The Kid on the Bed

(MB) (anal, oral) (bd, humil) (nc, rape) (beast)
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He was stretched out on the bed, wearing only a pair of red silk boxers. His slender, hairless arms were stretched out to the sides, where they were shackled with leather cuffs, spreading him open for me. He was a beauty all right and scared as hell.

His body was absolutely hairless, not surprising since he was only eleven years old. He had a smooth, soft tummy, still undeveloped pecs but sporting nice nickel-sized light brown titties, a pink, pale body, but not pasty white, a really healthy kid.

His face was perfect too, strong chin, delicate cheekbones, cute curved little nose, and big fucking eyelashes that batted at me out of fear. His lips were soft and ripe, ready to suck dick. He had a buzz-cut, giving his innocent pussy face a slightly pinkish quality. Maybe he was a naughty boy after all and needed to be punished.


He had long thin legs, as he had not started to grow yet, and large feet. I reached down, grabbed the silk boxers, and gave them a tug. They slid down his legs, revealing his darling three-inch uncut pink penis and his tiny little nut nuggets. His eyes blinked, his lips quivered, and I thought he would start to cry already.


“Your name is Sawyer, ain’t it?” I asked, smiling.


I knew he was already terrified by my six-foot six-inch muscular black body, and I was still wearing clothing. He did not answer.


“Ain’t your name Sawyer?” I asked again, spreading his legs so I could get a real good look at his dickie and nuts and even at his little pink puss hole. His eyes were wild with shock.


“Please don’t hurt me, mister!”


“Now, Sawyer, what makes you think I am going to hurt you?”


I sat down next to him on the bed and started to stroke his stomach and hip.


“My uncle hurt me...”


“Yeah, well, I ain’t your uncle. And the last thing I want to do is hurt you. I bought you from your uncle, and you’ll never see him again. I heard about your mom and dad being killed in that accident; that’s a real shame. Well, I’m gonna take care of you now, Sawyer. You’re going to be my boy, and we can have a real fine life together, just as long as you’re a very good boy and do everything you are told to do.”


I took his soft face in my large black hand; his whole face fit in my palm.


“I want us to be friends, Sawyer, so you just be a very, very good boy and do as you’re told and we’ll get along just fine. But you know what? I don’t like the name Sawyer. It reminds me of the book Tom Sawyer. And that makes me think of racial prejudice and shit like that, so you don’t mind if we change your name, do you? If we just give you a little nickname that we can use between just you and me. Let’s see. I think your new name should be...Cunt! How about that for a nice new nickname? How about if I call you Cunt?”


I could feel his body tense. His lips moved, but no sound came out. His big eyelashes flapped like awnings on a window caught in the wind.


“That’s a bad name,” he said, finally, and I had to laugh.


“No, it’s not, honey. It’s a perfect name for you, I’ll tell you why.”


I let my hand slip down along his soft velvet neck to his shoulder, then I cupped his armpit—a smooth boy armpit, not a sign of hair—and felt the moist fear sweat gathered there.


“Cunt is the perfect name for you because it perfectly describes your new job. You’re gonna be my personal boy cunt. You know what a boy cunt is, honey? A boy cunt is a boy who services a man like a girl. Your tiny little asshole and beautiful boy mouth are turned into cunt holes to serve a big black man's dick.”


I pinched one of his nipples lightly and felt the boner in my trousers throb. Shit, I was leaking already.


“I don’t understand,” he moaned, his big eyes filling with tears.


“That’s because you’re scared, and you’re not listening properly. If we’re going to be friends, you’re gonna have to learn how to listen. Now, I’ll repeat it in more simple terms. You’re going to be my sex boy…my fuck toy…my girlie boy…my cumdump, you got that? I’m going to turn your pretty little boy ass into a hungry pussy hole. It’s going to gobble my big nigger dick every chance it gets.”


I put one hand down between his legs and rubbed his ass crack, feeling the smooth warmth.


“Your mouth is going to become prime pussy too. I’m gonna turn you into a champion cocksucker so that by the time you’re twelve years old, you’ll be the talk of the town. Everybody’s gonna wanna dump in that cunt-face of yours. And I’m gonna make lots of money off of you.”


