The Maze

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Garry was nine years old and a bit of an explorer. He was on holiday and staying with his family in a caravan park that ran alongside a fast flowing river. It was a lovely summer morning, and he had left to go for a ride on his cycle. His mother had given him a packed lunch to take with him because she knew that he liked to go exploring and often lost all sense of time. They were in the quiet countryside many miles from the nearest town, and she was not worried about her boy's safety in such idyllic surroundings.

Garry had red hair and green eyes. His white face was freckled, and he had a snub nose. He was lean and looked very athletic in his white vest and short green shorts. True to the color of his hair, Garry was very hot-headed and lost his temper easily. He waved goodbye to his mother saying that if he were back before they returned home, he would let himself into the caravan. His parents and two younger sisters were off to the seaside for the day. It was only sixteen miles from the caravan site, and the nearby river flowed into it.


Garry knew where he was going. Yesterday he had spied a large rundown house about seven miles away. The huge garden had looked very unkempt, and the boy wondered if the big old house was empty. If it was, he wanted to explore it. Of course, he had not mentioned this to his family. Had his parents known, he was aware that they would have forbidden him from going near the place and he would not tell his sisters because they could not keep secrets. Instead, he'd told his mother that he wanted to explore the riverbank upstream from where they were staying.


It was nearing the middle of the morning by the time that he reached the house. He got off his cycle and peered through the large wide-open gates. All he could see was a weed-covered gravel drive with lots of large bushes overhanging it. He could just catch a glimpse of the roof of the house from where he was standing. Pushing his bike the boy started up the gravel drive. He kept close to the side hoping that if the place were occupied the bushes would conceal his presence. The driveway described a large curve, and as the boy rounded it, he got the full view of the house. It was enormous and rambling. He could see several dirty windows and the walls were covered in ivy. The place had an air of desolation about it that made Garry think it must, indeed, be empty.


The boy did not notice an old man ahead of him because the guy was standing concealed in the bushes. He had a pair of binoculars in his hand and had followed Garry's progress up the drive. He pressed back deeper into the bushes as the boy approached him. Garry was too busy looking at the house to notice anybody in the bushes and passed the man within a couple of feet of him. Once the boy was past him, the old guy came out of cover.


"Hey boy, what the fuck you doing here? This is private property, you know?" the man asked.


The boy swung around in surprise losing his hold on the cycle.


"I'm sorry mister, I'm thirsty and was going to ask for a drink," the boy replied using an excuse that he had already decided to use if stopped.


"Okay, son, I'll get you a drink," the old man said.


Gary looked at the guy and decided that the white-haired, bent back, old man must be a hundred years old if he was a day.


"Come on son, walk with me," the man said. "What's your name boy and how old are you?" he asked as they walked up the drive together.


"I'm Garry, and I'm on holiday here. I'm nine years old," the boy answered.


"You ever been in a maze?" the man asked, "You know what a maze is don't you, Garry?"


"Course I know what a maze is," the boy replied scornfully, "I've been in lots of them. They have high hedges that you can't see over and lots of different paths that finish in dead ends. There is only one way out of the maze, and you have to try and find it."


"This house is a maze," the man said mysteriously as he led the boy to an outside water tap that was next to an old shed.


The man turned the tap on, and cold water gushed out.


"Get your mouth under that, I haven't got a cup," the old man said.


Garry took a mouthful of the water turning the tap off as his mouth filled. He swallowed it and had another drink. He had been thirstier than he had thought, so he took a third mouthful of water.


"What do you mean mister about the house being a maze?" the boy asked curiously.


"Whoever built this house made the ground floor into a maze. The living part of the house is all upstairs," the old man answered.


"You're kidding me, mister," the youngster said as his eyes sparkled with interest.


"No I'm not kidding you, Garry," the man replied. "If you enter the house by the side door you find yourself in a short passage. You have three doors to choose from, one will take you to the next room which opens onto another short passage with more doors. Eventually, you come out of a door on the other side of the house that is if you have chosen all the correct doors to go through."


"What if you pick a wrong door?" the boy asked.


"You have to pay the penalty; the penalty is shown on the wall of the room. Having paid the penalty you are then able to leave the room through the opposite door," the old man explained.


"What sort of penalty do you have to pay?" Garry asked his curiosity fully aroused.


"You can't know that until you enter the room. All I can say is that the penalty is something that you can pay on the spot and it doesn't involve money," the man replied.


