The Rape

(MB) (anal, fist, oral, scat, ws) (snuff, tort, viol) (rape)
Brutal Pedo (Cennys)

The boy is lying gagged on his back on the black leather bed, hands and feet tied securely down. His arms have been stretched back behind his head, so his ribs are jutting out to the ceiling, exposing his small pink nipples. His pale nine-year-old, almost four foot tall, forty-two-pound body is skinny and malnourished, making him look even younger than he is. It’s just as the man likes his boys: fragile body, breakable and fuckable.

The hairless pre-pubescent cock and small balls lie limp on his taut stomach. He is just waking up and does not know how he has gotten to this bare room. There is only light on the area around the bed. He is scared, and so he should be.

The door opens, and a muscular young man walks in. All he is wearing is a black leather jock strap. You can see the bulge that contains his ten-inch semi-erect, uncut cock and heavy balls. His ripped stomach features eight deep ridges of abdominal muscles. His broad chest and hard brown nipples are smooth and tanned, gleaming with sweat. His legs are muscled and covered in some blond hair. He has not used deodorant in preparation for fucking this kid so the boy cannot escape his strong, musky man scent. He walks over to the bed.

“Hey, boy, let me explain what is going to happen.” He leans close to the boy’s ear. “You’re a tiny pathetic little kid, and I’m a big strong man, and I’m going to do what the fuck I like to you, do you understand?”

The timid boy nods. The man then straddles the boy so that his bulging jock strap is inches from the boy’s face.

Looking down at the kid the man says, “I’m going to show you something now.”

