The Pastor

(Mb) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (rape)

Pastor Willis walked quietly through the church, surveying his domain. He had only been a pastor for a few months, in this, his first church. The church was a suburban church with a variety of upper-middle-class parishioners. Tyler was twenty-five, fresh out of divinity school, his dress shirt and slacks hugged his six-foot-one, one-hundred-ninety-pound athletic body. He was a high school running back and played basketball in a local community league. His skin was coal-black, lips full, and eyes brown and loyal. You’re not supposed to let your pussy get wet in church, but more than one proper church lady almost had to leave the room when the fine upstanding black man stood before the congregation. A few husband’s crotches also firmed up.

The pastor sat in his office, admiring his favorite part of his body, the ten-inch black cock hanging from his suit pants. He slowly stroked it, watching some nasty kiddie porn on his computer. Pastor Willis was a nasty black pedophile, with a special taste for white boys. He usually liked sitting in the Sunday school rooms in those tiny little chairs jerking his black cock, but too many people were around today, so the privacy of his office had to suffice. A knock came to his door.

“Just a sec.”

He hastily put his cock back in his pants, as he quickly closed the video of the nine-year-old boy sucking a pedophile’s cock, his little tongue swirling eagerly around the head, a smile on his face.

“Come in,” the pastor called.


His secretary stormed in, frantic


“Pastor Willis, someone just left a little boy on the doorsteps of the church.”


“Good Lord, where is he?”


The pastor rose, following his secretary out the door and down to one of the nursery rooms. His secretary opened the door revealing a sweet little five-year-old boy sitting in the middle of the room playing with a toy car. He was adorable and reminded the nasty pastor of the kid he had just been watching in the kiddie porn in his office. Short brown hair styled into a big of a faux-hawk, lean with little trace of baby fat that afflicts many young boys. Then the boy turned over, and the pastor saw where that baby fat had settled, in the round, VERY FUCKABLE, butt. Pastor Willis’s cock plumped up, and he gasped at the pure sexiness of that little boy butt.


“Any note? Or anything?” the pastor asked as he slowly approached the boy.


“No, sir, whatever shall we do?” the older lady asked dramatically.


“I’ll call the police. Officer Bryan down there will help us out. You go ahead and go home, I’ll give the little tyke a ride. Can you tell us your name?” the pastor asked the small boy, crouching down next to the boy. The pastor could smell the sweet boy, and his thick black dong snaked its way down his pants leg.


“Billy,” the boy said sweetly.


‘God,’ the pastor thought, ‘he was going to love fucking this little tyke.’


The pastor’s secretary left as he led the boy to his office. He waved at his secretary as he picked up the phone to look like he was calling. She smiled and left. He waited until he was sure she was gone, then went around locking all the doors to the church, double-checking to make sure he had some privacy as he molested and raped the sweet little boy.


He returned to his office to find the boy still playing in the chair. He was going to make this last, but he could not wait much longer. Unzipping and hauling out his black nigger cock, he moved in close and rubbed it on the boy’s face. The boy cringed and moved away, yet Pastor Willis sighed so grateful to have smooth boy skin touching his pedophile dong again. It had been too long.


The pastor had known he was a pedophile since high school, jerking off to images of his friend’s little brothers, especially the white ones. He still jerks off to the first boy he molested, creeping down the halls during a sleepover to the bedroom of a four-year-old white boy, a little bro to a teammate. He remembered licking the boy’s skin, pulling his small butt cheeks apart and letting his long tongue trace up that tiny delicious hole, feeling his black teen cock throb while he shook from excitement. The evening finished while he stroked his slender black cock to orgasm, splattering the boy’s bare stomach with his nigga cum as he softly kissed the sleeping boy. Thank God the boy was a sound sleeper.