Eyes sparkling excitedly, Garry asked eagerly, "can I have a go, please mister can I try to find my way through the maze?"


"Well, I'm only employed as the gardener here. I'll have to ask Brad who owns the house. Wait here, and I'll go and see him," the man said.


Garry sat down on the ground and got out his packed lunch. He was feeling really hungry and started to tuck into the sandwiches while the old man went around to the front of the house and entered by the main door. A young man of twenty-five years of age was standing just inside the door.


"Who the fuck is that out there Sam?" the young man asked.


Sam cackled and then started to tell Brad all he knew about the boy.


"Could be a willing volunteer for the maze instead of the usual conscripts," he said.


Brad looked thoughtful.


"He's around the right age and sure looks a tasty bit of stuff. He could well fetch a really high price," he said.


"I'm going to have a talk with him, you introduce me and then make yourself scarce," Brad instructed.


The old man and the much younger one walked back around the house to where Garry was just finishing off his packed lunch.


"Garry this is Brad, and he owns this house. You must ask his permission to see the maze, not mine. I'll be about my business now, Brad," the old man said as he started to walk off.


"Okay Sam, now don't overdo it will you," Brad said with a laugh.


Then the man turned to Garry.


"Old Sam tells me that your name is Garry, you are nine years old and interested in exploring the maze," he said.


Garry looked at the man. He saw that Brad had short brown hair, twinkling blue eyes, and a friendly looking face. The man was about six feet tall and quite muscular in build. He was wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts which seemed pretty tight and showed off his muscular buttocks as well as a large bulge in his front. Not that Garry was taking much notice of things like that. He was too concerned about creating a good impression on the man so that he would be allowed to explore the maze.


"Yes, Sir that's right," Garry replied as he stood up. "I'm on holiday down here, and when Sam told me about a maze in the house, I said that I would love to see it as I've never seen one in a house before."


"I see," said Brad, "but it may take you a long while to find your way out. What time are you expected home?" he asked.


"Oh, when I go exploring mum and dad know that I can be gone hours. They won't be worried how late I am so long as I'm not out all night," the boy answered.


"Well, there are certain rules you have to follow if I allow you into the maze. You have to keep going until you eventually find the way out, and any instructions you find in the rooms must be followed exactly. Do you think that you can obey those rules?" Brad asked.


"Oh yes Sir I will follow them exactly," the boy replied eagerly.


The more they talked about the maze, the more he wanted to try it out.


"Once you enter the maze door there is no turning back. The door can only be opened from the outside. No matter what the instructions tell you to do, you must obey them. Are you sure you want to enter the maze?" Brad asked.


Garry's natural curiosity had been heightened by Brad's information about the maze. Nothing would stop him from entering that maze now.


"Oh yes please Sir, I'd really appreciate you giving me permission, and I promise that I will follow the rules," the boy replied eagerly.


"Call me Brad, not Sir, I'm not your school teacher," Brad said with a friendly laugh. "I'm warning you now Garry, you may be taking on much more than you think by entering the maze. You quite sure you want to go in?" Brad asked.


"I do Sir — I mean Brad, I really do Brad. I'm not worried about penalties or anything like that," the nine-year-old explorer answered.


"Come on then, Garry, and I'll open the door. Once you enter the door locks behind you, and there's only one way to go then, and that's forward." Brad explained.


Garry left his cycle lying on the ground and accompanied Brad to the door in the side of the house.


"How long do you think it will take me to complete the maze, Brad?" Garry asked as he walked alongside the man.


"Depends, Garry, on you. I've known some boys complete it in just three hours other boys have taken ten hours," Brad replied.


"Do you only allow boys into the maze?" Garry asked curiously as they stood outside the door.


"Oh yes, only boys are allowed in this maze. Boys between eight and fourteen years of age," Brad answered with a smile as he opened the door and pushed Garry through it.


The door swung shut behind the boy.


Sam now joined Brad outside the closed door.


"Contact the syndicate and tell them that we will have a collection ready for them sometime later today. Their agent must have ten thousand in cash because this boy's a real cracker," Bob said to Sam.


"Then take the cycle and dump it in the river as soon as it gets dark," he went on.


