The Nazi and the Jew

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I slapped the kid awake with six forehand and backhand swipes, just as I had seen in so many films. He was naked and tied to a chair. At eighteen, he had a really nice body, smooth and pale, perfect to work on. The only real problem was that he did not look Jewish enough. Oh, he was a Jew all right make no mistake of that. For him not to be a full-blooded kike would have defeated the entire purpose of the exercise. No, he was a Jew boy, but he did not have that genuinely dark Jew look. Still, his family situation was too perfect for me to pass up the chance. He had lost his parents in a tragic accident. (Tragic for him, for us it was wunderbar since it rid the world of two more Jews.) Since he was eighteen, he had decided to try to keep his little brother with him and to care for him. Perfect.

He blinked his eyes and tried to take in what had happened to him. It was a perfect time for me to strut around in front of him wearing my brand new full Nazi uniform. The damned thing had cost me an arm and a leg, but I have to admit that I looked like hot shit in it. None of my Aryan Brotherhood buddies had such a beautiful uniform. Now they all vowed to save their money so they could get one. I snapped the riding crop against my leg and stood over the naked boy. He blinked several times and looked up at me. He had a gorgeous face with sweet, full lips and large eyes. He was scared, I could see that, and it made my dick jump in my uniform.

“What…what’s going on? What is this?”
“Joshua, it’s so good to have you here. I hope you’re feeling okay. It was just a mild sedative we gave you, nothing permanent. I know you’re wondering why you’re tied up bare-ass naked in a chair. And you’re wondering who my friends and I are. Well, does this beautiful uniform give you any clue?”
I posed so he could clearly see the swastikas and regiment patches. I am a good-looking guy. I am young, fit, muscular, and handsome with good German features and a huge dick. I looked spectacular in the uniform. Joshua blinked.
“Who are you? What the fuck is going on?”
He struggled in his bonds, and then for the first time realized how helpless he was. I think he also grasped for the first time that he was totally naked because he turned a bit red from shame.
“I won’t keep you in the dark, dear boy. We’re here to play a game. An extraordinary game. My friends and I have been preparing for this game for years. And you’re going to play the game with us. The name of the game is The Nazi and the Jew. I play the part of the nasty Nazi who runs the concentration camp, and you play the part of the Jewish prisoner. My friends here will play all the other roles. I nodded to the dim-witted but muscular hunks I called my friends. They don’t have the minds or imagination that I have, but they love violence and sexual perversion. Cunts call them good looking too.”
“I…I don’t understand...please...” Joshua struggled in his ropes.
“Of course you do. Even a dumb greasy Jew-pig can understand something so simple. We’re going to play a game. In the game, you are a Jew pig who has been sent to the concentration camp. I am in charge of the camp. The first part of the game is called orientation. We will teach you the basic rules of the camp. You see my associates have electric cattle prods and rubber truncheons. These will be used on you until you master the basic rules of the camp.
“Untie him, Fritz.”
Fritz undid the ropes on the teenage Jew boy who at once rose to his naked feet and tried to get out of the room. ZAP, ZAP with the cattle prods, and he was on the floor holding his nice sized balls and screaming in agony.
“Rule One. Jews here at the camp do not walk. They crawl like animals. Jews here at the camp, do not eat, piss or shit without permission. They do not talk without permission. They do exactly as they are told, got that? See the rules are simple enough for even a Shylock to remember.”
I kicked him over onto his back and put a highly polished booted foot on his face.
“Lick the sole of my boot, Jew Pig!”
Joshua still did not have the hang of it, so Fritz shoved the cattle prod up his tight little teenage asshole and turned it on. Holy shit, you should have seen that. The kid just about bounced across the floor. His entire body levitated, I swear to fuck! He was such a cute kid that torturing him proved to be scads of fun. So much fun we almost forgot about the best part of the day.
I know, I know, you want to hear about the torture, but I want to get on to the main event, so I will only spend a few short paragraphs on the kike’s torture. Later, I can elaborate on it more.
First, we taught the Jew boy how to crawl properly around the room. We trained him to arch his back, so his ass globes were high. He was instructed to keep his legs spread shoulder-width apart so that his big Jew boy balls swung when he crawled and I could easily reach them with the riding crop. I had never used a riding crop before, and it took me some time to get the hang of it. You do not just hit the scrotum with the crop. No, you have to kind of snap it, so the tip of the crop really slaps the ball sack hard leaving a welt. That puts the teenage pig into pure agony. Huge tears rolled down from his eyes, as he begged us to stop the game and let him go.
