The Modeling Audition

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc, rape)

He was only twelve, but he hung around a lot with the older boys, some of whom sold their asses to farang tourists for money. The older guys were always trying to get him to go off with this or that tourist, telling him that he was old enough now and that boys his age could make a lot of baht. But he was shy and quite honestly afraid of gay sex probably afraid of any sex at all. Still, as the pictures would later prove, he was nicely developed for his age and quite mature. His balls had already dropped, and he could shoot, or so the other boys told me. They said they sometimes had jerk-off contests when they drank too much and sat around the beach at night with nothing to do.
Nak was a favorite of all of them because the young boy was innocent and impressionable. His father had been an American GI, and his mother was a whore, so what the fuck, he was pretty much fair game. He had turned down several of my friends, and on the terrace of the Gay Hotel in Pattaya, Nak’s virgin pussy was often the subject of discussion. I knew that if I wanted to get into Nak’s ass, I would have to be cagey about it, so I formed my plan carefully. I announced to the boys that I had quite a bit of money to spend on photo shoots. You know, just modeling, no sex. The boys loved this because it was an easy way to make money and they did not have to suck the fat greasy dick of some balding big-bellied German tourist or hairy Italian, or you name it. I said, however, that I was looking for a special kind of boy one who would exemplify (I did not use that word) the purity of boyhood in Thailand. I said his picture would probably end up on the cover of the Thai Travel Guide.
Now they were all keenly interested. Nak tagged along as they hounded me most of the day on the beach, many of them offering to throw in free sex if I used them. More than one beach boy placed his bikini-clad prick and balls in my hand, asking me to feel and weigh his potential, which of course I did. I joked that they were all old whores and too sexually experienced to symbolize the innocence of Thai youth, but I said if they could find me a boy model someone really innocent, I would pay them two-hundred baht each for their time. Well, two-hundred baht is better than nothing is, so they handed Nak over to me. He was shy, but not against the idea of modeling if that’s all it was as he said over and over. I assured him that my intentions were noble, so off we went to my rented condo a few blocks from Jomtien Beach.
The first thing I did was get him slightly drunk. He was so beautiful sitting there drinking beer like a big boy that I had a hard time keeping my prick in my pants and my hands off him. He didn’t look Thai exactly, but a mixture, more round-eyed. He was brown as a nut though, and I knew his ass was virgin.
We shot some pictures of him on the balcony wearing his baggy shorts and a tee shirt. Then I suggested he looked a bit dirty and maybe he should shower. He readily agreed since, like most Thais, cleanliness was almost a fetish. While he was in the shower, I scooped up his clothing. Then I casually suggested that some pics of him in a towel would be good as it made him look clean and pure. That was okay with him. We had some more beer. I started to pose him, running my hands over his velvety smooth body. His skin was like melted butter. He looked at me so trustingly that I almost came in my pants. We chatted about his life and also what he wanted to do in the future. He said he was thinking of being a jockey since they could make good money and he was small. Oh my, yes, yes, he was small, so small and vulnerable with only that thin shell necklace to protect his virginal soon to be cocksucking throat. I told him that I had a friend who worked at the racetrack, which was the truth, and that the guy could probably get him a job there, which was speculation, but that the guy was gay and he would probably have to have sex with him, which was true.
I watched Nak chew his lip. He told me he wasn’t gay and didn’t like the idea that some of the boys had sex with men as that seemed wrong and bad to him. Meanwhile, I lowered the towel around his hips and got some nice pre-teen tummy in the shots. I told him that if he was with the right guy, he didn’t have to do much except let the guy suck his dick, which felt really good and maybe let the guy kiss him. I asked him if he had ever kissed a girl or a boy sexually. He shyly said no. I told him my friend probably would not be interested in him then and seemed to drop the subject. Next, I asked him to pose naked. He objected at first, but I said that I just wanted artistic shots and that I would pay him more. He’d had enough beer and needed the money so off the towel came.
My, my, he was a sight to behold with a beautiful, fat prick on his little body with just the start of prick hair over the dick, but none anywhere else. His balls were plump little treats I could hardly wait to get in my mouth. And his ass—oh, what can I say about his ass—deep crack, firm little cantaloupe-sized cheeks. An ass made to be fucked! If God is against butt fucking, why did he make them so damned enticing? I had him lay back on the floor as I snapped away. He got braver as I suggested he would make an excellent model and could make lots of money. I gave him some poses to do that were more and more sexual.
“Spread your legs a little. Lay back. Put your hands behind your head. Arch your back a little. Raise one leg.”
You might say I was helping him with his career. What a waste if he were to become a jockey when he could be on his hands and knees with a dick plowing both ends of his cute little frame. He had no idea he was turning himself into a fucking whore. He didn’t know that when I had finished with him, he would sell his ass to almost anybody on the beach and would be just another young boy cunt to be sampled and used by whoever wanted him.
