.”

His voice was hoarse as I said, but also thick and heavy with teenage sexuality.

“Nonsense, you meant to say, you couldn’t stand the stomach cramps. I've known boys much younger than you to hold it for hours. Of course, the cramps almost drove them mad, but the fear of what would happen if the let go encouraged them to comply. Did the coach of your football team ever give you boys enemas?”

He moaned in pain, and his bent back legs tensed. His toes curled.

“I asked you a question, cocksucker. Did your coach ever give you boys enemas?”

“No,” he groaned. “No, sir, he didn't.”

“Pity. If I coached a high school football team, I'd make the boys all give each other enemas every day. Can you see those cute, little boys shoving tubes up each other’s asshole? Take it easy, I'm getting the pan now. I'm just trying to make pleasant conversation with you.”

I placed the metal dish beneath his ass, back far enough to see the brown slop spray out of the hole. Five or six nice sized boy turds came out as well. This was so humiliating for the poor kid. I loved it.

“Some nice turds there, they'll go well with the soup I’ll make for you for lunch.”

His darling slightly freckled teenage nose wrinkled up in disgust, but he knew I wasn’t kidding. Making a teenage boy eat shit now and then is the best way to whittle him down to size. No teenager who has eaten shit dares think of his self-image as too auspicious. A big, handsome, egotistical, teenage jock like Jeremy Masters needed to eat shit to humble him. So he did. I do believe he hated that even more than the fucking and sucking. When he had finished, I cleaned his asshole inside and out.

“Now, then, I think we are ready for today's lessons. Let me see, where were we yesterday? It was the thirteen-inch dildo, wasn't it? So today we try for fourteen, huh?”

“Oh, God, please, no. You're going to kill me. I can't take any more. I just can't.”

“You know what, fuckwad, just because you are so recalcitrant, I'm going to skip the fourteen incher and go right to fifteen inches.”

He started to sob already. His fair young skin was slick with fear sweat. I pulled out a terrifying rubber cock as thick as a baseball bat.

“Now, this baby will go right up into your intestines, so you should be able to feel that way up into your guts. Of course, I'm not actually as concerned with the length as I am with the width. Our goal here is to turn your asshole into a stretched out cunt, just like what you did to those teenage twats with your big dick. Man, I'll bet those little, virgin pussies were in pain for weeks after you porked them the first time. I want your asshole to stay open even when there isn't something in it – stretched out like a fresh, young whore's pussy waiting for dick. We wanna turn these ass lips into stretched out pussy lips.”

I had to stop to hear what the young jock was moaning about, and sure enough, the boy cunt was praying. Praying. Well, you see what good harsh discipline can do. It can send a straying, girl-fucking, teen punk straight back to Jesus.

“Of course, once I get two hands up there, we'll really be able to do some nice cunt stretching work. I showed you those videos, so you know it's possible. The question of course is, is it possible with you? Every boy is built differently, but I have the feeling you will make a fine cunthole. Do you want the plug in your mouth, so you don’t bite your tongue off from the pain?”

I took the hard rubber mouth plug shaped like a cock from the glass filled with dog cum.

“Do you think dog cum tastes more bitter than human cum? I've heard varying reports from different boys. Open wide, don't fight me, Jeremy, you know you need the plug in your mouth to bite on. Don't act like a silly twat, this certainly isn't the first time you've tasted doggie sperm. What about our little episode with that boxer the other day? I never suspected you would be such a fussy eater. My first inclination, of course, was when that Latino kid blew his nose in your mouth. My goodness, the fuss you made. I thought you'd never stop puking. You must have had the dry heaves for fifteen minutes. Now bite down on the plug, because it’s hollow you'll get some nice squirts of canine cum in your mouth. Jesus, Jeremy, you are one handsome teenage stud. You are certainly cute enough to be a movie star. Well, shall we get to it?

“To lube or not to lube, that is the question. I think not. It’ll make for a richer experience. I love it when you curl your toes in fear like that. It is so fucking hot. Owweeee, look how hard your titties are. Those big fucking balls always get in the way though. Tonight, I'm going to see if I can stuff your balls up your cunt. That should be fun, huh? Admit it, isn’t this more fun than twat fucking? Look at all the attention you are getting, and how much I appreciate your fine young muscular body.”

I placed the apple-sized dildo head against his tender, pink ass lips.