Sam nodded that he understood and went off to carry out his orders while Brad waited a few minutes outside the door. Then he went round to the front of the house and entered the main door. He had things to see to, and the first one of these was to go to the control room and turn on the television. A bright picture appeared showing numbers one to five across the screen. Brad picked up a small control box and pressed a button marked '1'. The image on the display changed to show a bright empty room. It had tiled floors, walls, and ceiling and from the ceiling, several shower heads hung down. There were four doors in the room, two at either end and a large panel on the opposite wall which looked like a television screen. As Sam watched one of the doors was pushed open, and Garry poked his head in.


Meanwhile, Garry had found himself in a short passage when he had been pushed through the door. The passage was well lit, and there were two doors side by side. A recorded voice boomed out of a concealed loudspeaker.


"Select one of the doors and push it open. Once opened you must pass through it as the other door will remain locked."


Garry scrutinized the two doors, but the doors were identical. He felt in his shorts for a coin.


"Heads I take the door on the right, tails the one on the left," Garry said to himself as he tossed the coin in the air.


He saw it land on the floor and looked at it. The coin had landed heads up. Putting it back in his pocket, Garry went to the door to his right as he looked at them and pushed it open. He poked his head through the door and saw a tiled room devoid of any furniture.


"Shit," he muttered "I should have picked the other door," and he backed out of the room and the door remained open.


He pushed the door on the left, but it was unmoving. He realized that, unless he wanted to stay where he was for the next several hours, he would have to enter the tiled room and pay the penalty. He giggled to himself as he entered the tiled room and the door closed shut behind him. He gave it a push, but the door remained closed. Then he saw that the television screen on one of the walls had come alive. There was large writing in red on the screen, so he went to read what it said.




Garry stood still as he read over and over again that message. He looked nervously around, but all he could see was the tiled walls and floor. He looked up at the ceiling and saw what appeared to be shower heads hanging down, not one, not two but whole series of them in neat lines across the width of the ceiling. There were, however, no controls for these showerheads which puzzled the young boy. He reread the message and wondered why he had to leave his clothes behind if he could not return to the room once he'd left it. Young Garry, a very intelligent young boy, now began to feel uneasy.


He walked across to the doors opposite the one that he had entered. He pushed against one and immediately rebounded as a jolt of electricity passed through his body. The metal door was clearly rigged up to an electrical supply. The boy was shaking, more from shock than pain, as he stood undecided what to do. Then he heard a low alarm noise from an unseen speaker. The warbling alarm was followed by a metallic voice.


"You have one minute to get undressed, select the door you wish to open and leave this room through it," the voice announced.


Garry fumbled in his shorts, produced the coin, and then tossed it into the air.


"Heads right, tails left," he mumbled to himself.


He bent over and saw that once again the coin had landed heads up. Then he sat on the floor and started to remove his cycling shoes and white socks. As he got them off the voice spoke again.


"Time up," it said.


Next moment Garry was spluttering and gasping as icy water was sprayed out from the ceiling showerheads. Within in seconds, Garry was soaked to the skin and soon his teeth were chattering from the cold. There was nowhere that he could go to escape the freezing water; he just had to stand and take it.


"The water will stop when you are undressed," the metallic voice announced.


Garry, soaked to the skin and shivering from the cold, hastily removed his vest, shorts, and underpants and now stood naked in the room as the water cascaded down on him. Then it stopped, and he stood shivering as cold water ran off his body. Then he felt wafts of warm air flowing through the room, and slowly his shivering stopped. He stood in the warm air as his body dried off and started to feel a lot better.


Brad was watching the television screen carefully and saw that the naked boy was all that he had hoped for.


Garry's body was lovely and white with his tanned arms and legs showing up in marked contrast to the rest of his skin. Apart from his red hair, he was totally hairless, a fact that made Brad lick his lips with pleasure. Garry had two lovely pink nipples and a sweet looking belly button. His soft uncircumcised cock was all of three inches long, and he had a beautiful pair of tiny balls tight up beneath that boy cock. Brad pressed a control that changed the camera angle, and now he could see the boy's back. A slight curve in the spine led down to Garry's buttocks which were well formed and had a deep crease between them. Again Brad licked his lips with pleasure.


Garry had decided that he was now dry enough. He could see the instructions still showing on the wall screen, and they instructed him to leave his clothes behind. Thanking his lucky stars that he was alone and therefore unseen, Garry walked towards the doors from which he'd got the electric shock. The shock had come from the right-hand door, and Garry hesitated about trying that door again, so he pushed on the left-hand door instead. It opened to his touch.


