The Price of Stardom

(MB) (anal, oral,rim) (nc)

Chuck was a bit big star, and young Johnny, who was only twelve when the show started was thrilled to be playing his son in the important new television western. This was way back in the 1950s, a time when nobody cared much or listened to the complaints or plight of a little kid. Lawsuits for assault were few and far between. Besides, little Johnny was trapped; his own Ma and Pa said so. After all, they had signed a contract, and if Johnny quit the show, his family could be sued for everything they had. Everything they owned was not much. Johnny becoming a TV star, was their one chance to escape from their poverty. So, the truth was, nobody would listen much to Johnny’s complaints.

Besides, you know how boys fantasize and make a big deal out of everything. And Chuck was so nice to Johnny’s family. He was so polite and so professional to work with. And he took a friendly shine to young Johnny right from the beginning. At the press conferences, he would sling one muscular arm around the little boy’s shoulder and hug him. He would look down at the boy with loving affection. He would smile and joke with the kid. He could pick the twelve-year-old kid up and sling him over his shoulder like a sack of flour. All through filming, he made sure in front of cast and crew that the boy was treated fairly with due consideration of the fact that Johnny was a child actor of twelve. And the show did make Johnny famous. It did bring in money. He became famous all over America, and he received hundreds of letters each week from boys who wanted to be just like him. ‘Not if they knew the truth,’ he thought. Many a lonely boy wrote to Johnny saying, “I wish I had a Dad just like Chuck. He is so handsome and so muscular and not afraid of anything.”


Well, he did not seem to be afraid of anything that was for sure. And he was very handsome. He did not wear a shirt much of the time on the show when he was working on the ranch or going around inside the cabin. His chest was terribly powerful with a light dusting of hair. Johnny was very aware of Chuck’s large brown nipples, and his almost always moist, sweaty hairy armpits. Chuck’s armpits always smelled of manhood and sweat. He had a killer smile and was very strong. Chuck always wore his tight jeans slung really low on his hips. The costume designer often had to remind Chuck that he could not wear underwear with those jeans as the waistband of underwear or a jock strap would show in the shirtless scenes, and they did not have modern underwear or jock straps in the old west. Johnny knew that Chuck went naked under those tight jeans. The jeans made Chuck’s powerful, super large manhood show quite clearly in a huge lump. In the back, Chuck’s meaty muscular butt Cheeks were equally as evident. They were muscular, meaty slabs of ass. Over the years of the show, from the time the kid was twelve until he was fifteen, he became well acquainted with both the lump in front and the ass slabs behind.


On this particular Tuesday, Johnny was already dressed in costume for the scenes they were shooting that day. In the show, Johnny’s ma had died, and he lived alone with his dad. Now, Johnny stood in front of Chuck’s trailer, his hand starting to shake as he raised his fist to knock on the star’s door.




“Come in,” Chuck’s mellow low baritone voice politely said.


Johnny’s legs grew weak as he climbed the two steps up into the trailer. He opened the door. The light was gloomy in the trailer, with motes of dust floating in the rays of sunlight coming in through the slatted blinds. Chuck stood across the room, naked from the low waistband of his jeans up. The jeans rode so low that young Johnny could actually see the top of the man’s pubic bush. Johnny took in the tight muscular stomach, the belly button, the hips, and slender waist, the impressive pecs on the man, and his handsome face. When Chuck saw who it was, he immediately dropped the welcoming smile.


“You’re late, you useless little pile of shit! Close and lock the door and close the blinds. Make it snappy; they’re going to call us to the set any minute.”


Johnny’s legs almost collapsed at the very sound of the man. He closed and locked the door with trembling fingers. He closed the blinds, and the trailer became extra dark.


“Get your fucking ass over here, cuntface!”


The man did not move. He stood there quite still. The trailer smelled of his man odor. On legs like water, Johnny made his way over to the man who played his father on television. Johnny wondered why his real-life dad could not be strong like Chuck—strong, but much, much kinder. If Johnny’s father were as strong as Chuck, he could stand up to him. He could save Johnny from the horror, the almost daily horror.


One of Chuck’s big, calloused hands reached out and gripped Johnny by the shoulder. He drew the boy in, then grabbed the back of the young head and pressed the child actor’s face right against his muscular hairy chest. Johnny knew the routine. He knew better than to resist. Johnny only came up to the man’s tits. The boy’s breathing grew more rapid and irregular. He knew the routine. It happened almost every day. The child actor felt the skin of the man’s chest and the soft nub of the erecting nipple. At the last minute, Chuck tossed the boy’s cowboy hat aside and grabbing the kid by his thick black hair, tilted the young head back.


