The Neighbor

(MmBb) (anal, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws) (ds, humil) (nc) (inc)
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My name is Josh Chester, and I am a sophomore in college. This year, I rented an upper flat near my school. I was supposed to have a roommate, but the dude dropped out, and so I have the place all to myself. The people downstairs are quite nice, and I am not a very wild party person, so we get along well. I have fucked girls over at my place a number of times, and I am afraid I am a pretty loud fucker, but the folks downstairs just smiled and winked when I apologized, so all is well.

But this account is not about me, but about my neighbor. His name is Chet, and he has a beautiful young wife and a young son of about eight or nine. Chet is very well built, good looking and has the demeanor of a construction worker or truck driver. He is rough and loud, but friendly. He rebuilt the front porch on their house almost single-handedly. Soon after I moved in, he began to chat with me, punching me in the arm a friendly way, kidding me about my sex life and bring me brats and burgers when they cooked out. I THOUGHT HE WAS NORMAL.

His family seemed very warm and friendly. As soon as the weather got warm, they practically lived outside, grilling and playing ball and going for swims in their moderate sized above ground pool. The young boy, Jesse seemed well behaved and friendly. I noticed that Chet often had a number of tough looking friends over to grill out. These guys all looked really hunky with beards and bulging muscles. They often sat around on lawn chairs dressed in nothing but small shorts, the kind one wears to work out.

I can look down from my flat into their yard, and from my bedroom window, I can look in on their second floor, which is where young Jesse's room is. It was while I was looking down on Chet playing catch with his son one day, that I first saw something strange. Chet and Jesse seemed to play ball endlessly. It was like Chet was trying to toughen up his son. He would yell at the boy when the poor kid dropped the ball or didn't throw properly. I actually began to feel that it amounted to verbal abuse. This made me shy away from being friendly with Chet. He would call the boy a sissy and "stupid girlie" when the boy missed the ball. Chet even used phrases like, "stupid little Cunt" and "fucking sissy Bitch." I grew to dislike Chet more and more, but my fascination with him and the dynamics of his family grew. Chet seemed to love to show off his muscular body and pranced around most warm days in nothing but a pair of shorts. When I was outside in our yard, he would jog over, and while he chatted with me, he would put one sweaty hand on my shoulder and squeeze it. He kept kidding me about how great it must be to be in college and fuck all that "sweet young cunt." While he chatted with me, his eyes would often wander up and down my body. I felt really uncomfortable. Chet even was so bold as to say, "You look really built. I'll bet you've got quite the big dick on you.

You must make those bitches squeal! Don't hurt them too much with your big fat fucker." I didn't know what to say. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. Chet just laughed. He had a really good looking smile...nice white teeth and a really handsome face.

I wanted to talk to my downstairs friends about Chet, but they seemed to really like him and often went over to grill out with his family. My downstairs neighbor Phil even joined Chet and young Jesse to play basketball or catch, or other games. And then one late afternoon, I saw this really odd thing happen. Chet was playing catch with Jesse as usual. Jesse missed a throw, and the ball hit their car parked in the driveway. Cute little Jesse froze. His little body trembled. I should tell you at this point that Jesse was a darling little boy, on the slender side with fair hair and the face of an angel. For some reason, when they played ball, Jesse was always dressed in this very very tiny little bathing suit. Perhaps because he would often jump into the pool. But still, in an age when boys wear really baggy swim suits, this garment wasn't even a full swim suit...it was more like a tiny red thong. It was almost obscene on the little boy.

Well, when Jesse missed the catch and stood stock still, Chet, with his long masculine strides sauntered up to him and then, quick as a wink, hauled off and slapped the boy's face very very hard. I stood there in shock. The kid's head swung to one side and a huge pink hand print formed on his cheek. I could see it clearly from my room upstairs. The boy still stood frozen except for the tremor that coursed up and down his slender little almost naked body.

Chet the lifted his son's face, so the boy was looking him in the eyes. Chet then shocked me even more. He spit in his son's face. He hawked a huge gob of spit into the boy's face. I fucking freaked out. Part of me wanted to call the police, but something else happened. I am ashamed to say this. I GOT A FUCKING HARD ON. I don't know why. My dick just sprang up, rock hard. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I have never been turned on by guys, and never by any thoughts of child abuse. Jesus, I became confused.

But Chet still was not finished, and this was the sickest part of all. This six-foot-two-inch muscle dude reached down and slid one hand into the waistband in the rear of the little boy's thong. His hand went down to cup the boy's ass. Little Jesse became, even more, statue-like as if he was terrified to move. Chet worked one big hand back and forth across the boy's ass cheeks, whispering to the boy all the while. Every now and then, little Jesse nodded.

And then, the boy went up on his toes when, although I could not actually see it, it seemed to me that Chet was working a finger up into the little boy's asshole. I COULD NOT FUCKING BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING. The Chet's other hand went to the boy's still undefined chest. His fingers grabbed one of the kid's nipples and began to twist it.

