The Hazing

(MmB) (anal, enem, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, fist, humil, spank,) (nc) (beast)
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Day One: Morning

Branden Lassiter was on top of the world. His six foot, one hundred and seventy-pound frame fairly floated down the street. Once again everything had turned out perfect!

“Yeah,” he shouted to no one.

He jammed a fist at the sky, and then tugged on the TKE baseball cap worn backward on his handsome head. Throughout his life, it had always seemed to Branden that just when things looked the blackest, the most hopeless, suddenly everything cleared up, and victory was assured. Just like that last big football game in high school when he had shown everyone why he was the best damn quarterback in scholastic football. Like getting the tuition to one of the finest universities in the country taken care of by his wealthy uncle providing that he join the TKE Fraternity, which was his uncle’s pride and joy. Oh boy, that had caused some night sweats since the TKEs were notoriously choosey. They eliminated two-thirds of the guys who applied and only accepted the cream of the crop for pledging, but word had arrived late last night that he had made the final cut. He was about to become a TKE pledge.

Branden did a little jump and landed lightly on his size twelve athletic shoes. Several girls walking by giggled and turned their heads to get a look at the cute jock’s ass. High and hard, the chicks loved his ass. And hey, that had worked out too. He had resolved to dump his girlfriend of two years, Julie, whom he really did love and wanted to marry someday, but had decided to cut loose because of a severe case of blue balls. I mean dating someone for two years without getting any more than a hand job — ridiculous, especially when you were as good-looking and popular as Branden — but he had obeyed Julie’s desire to wait for the heavy stuff. He followed his own somewhat conservative conscience instilled by his minister father until his big, low hanging bangers just couldn’t hold the sperm anymore. And just as he had planned to gently tell her that they perhaps should cool it for a while fuck it if the bitch doesn’t suck his dick! Shit, his first fucking blowjob at eighteen when most other guys had their pricks sucked at sixteen. But you see, if Branden just held in there until the end, things turned out all right.

All right! He walked up the cement steps to the porch of the old frat house. He carried a gym bag with a couple changes of underwear and socks. He had been informed he would be staying at the frat house for his pledging. He knew from rumors that the pledging to TKE was no picnic. Strong guys had been reduced to tears, dropping out, not just of the fraternity, but from the college. But that was in the past from the years of heavy, sadistic hazing. Now, pledging mostly consisted of wearing stupid costumes and collecting for the United Way door to door. In fact, hazing was outlawed by the university’s administration. Branden rang the doorbell and bounced on his large, well-formed feet. His legs felt springy, strong, and in good shape. He felt on top of the world. He was greeted warmly by two brothers who he had met at beer bashes. Two guys whose names he kept forgetting. Branden wasn’t into guy names, and he realized he would have to make a real effort to learn the names of all thirty frat members. In the parlor, he met the three other pledges. It was a shock. Only four of the twenty-two guys who had applied made the final cut.

One of the brothers explained that TKE was very selective and only wanted the best of the best. Then he smiled and scratched an armpit and said, “We only want guys who we think can meet the test.”


All four pledges laughed. All four still had slight hangovers from the previous night and weren’t quite with it yet. It was seven a.m. on a Monday morning. It was to be the first day of hell!


Branden shook hands with the other nervous pledges. There was Kyle Jones, a six foot two body builder type with short choppy hair and a cute crooked nose. He looked tough as hell. There was Tommy Luck, five foot seven, with a small compact swimmer’s body, dirty blond hair and bright blue inquisitive eyes. There was Jared Baio, medium build and height, not too muscular, curly black hair, pug nose, and a shit-eating grin. And there was Branden. Branden had choppy brown hair, a broad open Midwestern face, dark eyes with long lashes, a straight nose with nice wide nostrils, and a sensuously pouty, full-lipped mouth that the girls adored. All four guys wore their TKE baseball caps.


They stiffened as Jeff Black, the fraternity president, entered the room. Jeff was no slouch in the jock department himself. His muscular body rippled in the tight TKE tee shirt and gym shorts he wore. He was barefoot. He stood six foot two inches tall and had a mean motherfucker attitude about him. Campus rumors said he was too rough with the chicks when he fucked them, and his amorous affairs bordered on date rape. Jeff was a senior and had fucked over four hundred different twats. He was an animal. Jeff smiled a big toothy, crooked smile, half sneer. He shook their hands.