The boy walked through the door and found himself in a short passage and facing him was two identical doors. He had no coin to toss now and so decided to keep on the left-hand side door. He pushed it open and entered a tiny room with white painted walls, floor, and ceiling. On the wall was another television screen and opposite him two more doors. As the door closed behind him the screen lit up. This time the large letters were in blue.




Garry heaved a big sigh of relief. The left-hand doors had been lucky for him so far, so he once again chose the left to go through. This door led straight into another room, the third room on his journey through the maze. His heart sank as he saw that it was nothing like the previous room. This room had what looked like medieval stocks in the center of it. The stocks were made of thick planks of wood, and they had three holes. The holes either end of the planks were quite small while the center hole was much larger. The holes, in a straight line, were about three feet from the floor. Garry walked around the stocks examining them very carefully, and then he saw the same type of television screen on one of the walls as had been in the previous rooms. It was lit up, and the message was in large red capital letters.




Garry read this message several times and then went back to the stocks. He shrugged his shoulders as he lifted the top plank up so that one end was sticking up in the air while the hinge kept the other end fastened to the lower plank. He was giggling as he knelt down and placed his hands through the two half holes either end of the bottom plank and his head through the middle half hole. He was thinking of his history lessons where people had been put in the stocks and had rotten fruit, eggs, and vegetables thrown at them.


"At least that wasn't going to happen to him here," he thought to himself.


He was now aware of the top plank slowly lowering and shivered slightly as he felt it resting on the back of his wrists and his neck. With that top plank in place, there was no way that he could withdraw his hands and head from the holes. He wondered how long he would have to remain like this.


What the young boy did not know was that Brad had pressed a remote control to lower the top plank of the stocks and that it was now locked in position.


Garry heard the door behind him opening, the one through which he had entered the room. He could not twist his head around to see who was now in the room.


"Well Garry you have not done too well have you?" he heard Brad's voice behind him.


"I guess not, Brad," the naked boy replied rather nervously. "What's going to happen now?"


"Well you are going to have to try to get into the next room, you may be lucky and choose the one that gets you out of here," Brad answered still standing behind Garry so that the boy could not see him.


"Are you going to open the stocks so that I can get out?" Garry asked hopefully.


"Yes," replied Brad to the boy's immense relief.


Then his hopes were shattered as Brad continued.


"But first you have to pay the rest of the penalty, this is only the first half of it," Brad said.


"What else do I have to do Brad?" young Garry asked.


"You have to suck my cock and make me cum down your throat," replied Brad as he moved to stand in front of the horrified young boy.


Garry looked at the man and saw that Brad was totally naked and that the man's cock was standing fully erect. The young boy had never seen anything like this before in his life. Brad's cock was circumcised and, in its erect state, a full ten inches in length and at least two inches thick. Below the man's cock swung a big set of balls, and the complete set of bollocks looked horrifying menacing.


"I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT," the boy shouted angrily as his face turned red as his hair. "YOU'D BETTER LET ME GO NOW AND STOP MESSING AROUND," he added angrily.


"Now then Garry there is no point in losing your temper, after all, you agreed to obey the rules before you entered the maze. I must warn you that I shall be caning your backside until you agree to suck my cock. Even if it takes a week to make you before you get released from those stocks you will be sucking and swallowing the whole ten inches of my cock down your throat, and you will suck it until I cum," Brad said in an amused voice.


"MY DAD WILL HAVE THE COPS ON YOU, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME," Garry yelled as tears sprung to his eyes.


"The only way out of this maze is to pay the penalties," Brad said. "The sooner you suck my cock, the sooner you are likely to complete the course."


"I'm not going to do that, it's disgusting," Garry replied, "please let me go, Brad, please let me go."


Brad walked around so that he was behind the boy again. He picked up a cane that he had brought into the room with him that he had laid on the floor. Garry, of course, could not see him. He raised the cane in the air and brought it swishing down through the air to strike the boy a hard stroke across his buttocks. Garry let out a scream of pain and outrage as he tried to move his body but found that the position that he was in made that move impossible.


The cane came down again and again. Three, four, five, six deep red lines were left marking the boy's lovely white buttocks as Garry screamed and shrieked from the pain.


"When you're ready to suck my cock you tell me," Brad said to the boy as he continued to thrash him.


