The Kid

(Mm) (anal, oral) (cbt) (nc)

They met the kid in the woods while they were at a Gay Camp Retreat in northern Wisconsin. They were both well-muscled burly bear types, bearded, tattooed and with huge thick beer can dicks that needed almost constant sex to keep them under control. Both bears had been previously arrested for molesting and forcibly ass and mouth raping an eighteen-year-old faggot, but the judge released them after convincing him that the faggot begged for their huge pricks. The fact that the eighteen-year-old was straight and had never indulged in a gay sexual act seemed to slip by the judge.

Anyway, they met this kid in the woods near the Gay Camp Retreat. He was hiking by himself. He was about fifteen years old, slender, smooth-skinned with nary a hair on his pliant young body. He was a real cutie with dark curly hair and a handsome if slightly baby face. When they first met him, they simply chatted for a bit and found out that the boy was just out hiking by himself and he had left his bike down the path a ways. The bears wondered briefly if the boy had been spying on the Gay Camp Retreat. After all, lots of nudity and kinky sex was happening just a ways deeper into the woods. However, the boy seemed innocent of all of this. He seemed like a genuine innocent all the way around. Speaking of all the way around, the kid had a magnificent young teen ass encased in a pair of tight jeans. The bulge in front looked promising as well for a kid that young.

In a real friendly way, the two bears suggested that it was a hot day, and the kid might be more comfortable without his shirt on. The kid’s pale skin took on a red tone as he blushed and said that he was fine the way he was. The bears said they were worried about the boy getting heat stroke, and that they had to insist for his own good that he take off his shirt. The boy was no dummy. He was small and young. They were muscular giants and in their thirties. So the t-shirt came off. Oh, what a beautiful sight. The kid’s chest was starting to develop its adult form, and his still blossoming pecs sported two nickel-sized pink nipples that were a delight.