“Gentlemen, the day has finally arrived. You’re it! The Big Four. The finalists. But whether all four of you make it into the TKE or not remains to be seen. Do you boys have the balls?”


“Yes, sir!”


They had been well schooled at the parties on pledging protocol.


“Are you boys sure you have the balls?”


“Yes, sir!” they shouted.


“Well then, let’s see them!”


Just like that, it started. So simply. The descent into hell begins with one-step.


“Let’s see them.’’


That’s all. Nothing much. Still smiling. Only, just take your balls out of your pants in front of other guys so what? Done it dozens of times in the locker room and in the john. Reach down and unzip and take your balls out. Why did it feel so stupid and so strange? Why did a tingle run down Branden’s back? Why did he feel the first flush of humiliation?


The four pledges looked at each other, put on stupid boyish grins, laughed a little, and unzipped their jeans. They reached inside and took out their ballbags. Branden’s was huge with a smattering of brown hair with sweet, low-hanging nuts so that the egg-size balls hung well out of the front of his jeans. Kyle also had a beautiful full set, fatter than Branden’s. Tommy’s were smaller and more rounded in a tightly stretched nut sack. And Jared had the smallest balls, but still fleshy with black hair. Of course, their dicks had to be revealed as well. All four boys had flaccid pricks at this time, but it was clear to see all of them were very well hung. Maybe that was a TKE requirement. Jared and Kyle were uncut, and Kyle had a very long foreskin. There they stood in their baseball caps, giggling like a bunch of girls with their dicks hanging out.


“Well, I guess you do have the balls. The question is will you keep them? There is only one rule here at TKE House during your pledging period. You do everything you’re told to do without question and without pause. You do it at once. Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir!”


“It’s just that simple. For the next few weeks, you’re shit. We’re going to make men out of shit. We are going to build TKEs from piles of turds. It won’t be easy. All this university policy crap about no hazing is bullshit. How else can you judge a man? How else do you know if he’s got what it takes? How else can you have any fucking fun, man?


“Now, I want you boys to sign releases for legal purposes. These hold you and only you responsible for anything that might happen in the next few weeks. It releases the frat from any liability. But before you do sign, I want you to meet your mentors. These boys are going to be your safety net—your saviors—for the next few weeks. They’re going to help and support you. They’re going to make a man of you.


“We have a bonding ceremony while we sign the releases. I want you boys each to grab the dick of the pledge next to you and hold it while you sign the release.”


Jesus, touch another guy’s dick? Branden had heard that hazing got humiliating and kinky at times. He’d read about hazing accounts of paddling, puking, nudity. He expected something, but he didn’t know what. But he still felt really queer touching another guy’s dick. The four pledges laughed again like little boys, and look at each other self-consciously. What to do?


“Go ahead, don’t be shy, pledges. Grab whichever prick you want, whichever one appeals to you.”


Jeff smiled.


“Can I grab my own, that appeals to me,” Jared joked.


“That’s because that’s all you’re used to; no cunt ever touches it,” Kyle barked with a deep jock voice, and all TKEs laughed.


“Afraid not; part of the bonding is to hold the dick of another pledge so go ahead.”


The guys hesitantly reached out a hand. Two guys reached for Branden’s cock. Both boys pulled back.


“I’m afraid you can’t both have Branden’s penis you have to learn to share your toys,” Jeff said.


The other frat brothers in the room laughed. Jared’s short but very thick, stubby cock felt really funny in Branden’s fingers. He hardly held it at all. Just barely by the fingertips like some guys do when they piss. Tommy who held Branden’s prick did the same, but the cold fingers of another guy on his dick made Branden break out in goosebumps. Okay, so he was touching another guy’s cock. It wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t the end of the world. Jesus, Julie had had his dick in her fucking mouth only last night, and she seemed fine after. Still, guys pissed out of their dicks and fucked with their dicks. It was odd. Holding on to each other’s cocks, the four pledges signed the release forms without reading them. They were so nervous that they never thought to read them.


“Good, now give a good dick yank to welcome each other to the TKE.”


The jocks laughed and playfully tugged with their fingertips at each other’s penises. Jared’s foreskin slid back and forth it, which felt totally freaky to Branden.


“Boys, boys, boys, don’t let me down so soon. You promised to obey all orders. Not to obey an order to the letter and instantly means severe punishment. You see the paddles in Brother Basten and Brother Han’s hands. You know what paddles are for, right? Now, I said to give your brother’s dick a yank not masturbate it. Now, I’ll give you pussies one more chance Yank the dick in your hand!”