At the seminary, he had thankfully found another group of future pedo pastors. They would sit around and talk about molesting and raping kids, stroke their cocks while watching kiddie porn and bringing in pictures of the little boys from their churches they wanted to fuck. The others marveled at Tyler’s massive black dick, often stroking it lovingly as Tyler talked about his pedo fantasies.


The week before graduation, the men had “saved” a twelve-year-old runaway and gang-raped his ass in a church basement. Tyler often sat in his office stroking, as he remembered his nigga dick sliding into that virgin hole while he watched his buddy, Steve, fuck the kid’s throat before they made out, reveling in their horniness for molesting little boys. The kid endured twelve fucks that night and another dozen or more loads down his throat before Steve found the boy a shelter a few hundred miles away.


Now, he had one all to himself, a cute, innocent, virgin hole that desperately needed his fat nigger dick raping it. He picked the whimpering boy up into his arms, and planted a sloppy wet kiss on the boy’s face, his fat black lips leaving a large wet spot on that rosy red cheek.


“Don’t worry, Billy, this pedophile pastor is gonna take real good care of you. Gonna rape that ass good,” Tyler said soothingly.


The pastor carried the boy down the hall to the sanctuary, his black cock still hanging from his pants dripping precum along the way. He strode up to the front, sitting in his chair facing the congregation. How many times he had sat in this chair on Sundays, looking out at his congregation, finding some small boy on the front row, and picturing the boy with his mouth around his black cock. Thank the Lord for those black robes that hid the hard-on he had almost every Sunday.


Pastor Willis disrobed, shirt, slacks, and tie on the floor. He stood there in his socks, naked in his own sanctuary facing this sweet little white boy with tears in his eyes. The pastor sat in his chair, the cool satin sliding against his smooth black skin. His wife loved the feel of his skin, often wondering which was silkier, his skin or the sheets. He fucked her, it’s true, conservative vanilla sex befitting a man of God, but in his head he imagined the most beautiful molestation and rapes of little boys, sometimes toddlers while he fucked her missionary style.


His long arms and large hands reached out and pulled the boy into his crotch, rubbing the head of his engorged cock on the boy’s lips.


“That’s a good boy, Pastor Willis gonna teach you how to suck a nigga dick. With that pretty mouth, you gonna grow up to suck a lot of it, I bet,” the pastor commented as he pried the boy’s lips open with his cock.


The head slid in easy, the warm moist tiny mouth enveloped his pedo cock. The crying started before Pastor Willis even got his cock down the boy’s throat. As he pushed the kid’s head down, his cock slid past his tonsils and down his throat. No more crying was audible, but the tears continued. He wished that his congregation was there, at least the men and the boys, to see how horny, how sick and depraved their pastor was.


There he was, the pastor of the church, sitting in the sanctuary, his large black hands on the back of a little kindergartner’s head forcing him to deep throat his pedo cock. His cock throbbed when he heard and felt the boy gag. He could feel the kid’s drool flowing copiously down over his firm balls, encouraging the pastor to push harder on the boy, another inch or two of black snake raping his throat.


He could tell the boy was about to pass out, so he eased off, not wanting to end the fun just yet. He pulled the boy off his cock, a huge gasp of air flowed into the young kid, and the crying began again. Oh, if the boy only knew how that made his pedo balls ache. He stripped the boy down, ripping his clothes apart and throwing them all over the chancel. He turned the boy upside down and brought that beautiful creamy five-year-old butt to his face. Thankfully it was clean with that fresh innocent smell that only little boys have. The position left the boy’s face in Tyler’s crotch, so he closed his legs trapping the boy to keep him still. He could feel the boy crying into his balls moistening them with his tears.


His large black hands grabbed the little boy’s butt cheeks, spreading them slowly to reveal the hole he would soon rape. It was smooth and pristine, perfectly pink, wrinkled and waiting. The pastor leaned in and let his large tongue slowly swipe up the length of the boy’s kindergarten butt crack. The taste sent shivers through his athletic black body, and he buried his face in that tiny butt, eating it like a madman while inhaling that boy scent. His pedo tongue pressed against that hole, slowly easing in, swirling around. The boy had calmed a bit, the crying softening. Most little boys calmed down quite a bit when having their ass eaten regardless of age.