He takes off the jock strap in one movement and throws it to the floor. His huge, sticky semi-erect cock unfurls and lolls just an inch from the boy’s nose. The man pulls back his foreskin and reveals the fat purple head at the end of his swelling hairy piece of meat.
“This is what a man’s cock looks like, boy, not like your pathetic little-shriveled dicklet. Now smell it. You smell that?” The boy nods. “That’s piss and cum. You can’t cum because you’re an underdeveloped little cunt. I think you need to smell something else.”
The man stands up and crouches over the boy’s face. His muscled ass is very hairy, especially around his hole that is large and dark.
“I’m gonna make you smell my hairy asshole, you little shit because you need to have the smell of me in your nostrils while I fuck your body over. Do you wanna smell it, little guy?”
The frightened boy furiously shakes his head negatively.
“No? But I don’t think you have a choice, do you?”
The boy doesn’t know what to do.
“No, I don’t think you do.”
He slowly starts to lower his splayed hairy, unclean asshole, his thick, mature cock hardening. The boy starts to shake his head and makes muffled little high-pitched screams as the man’s asshole comes closer. The man stops an inch away from the boy’s pleading face.
”What’s the matter boy, you don’t want it?”
No goes the boy’s head.
“Shame,” the man says and lands two hundred pounds of sweaty asshole on the boy’s face. He holds it there for fifteen seconds feeling the boy’s face struggle between his solid cheeks and then comes up again. The boy gasps for air.
“D’ya like that?”
The boy shakes his head.
The man laughs, “Wrong answer.”
He slams his hairy anus on the boy's lips again with greater force. He stays down for thirty seconds but does not want the kid to pass out, not just yet anyway, so he comes back up. The boy is red in the face and has the taste and smell of the man’s cock and ass all over.
“Good boy. Now, you’re going to suck my cock.”
The boy looks at the huge, hard cock with fear in his eyes.
“Yes, it’s thicker than your mouth, so I’m going to enjoy pushing it in slowly. Now I’m gonna take off your gag. You can scream if you like, but we’re so far away from anyone that nobody will hear you and your high pitched boy yelps will just make me angrier and harder. And if I’m harder and angrier, I’ll fuck you more fiercely. Do you understand, you little fuckhole?”
The boy nods his nine-year-old head. The man takes off the gag, and the boy breathes deeply.
“Good boy. Now I’m going to wipe my sticky cock all over your face because I can do what the fuck I like to you.”
Slowly, but with pressure, the man rubs his slimy ten-inch meat over every part of the boy’s face, lingering under his nose so the skinny piece of shit can’t help but inhale the smell of cum and man piss.
“Smell good, boy? That’s the smell of a man who’s going to fuck you up. You wanna suck it?”
But before the boy has a chance to answer, the man takes the back of the boy’s head in his hand and positions the sticky head of his fat cock on the boy’s lips and drives it in, the boy’s pink little mouth stretching as wide as it can go around the man’s cock. The back of the boy’s head is wet with sweat from his exertions so far. Now that the whole tip of his cock is in, the man places his hands behind the boy’s head in a press-up position and starts to face fuck the scrawny pathetic kid slowly. The boy’s grunting in discomfort. The man love’s the sound. His muscles mean that press ups are easy. All the boy can see is the man’s muscular hairy eight-pack and the thick shaft of his cock sliding in and out of his vision. The man’s cock tastes salty and keeps hitting the back of his throat. After bench pressing the little cunt’s mouth for five minutes, the man isn’t satisfied.
“Well, I think it’s your turn to get some attention.”
He climbs off the bed and takes his black jockstrap that’s stained with piss and dick juice and gags the boy with it.
“This isn’t so you can’t be heard because nobody would hear you anyway. It’s so I can hear your muffled screams.”
He gets a large box and sets it down on the bed at the boy’s feet. Out of it, he takes two black metal clamps.
“These are for your little pink nipples. I want to make sure that they’re nice and sore.”
He opens the clasps and positions them over the boy’s tender nine-year-old nipples. He then watches as the tiny pink flesh gets squeezed between the metal. The boy screams in discomfort. The man smiles at the boy as he writhes. The clamps are sticking up in the air sway but hold themselves firmly in place.