"I WON'T DO IT, I WON'T DO IT," shrieked Garry through his tears, "I WON'T! I WON'T! I WON'T!"


"That's okay Garry I love hearing young boys scream as I thrash them. One young fucker took more than fifty strokes before he gave in. You've only had ten so far, but I guess that score will quickly increase," Brad replied as he continued to lash the youngster with the cane.


Garry had taken twenty-five strokes, and his buttocks were a bleeding mess of red lines. Brad showed no sign of letting up and the young boy couldn't take any more punishment.




"Ha, have you come to your senses, at last, Garry?" Brad said as he stopped lashing the boy.


He laid the cane back down on the floor and moved around to the side where Garry's head was sticking out of the stocks.


"Now boy whatever you do don't use your teeth on my cock. You bite my cock, and I swear that I'll pull every tooth out of your head and then cut off your tongue," Brad threatened.


Somehow the boy knew that Brad was not joking, he meant every word that he said.


Brad was now standing right in front of the boy. Garry's face was just the right height for the man's cock to touch his lips, and the boy felt the big nob rubbing against them. He felt like being sick, but his buttocks were burning from the severe caning that he'd received, and he didn't want any more of that.


"Open your mouth Garry and start sucking my cock," Brad ordered the boy.


Reluctantly, and with tears of shame pouring down his cheeks, Garry opened his mouth and closed his lips around the big cock head. Then he started to suck and got the full flavor of Brad's urine.


"Remember no teeth Garry," Brad warned as he enjoyed the feel of the boy's hot mouth around his cock. "Now my bold explorer I want you to try and swallow some of my cock. I want it down your fucking throat boy so come on, get swallowing as you suck," Brad ordered.


Garry started to swallow as he sucked, but it had little effect on Brad's cock, only the nob of which was in his mouth. Brad decided to give the boy a helping hand. He took hold of the boy's ears and pulled Garry's head forward at the same time as he thrust forward towards Garry with his pelvis. His big cock head forced its way into the young boy's throat, and Garry started to retch and gag as his face turned purple through lack of air.


Brad pulled his cock out of Garry's throat, and the boy gulped in some much needed air.


"Suck on my cock when it's in your throat cunt," Brad snapped as he repeated the exercise and forced his cock down the boy's throat.


Young Garry tried his best to suck on the big tool as it started to move in and out of his throat. He was quickly learning that he needed to take in air as the man pulled his cock out of his throat.


"Suck my cock you young bastard, come on you little faggot keep sucking," groaned Brad as he forced more and more of his cock down the boy's throat with each additional thrust.


Garry's eyes were streaming tears, but he could not yell or scream. His mouth and throat were full of man cock, and he was trying his best to suck it.


Brad was now fucking in and out ever faster as inch by inch the boy swallowed his cock. He kept up the relentless pressure until he felt his big balls pressing against Garry's chin. He knew then that the boy had swallowed every last inch of his cock.


Holding Garry's ears tightly Brad started to drive in and out of the boy's mouth as hard and fast as he could. He was slamming in and out like a piston engine as poor young Garry kept trying to suck. Brad could feel his body stiffening, and his legs began to tremble. He felt his cock throbbing with sexual excitement and knew that he was about to blow his load.


He pulled his cock almost the whole way out of Garry's mouth so that only the cock head remained in the boy.


"Suck you young fucking bastard, suck real hard," Brad gasped as he started to shoot his load.


Garry's mouth filled with the man's thick salty sperm. The boy felt it slithering down his throat and also into his nasal tube.


"Suck, you cunt, fucking suck, suck, suck," snarled Brad, as he pulled hard on the boy's ears forcing his cock down the child's throat. As he forced his cock down the boy's gullet, he started to reshoot his load. The boy was still trying to cope with the first load of cum as well as Brad's big cock when the man's fuck stick erupted again.


Poor young Garry was forced to swallow all of Brad's cum. He hated the taste of the stuff, and he hated the taste of the man's cock. In fact, he hated everything that there was possible to hate about Brad but stuck in the stocks as he was, he had to keep swallowing the horrible sperm.


Eventually, his balls drained and his cock softening, Brad pulled it out of the youngster's mouth.


"Well done Garry you've paid another penalty," Brad said as he stood looking at the boy's sperm covered face. "After a while, the top plank of the stocks will raise up, and you will then be free to move on to the next room," he said as he started to step away from the boy.