A few minutes of pedo tongue rimming kindergarten ass, and Pastor Willis began the preparation for this boy to take his cock. His slender black fingers began probing the boy-hole, pushing farther inside, two fingers stretching open his hole to reveal the sweet red tunnel no bigger than a nickel. With two fingers, the boy began crying even more.


“Yeah, Billy, this hole is a sweet little pussy. You like my nigga fingers playing with this tiny hole? Does my baby boy like it?”


Pastor Willis laughed as he spit into the tiny hole, pushing his thick spit—he only lube the boy would get—inside. The pastor spent several minutes trying to open Billy’s butt up, wanting to make sure he could at least get a few inches inside easily before he really pounded the kid. Finally, Pastor Willis decided it was time for the main event, a fucking that he had waited so long for.


His wife, the few teens he could pick up in a park or online were never satisfactory enough for his black pedophile cock, which craved little boy butt, and that hardened as he walked by the Sunday school classes and nursery. How he longed to sit in one of those rooms, black cock hanging out, teaching the littlest boys their lesson for the day while they stared and drooled at the sight of a big black snake hard and bouncing, eager for little boy rape.


The altar was large, almost the size of a twin bed, and roughly four-feet high. On a slightly raised platform, it towered over the rows of pews laid out before it. It was flat and draped with satin cloths of different colors. During Sunday sermons, the top hid Tyler’s well-defined stomach and black python snaking down his pant leg, all also hidden by his flowing robes.


Thankfully, his associate pastor was a little fuck and needed a platform behind the pulpit so the congregation could see him. Tyler laid the boy face down on top of the altar, his legs hanging off the back, and moved the platform in place, putting his cock right on target to plow into five-year-old hole. Tyler flipped a switch and pulled the microphone in, wanting to amplify the sounds of pedophile sex, filling the beautiful sanctuary up to the high ceilings with his animalistic grunting and the cries and pleading of the little boy.


Pastor Willis gathered a wad of spit in his mouth and let it flow off his tongue down to the smooth crack of Billy’s ass. His thumb rubbed it in, and another dose of nigger spit was added until the hole was as wet as possible. Placing his black mushroom head at the entrance to pedophile heaven, the pastor looked down at the little angel he was about to deflower.


“Billy, you with me angel?”


“Yeeeah,” the boy whimpered.


“I’m going to use my big black cock to rape you now, to take your cherry and make you a little whore, do you want that?” Pastor Willis growled.


“No…please stop, mister…I want my mommy,” the boy begged, his pleading echoing through the room.


Pastor Willis laughed.


“Son, your mommy left you here with me for you to be my little sex toy. This is gonna hurt, so feel free to cry and scream…it makes my pedo cock throb.”


The boy cried and whimpered, still pleading for the pastor to stop. Pastor Willis, the man that countless boys, husbands, and fathers came to for counsel, smiled and pushed in. The boy screamed, the pedophile pastor’s cock throbbed and pushed further. It took almost fifteen minutes of work until the pastor had a good six inches inside the crying boy. His cock ached for balls-deep penetration, but he did not want to risk it yet. He had his black hands holding onto Billy’s hips and began slowly grinding into the boy building up until he was full-on fucking him.


The boy’s ass was so tight, so warm, and better than any boy he had ever fucked before. Billy was also the youngest. Prior to an hour ago, the youngest he had fucked was nine, the nephew of one of his seminary buddies. That kid was a real whore for pedo cock, especially Tyler’s black cock. The kid almost became addicted to serving him. But as good as that nine-year-old had been, nothing came close to the vice-like grip of Billy’s ass or the screaming that bounced off the sanctuary walls and stained glass windows. Pastor Willis began fucking the kid in earnest, now about six or seven deep inside the child.