One of the bears remarked that the boy’s nipples were almost like cunt titties, and the two bears had a good laugh. The boy was embarrassed. He was a shy kid who spent a lot of time by himself. One of the bears reached out and began to flick the boy’s nipples. The boy tried to back away, but he backed right into the other bear. The kid was getting scared now. The bears laughed merrily and plucked at the few dark armpit hairs on the boy. Then one of the bears suggested that the boy go hiking with them, deeper into the woods.
The kid said he had better return to his bike and head home, but the biker bears were so big and strong that the boy had an impossible time trying to resist their offer. One of the bears chuckled that if the boy was going to go hiking with them that they thought it best if he removed his jeans. Now the kid was scared shitless. He was no dummy. He sensed what was going on, and what was about to happen. That may have been when he tried to run. One huge muscled bear arm encircled the boy and pressed his cute young face into a rank sweaty armpit. The bear was wearing a tank top, and so the boy’s face was smothered right into the wet, stinking armpit jungle of hair. These bears were real men and didn’t use deodorant. The boy sucked in the sweet smell of man pit. He felt the wet stink rubbed over his face and lips. Christ, the kid was only fifteen, hardly even through puberty yet. He had thoughts all day of the pretty young girls in his class—sometimes really nasty sex thoughts. He masturbated four times a day fantasizing about what it must be like to fuck a cunt.
The kid agreed to remove his pants. They urged him to put his shoes back on as the floor of the woods could be painful to walk on. So they set out on their hike with the boy wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, shoes, and socks walking between the two bears. His jeans were thrown deep into the woods, and the boy freaked that he would never find them again.
It was not much later when one of the bears complained that it was a “fuckin’ hot day” and the other bear suggested to the kid that he had better take off his underwear. That was when the boy broke down in tears. That was the first time the boy broke down in tears. There would be other crying fits to follow—any number of them.
What choice did he have? He hated being naked in front of anyone. He even hated changing in front of the other boys in the high school locker room. Sweat ran from his armpits and dripped from his teen boy balls. He peeled down his boxer underpants, and now his darling fifteen-year-old prick would be seen by these two muscular giants. He was terrified they would laugh at him, but they did not. Instead, they said how cute his teenage cock and balls were. So cute in fact that they both just had to have a closer look and a feel! He froze with his back against a tree while the two bears fondled his virginal pecker and ball sack. He had never had another dude touch his junk except for the family doctor. Waves of funny feelings coursed through his young body. When his teen dick rose into a nice six-inch erection, and the bear’s fingers made his young hairless nuts dance, the other bear suggested that the teen boy must want sex.
However, the bears did not listen. They said to each other that if the young pup wanted sex, the least they could do was accommodate him. Both bears now stripped. They were sensible to put their hiking boots back on, but otherwise, they were bare-ass naked. Their muscles were massive, and their dicks like something out of a horror movie. The kid had seen dicks on the internet—well-hung dudes fucking girls—but he had never seen anything like this. The thick meaty cocks were not even hard yet, and they hung almost nine inches. The kid was no dummy. He knew what was coming. He closed his eyes and prayed to be spared this horror, and large tears rolled down his smooth young cheeks.
Next, the two bears examined the boy’s ass. They let their hands gently slap the perfect teen boy ass cheeks, and their fingers tickle the tight ass crack. The boy gulped back tears and begged them to stop. But huge hands bent him over, and large booted feet kicked his legs apart, so they could feel inside that ass crack and massage the fresh young teenage boy asshole.
The boy tried to scream for help. ONCE. They slapped the shit out of him.
First, they taught the kid how to respect a man’s cock properly. The cock of a Real Man. They taught him how to respect the cock with his hands and with his mouth using his tongue, lips, and throat. The sweaty smell and taste of the thick veiny dicks almost caused the boy to puke, but a boot kicking him in the stomach told him he had better not.
The boy learned how to taste and smell fuckmeat. He learned how to suck cock. For some reason, while he was sucking, he thought of the senior boys in his school in the locker room. He saw in his mind their big dangling jock dicks, and he wondered if they made their girlfriends suck them. He was sure they did, as they spent countless hours talking about which freshman girl sucked dick or licked balls the best. Oh yes, the boy had to lick the bears’ nut sacks as well. He had to take each nut in his young mouth and slurp on it as if it was a candy treat.
However, worse was still to come. The bears suggested that they might like to have their sweaty asses licked. The boy tried to crawl away in horror. They dragged him back over the leaf and twig covered forest floor. They kicked him in his cute young teenage nuts until he begged to be allowed to lick and suck on their asses. It was worse than he could have imagined. The ass stink transferred to his face and lips. He was forced to dig his fifteen-year-old tongue deep into their rectums. At that moment, he wanted to die. Something inside of him broke, and he knew he would never be the same again. They put him on his back on the ground and took turns sitting on his face with his tongue buried up into their assholes. While one bear sat on his face, the other one began to open up the boy’s tight tender asshole. He worked first one then two and then three thick fingers up inside the boy’s virginal rectum.
The kid was no dummy; he knew what was coming. They were going to fuck him. They were going to turn him into a cunt. It was painful beyond belief, beyond imagining. Pain so horrible it blinded him with white light. They used no lube except the boy’s own spit. Their dicks were thicker than his forearm. They raped him brutally. He begged them to wear a condom at least, as he feared they might have horrible diseases, but they just laughed. They kept teasing him about being a “POZ BOY,” which he did not understand. They each fucked him and shot up his asshole twice. While one fucked his young asshole turned pussy, the other fed his face with ass slop covered prick.
At last, it was over, and the boy lay on the ground praying that they would go away and leave him alone. At least he had survived, but the bears had another brilliant idea, how about taking the bitch back to camp to meet the other twenty-five biker bears. The boy’s howl of horror sounded not unlike the sound of a wounded animal, and I am sure that is what it was to anyone who heard it.
They tied his hands behind his back with one leather boot string and tied another around his dick and ball bag to lead him. Now they did remove his shoes and socks. They wanted the hard, rough forest floor to hurt his tender teenage boy feet. When he lagged behind or tried to pull away, they tugged on the dick and ball leash. They told him he was going to make lots of new friends at the campsite.
The boy was no dummy; he knew they would not be friends.