The guys yanked. It hurt like hell. Branden let go of Jared’s short, thick-skinned cock and jumped back grabbing his own from the abusive tug Tommy had given it.


“Shit!” Kyle shouted hopping from one foot to the other holding his prick.


Only Jared didn’t squeal because Branden’s hand had slipped off.


“Good, much better except for Branden. You did a lousy tugging job. Apologize to Jared for not yanking his cock good enough.”


“I’m sorry, Jared, that I didn’t do a good job yanking your cock.”


It felt so stupid talking like that.


“Offer to yank his cock again.”


Jeff folded his massive arms across his pecs.


“Eh…would you like me to...ah...yank your cock again?”


How could healthy, straight college boys talk such nonsense?


“Ugh…that’s all right,” Jared said with a grin.


“No, it’s not all right. You have to help your brother pledge do things right. You have to help Branden learn about dick yanking. Branden, I want you to take Jared’s stubby little dick in your hand and yank that motherfucker.”


Branden reached out. Why the fuck was his hand shaking? Why was he sweating? He took the other eighteen-year-old freshman’s penis in his hand. Then he yanked hard. Jared yelped and jumped.


“Pledge Scum Branden, take Pledge Stubbydick’s worthless prick in your hand and do not let go this time. Yank it hard and do not let go.”


Okay, okay, it was a test. The TKEs were testing them. Branden knew that. Jared knew that. They were tough guys. They could stand a little roughhousing. Branden took the flaccid prick in his hand. Gripping it tightly and squeezing the dick flesh, he gave it a good hard yank. Jared squealed and tried to pull away, but Branden held on to the dick.


“Good. Now again harder! Again harder. Again harder, you pussy. You can yank harder than that. Yank that dick. Go on.”


Branden tugged and tugged at the prick. Jared’s face tightened with pain as Branden hurt the kid, but he never howled out his pain. That impressed Jeff.


“Okay, that’s enough. Good job, Jared, you’re a good man. You can be proud that you pleased me. Your job is to please any and all TKEs for the next few weeks. You will feel pride if you please us well. You also taught Branden how to yank a dick properly. Now, on to other things.”


Jeff walked up to Kyle. They were matches in the bulk department both of them being big, tough bruisers. Jeff reached out and closed one fist around Kyle’s hose of a dick. Kyle, baby, tell me, did you fuck pussy last night?”


Kyle closed his eyes as the obscenely intimate hand began to finger his prick.


“Yes, sir, I did.”


“Good boy, what’s the cunt’s name?”


The fingers were kneading his prick flesh.


“Donna, sir.”


“Cunt Donna, a girlfriend or just a sport fuck?”


“A girlfriend, sir, but nothing serious.”


“Did you wear a rubber?”


“Yes, sir.”


The fingers were stroking his dick now, and it was getting larger.


‘Oh, fuck. Oh, please don’t let me get a hardon in front of these guys,’ Kyle prayed.


“You wore a fucking dick sheath?”


“Yes, sir.”


“You pussy!”


Jeff let go, and the half-hard dick bobbed. All the guys saw it. Kyle felt bad like he had said the wrong thing to displease Jeff, but what?


Jeff now grabbed Tommy’s blond-haired dick.


“You fuck twat last night?”


“Yes, sir.”


Tommy smiled looking down at the hand on his dick.


“Girlfriend or sport fuck?”


“Sport fuck, sir. A bitch I picked up at the Tuxedo.”


“You wear a rubber?”


“Hell, no, she was on the pill.”


“Good boy.”


Jeff turned and suddenly began to yell very loudly.


”A TKE never fucks with a rubber. He wants to enjoy the full thrill of pussy skin against his prick. If the bitch wants to take precautions, that’s her business, but it’s not a TKE’s worry. TKEs are real men.”


Next, Jeff moved to Jared and grabbed his sore, red dick.


“You know, Jared, you do have a very stubby dick. No wonder Branden had such a hard time. Do you have a hard time keeping it in a girl’s twat?”


“No, sir, it gets bigger when I…when…you know.”


“It gets bigger when you fuck? Tell me little Jared, did you fuck some pussy night? Did you shove your stubby, little dick into some juicy twat?”


“No…no…I didn’t, sir.”


“You didn’t. A perfectly good Sunday evening and you didn’t fuck cunt? Are you a fag, Jared? Were you sucking dick or taking it up the ass?”