“How ya doin’ today, assface?” he chuckled


He tilted his head down to kiss the child right on the mouth. Johnny knew he had to open his lips to allow Chuck’s thick, tobacco tasting tongue into his mouth. The first time, Johnny had tried to avoid the intimate forceful kiss, and Chuck had taken his wide leather belt to Johnny’s cute little twelve-year-old ass. Chuck instructed Johnny that first day, that if he resisted anything Chuck wanted to do, he would batter the kid bloody. Chuck was good at delivering pain and really enjoyed it. The twelve-year-old boy’s body was in almost constant agony in one way or another. Once, when Johnny did not respond to Chuck’s “friendship” with enough enthusiasm, Chuck retrieved two thick needles from his dressing table and shoved them brutally through Johnny’s tender young nipples. He made the kid wear them all through that day’s shooting.


Johnny relaxed his lips, and Chuck forced his fat tongue deep into the boy’s mouth. He sloshed it around and filled the twelve-year-old mouth with spit. Spit that tasted of tobacco. There was so much spit, that Johnny had to swallow it, masses of spit, running across his tongue and down his throat. Johnny was used to it, and he preferred swallowing spit to the times Chuck spit all over the boy’s face, gob after gob, and would not let the boy wash it off. When he was finished giving the child a welcome kiss, he snorted back a load of snot and spit it into the tender innocent mouth, and then he used the kid’s hair once again to lower the boy’s face to his chest.


“You know the routine,” he almost whispered.


Obedient Johnny began to suck on one of Chuck’s full ripe nipples. It was as if he was a baby, nursing at the teat of his mother. Johnny tongued and sucked on the soft nipple flesh. The tits grew more and more erect. At their fullest, they sometimes stood out almost an inch from the man’s chest. Chuck purred like a kitten. His fingers went to the front of Johnny and began to unbutton the boy’s shirt. As the boy sucked his tits, Chuck peeled back the rough cowboy shirt and slipped it off Johnny’s shoulders. The shoulders were terrible pale and smooth. The skin was still so virginal and little boy like. The shoulders were slightly bony, and the whole body thin. The boy’s chest was still undeveloped with not much definition, but the nipples on the flat chest were flat lightly colored discs with a promising future. Chuck was helping the nipples along, twisting and pulling on them almost every day. Little Johnny’s twelve-year-old tits were in nearly constant pain and burned for days after Chuck rubbed a rough piece of rope across them. It was as if Chuck wanted the boy’s two tits to hurt so much that the child could hardly stand to wear a shirt. Often, Johnny cried from the rough material of his cowboy shirt, rubbing against his sore nipples.


After the man’s tits were sucked for a few minutes, Chuck grabbed the child’s head and steered it toward one of his stinking armpits. Johnny was certain that Chuck did not wash or use deodorant just so his hairy pits would be nice and ripe for Johnny to lick. Johnny absolutely hated doing this, but not as much as he hated many other things he had to do. While Johnny licked and sucked the sweaty hairy armpits, Chuck completely stripped the shirt from the bony body of the boy and tossed it aside. Then Johnny heard Chuck opening the large buckle of his thick leather belt, which meant one of two things. He would soon be giving Johnny a sadistically hard ass whipping with the belt, or he would quickly have the innocent boy sucking on his grotesquely thick dick.


Oh my, yes, Johnny had become a cocksucker. At twelve years of age, Johnny had become a professional cocksucker. He had to suck Chuck’s thick hunk of dripping fuckmeat almost every day. Sometimes, it was enough to empty the star’s heavy hairy balls and swallow his thick paste-like cum, but on other days, sucking dick was only a prelude to something much worse, much more painful. Johnny was praying that on this day, he would only have to suck the huge dick and swallow the foul tasting jizz.


He was supposed to ride a horse today, and the boy’s poor ass would be completely ruined if he had to do the other thing. He almost hated that most of all. His poor little twelve-year-old ass and his guts ached for days after that thing. And recently Chuck had been doing it more and more. It was worse than when Chuck brought some of his buddies from the crew into the trailer for Johnny to suck their dicks as well. Johnny was sure some of them had not washed their cocks and balls on purpose. At night, Johnny often cried himself to sleep with the taste of cock and balls and cum in his mouth, in spite of gargling and brushing his teeth. When Chuck did the other thing—the thing that Johnny did not even ever want to do—Johnny’s poor little damaged ass sometimes leaked sperm half the night. Johnny was terrified that his mom would find stains from the cum and ass juice on the bed sheets.


Johnny sucked stinking armpit as hard as he could. He buried his sweet smooth face in the swampy jungle of pit hair. Chuck opened the belt, leaving it in the belt loops, and unsnapped his pants. Thank God! That meant cocksucking, not an ass whipping. If Johnny sucked really well, with lots of enthusiasm, Chuck might cum in the boy’s mouth, or on his face, and not do the other thing. Chuck unbuttoned his tight jeans, and the massive nine-and-half-inch prick broke free and slapped the chest of the boy sucking his pits. Pre-fuck splashed across Johnny’s tender chest.