“Remember the first day, when I didn't have you piss first, and you sprayed me with pee when I shoved it in. That was my fault, totally my fault. I should have realized the fear and pain of having your ass violated for the first time might cause you to lose it. Oh, my, that dickhead looks humongous against your teenage asspussy. Well, here goes, bite down hard now. You know I like to go in hard and fast and deep. I like the feeling of your entire teenage body impaled. I love to see it quiver and shake and knowing that every day, in every way, you are becoming more of a cunt.”

I shoved the dildo head through the swollen ass pucker into the rectum. He grunted and bucked, his cute, sad eyes filling with tears. I loved looking at how the asscunt flesh stretched around the dildo.

“That is a beautiful sight. I wish your parents could see this – The Gaping Pussy of Jeremy Masters. Their nice big strapping teenage son turned into a pussy. Now don't pass out on me boy, you know how angry that makes me. Stay with me here. I don't want to have to beat your scrotum again. Here come five inches thick as a baseball bat.”

I shoved. He went nuts on the bed. His young body actually levitated right up off the mattress. His toes curled so hard they became pale white. He sucked and bit on the cock plug, doggie cum forgotten. His breathing grew heavy and thick like he had a chest cold.

“Going for ten inches baby, this is how the young cunts feel when you fuck their brains out.”

A rasping gurgle bubbled from his throat as I shoved in five more inches. His asshole was a fuck hole. A dick tunnel. A stretched-out cumdump.

“You know, when I finish with you, you’ll probably have to wear diapers at home to prevent you from shitting your pants. You’ll most likely lose all control, but what you gain is a wonderful cunt for fucking. Of course, your pussy will be too stretched out for most normal dicks. You'll probably have to look for a ranch with some nice horse dick. I’m going to help with that before you leave me. I've got a friend in Mexico who specializes in horse and donkey shows, and I've already sent him your picture. Of course, he was very taken with you.

“I really believe this dildo gets wider as it gets toward the base because your pussy looks ready to split open. You need some more stretching exercises. The trick is to stretch it slowly, a little a day. I want this cunt to be able to open twice this wide eventually.

“Oh, stop moaning, I know you don't think it possible now, but wait a week or so. And, if we ignore the pain, there's really no problem. Jesus, you've gotten my dick hard as a rock. You know, you just have to learn to handle the pain. That's partly why I picked a tough, jock football player. You've experienced lots of pain. Not like this in your ass twat, but pain nonetheless.

“Here come four more inches. Oh, my, it’s hitting up against something. I'm going to have to push harder. Hang on, boy. Here let me slap your balls a few times to keep you attentive. Did you little girlfriends ever lick and suck your nuts? I'll bet they loved that sweaty ball bag flavor. You are getting better at licking my nuts, I wanna tell you. You did fairly well last night. Guys liked their nuts licked. Their nuts and assholes, we haven’t gotten to that yet, but we will one of these days. I like it when a boy shoves his tongue way up inside the asshole and massages the inner rectum lining with the tongue while his lips are sucking at the ass lips. I'm a real sucker for that. I've been known to sit on a boy's face for two or three hours at a time.

“Ever have any twat suck your ass? I don't think most teenage girls are into that. Sometimes you gotta slap the bitch around a bit to get her to service you properly.

“Okay, now. Still with me? Shit, are you sweating? Now, I'm gonna fuck the dildo in and out of your cunt really hard. And, I'm gonna push it in as hard and deep as I can on each in thrust. Hang on, boy, this is going to be wild!”

I fucked the kid's ass for twenty minutes until he was reduced to a mindless piece of fucked out garbage. Afterward, leaving the dildo in his fucked out pussy, I sat by his head with a damp, cool cloth. I bathed away the fever and the pain, and the endless horror. I stroked his cheeks.

“You did really well today. I always feel it’s better to get the painful part over with in the morning, don't you? Then the rest of the day you can just relax and suck cock and stuff. I 'm sure now that within a few weeks you'll have a wide open whore cunt, able to any sized cock.

“The hormone injections are starting to work. And I spoke to the man yesterday evening about the titty implants for you. He thinks that by the time we finish, you'll have nice big tits like a real slut girl. Of course, your cock and balls will shrink from the hormones, but yours are so fucking big, we may have to have them surgically removed.

“Don't cry, think of all the pleasure that beautiful new cunt of yours is going to bring you. And, I am convinced your parents will love you just as much as a girl as they did as a boy. My six foot tall, muscular, sixteen-year-old jock twat!”