“No, sir, I went to a movie with some friends.”


“You sure you’re not a faggot, Jared? We can’t have faggots in the TKE. Not that we’re prejudiced or anything, but we can’t have some fucking queer salivating over our big, fat TKE dicks every time we shower or take a piss, now can we? You certain you’re not a faggot.”


“Yes, sir, I’m certain.”


“What’s your girlfriend’s name?”


“I haven’t got a girlfriend right now, sir.”


Jesus, Branden found himself wishing the small, dark-haired pledge would just lie to make it easy for himself. Jeff smirked and yanked on the boy’s dick hard.


“You haven’t got a private twat? I think you’re a fag. You better prove to us that you weren’t taking dick up your ass last night, Jared. Drop your jeans and show us your asshole.”


Jared was lithe, not well-muscled like Jeff. Not a match for him physically or emotionally. He blinked, sniffed, sniffed again, licked his lips, and stared at the floor while he shuffled his feet, as he shook his head as if he was clearing his ears of water after a swim. Jared then reached down with a self-conscious shrug and unbuckled his belt. The already silent room grew heavy with stillness No one moved except the eighteen-year-old boy lowering his jeans and boxer shorts. Jared stood there pants and shorts puddled around his feet. His cute face blushed red as his eyes focused on the far wall. All the boys could see his smooth, tight, young ass with just a few black hairs here and there in the fine, deep ass crack. You could hear Jared’s labored breathing.


“Lift your tee shirt, Jared. We can’t see your ass to see if you were fucked last night. Now, Jared, we’re doing this for your own good. We want you as a TKE, but we have to make sure. There is a lot of faggot fucking going on around campus this semester. Shit, a queer tried to pick me up last week at a movie theatre in the men’s room. He kept staring at my dick while I pissed, so I stepped back and said ‘This what you want, faggot?’ So the rest of the guys in the john could hear, and I pissed all over the guy. He turned bright red and ran out. Didn’t even put his own dick away.”


All the guys except Jared, who was standing bare-assed, laughed.


“Come on, Jared, help us out here. We can’t tell if you’ve been ass fucked that way. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for us.”


Poor, humiliated Jared had no choice. Not on his first day of pledging. Well, never actually. He was not a boy to give in easily. None of them was. That’s why they had been selected. With his tee shirt tucked up, so that his smooth, flat tummy showed, he bent over, reached back and spread his tight, soft-skinned ass cheeks to reveal the pink/brown ass pucker.


“Thank you, Jared. A little wider, please. Now, Tommy, will you please examine Pledge Stubbydick’s asshole and tell me whether you think he was porked or not last night?”


With a shake of his blond head and a laugh, Tommy walked behind Jared and looked at the boy’s eighteen-year-old asshole.


“Looks like an ordinary asshole to me,” Tommy said.


“You ever see a recently fucked asshole?” Jeff asked.


“No, sir, can’t say as I have.”


“Well then, you better have a closer look. Look for inflamed red or raw ass lips. Look for inner ass lining stretched out. Look for traces of dried semen in the asshole hairs. Gotta look close for that. Here take this magnifying glass and really check that asshole out.”


Now, both freshmen boys were red with humiliation. Tommy tried to stay well away from the spread ass, but Jeff kept urging him closer.


“Tommy, just poke at that asshole with a finger and see if the ass pucker seems rubbery and elastic.”


Tommy made a horrible face.


“Do I gotta, sir?”


“Yes, you gotta, and you get ten swats with the paddle tonight for questioning an order.”


For the first time in his life, the young, compact swimmer touched the asshole of another person. He had never even touched a girl’s asshole. He knew lots of guys fucked girl ass, but it turned him off. Now, he poked and prodded at Jared’s pink ass pucker.


“It really seems fine to me, sir.”


“I told you I’m not queer,” Jared protested.


“Now, now, don’t get petulant, Jared. We mean you no harm. The TKEs just gotta protect themselves you know, so you be a good boy and bear with us.”


Jeff walked around to Jared’s head. He put his large hands on the back of the kid’s head. He stepped in until the crotch of his gym shorts was less than a half an inch from Jared’s nose.


“Take a look at his asshole, Branden. See what you think.”


Tommy was only too glad to relinquish the magnifying glass. Branden bent down to examine another boy’s rectum hole for the first time in his young life. While Branden inspected asshole, Jeff moved in until the crotch of his gym shorts was touching Jared’s face. Jared tried to turn his face to one side, but Jeff held his head still. Now, he gently began to rub his cloth-covered prick against Jared’s eighteen-year-old face.