Once the boy has calmed down, the man walks around to the base of the bed. He releases two lengths of the black cord from the ceiling and unties the boy’s feet. He then lifts them in the air and splays the boy’s legs securing his feet with the ropes from the ceiling so that he is in a sling position.
“What do we have here?’ the man says looking down between the kid’s skinny splayed legs.
Looking past his pulsing hairy cock, he can see the pale and pathetic nine-year-old genitals. The boy’s smooth dicklet and balls are shriveled with fear.
“You listening, kid? Because I really want to make you suffer. I’m going to clamp your scrawny little cock and balls so that you don’t feel any pleasure. I’m the guy who gets to enjoy himself, not you.”
He takes from the box a small black metal clamp only an inch and a half across made especially for a prepubescent boy. He grabs the boy’s genitals roughly causing him to squirm and then fixes the immature genitals tightly into the clamp. It only takes a few seconds for them to start to turn light purple as the blood is cut off. The boy does not stop moving and moaning with the pain.
“You better stop whining boy, or I’ll make you stop.”
The kid doesn’t stop. The man climbs back on top of the bed and crouches over the boy’s face again.
“You want me to make you stop?”
The boy keeps on whining. The man rips out the boy’s gag.
“Do you?”
He positions his sweaty, hairy asshole over the boy’s nose and lips.
“You gonna stop now?”
The kid doesn’t.
The man once again slams his juicy hairy anus onto the nine-year-old boy’s face. His muscled hairy ass cheeks envelop the kid’s face and his heavy balls and fat, lolling cock hang over the kid’s forehead. He presses his asshole into the boy’s face for fifteen seconds before releasing. He pulls away only a quarter inch, just enough distance to let out a fucking heavy fart up the boy’s nostrils.
“Fuck yeah. Smell that, kid.”
He reaches a hand around the back of the boy’s head, grabs a handful of the runt’s hair and forces the kid’s face back up to his splayed hairy hole so that his fetid fart can’t escape.
“Breathe it in, kid. Breathe it!’
The boy inhales deeply filling his lungs with the man’s fart. The man holds his ass there for a good ten seconds before releasing again.
The kid gasps for breath. He’s stopped moaning.
“That’s better.”
The man stuffs the gag back in the kid’s mouth and walks around to the base of the bed again. He forces the boy’s legs back and as wide as they will go so that the kid’s butt is pointing to the ceiling. He then secures the brat’s ankles in the new position so he can move. The man looks down at the nine-year-old boy’s tiny, exposed, pink hole.
“Nice little pussy you got there, boy. Looks really tight. You know what I’m gonna do?”
The kid shakes his head in fear.
“I’m gonna stretch it, so it’s wide and sloppy.”
The man spits on the boy’s hole and wipes two of his fingers in it and then slowly but firmly forces them into the kid’s anus. He can feel the prepubescent butthole resisting, but it is not strong enough and gives way suddenly so that the man’s fingers plunge in up to the knuckles. The boy screams in pain.
“Fuck yeah. Did that hurt, boy? Well, that’s what happens when you fight back.”
The man starts working the kid’s asshole firmly but not too rough. He doesn’t want the kid to bleed and make a mess. He pulls three fingers out of the kid’s cunt and watches as it spasms back closed. The boy screams.
“Shut the fuck up, kid.”
He rips out the gag again and forces his three fingers down the boy’s throat.
“Now taste your ass like a good kiddy whore.”
The kid starts gagging. The man withdraws his fingers.
“Whose ass tastes better, mine or yours?”
The kid doesn’t know what to do.
“Mine?” says the boy’s tiny voice.
The man shakes his head.
“Aaaw, that’s the wrong answer. Am I going to have to show you how to eat asshole?”
He slaps the kid’s face.
The kid starts crying. The man punches the kid straight in his tiny balls.
The man gags his scream with his hand.
“Well am I?” the man shouts into the runt’s face.
He waits until the boy’s stopped moaning and he takes his hand away.
“No, yours! Yours does taste better,” the boy murmurs.
“Well, that’s more like it.”
The man regags the boy.
“And seeing as you say you like to eat hairy shit hole, I’m gonna give you a nice big helping later. First I’m gonna stretch your little kiddy hole. I’m going to fuck your tight butthole until I get all ten inches of my meaty weapon inside you. Think you can take it?”