“Stop, the game? But we’re just starting! We’ve put a lot of money into this, and time. We had to wait for the right Jew. We had to cover our tracks. Now, I want to see those nice big balls of yours swollen up to the size of oranges, so you just keep crawling, and I will keep whipping them.”
Oh, the feeling of power to be whipping the fuck sack of an innocent teenage boy—an innocent teenage Jew boy. His screams filled the room, as I slapped the nut sack over and over until his balls were indeed huge and covered with red welts. Then I poked at his asshole with the crop. He whimpered and tried to crawl away, but Hans, my other friend, held the kid’s head between his legs, and I probed the teenage asshole. I am certain it was the first time Joshua had ever had a foreign object of any kind up his asshole. It was about then that he started praying. We thought that was hysterically funny.
“Yes, Joshua, pray to your Jew God to deliver you from bondage and pain. Pray to him that you will not feel this riding crop fucking into your rectum.”
I started to fuck the riding crop in and out of his tight young asshole. It was so beautiful, I could have continued for hours. But we had miles to go before we rested, and our dicks were hard and leaking in our uniform pants. I did not want to take any chances of staining my beautiful new uniform. I knew I would be a hit at the Aryan Brotherhood meetings but not with big cum stains on the crotch. I made the sobbing Jew boy pull off my boots and socks. Then I undid the uniform pants and stripped them off. As I said before, I have a huge German dick, and Joshua was aghast at the sight of it. He started to tremble all over. I sat down on the very same chair that he had been tied to.
“Now, Joshua, you’re going to crawl across the room as we have taught you to crawl, back arched, ass up high, legs spread, nuts swinging. You’re going to crawl across the room over to me, and you’re then going to lick my big beautiful German balls. This is a real treat for a Jew boy to be able to lick Nazi nuts!”
I could see the confusion in his young dark eyes. I am sure he felt that he was in some terrible nightmare from which he would soon awake.
“The thing is, you have to earn the right to lick my nuts, so to get to them,” I snapped my fingers and Fritz dumped the broken glass from the cardboard box onto the floor, “to get to my nuts, you have to crawl across broken glass.”
You should have seen the boy sob. I didn’t think a boy of his age could or would cry so hard. I wonder if the Jews in the camps cried that hard. In all the photos I have studied, they always look so resigned. I wondered how long it would take for Joshua to get that defeated, resigned, hollow-eyed look.
With the help of the cattle prod, he crawled across the glass, which cut his knees, feet, and hands up pretty badly. Small cuts mostly, nothing dangerous, but extremely painful. At one point in his crawling, we ordered him to get up onto his feet and do a Jew dance for us on the broken glass. He stood there on the glass, his big young feet bleeding, with a look of total confusion on his face.
“You know a Jew dance, like in Fiddler on the Roof! Yidle-deedle-deidle-deidledle! Shit like that. Get to it.”
I have to admit that one of the things I do thank the Jews for is Broadway. I am a huge fan of Broadway musicals. Call it a glitch in my otherwise perfect Germanic life. My dick was leaking like a fucking faucet, the foreskin pulled back over the plum-sized dickhead. Even so, I stood up, still wearing the top half of the uniform, I raised my arms, and did a little “Fiddler” Jew dance to illustrate. My fat fuckmeat was swinging and slapping me, spraying pre-fuck, so I had to take off the top of the uniform as well.
Joshua was too young and too modern to know much about Jew Dancing, but he did okay after we zapped him a few times. He started stomping and stepping on the broken glass, cutting the shit out of the tender bottoms of his feet. It was hilarious. Tears streaking his face, he threw his head in agony as his mouth opened in horror and pain. I had Fritz zap the kid’s nipples a couple of times just for the hell of it.
Finally, I allowed him to crawl over to me and worship my cock and balls. He was so tormented by then, that he didn’t even object to licking my sweaty scrotum and cock shaft. He even scooped up the dripping pre-fuck onto his tongue and swallowed it.
“Oh, Joshua, you must have done this before. Are you a trained cocksucker Joshua or just a gifted natural?”
I now had him sucking on the head of my dick. Fritz worked my riding crop in and out of his rectum while he sucked.