I casually mentioned that is was a real shame that he didn’t sell his body like some of the older boys as seeing how cute he was, he could make a couple of thousand baht a night. Now the average wage for a skilled worker in an office or hotel is about eight thousand baht a month, so a couple of thousand baht in one night is like a dream come true for a twelve-year-old kid. He asked me after a few minutes what he would have to do for that kind of money.
“Oh, for that kind of money, you’d have to get fucked in the ass.”
I offered him another beer. He became quiet again, but I could see the wheels turning in his head. I also threw in that if he did something like that for my friend at the racetrack, he would most certainly be offered a good job, maybe even as a horse groomer, which was a step toward being a jockey.
Ten minutes later he agreed to let me fuck him, and I kissed him for the first time. I must admit I did not make it easy on him. You know me; I don’t like to make it easy for the little whores. I not only French kissed him for about fifteen minutes shoving my tongue down his little throat and all over inside his mouth. I licked his whole face and got it liberally drenched in my spit. He didn’t like it, but I just kept soothing him and massaging his young body and then when his prick got hard, I praised him and what a manly dick he had. I pulled on his just forming boy nipples, pulled the little nubs out and let them snap back, rubbed them, licked, kissed and chewed on them. He was really getting hot now. He had never had sex before except for his own hand. Soon I was licking his ball sack, and a softest, finest, little fuck bag I have ever licked. Like marbles in a doeskin pouch, his nuts rolled over my tongue. I licked his prick and sucked on the head. When I tickled the pisshole, he went nuts.
Then came the hard part for him, I knelt up over his chest and fed him my dick. He kept saying how big it was and how it scared him. I rubbed my cockhead all over his face and eased it between his tightly pressed lips. When he’d turn his face away, I would gently but firmly force it back and give him more dick. I poured some brandy on my cock, and he licked it off, which got him more drunk and more used to the taste and smell. I fucked his face, shoving more and more cock in with each thrust as I told him how good he was and what a pro and expert cocksucker he was even at twelve. I kept saying he could earn lots of money. Then with my dick in his mouth, I reached back and started to finger his tiny asshole. It was so fucking minuscule like that of a six-year-old. My little finger had trouble getting in, and he winced around my dick. Oh boy, this was going to be fun.
It took three hours. I had to kneel there on the bed at one point with my cockhead in his asshole for almost fifteen minutes while he got used to the pain. He begged me to take it out as it was too big and he did not even care about the money. I told him it was too late since he had started this and now he had to go through with it. I told him all the other guys would think he was a sissy if he didn’t go through with it and they would never trust him again if they knew he didn’t keep his word.
I would tense my prick, so it moved slightly, and the dick head in his little hole would expand slightly, and he would moan in pain. I massaged and rubbed his soft sweet hairless legs and played with his feet, telling him it was all right, that he was doing really well and that after the first time it didn’t hurt anymore. He had heard that from the other boys too that it hurt less and less after the first few fucks, so he tried to relax.
I gave him two inches of dick. My dick is thick, and his rectum was so small even I feared it was not going to work but fuck it all I was determined. I pushed forward sending more dick into him and wished I had used more lube. I do not generally like using lube on boys. I want them to feel the magnificence of the prick in their boy-cunts. He begged for more lube, and I told him lube was for sissies. I had four inches in him now, and he was like a pinned butterfly. His little arms and legs flopped around, and his eyes rolled in his head. When I told him I was halfway in, he almost screamed the walls down. He wailed that he couldn’t take any more. I wiped away his tears, tasting their salt, and gave him another inch. I held his hips in my hands and swore I saw a lump in his thin little tummy where my dick was inside of him. As I leaned down and kissed him again, he tried to turn his head away, but I reached up and held it still. Then with my dick up his little boy ass, I began to drool spit all over his face. He tried to twist away, sending my fuckmeat deeper into his little boy pussy causing his body to arch and stiffen in pain.
“Only two inches to go, baby,” I tried to console him, but he was almost out of his mind.
As he threw his spit-slick face from side to side, he was so fucking cute that I knew then I would have to fuck him really hard. I rose up over him and plowed in balls deep. He made a kind of choking sound like the dick was going to come out his throat. I lay on him with my full weight, my dick buried balls deep in his tiny ass, his legs spread and raised like a cheap whore.
I held his head still by the hair, placed my lips at his ear and whispered romantically to him, “Now we can start to fuck.”
And fuck him I did for about half an hour, I would hold off from cumming just to let my fuck lust build again. I fucked him on his back, on his tummy, and even carried him around the room. A couple of times, when he started to tune out, to fade away, I had to slap him, but I explained that I wasn’t slapping him out of anger, only to keep him concentrating on the fuck.
I fucked him twice more that night. His ass lips were swollen like water balloons, his hole was red. He had lost his voice, and his eyes seemed unfocused, but he had earned twenty dollars. I promised to speak to my friend at the racetrack and did, but nothing came of it. I see the kid now on the beach when I go to Pattaya. He’s almost thirteen. He gets fucked nearly every night now. He has even come after me again, but what the fuck, I am not interested. I have already had him. He is damaged goods. Besides he’s getting a little old isn’t he?