He looked out at the room and imagined the room filled with the fathers and sons of his congregation, cocks hanging out of their Sunday best clothes, stroking as they watch their minister rape a little boy. The image caused his cock to twitch. He then imagined all those fathers guiding their little boy’s heads down to their daddy cocks, teen, preteen, toddler, and baby mouths filled with the hard slimy cocks of their fathers.


Pastor Willis fucked into Billy harder, wanting his pleading and crying to be louder. He imagined calls of “Amen” and “Fuck, yeah,” shouting from his congregation as they watched him molest and defile this small white boy. Then he realized this Sunday he’d be preaching to the entire congregation from this very spot where he raped a five-year-old boy. These thoughts running through his sick mind, and the pleasure that Billy’s ass was giving him, sent him to pedophile bliss and his black load exploded inside the boy. He fucked even harder as he came, his load squirting out and splashing onto his legs and the furniture.


He continued slowly fucking until every drop was drained from his cock, and then his spent black cock slipped from the freshly raped five-year-old ass, leaving a gaping hole drooling pedophile cum. Billy still cried but sighed as he assumed it was over.


Pastor Willis gathered up his and Billy’s clothes before picking Billy up from the altar. He would have to make sure to come back and dispose of the soiled altar cloth. He carried Billy under his arm and walked to the bathroom at the back of the sanctuary. He felt so free walking through his church naked with pedo cock swinging.


In the bathroom, he placed Billy on his knees on the cold tile floor before pushing his cock down the boy’s throat. He pulled his phone out to record this part of his fantasy. The boy’s eyes were wide, his soft lips stretched obscenely around the nigger dick, and then on the video, you can hear Pastor Willis sigh, and the boy’s eyes widen as he begins to choke. You can instantly tell Pastor Willis is pissing down the boy’s throat. He pulls back a bit, keeping the boy’s mouth open with one hand and aiming his pissing cock with the other. You can clearly see the warm yellow piss filling the mouth of this little kindergartner as he chokes and struggles to breathe.


The pastor finishes, wiping the drops of piss on the tongue of a still crying Billy who hated the taste of Tyler’s piss as much as Tyler loved doing it to him. The pastor stopped the video, and leaned down to the boy, kissing him, tasting his own piss. Pastor Willis never imagined when he woke up this morning that he would be on the tile of a bathroom at church, making out with a crying five-year-old after he raped and pissed in him. Life truly was a blessing.


He led the boy back to his office after picking up some new clothes for him from the donation room. The boy sat on a chair. The pastor, still naked, put his feet up on his desk, slowly playing with his pedo cock and looking at the boy as he picked up the phone.


“Hey, Officer Bryan, this is Pastor Willis. We had a little boy dropped off at our door. Uh, huh. Uh,huh. His name’s Billy. Uh, huh, yeah, he’s really cute. Yeah, yeah, I already fucked him. Yeah, on the altar.” Pastor Wilis laughed. “I know. It’s my biggest fantasy, after all, so I couldn’t resist. How soon can you come by? You’re on your way? I figured that fat redneck cock would want a piece. I already got him stretched out for you. See you in a few.”


Pastor Willis completed his conversation and hung up the phone. Still stroking his black cock, the pastor looked at little Billy.


“Hey, buddy, let’s get you some juice and cookies.”


The minister rose up and walked over to Billy, leaning into the ear of the whimpering boy, faced stained with tears and piss.


“You like policemen, Billy? Because this one’s going to rape you just like I did. We’re both gonna fuck you and molest you, and then if you’re a good boy we’ll help you find a new home.”


The pastor picked Billy up and carried him to the church kitchen for juice and cookies. In thirty minutes, there would be a spit roasting fuck as Officer Bryan raped the five-year-old ass and Pastor Willis finally got balls deep down the boy’s throat.