“Wait until you feel his mouth on your dicks, boys. This Jew is a natural. He sucks cock like a fucking pro. He can become the Concentration Camp Cocksucker Champion! We will feed him nothing but fuck slop! See how long a boy can live on only sperm!”
The thought was so vivid that I immediately unloaded into the Jew’s sucking mouth. His eyes grew even wider at his very first taste of cock snot!
“Swallow, Jew Bitch! Never waste even a drop of superb Nazi sperm!”
The fucking animal coughed and sputtered, and some cum dripped from his lips, so we beat the fuck out of him. Then we made him suck Hans and finally Fritz. By the time he swallowed Fritz’s prick sauce, he was doing fine. He curled up on the floor in a fetal position, hoping his torment was over. Little did he know, it was just beginning. Fritz, Hans, and I had some good German beer, and then we all stood over the kike and pissed on him. He howled in humiliation more than any kind of pain, although the piss must have stung a bit in the cuts on his body. I had Hans hold the boy’s head up so I could piss all over his face, up his nostrils, into his eyes, and on his lips.
“Get used to it, Jew Scum! While you’re in this camp, your only drink will be piss! Water is too precious for Jew trash. So you can enjoy the golden showers of our piss. Now stop crying and look over to the door. We have a special surprise for you.”
The cute abused Jew teen raised his handsome head to see Fritz usher into the room—total freak out surprise—Joshua’s little brother. Joshua gasped in horror! Oh yes, my friends, we had planned this well. Now you see why Joshua was such a perfect catch. He was taking care of his little brother, and they had no one in the world, no one except us!
“Josh!” the young boy cried out, but he could not move as he had ropes around his slender young neck that were controlled by Fritz. The little boy was totally naked. He was just twelve and had that still forming pale, smooth physique that so many handsome boys have at that age. He had dark Jew hair and like his brother, a beautiful face with large eyes and full cocksucker lips. He was flat chested, so we had pinched and pulled his nipples until they stood out all red and irritated. His prick still had some growing to do. His swollen balls were smooth and hairless. We had been playing with him some while teaching him to suck dick, so he was suitably terrified. Every time he tried to cover his dicklet with his hands, we had slapped his balls, so now he stood like a little soldier displaying his little pricklet to his older brother.
Joshua let out an animal sound and tried to crawl to his little brother. I zapped him and held him back.
“Be patient, Joshua, you will be able to spend lots of time with him very soon. Let’s just get a few basics out of the way first. Now, Joshua, you have a choice to make. Oh, remember Sophie’s Choice, I loved that movie. I thought it was hysterical. Anyway, you now have a choice, Joshua’s Choice. Look at your sweet young baby brother. Look how fresh and pure and innocent and fragile he is. Fritz and Hans both want to fuck him. They want to fuck his little brains out. Do you have any idea, Joshua what that would do to him? To have a nine-inch and a ten-inch beer can thick dick shoved into that virginal little boy-cunt. Do you know how they would rip him up? They are both brutal beasts, I must confess, even though they are my friends. I have watched them fuck much older boys, boys of sixteen and seventeen, and when they were finished, the asshole was pretty much destroyed for life. Now they have their hearts set on fucking your little brother Ari. They have their hearts set on shoving their fat pricks up that tiny, tight, virgin boy-cunt.”
The little boy started crying softly, but loud enough to give me another hard-on. He did have a delicious ass. When they are that young, the boy-pussy is not turned out yet. It is like a little flower not yet opened to the sun.
Fritz stood behind the small boy, stroking the boy’s full young ass globes. Twelve and thirteen-year-old boy ass is really something special. It is the perfect age to fuck a boy. The ass is so soft and yet full and just starting to get muscular. A nice deep ass crack, and a perfect pink hairless rosebud ass sphincter. It is a favorite of mine as well as for Fritz and Hans. We have often spent entire weekends fucking the ass of some little nigger or Jew or spic kid we picked up off the streets, fucking our big dicks into his tight little ass while his screams filled our ears like music. Fritz reached around and started to tweak the boy’s sore nipples. The kid closed his eyes and tears leaked out and down his soft cheeks.
“Now, here’s the thing, Joshua. You can save little Ari here. That’s right. You can save little Ari from being fucked by Hans and Fritz. I promise you. I swear to you, they will never shove their big thick ugly pricks into his tiny little boy-pussy if you do just one thing for me!”
Joshua looked up at me, blinking his eyes rapidly as if to clear up his thought process. His body trembled. He looked over at his sweet naked baby brother. Then back at me again.