I tickled his not yet developed fuck sack and stoked his fleshy little prick; it was so damn cute.


“If you learn to be a most excellent fuck toy, an award-winning cocksucker and pussy hole, I’ll be very good to you and buy you nice presents, and video games, and everything. However, if you’re a bad boy and don’t do a good job on absolutely every single cock that comes your way, then I’ll have to punish you, and you don’t wanna even find out what that’ll be like.”


I could see he was bewildered.


“What about school?” he asked in a sweet innocent little boy treble.


“You’re finished with school. Regular school anyway, I’m gonna put you in cocksucking school. And I’m gonna be your teacher. Me and my friends that is. You’re also gonna study how to use your pussy muscles to give a man pleasure. That’s, of course, after your pussy has been opened up real good, wide enough to deliver a baby.”


I had to laugh as he frowned and chewed his lower lip.


“My arms hurt,” he said suddenly.


“I’m not surprised, you’ve been stretched out there on that bed like that for almost five hours now. Your circulation must be all fucked up. Well, you gotta get used to a little pain, lots of men enjoy inflicting pain on a cute little boy while they fuck him.”


I crawled up on the bed and started to lick the boy’s neck and ears.


“You...you said you wouldn’t hurt me if I was good,” he whimpered.


“Honey, I wouldn’t dream of it. Not real hurt anyway since that ain’t the same as sex pain. Sex pain is kind of fun, lots of men like to see how much pain a boy can take during sex, but they don’t really hurt the boy, not permanent like. Of course, it’s going to hurt you the first ten or twelve times you get fucked, but we ain’t to hurt you on purpose, honey. It’s just like when you exercise, and your muscles ache. Well, the first time you get a big old dick up your tiny little boy-pussy, well that’s bound to hurt like hell, or so they say.


“I, of course, wouldn’t know about that never having had a dick up me, I’d kill anyone who tried it. Once you have a dick up you, you ain’t really a boy no more. From that moment on, you’re a pussy boy. It changes you, and for the rest of your life, everybody can tell. They’ll look at you, and they’ll say, ‘that boy is a pussy boy.’ ”


“I don’t want to be a pussy boy,” he pleaded.


Big tears were now rolling down his cheeks, and I licked them up. The boy never had a nigger lick him before—he didn’t like it.


“Honey, you ain’t got no say in it. I bought you from your uncle. See, you got no mom and dad; they’re dead, and you gotta learn to accept what you can’t change. You belong to me now. Now, open up that pretty little mouth of yours and give me a big sloppy kiss.”


Shit, my big fat lips could have swallowed that tiny face whole. I sucked the boy’s face for about five minutes as he gagged and cried and moaned and even called out for his momma. I ran my hands over his buzz cut and rammed my tongue down his throat. I licked over his teeth and gums. He tasted so sweet like only an eleven-year-old boy can taste.


“You wanna see something? You wanna see something special?” I asked him, whispering in his shell-like ear.


I got up from the bed and undid my pants. The boy was numb with terror but could not take his eyes off of me. I thought he would die on the spot when he saw my thirteen-inch black anaconda unwind and come into view. He had never seen anything like it before in his life.


Well, I’ve had cunts faint on me before. No girl can take it. And I’ve ruined more than one little boy’s ass with this slab of fuck meat. It was always big. Shit, in school, the kids used to pay me just to see it.


Now, I know what you are thinking, no eleven-year-old boy can take a thirteen-inch prick as it would plow into his guts, yes, sir, but the feel of your dick in a boy’s intestines is something special. And if you fuck real slow and careful, you can do it without creating permanent damage. I decided to give the boy the pleasure of seeing my entire big black body bare-assed, so I stripped down. Shit, I got muscles in places that boy does not even got places.


“Oh, god…please…please, don’t hurt me,” he burbled.


“Honey, I ain’t gonna hurt you any more than is necessary for me to get this cunt rammer up your sweet little boy hole. As I said, after a while, you’ll get used to it. Well, that’s a lie. You’ll get more used to it. Now, I’m gonna crawl up on the bed over you like this with my big old dick and fat nuts hanging right over your pretty little face, and I’m going to finger your cunthole to loosen you up as much as possible. See how nice I am. I’m not going to just fuck on in there.”


