The Pig

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The Pig kneels in the middle of the room in the required position, bare-ass naked, of course, which is how he always is except for the rare times I take him out. He kneels with legs tucked under him, legs spread wide, so dick and balls are on full view, back straight, tits arched out as far as possible, head bowed, his nice crop of dirty blond, soft as silk hair falling over his cute face.

The Pig just had his seventeenth birthday, although I met him several years ago when he was a high school dropout hustling on the streets. I knew at once he was a perfect submissive and took him home with me to begin training. He, of course, had no idea what he was getting into, but he took to it like a fish to water.

The Pig had a name once. I forget what it was. Now it’s just Pig or Sow, or Cunt Mouth or Asslicker or stuff like that. I don’t call him Pig all the time because his not having a name at all is good for him. It disorients him and makes him feel really low and useless, which he is, except as a cum dump. Don’t get me wrong, the Pig is really cute – a living doll. He’s small, about five foot four built small and compact with a boyish, but strong body. His small size and pretty boy face got him taunted so much in high school by the other boys that eventually when he served as football team manager and water boy, they ganged up on him and fucked his little ass one day after practice. His parents called him a fag and blamed him for being raped, and that’s why he ran away.


He’s got a flat, smooth tummy, a chest that still looks young with just a hint of boyish pec development and two very nice nipples. They were normal boy nipples when he came to me, but now two years later, they are real fucking sows teats! We worked together on them every day. Now, they stand out from his chest almost two inches, thick and rubbery, just like whore cunt titties. I even inject liquid in them, so they drip when squeezed, just like piggy nipples. Of course, when I do take him out in public, like to our city's Summerfest, I do not allow him to wear a shirt, and people stare at his seventeen-year-old boy nipples like a fucking bitch dog. It humiliates him real good!


The Pig’s face is really cute, smooth and boyish, almost girlish, especially when I make him wear lipstick, rouge, and eye shadow. He has a narrow chin, nice, full lips a pug nose with two darling, wide nostrils, flashing eyes, which must always look at my dick, and his beautiful, luxuriously soft hair which I keep cut really short and neat at the sides and let hang long in front and on top, so it looks kind of farm boyish.


The Pig has no hair on his body except for a tiny, two-inch patch of neatly trimmed prick hair above his big boy dick. I picked the Pig partly because even at fifteen he was very well-hung. Now, two years later we've pumped that prick up good. It now hangs almost seven inches flaccid and erects to over eight. His balls are very large from daily ball attention. They look swollen and hang low in their sack. They are shaved of course. If I ever find a ball hair on him, I punish the little cunt severely.


The Pig sleeps in a cage, except when he sleeps all night with my dick in his mouth or asshole. He sleeps in a cage with a cock-shaped tube in his mouth. The tube is attached to the side of the cage, and I can just take my nighttime piss into the tube instead of walking all the way to the toilet. The Pig often serves as my toilet in every sense. I love to have the Pig suck and lick my asshole. He loves it too.


Two years ago, he was repulsed at the thought of licking out a guy’s asshole, never mind a guy’s dirty asshole. I trained him by bringing old drunks and derelicts home and paying them twenty dollars to let the piggy boy lick and suck their filthy shit holes. The piggy boy learned that the two uses for his mouth in this world were sucking dick and sucking dirty asshole. Now that Pig is seventeen, I’m going to give him his own website so he can show off his skills for the world.


I already emailed photos of him sucking cock and taking dick up the ass to all his old high school friends. He cried and sobbed at that, begging me to let his new life be a secret. Well, that only made me angrier. You see I don’t take criticism well. So, I sent photos of him doing nasty things with my Great Dane to his little brother, sister, his mom and dad and his former priest. I'm sure the priest jacked off to those photos a lot of times. Piggyboy has to accept his new position in life, and he should want the whole world to know that he is a fucking pig that was born to be used as a scum slop sewer.