“Easy boy, easy, we’re just trying to help you out.”


Jeff soothed as Jared tried to pull his face away and couldn’t.


“Sometimes a guy is a closet fag and doesn’t even know it. Gotta make sure. Smell my dick, Jared, smell it real good. Does that do anything for you? Does that turn you on at all? Bend down Kyle and see if his dick looks any bigger like he’s throwing wood.”


Jeff rubbed the front of his not too clean, sweaty gym shorts all over the poor boy’s face and Jared could feel the thick tube of the senior’s prick through the material. It was the most disgusting thing that had ever happened to him.


“His cock looks pretty shriveled to me,” exclaimed Kyle and he laughed.


“Okay, fellas, I guess Jared here is hetero. Maybe he’s just pussy shy. We’ll have to take care of that.”


Jeff stepped back. Jared stood and wiped his face with the back of his arm and then reached down to pull up his boxers and jeans.


“Did I tell you to pull up your pants?” Jeff barked.


The poor, frightened pledge stood there pants half up. He let them go and stood naked with his hands cupped over his genitals protecting himself. Jeff moved to Branden with a big smile on his face. It looked to Branden like the senior was half-hard in his gym shorts where his long thick tube pushed over to the right.


“Well, Mr. Lassiter, did you fuck any pussy last night?”


“I got a blowjob, sir, from my girlfriend.”


“Did she swallow?”


“No, sir, she spit it out.”


“Stupid bitch. Gotta teach the cunt to swallow, Lassiter. Tell her that sperm is good for her. It will make her tits bigger. All right pledges, I asked you if you had steady girls because you will have to call them and tell them you won’t be seeing them regularly for a while since your duties here will keep you pretty busy. We’ll arrange for some social time for you, but for the next few weeks, your main focus is our pleasure.


“Now, I know you boys have classes so we won’t stretch this out too long, just some basic rules and assignments for you. You remove your shoes and socks at the door of the house. You’re barefoot in the house at all times. You remove your shirts and pants at the door of the house. You wear only your underwear in the house. Do you understand? Only your underpants. Each of you will have the word PLEDGE written across your naked chest in ink that won’t easily wash off. If the lettering does fade, you will ask one of the brothers to darken it for you. Tonight at five o’clock, before dinner, you will present to me a complete diary of all your fucking experiences. I want names, places, times, how many times you fucked, positions, any foreplay, and any kinky stuff. I want a detailed list of every sexual experience you’ve had and don’t try to lie, because we may hook you up to a lie detector and question you. If you’re caught breaking the rules or lying to us, you will be severely punished — perhaps even dropped from the fraternity. We don’t shit around. We are the best. Now, let’s all have a little drink before going to our morning classes.”


Branden had never drunk in the morning. They made him lift a bottle of Jack Daniels to his lips and swallow until they told him to stop. He wanted to puke. To have this drink, they all walked into the dining room, including Jared with his pants still around his ankles. Frat brothers were coming downstairs in underpants or jeans scratching armpits or balls. They looked at the new pledges and laughed. Branden was drunk. He was drunk at seven thirty in the morning. This was some crazy shit. He asked Jeff if he could pee.


“Oh, that reminds me. Let’s all go downstairs in the basement for just a minute.”


Jeff led them into the dank, bare, dark cellar. In the middle of the room was a single bed very small with a thin dirty mattress.


“This is where you pledges will sleep. This is your room. This is your bed. It’s small, I know, but nice and cozy.”


The four pledges couldn’t believe what they heard. The fucking bed was for a kid. It was too small for even one guy.


“And this is your toilet, so you don’t have to traipse upstairs all the time.”


Jeff pointed to two buckets — old-fashioned metal buckets.


“This one is for pissing, and this one is for shitting. You’ll use them and only them. You will not use another toilet on campus, you will not use another toilet in the city, you will shit and piss only in these two buckets.”


Was he nuts? Did he really expect a grown college freshman to piss and shit in fucking metal pails? That was sick! Branden had trouble even taking a piss in a public restroom much less squatting over a pail. It was a joke just to scare the boys. Jeff wasn’t serious. Just like he couldn’t really be serious about the single bed. In his alcohol-induced haze, Branden was certain Jeff was only kidding. He had to be!