“What...what do you want? Do anything to me, but don’t hurt him.”
He was learning quickly.
“No, no, my friend, what I want is for you to do something, something to save your brother. Quite frankly, I’m afraid that if Hans and Fritz fuck that little boy, they may kill him. I mean, how could he hope to survive two brutal fucks with dicks of that length and girth? What you have to do, Joshua, to save Ari from that horrible experience is quite simple. You have to fuck him instead!”
I paused to let the words sink in and to watch the growing horror and disgust on Joshua’s face.
“It’s his only hope. I know that you will be much more gentle fucking him, and I can see that your dick is not nearly as large as theirs’ are. I’ll bet your cock isn’t more than seven inches. I mean, that is a hefty fuck tool you have swinging there, but nothing like Fritz and Hans. They’re hung like fucking horses. So you can save Ari by fucking him yourself. A nice beautiful romantic brother fuck!
He’s only twelve years old...” Joshua sobbed.
“Jew queer boys are ready for it at ten. He’s probably already sucking off all the boys at school. At ten, a Jew faggot’s asshole is juicy and ready to be fucked. But it’s your choice, who shall we have begin, Fritz or Hans? Fritz’s cock is larger and thicker, but Hans fucks more roughly. He really rips a boy open.
“Josh…no…you do it...you do it...please,” the little faggot spoke up.
“You see, he’s a cock hungry whore. He wants you, Joshua. He wants your big Jew dick in him!”
I could see the torture in the Joshua’s eyes, on his anguished face, through his trembling body. It made my cock start to drip all over again. This healthy normal teenage Jew boy was about to fuck his own brother. His own little brother. And did the stupid Jew really think it would keep our massive cocks out of twelve-year-old asshole and mouth? We would not be happy until we were stuffing all his holes at once. But first, we played along. We so wanted to watch this handsome teenage boy fuck his little brother. Burst his tender rosebud with his sizable kike prick. Commit the sin of incest. He looked up at me from the floor.
“Don’t hurt him. I’ll...I’ll do it.”
“Rules! He has to suck your dick first to get it slick with spit. It’s the only lube you get. Then you have to fuck him balls deep. If you don’t get balls deep into him on the first thrust, it doesn’t count.”
Joshua’s lower lips trembled so that he could hardly speak. “May I use a condom, please?”
“Are you out of your fucking mind? We don’t use condoms in the concentration camp, but after you fuck him, you can suck the cum out of his fuck hole!”
“You fucking sick bastards,” Ari screamed at me, and he tried to lunge at me. I believe the kid would have done me harm too, had not Fritz given a tug on the rope around his neck. Then he grabbed the boy and twisted his head around. He planted a huge wet kiss on the boy’s soft sweet mouth. Ari tried to struggle, but it did no good. Fritz is very strong. He kissed the kid long and deep, and then pulled back and spit into the boy’s face. He covered Ari’s pretty face with spit. Joshua gasped at the violence, and he hung his head and cried. Hans and I masturbated.
“Well, we are wasting time here, and we have other games to play. Jew boy, what say you get to it? Get over there and fuck your little brother!”
Joshua started to crawl toward his naked brother with his back arched, his ass up in the air, his fat, flaccid dick swinging.
I have to say, buying that uniform was the best investment I ever made. I decided there and then to play The Nazi and the Jew lots more times. I also decided there and then that I would turn young Ari into my personal toilet. Of course, both of them would have to be tattooed in proper concentration form fashion. And then, the medical experiments I had read so much about. For example, putting Joshua and Ari in a freezer and seeing if they fucked each other to keep their bodies’ warm if that would keep them alive longer. Oh, I wouldn’t let them die. Goodness no. I had so much more planned. I wanted to see both of them fucked by dogs. I had heard stories that many Jews do that with their pets anyway. I wanted to see Ari and his big brother sucking and fucking each other. And mostly I wanted to visit unspeakable pain on both of them, pain of every conceivable and inconceivable kind. Such agony as I had only read about in books. I wanted to see them inflict pain on each other to try to save themselves. What would it take for Joshua to bite off Ari’s balls to save himself? Bite them off and eat them raw!

But that would be later much later. After hundreds of other games, after their minds were ruined along with their beautiful, youthful bodies, I stood there with a stupid grin on my face, pumping my huge German cock, watching the naked Jew crawl across the room to fuck his baby brother.