"Please, Brad, I don't want to see any more of the maze. I've got to go home now, or my parents will start to worry," the boy said.


"Bollocks," was Brad's answer to that. "You knew that there was no going back before you entered the maze. And remember what you told me about your parents not worrying about how late you are in getting back home. I suggest that you finish swallowing all of my sperm as you get ready to move to the next room."


Brad then left the room with the boy still in the stocks. The inside of Garry's mouth and throat was covered in the man's sperm, and the boy was now trying to get rid of the taste by swallowing with very little success. He found himself locked in the stocks for another hour before the top plank lifted off him, and he was free again.


He got up off his knees which were feeling sore from the prolonged time that he had been on them. He moved around the room, and his buttocks were burning painfully while his mouth ached, and his throat felt sore. Garry was a miserable young boy now as he wished that he had never started on this adventure.


It was too late for such regrets now, and the boy knew that he had to pick one of the doors with which to leave the room. He decided on the left-hand door again and, opening it, left the room. He was now in a very short corridor at the end of which were two more identical doors side by side.


Garry stood in front of these new doors agonizing as to which one to choose. It seemed to the boy that he had been in this house for hours and that he was hungry and thirsty, and he just wanted to go home. However, if Garry was to go back home, he knew that he had to pick a door first. This time he pushed on the right-hand side door, and it opened and let him enter.


The main item in this new room was a large iron bed with a mattress but no bed linen. Again there was a television screen on one of the walls and opposite the door that he had entered was another two doors. As he stood just inside the room the television screen on the wall lit up and a message in large red capital letters appeared. Garry moved closer to the screen to read the message.




"Wait for what?" Garry wondered nervously.


He did not like the way things were looking. Having been forced to perform oral sex with Brad, the boy did not want to get onto the bed in case the man came into the room and attacked him again.


"Until you get onto the bed, no progress can be made. No matter how long it takes, you will not be able to complete the penalty and leave the room until you get onto the bed," a metallic sounding voice announced.


Garry continued to wander around the room as he avoided getting onto the bed. He was terrified of what the rest of the penalty might be if he carried out the instructions that he'd been given. In all, it took him almost an hour before he decided that he'd better risk getting onto the bed. It had been an hour of complete silence apart from the sound of his beating heart. Nothing whatever had been heard from the loudspeaker and no further message had appeared on the screen.


At last Garry got onto the bed. He did not lie down but remained in the sitting position. He could see the message on the television screen as he sat on the bed patiently waiting. Ten minutes passed, fifteen, twenty and still nothing happened. The boy kept reading the last sentence of the message which told him to lie down. He decided to do that to see if it triggered any reaction. It did, as he lay down on the bed the television screen went off, as did the lights in the room. The boy found himself in dense darkness; he could not even see his hand in front of his face. He lay on the bed trembling as he waited to see what would happen next.


After thirty minutes of intense darkness, the lights came back on. For a few moments the boy was blinded by the sudden change from darkness to light, and then he saw Brad standing naked by the side of the bed.


"Well, you are having an unlucky day," Brad said with a grin. "Are you ready to hear what the rest of this penalty is?" he asked.


Garry was shaking like a leaf as he saw that Brad's cock was fully erect. All ten inches of the thick rod was throbbing with excitement.


"Please don't make me suck that again, I hated it, Brad, I hated it," Garry cried.


"Don't worry about that Garry, you won't be sucking MY cock again," Brad said laying emphasis on the word 'my.' "To complete this penalty you've got to be fucked up the ass. And guess who’s going to do the fucking?" Brad said.


It took a moment or two for Brad's words to sink in and then young Garry realized what the man had said. At nine years old, Garry was not some ignorant little baby. He knew what fucking was and he knew just what Brad was proposing to do. There was no way he was going to allow the man to stick his monster cock up his asshole.


With his arms going like windmills Garry jumped up off the bed and leaped at the naked man.


"You won't fuck me, I'll kill you first," Garry said as he pummeled the laughing man.'


Brad wrapped his long muscular arms around the young boy stopping him from continuing the onslaught.


"Don't be like that Garry, you're going to enjoy it as I take your cherry. I'm going to shove my ten-inch long cock all the way up your shithole, and then I'm going to fuck you until I cum," he said still laughing as he spoke.


Garry was trying in vain to twist out of the man's tight grip.


