The Monster

Mb, anal, rape
A palimpsest based on a story by Rainbow Socks

Sam Reynolds tried to be a good father. Ever since his lying, cheating whore of a wife had left him and their son, Joey, behind, he'd done everything he could to provide for his little boy who was ten years old now, and Sam loved him more than anything else.

Sometimes, he thought he loved his son a little too much. A sick desire had been plaguing Sam for the past two years. The desire wasn't a particularly new one, but he was horrified when it emerged again stronger than ever. He tried to deny it, but the desire soon filled his every waking moment and then his dreams. It burned like fire in his gut, and it increased each day. For you see, there was nothing Sam Reynolds wanted more in the world than to fuck his ten-year-old son in the ass, and tonight, he was going to do it.

He was late picking up Joey, but Joey would forgive him. Joey, with his sweet, cute, little smile with gapped teeth, chestnut brown hair and vibrant green eyes, just like his. He pulled up in front of Joey's school, and his son immediately hopped into the car and smiled that crooked, adorable smile of his.

“Sorry I'm late, honey,” he said as he reached over and stroked his son’s thigh. “There were a lot of cars and daddy got stuck.”


“That's okay,” Joey said, as bright and happy as ever. “I colored.”


Satisfied, Sam drove off, occasionally sliding his hand up his son's thigh. His cock burned with aching lust. Once they were home, he ushered Joey inside and followed him. How was he going to do this? Was he really? Could he do it?


“Joey,” he said. “You love daddy, don't you?”


“Of course!” Joey looked at him with wide eyes and a smile. “Lots and lots.”


“You'd do anything for daddy, Joey?”




“Anything at all?”




Joey nodded


“Is that a promise?” Sam asked.


Sam stuck out his pinky finger. With all the naive innocence of a child, Joey wrapped his pinky around his daddy’s and shook it.


“Pinky promise,” he said.


Sam's cock was rock hard, and boxers were soaking with pre-cum. He couldn't wait anymore.


“Go upstairs to your room, baby,” he said. “And get undressed.”


“Um, naked?”




Joey hesitated to look at his father curiously. Sam just smiled.




Joey shrugged and walked upstairs, into his room. Hurriedly, Sam slipped out of his pants and underwear. Last but not least, Sam grabbed a bottle of lube. Good to go. He walked up the steps to his son's room. His cock bobbed and leaked as he climbed the stairs as he imagined plunging his cock into Joey, and his desire burned hotter. He stepped into Joey's bedroom, and like a good little boy, his son was sitting on his bed naked. He took one look at the thick, hard cock extending from his daddy’s groin, and he scrambled back a bit in shock.


“Wh…what's that?”


“You said you'd do anything for daddy, right?” Sam asked his voice husky with need.


He walked over to the bed and grabbed Joey's ankles pulling the boy towards him. His son’s body was hairless and smooth, pale and perfect. His hands slipped up the boy’s thighs to his hips.


“Mmm, daddy?”


“Get on your hands and knees, baby.”


“But why?”


“Because daddy said so. Because it'll make me happy. Okay?”


Joey, confused and a little frightened now, slowly rolled to his hands and knees. Sam gasped when he looked at his son’s round, firm little ass. He reached out and gripped the smooth cheeks firmly in his hands. Joey yelped and tried to pull away, but Sam gripped one of Joey’s hips and pulled the boy towards him. Sam raised his hand and brought it down hard on his son's left ass cheek. Joey cried out in pain, and Sam slapped him, again and again, alternating the cheeks. Joey cried and tried to yank out of his daddy’s grip, but his daddy always pulled him back and slapped him harder for his resistance. Joey screamed, asking why, but Sam didn't answer. He just slapped and watched bright, red handprints appear on his son’s perfect, white ass. Finally, he stopped hearing Joey's sobs. Picking up the bottle of lube from the bed, Sam popped it open and poured it on two fingers.


“Wh…why Daddy, wa…was I b…being b…bad?” Joey asked gulping for air between sobs.


“Shhh, you're being very good now, sweetie.”


Sam spread his son’s ass cheeks apart and then pushed his index finger inside of Joey listening to his son cry out as the finger sank down to the knuckle. He began to thrust his finger in and out, holding his son down by his shoulder to stop him from bucking and wiggling. After a moment, he pushed a second finger inside, stretching out his son’s tight, virgin ass — his ten-year-old forbidden ass.


Since Sam's fingers weren't particularly large, he lubed up a third finger and began to push that into Joey as well. Joey gasped and moaned in pain and discomfort, but Sam paid his son no mind. He sank three long fingers deep into his son’s tight ass and then began to fuck him with them thrusting them in and out. Gradually, he began to fuck him harder thrusting his fingers faster and rubbing them against his son’s immature little prostate. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore. Groaning with need, Sam pulled his fingers from Joey's ass and pushed him onto his back. His son looked up at him with pleading, tear-filled eyes. Breathing hard, Sam grasped the boy’s ankles and pushed his skinny little legs up towards his ears lifting his ass up in the air.


“Daddy needs this, baby,” he whispered while pouring lube on his thick cock. He stroked his hand up and down, and Joey watched in helpless horror.


“Pl…please no,” he whimpered, as Sam rubbed the thick, mushroom-shaped head against his son's tiny, exposed anus.


Sam mercilessly pushed forward until the tip was inside. He continued to push, and between his legs Joey watched the thick cock penetrate him. He started wailing all over again, and Sam shoved a hand over the boy’s mouth to muffle him. He looked down, marveling at the way his cock stretched his son's rectum to the limit. He had already forced four inches up into the little boy’s asshole, but he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had pushed all eight inches up his son’s sweet little fuckhole.


“Oh, god,” he groaned while grinding his hips into Joey's ass. “Joey!”


Groaning at the unbelievable pleasure of it all, Sam slowly pulled his hips back, watching his son's asshole stretch out around his cock, his rectum gripping it for dear life. He pulled back until only the large head was inside, and then gripped Joey's hips and plunged back down burying all eight inches inside in one brutal thrust. His son screamed from the being penetrated in one thrust. Sam started pumping into Joey, in short, hard thrusts, punch fucking the little boy’s ass.


“Joey, baby, such a good boy...”


Every thrust pushed his cock deeper inside his son’s asshole. Before he knew it, he was coming, his balls pulling up tight and his entire body tensing as white-hot pleasure spread through him.


“Joey!” he cried, pumping faster, his moans mixing with the sounds of his son’s sobs. He came again and again and again until he was finally so exhausted that he had to stop and catch his breath.


“Your ass is Daddy's now, baby.”


Sam slipped his hands along Joey's ass, and then slowly pulled out of him. Joey moaned in discomfort.


“Say it.”


“M...my ass is yours, Daddy.”


“Smart boy.” He leaned down kissing his cheek. “This is just between you and me.”


Mutely, Joey nodded, and from there on he was the slave to his father’s twisted pleasure.