And the worst thing about all of this was that my dick began to leak. My dick was dripping over this sadistic sight. My breathing was ragged and heavy. My next door neighbor Chet was molesting his son on the driveway downstairs! That was it. Nothing else happened that day, but I began to watch the folks next door like a hawk. It became my obsession...like I was Jimmy Steward in Rear Window. A few days later, I got to see Chet totally naked for the first time. While his wife was in the pool, Chet peeled off his shorts and jumped in to join her. It was only later that I began to fear that Chet was performing for me...that he knew I was watching. Could that have been possible?

Anyway, it turned out that Chet was hung like a fucking horse. I consider myself better than average in the fuckmeat department, but Chet was fucking huge. He must have hung seven inches flaccid and gone to over nine hard.

He jumped into the pool, and I saw his long thick dick and gigantic balls swing and bounce. I have to admit, he was incredibly handsome, as you will see from the photo I eventually got of him. I also admit that I took to standing naked to look down on my neighbors so that I could beat my meat.

Chet made his way across the pool to his wife. He grabbed her roughly and kissed her on the mouth. She seemed very submissive. I always found her polite and quiet and a bit shy seeming. Chet literally ripped off the top of her bikini and began to maul her tits. She had nice big breasts, which made me think that Chet probably would not marry a woman who did not have big tits. He seemed that kind of guy. He proceeded to suck and then bite her nipples. I could hear her moaning from where I stood upstairs across the driveway. I could see him pull her nipples out with his teeth and then allow them to snap back. This truly was "rough sex." Chet began to slap her tits, hitting her udders until they slammed together and bounced.

Was I beating my meat, you bet I was. I stood there with legs spread, balls bouncing painfully and slamming my hand up and down on my fuckmeat. Holy Shit! Chet then ripped off her bikini bottoms, reached one hand down and rammed two or three fingers up her cunt. I could not see his hand clearly enough to see exactly how many. He was not gently finger fucking her for her pleasure. OH NO! He was ramming those fingers in deep to hurt her. I have to say that his sadistic masculinity really turned me on. He was more animal than man. As he roughed her up, I got a good chance now and then to see his smooth muscular ass globes, his enormous balls, and his now erect monstrous prick.

At one point he seemed to turn his head to glance up at my window, and I stepped back into the shadows. But I could not stay away for long. When I looked back, he had grabbed his wife's head and forced it down onto his dick underwater. He was pushing her face onto his fuckmeat. She was struggling underwater. His muscular chest expanded and his own full nipples seemed about to pop from his pecs. He lifted his dark-haired head and laughed.

It was almost demonic. At last, he released her head, and she burst from the water gasping for air. As she came up, he once more grabbed her boy both nipples and pulled her across the pool by her tits. Then, using the side of the pool as a backing, he shoved his thick dick into her cunt with one thrust. He fucked her like a madman.

It was only then that I glanced at the small side balcony over the door of the house next door. Little Jesse was standing there watching his parents fuck. He was totally naked, and he was looking down at his parents fucking. I could clearly see the boy's slender, smooth body, the beautiful arc of his little boy ass and his tiny dicklet and nuggets. When the boy turned slightly, I was shocked to see dark red swollen welts on the boy's ass cheeks.

What kind of sick fucking family was this? I shot my load. I admit it. I fucking shot my load. It splattered all over the window glass. I must have yelled out or something because little Jesse's head turned and he looked directly at me cumming as I shot a second, third and fourth burst of fuck snot. In the throes of ecstasy, I could not move away. I just stood there trembling and shooting, emptying my balls while an eight or nine-year-old boy watched me.

There was absolutely no expression on the boy's face.

I was so ashamed. For days, I almost hid from everyone. But then my doorbell rang, I went down, and there was Chet with a big smile on his face. A smile and not much else. He was wearing those fucking gym shorts, but these were so thin that I could see the entire outline of his prick in them. Not only the outline but a bit of pink coloring as well showing through the thin white material. The shorts were so small that the waistband was not even half an inch above his dick root. I noticed that he had no pubic hair. He must have shaved down there. His chest was strong, and his nipples erect and sticking out. I was instantly terrified and almost slammed the door in his face.

"Hi, Josh. My wife baked some cherry pies, and I thought you might like one!" It was a beautiful pie with a perfect crust and a drizzling of white frosting across the top. I awkwardly thanked him and took the pie. As he turned to go, he said, "The Frosting on top was made by me."

Jesus, God, what to think? Did his last remark mean what I think it did? Should I throw the pie away or eat it? He seemed so normal and friendly. What the fuck was going on. I stared at the pie for twenty minutes before I actually decided to eat a piece. The frosting was very rich and very good. It did not have any unusual taste. Still...

It was the next day that I got a photo of Chet standing on the small side balcony naked. I am now certain that he knew I was there snapping the photo. He stood there stretching ever so long. I got a good look at his armpits, his dick his balls, his chest, and when he turned around and bent over at the waist...of his ass and even his asshole. His dick remained flaccid, even though he rubbed his hands all over his chest and ass and then lifted and played with his huge sagging nuts.

It was the next night that I watched through my window as he brutally fucked his son in the ass!