Some Hours Later
The man rips his fist out of the boy’s ruined hole. It is covered in ass slime the boy’s cunt produced to reduce the friction. Waste of time. As the man pulls out, the boy’s lapsed butthole lets out a long wet fart as the air the man had punched up in him escapes. The boy shudders with pain. His once so tight little shit hole is red raw, puffed and sagging. His hairless, little, prepubescent sphincter muscle has failed and gaped three inches in diameter. The kid’s only just conscious and whimpers like the pathetic brat that he is.
“Fuck, yeah. I told you I’d destroy your nine-year-old hole, boy. Hey, wake up, kid.”
He slaps the boy in the face. The boy’s still sleepy. He punches the kid square in the balls again, and he screams.
“Yeah, that got your attention. You’ve got to stay awake for the final bit of fun. I’m gonna show you what I really think of you.”
The man suddenly gets hard at the thought of his plan, and the boy starts to fret. So he should. The man climbs up onto the bed and stands over the boy with his booted feet either side of the kid’s stretched skinny body. He then takes down two ropes from the ceiling strong enough to take his weight, lifts himself up and places his feet about four foot apart on the wall. He now hovers three feet above the boy at an angle so that the kid looks straight at the man’s monster hard cock, heavy balls and splayed muscled hairy asshole.
“I’ve been waiting all night to do this you pathetic fucking runt.”
The kid can’t believe his eyes. The man’s hairy dark purple ass hole is slowly opening, and the thick dark brown shit log is sliding out of it. If someone walked in right now, all they’d see would be a six foot six, muscled, hairy man having a shit while suspended over a bound, skinny, tortured nine-year-old boy with a ruined gaping asshole.
“Yeaaah, fuck yeah!”
The man screams as the kid starts to cry. The shit log has grown to five inches now and is as thick as the man’s cock.
“Take that you spoilt little cock sucker.”
He cuts the shit off with his hairy sphincter it falls and lands hard on the boy’s stretched rib cage between his tortured clamped red nipples.
“You like that?’
The boy shakes his head, tears streaming down his face.
“No? Well then you really won’t like this, you little shit eater. Hear what I called you? Yeah, that’s right: shit eater.”
The man places his feet on each side of the kid and slowly crouches over the boy’s face.
“Now, I tell you what I’m going to do. I want to cum. You can’t do that because you’re a puny, underdeveloped, skinny boy, but I’m a mature hairy fucker who likes to cum after fucking over little boy’s bodies. What I’m going to do is very slowly lower my shit covered asshole onto your mouth, and then I’m going to rub my man shit all over your face because you deserve it and then I’m going to hold my crack and ass cheeks over your nose and mouth until I suffocate you. I’m going to be pumping my fucking massive boy-raping man meat until I shoot my load.  The last thing you’re going to experience is the smell and taste of my shit.” He rips the gag out of the kid’s mouth. “Okay, boy?”
The boy’s terrified and shaking his head, trying to get out of his bondage.
“No, please, no!”
This reaction gets the man harder, so he starts to slowly lower his asshole right down onto the boy’s mouth. The whole room smells of the man’s shit and piss and is full of the kid’s screams echoing off the walls. That is until the man’s slimy asshole makes contact with the kid’s mouth. It feels so fucking hot. The kid’s struggling mouth wipes the shit around so that the man’s ass hair is full of boy spit. The man starts to rub his splayed hole hard over the boy’s face, the coarse hair on his ass scratching the helpless nine-year-old victim. After doing this and pumping his cock for a good five minutes the man raises himself, so he’s a foot above the boy’s face.
“I want you to see this, boy. I want you to take a good look at my asshole, as it’s going to be the last thing you see, taste and smell, you little skinny fucking punk.”
The man groans and uses his rock hard abs to push out his asshole into a fat dirty rosebud. The boy starts to shake his head, anything to get out of the firing line.
“No, please, no I don’t want to, please.”
And then thinking that he’s smart, the boy jams his mouth shut. The man smiles to himself.
“You don’t think that’s going to work, do you?”
He reaches down and pinches the brat’s nostrils closed, so he’s forced to open his mouth. As the kid gasps, the man takes the opportunity to land his fat filthy rosebud right inside the boy’s mouth. He can feel the boy’s lips tightly wrapped around his protruding anus while he’s pumping his thick cock.
“Yeah, that’s good.”
The kid, trying to force out the man’s anus, only makes it feel better for the hairy rapist.
Once he’s sure his sphincter is in the little fuck’s mouth, he arches his muscled back, strains his entire body and forces out his last two-inch thick turd into the kid’s mouth.
“Aaah,” the man growls, veins popping out on his neck, hairy arms, and legs.
“That’s right, kid, eat my filth, you worthless fuck.”
The man forces out a loud fart, firing any remaining chunks of shit and gas into the nine-year-old boy’s mouth, so the kid’s cheeks blow out until the man let’s go of his nose.
“Oh yeah, suck on my gas. Taste my shit.”
All the time, he’s pumping his huge veiny cock. The man then momentarily lifts up so that he can look at the long trail of slime and shit that leads from his hole to the boy’s smeared face. The kid’s eyes are pleading with him to stop.
“Too late, you little shit hole. No fucking way.”
He slams back down, enveloping the boy’s mouth and nose with his hairy ass cheeks so that this time there’s no way he can breathe. He’s now pumping his ten-inch cock harder than ever. The boy’s struggling beneath him, trying in vain to throw the muscular man off his skinny nine-year-old frame. The man can feel himself getting close. His heavy balls are starting to rise into him. The boy is getting weaker and weaker and starting to struggle less and less. The man’s cum is gathering at the base of his balls. The boy’s nearly given up so just before he does, the man, with one hand pumping his fat boy-raping cock, reaches around behind him with the other hand and with all his strength rams his fist down the kid’s upturned gaping hole. It gives way easily and just as his thick-muscled arm gets up to the elbow, the walls of the destroyed prepubescent butthole tear open. The kid lets out a scream that’s muffled by the man’s hairy muscled butt. The boy expels his last breath, and the man shoots a massive load of cum all over the wall behind him.
“Fuuuuuuuck.  Yeaaaaah!”
He’s shooting spunk for a good fifteen seconds, wiping his filthy ass all over the boy’s face. He rides back and forth over the dead nine-year-old boy’s fucked over body, load after load of thick hot cum spurting out of his cock.
When he’s finished cumming, he raises himself off the kid and stands on the foot of the bed. Once his throbbing cock is back to a semi, he holds his cock and starts to piss on the kid’s limp body. Firing a hot stream of strong piss, he starts with the boy’s face filling his open shit-filled mouth and washing away some of the ass hairs that had stuck to the brat’s lips. Then over the kid’s still-clamped red-raw nipples and the fat turd he left stinking between them, the piss drumming on the nine-year-old boy’s skinny stretched ribcage. Then down over the boy’s abused clamped cock and balls, all hairless, pathetic and shriveled with the kid’s terror of being raped, and then down and into the boy’s completely ruined gaping asshole. The piss is filling up the hole and making the sound of filling up a bucket it’s now so deep and wide. Just before it is almost full the yellow piss escapes through the raw tear in the boy’s hole has destroyed the wall, and it flows down the base of the kid’s back, off the bed between the man’s boots and onto the floor.
The man finishes pissing on the raped boy’s pathetic body and then steps back a couple of feet. He knows how he is going to finish off this kid. He clenches both of his hairy fists and rests them together on the kid’s annihilated hole, takes a deep breath mustering all of his depraved little-boy-raping muscle and punches forward thrusting both fists down the dead boy’s torn hole. At first, there’s a little resistance but then the tear rips right up to the nine-year-old boy’s useless ball sac, and suddenly, he’s elbows deep inside the boy, the lifeless prepubescent boy-cunt stretching to the will of its man.
“Now, you’re my boy.”
The man’s hot piss is oozing down his arms and as he withdraws from the boy’s ruptured hole his massive fists get lodged inside the kid’s anus so that he violently has to jerk back letting the tied up raped boy’s body smack back onto the leather bed, covered in man piss, cum, and shit.
He takes a photo and then leaves.