I looked meaningfully at him, knowing that I’d scared him.


“I’m going to finger your fine young pussy, loosening you up until you’re panting like a whore in heat. My, my, you do smell good; the smell of little boy fear. Now, while I am fingering your hole open, you help yourself by doing some first-class slobbering on my prick. Lick it all over really good until it’s nice and wet, so it goes in easier. And while you are at it, lick my big balls, too, just for the hell of it. I do enjoy getting my balls licked by little white boys.”


I prodded one thick black finger at his tiny pink pucker. My, it was sweet like fucking candy. What a beautiful little asshole this boy had. He did not start licking right away, so I had to slap his balls a couple of times. That got him going. Soon, he was licking and sucking like a calf at a tit. He learned how to suck the big dickhead, which really stretched his mouth.


I taught him to take the dick drool without gagging and choking. After all, that is damn impolite for a little fucker like him. I was really patient with the baby. After all, I had all the time in the world, and I wanted to do things right. It took almost an hour to get two fingers into his tight hole, but it was so warm and silky feeling.


I almost shot a load from just fingering him. When I started to spread my fingers to open the cunt, the boy cried hard. I tried to explain to him that my dick was so much larger than two fingers, and I just had to open him for his own good. In the middle of this, he had to pee, so I held a glass to his little dickie and let him hose it out. I did not make him drink it, not yet; that would come later.


I scooped the layer of sweat off his pale pink body with my hand and licked the salty wetness from my palm. I kissed and sucked on his stomach, giving him hickeys while I dug deeper into his rectum with the two fingers. I ordered him to lick my dick some more as I inserted a third.


“Oh…god…oh…dear…god...you’re tearing me apart...please stop...I can’t take it...I’m gonna die...”


“Honey, take it easy. You’re not going to die. It always feels like you are being ripped to pieces, at first, but I’m carefully scrutinizing, and you got really elastic ass lips, so this may not be as bad as we thought.”


My fat fucker rubbed all over his smooth young face.


“Why’re you doing this to me?” he was sobbing uncontrollably, his tears mixing with my dick drippings.


“Because, you beautiful boy, you’re so innocent and so hot. Now, honey, you can’t talk and suck dick at the same time, so shut up and cock suck.”


“Mommy...” he wailed.


“Your mommy is dead. Now, suck my cock!”


I rammed the dickhead between his lips, choking him for a moment. Eleven-year-old boys can act very grown-up at times, but under pressure, they once again become little boys—scared little boys.


I had three fingers up his guts, and I just could not wait any longer, so I crawled to the foot of the bed where I held his legs apart, put my prickhead at his cunthole, and started the long, painful process of giving a boy twat his first dick.


When I say painful, I mean for me. That squeezing tiny asshole hurts my dick since the inner ass still has not opened properly; it is damn uncomfortable. But watching his sweet face all twisted up with unbearable agony and feeling his baby smooth hairless young body buck and twitch beneath me gives me delightful amusement.


Feeling the ass cheeks close and open, feeling the asshole give and give, feeling the legs flopping around out of control, hearing the screech as I pop in, watching the kid bite his own lip until blood ran down his chin, seeing the actual shape of my dick in his tummy when I’m in balls deep, having the kid pass out and waiting until he is revived before going on, so he does not miss one single excruciating second of his virgin ass fuck, at that moment I think I loved the boy.


I loved his pain, loved his straining boy body. I loved his innocent beautiful face streaked with the blood from his own swollen bitten lip. I loved his tongue that lashed out and licked at the blood and the open mouth calling out for his dead parents. I loved the long-lashed eyes, bugging out and rolling in pain. I loved that he thought surely that he would die. I loved knowing that within a matter of weeks, he would be taking fifteen or twenty cocks a day up his asshole. I loved knowing that he would die this way every day from now on.


We would visit unspeakable horrors on his pretty little body. We would reduce him to nothing but a fuck animal. By the time he was thirteen, he would probably be used up, but for a while, at least, I would whisper sweet nothings in his ear while leading him on to each new humiliation and perversion. For a while, he would welcome the kind words because they would bring him hope, and a boy in his position needs hope to keep his sanity. Eleven-year-old boys are fragile things. You have to be careful when you break them.