"No way," the boy panted, "you aren't going to fuck me, I won't let you."


"Oh, but I am going to fuck you, Garry," Brad chuckled. "You'll love it when I do boy and how lucky you are that I will be the first of many," he said as he wrestled the struggling boy down onto the bed.


Once on the bed, Brad grabbed Garry's right arm and started to force it up towards the bed head. Garry was jumping, twisting, and trying to escape but Brad was much too strong for the nine-year-old boy and snapped a manacle closed around his wrist. The manacle was attached to the metal bed head by a rope about a foot long. Once the boy was secured by one of his wrists, Brad moved away to watch with amusement the child's efforts to free himself. He pulled, twisted, and jerked on his arm but the manacle remained secure fixing him to the bed.


Brad approached the bed and grabbed hold of the struggling boy's left arm. He pulled that one up towards the bed head forcing young Garry onto his back as he did so. Again, with minimal effort, the boy's left wrist was manacled to the metal bed head. Brad now jumped onto the bed and knelt over the boy with his legs either side of Garry's chest. He started to tickle the youngster's armpits as Garry giggled and cried as he tried to evade the man's stroking fingers.


"Enough of this fucking around, Garry," Brad said at last with a laugh, "I'm as randy as hell, and I want to take your cherry. I'm going to make you into a lovely young faggot by fucking the shit out of you."


"Please Brad leave me alone, please let me go home. Please don't do this to me, Brad, please I beg you to let me go," young Garry pleaded.


The man got off the boy and off the bed. He pulled a small box out from where it had been underneath the bed and took out a tube of KY. Then he got back onto the bed and, once again, knelt with his knees either side of Garry's body. As the frightened boy watched him, Brad squeezed some of the KY onto his fingers and started to lubricate his ten-inch long cock.


"Mustn't tear you as I enter you," Brad muttered as he coated his cock with a liberal covering of the lubricant. "Damaged goods are no good to me, I must keep you intact," he said.


Young Garry paid little attention to what the man was saying as he was too busy watching Brad preparing his big cock. The boy decided to try to reason with Brad just one more time.


"Please, Brad, don’t do this to me, please let me go. I promise I won't tell anybody about you," the boy pleaded.


"There's fuck all to tell, I shall simply deny knowing you," Brad replied as he finished with the KY.


"The old man, Sam, knows that I was here and that you let me into the maze," the boy blurted out.


"Oh, yeah, old Sam. The poor old devil. He's got a terrible memory and gets easily muddled. He doesn't know what day of the week it is let alone who comes and goes," Brad answered enjoying taunting the frightened young boy.


"Enough pissing around now," Brad said as he moved so that he was kneeling between Garry's legs.


He took hold of the boy's legs and put them over his shoulders as he started to move back up the bed. With his legs resting on Brad's muscular shoulders, Garry's body was being folded over towards his head. His buttocks were raised off the bed as Brad leaned over the boy looking down at his terrified face.


"I love to look into a virgin boy's eyes when I give him his very first fuck," Brad explained as he stared down at the youngster's green eyes.


Brad's cock head was now resting between the cheeks of Garry's ass right up against the boy's clenched hole.


"I love to see the look of horrified pain in their eyes and hear them scream as my cock enters their body for the first time," Brad said still staring down at the boy.


Then the man thrust down with his pelvis, and his cock forced aside Garry's sphincter muscle as if it were a piece of string. The boy's eyes filled with pain and his mouth opened wide as he started to shriek and scream.


"Aaah that's fucking good, you're a real tight young bastard," Brad sighed as he forced his cock head through Garry's tight hole.


He kept on pushing down forcing more and more of his cock into the shrieking and screaming young boy.


"Oooh shit, Garry, you're hot, fucking hell, boy, your cunt is just fantastic," Brad said as he forced more of his long, thick cock into the young boy.


Brad started to pump in and out now. Each thrust back in saw his cock go deeper into the screaming boy's bowels. Six inches, seven inches and then eight inches of man cock was getting buried in young Garry's body.


"They say young boys like you can't take more than six fucking inches of cock. Shows how wrong the fuckers are," Brad panted as he forced yet more of his cock into Garry's body.


"STOP! STOP! STOP! YOU'RE KILLING ME! YOU'RE KILLING ME, BRAD! PLEASE STOP!" the unfortunate youngster screamed.