Once a month, I milk the Pig. He kneels on all fours, and I milk his big fat dick. Usually, I have him shoot over an enlargement of a photo of his little brother, and then, of course, I make him lick up the mess. Other than the once a month milking, he is not allowed to touch his pig pizzle, although I love to get it hard and dripping and not give him any release. We play that game ten or eleven times a day until he is almost nuts with lust. He is punished horribly if he should lose control and cum. Sometimes, I put a plug up the Pig’s piss hole to keep him stopped up. Other times, I put him in a cock cage filled with thumbtacks so that if he gets a hardon his pig pizzle really hurts and I try everything under the sun to arouse him.


If he is a good little Pig, he only gets twenty swats a day with a paddle on his young, small, tender boy ass. His ass cheeks are permanently pink, sometimes red. When he misbehaves, I beat that fucking pig ass until it is black. On each ass cheek, he has a tattoo. On the left cheek, it says FUCK and on the right cheek, ME. When I take him swimming or to the health club, I always make him change in front of twenty or so guys, and we all get a real laugh out of the Pig. I also make him go from guy to guy in the health club locker room begging them to let him suck on their sweaty jockstraps. The manager of the health club is a pal of mine, so we don’t get in trouble. At first, some of the guys thought it was really sick, but now most of them are really into it. The guys in the steam room will have Pig lick the sweat from their bodies, especially from their ball bags and assholes.


There is only one rule in Pigs life — he instantly does whatever I tell him to do and without objection. He has to trust that I know what is best for him. Like, when I told him, he had to learn how to be comfortably fist fucked. At first, he balked because he is built so small, and my hands are quite large, but shit now he can take the arms of guys much bigger than me. It just took dedication and loyalty to me and the ability to withstand horrible pain. I helped him with that. At seventeen, I’ll put the little pig’s ass up against any fucked out pervert with a shit hole like the Lincoln Tunnel. Fuck, I've had him sleep with a baseball bat up his ass.


The Pig eats dog food out of a doggie dish. I give him lots of vitamins too to keep him healthy, but some of that dog food is damn good. He drinks his water, always mixed with a little of my piss, from his other doggie dish. He shits and pisses by squatting over a plastic dishpan and letting me watch.


Today, I got a phone call and didn’t see him eat his special birthday dinner of gourmet dog food, so I wanted to see him do it again. So, I had him stick his pig fingers into his pig mouth and puke his meal all over the floor. When he’d vomited most of it out, I instructed him to eat it again. It was so cute I had to snap a pic of the naked seventeen-year-old boy, kneeling bare-assed on the floor, licking up his puke.


The Pig loves to cuddle. He loves me to take his little body in my arms and hold him tightly. He’s a fucking needy teenage boy, and I give him the love and discipline his life needs. He loves to kneel with his mouth open and tongue extended while I rest just my dickhead on his tongue and piss a slow stream of piss down his tongue groove. He loves to lick my ass clean after I take a healthy dump. He loves me to fuck his young, tight, red, whipped ass as hard as I can and he begs me to bring my buddies over to gang fuck him, which we do at least twice a week.


The whore boy has learned that it is natural to feel prick up his hole and that his boy-cunt needs dick up it constantly. I have him fuck his boy pussy for hours at a time with big rubber dildos to keep him occupied. The only TV he is allowed to watch are sex videos, and he is quizzed later on them. He is told to pick up sex techniques from them. The only reading he does is porn books like Truck Stop Teenage Boy-cunt, Soccer Team Shit Boy, Bad Boy Dog Sucker, Lakeland Lads, and The Boys of Lakeland. We intend to try every activity described in these novels in one form or another.


Last week I arranged for him to suck off the entire African American, high school basketball team. The boys had a really good time stuffing those humongous, black dicks down a white boy’s throat. And Pig had a good time too. I tried to get the boys to shit in his mouth, but they were too shy, after all, they were just normal healthy American boys and here was this fucked up fucked out sex pig.


When Pig gets too old for me, like twenty, I’ll give him to some friends of mine who like older guys, and I’ll pick up a new boy toy, but until then, I have lots more fun planned for the Pig and me. What would you like the Pig to do for you?