When Johnny met Chuck, he had no idea was pre-fuck was. He had only had his first few puberty ejaculations, and he actually thought pre-fuck was pee. Oh no, no, indeed. That’s another thing Johnny had learned about in the previous months—pee. About the third week into their first season, Chuck had introduced little Johnny to piss play, except Chuck was always the pisser, and Johnny was the recipient of the piss. Down his throat, on his face, up his ass—you name it.


One of Chuck’s hands gently but firmly pushed Johnny onto his knees. Johnny remembered to smell the cock and balls first, and then kiss each nut and the dickhead. Chuck said it was to show respect. Johnny prayed they would be called to the set, and there would not be time for him to lick and suck Chuck’s ass. He always hated eating ass, whether it was Chuck’s or the crews’, but he hated it most when he had to suck Chuck’s ass after a long day of shooting and horse riding. The cowboy star’s ass could get terribly rank.


Next, after kissing the balls and cock, Johnny would lick the dick up and down the stalk and then the cockhead, and then the nuts, which had become a mindless routine for the child, and he did not even mind it so much anymore. Johnny still had a bit of trouble sucking on one or the other of the huge hairy sweaty nuts because they were so large, each nut like a lemon. And he hated it that the big thick dick was leaking all over his face. The people in make-up would scold him for messing up his make-up again. How could he help it, when during every break in the filming, he had to hurry back to Chuck’s trailer to suck the dick of a cameraman or sound guy? It was all part of Chuck’s theory. How could he ever be blamed when so many other guys had taken the boy as well. Face it, the boy was a fucking slut! Besides, with so many guys doing it, they could provide alibis for each other.


Johnny bathed the huge nuts in spit, and then he licked it off along with ball sweat. He often got some ball hair stuck in his teeth, and one time they had to halt shooting to remove a hair from his mouth.


On this day, Chuck seemed possessed. He did not even wait for a decent cock suck. He hoisted Johnny to his feet and bent him over the back of a chair. He literally ripped the kid’s jeans open and pulled them down. He had forbidden young Johnny to wear underpants. The boy’s sweet, hairless, little cock and just developing nuts flopped and waved in the air. Johnny drew in a deep breath; he was going to be fucked again, fucked before they filmed. That meant that he would have to hold Chuck’s massive load of sperm up his little raped ass all during the shoot. He would be terrified it would leak out and wet his jeans. No, he would have to hold it in all day. Little Johnny always tried to see the bright side of things; it was the only way to stay sane. Since it was sperm he had to hold in, that would be easier than when Chuck pissed up his ass and made him hold that all during filming. If you watch episodes of the show, you can actually see from time to time, little Johnny clenching his ass in discomfort.


Johnny wanted to howl in pain as the huge thick prick forced its way up the twelve-year-old rectum. No preliminary ass play, no fingering, just the big blunt dick. The meaty and throbbing dick was soft and hard all at the same time. The skin was soft like velvet (the veins scary), the muscle of the prick hard as anything. The sauce that leaked from it was the only lube Chuck would use. And the pain, oh my god, the pain, Johnny felt as if his asshole was being ripped to shreds. It burned, and it ached. He could feel the enormous fucker up in his guts, and he could feel the big nuts slapping his ass on each brutal thrust.


“Take it, you fucking whore, you fucking faggot. You know you love it, you fucking twelve-year-old faggot slut!”


Was it his fault? When a boy this young is told over and over again it was his own fault, he begins to believe it. Johnny began to cry hard as the brutal fuck continued. It was quick this time because they had to get to the set to shoot the new episode. The fresh, raw cuts and chapped inner skin of his asshole burned liked hell. Johnny often wondered why Chuck’s massive dick did not destroy his guts, his insides, his intestines.


“To the set please, filming in five minutes, to the set!” a female voice rang out.


“Five minutes, Valerie. I’m just helping the kid with some of his lines!”


Chuck grunted and slammed his pelvis against the tortured little ass. He sucked on his lip and shot a scalding load of fuck into the boy-cunt of poor little Johnny.


“Now, you just hold that fuck up your little pussy all day, like a good little faggot slut, and at the end of the day, I’ve got a surprise for you. We’re going to hang around for a while, and when everybody goes home, I’m going to teach you how to suck horse cock!”


Johnny sobbed as he got dressed, not believing what he had just heard. So preoccupied was he that he almost forgot to clench his ass globes, and he almost lost the lake of cock batter up his young ass. It was going to be a very rough day!