"You're making me feel so good, Garry. You're so fucking tight and your cunt's so hot," Brad panted as he continued to thrust in and out of the screaming boy.


He never stopped thrusting in and out until his big balls were slamming into the cheeks of Garry's ass. With all ten inches of hard man cock buried in nine-year-old Garry's bowels, Brad stopped thrusting in and out. He lay over the boy with his cock buried to the hilt and looked down at the youngster's lovely green eyes that were streaming with tears. Garry was still shrieking and screaming and begging Brad to stop.


"How's it feel to have a hard cock up your cunt boy, do you love me fucking you?" Brad asked.


"STOP IT BRAD, OH PLEASE BRAD STOP IT. I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, YOU'RE KILLING ME," the youngster screamed at the grinning man.


"I'm going to fuck you for the next couple of hours," Brad stated as he looked down at the screaming boy. "I'm not going to stop until I've filled you full of my cum," he said.


Having rested long enough, Brad started to fuck the boy for real. He fucked him with long slow movements of his cock in and out of Garry's bowels. Then he fucked him with long, faster movements, then faster and faster. His ten-inch long cock was moving in and out like a piston. As Brad felt his balls beginning to tighten he slowed up his movements. Then, when that had passed, he speeded up again, fucking young Garry as hard as he could.


Garry had ceased his screaming and lapsed into mumbling and groaning as Brad fucked in and out of him. Two hours passed and still, Brad had managed to control himself. Every time he felt that he was going to shoot his load he either stopped fucking altogether or slowed down to walking pace. Another half hour of hard fucking passed by which time Garry had ceased his mumbling and just lay beneath the man as Brad pounded in and out of him with his hard cock.


At last, Brad could hold off no longer. He started to shoot his load into Garry's guts. The boy felt the warm cum filling his bowels as the man shot his load again and again. With his balls quite empty and thoroughly exhausted, Brad pulled his cock out of the boy.


"Garry, my boy, you made a really great fuck. I'm sure it won't take you long to learn to work your ass muscle on a man's cock as he fucks you. But for a young, virgin boy you were just great," Brad said as he released the crying boy's wrists from their fetters.


Garry did not reply to the hateful man; there was no way he'd allow anybody to fuck him again. Once was enough for Garry.


"Get off the bed and go through one of the doors now," Brad ordered the boy.


He sat on the bed with a smile on his face as he saw the youngster walk gingerly across to the far doors. He could see his cum running out of the boy's ass as Garry walked along as if he still had something up his shit hole. The boy reached the far doors and pushed the one on the left. As it opened, he went through it into another very short corridor to be faced by yet two more doors. With hot tears of shame pouring down the cheeks of his face, Garry pushed the right-hand door and, as it opened, went through.


He was in a very small room that had a shower cubicle and a television screen. Opposite the door that he had entered was yet two more doors. As Garry looked around the room, he saw that his clothes were folded up neatly on a chair. He gave a sigh of relief as he realized that his ordeal must be almost over.


The television screen lit up. Blue capital letters appeared.




Garry had a shower to try and clean all the sex filth off his body. He dried himself and then got dressed. The boy walked to the two doors at the end of the room, pushed the right-hand door, and went through. Again he was in a short passage and confronted by two more doors. He pushed the right hand one yet again and went through. He found himself in another room that had a straight-backed chair in the center and a television screen on the wall. There was one door opposite the door that he had entered from.


The television screen lit up. The message was in black capital letters this time.




Garry sat on the chair trying to puzzle out the message. It didn't make sense to him. Then a voice from a loudspeaker rang out. Garry immediately recognized Brad's voice.


"Garry you are to be collected by two men who have bought you for a sex syndicate. What you have experienced in this maze is in preparation for your future life. You will be servicing many men from now until you are fifteen. That is if you do not die before you reach your fifteenth birthday. On your fifteenth birthday, the penalty will have been paid. Goodbye, good luck and thank you for entertaining me," Brad said, and then he switched off the microphone.


Garry got to his feet as his head spun from the shock.


"Nooo," he wailed before collapsing unconscious on the floor. And that is how he was found by the two men who collected him and took him away.


The authorities concluded that Garry had fallen into the river and been washed out to sea. That theory was reinforced when his cycle was washed up at the mouth of the estuary.


As for the maze, that continued in use. Most boys using it were kidnapped and brought to it. They were told that if they succeeded in passing through it, they would be allowed home. None, of course, managed that feat.