The Edinburgh Home for Boys

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The Edinburgh Home for Boys is not nearly as pretentious or official as its name implies. It is a dark and dank building nestled in a cul-de-sac behind the brightly lit shops of Princess Street in that magical city where daylight often offers a purple colored sky unavailable anywhere else on earth. Many very prominent and wealthy politicians and businessmen avail themselves of the services of the Edinburgh Home for Boys. You would have to know where the building was to find it.

Ostensibly it is an orphanage caring for boys from five years of age to fourteen. In reality, it is a den of pain and cruelty with few equals in the world. Some of the boys are orphans. Others are spirited away from poor unwed mothers, or even taken from families who neglect their children for just a moment or two. A moment, or two, that is plenty of time to change the little boy’s life forever.

Very simply put, at the Home, a boy may be “Gotten” for a certain sum of money. “Gotten” can and does mean anything from a casual fling to permanent servitude and agony for the boy of choice. Boys at the Home are also groomed and trained for “special services.” Let’s say, for example, a very wealthy country laird wants a little boy as a pet. By this, I mean “a pet.” Suppose he wants the little fellow to crawl around naked on all fours, to eat out of a doggie bowl, to fetch and play and heel on command, to “do his business” outdoors against a tree, and most humiliating and perverse of all, to copulate with other dogs (real ones) in a frenzy of sexual activity. Well, at the Edinburgh Home for Boys, a lad between the ages of five and fourteen can be trained to excel at all of these activities, so that his new master will find him the perfect companion.

Considering the amount of money which exchanges hands, the boys seldom displease their new owners as the training is harsh and quite thorough to assure this. Now, don’t misunderstand me. Not all visiting gentlemen require a dog-boy for a companion. Some want a sweet, innocent little boy to fuck or to torture. Many want a boy with a nice, tight asshole so they may conduct experiments in stretching the rectum and probing the bowels of a boy. Some gentlemen simply want a damned good young sucker. One British politician for example only required a naked little boy to be chained in his limo to suck his dick while en route from one meeting to the next. He came knocking on the door of the Home requiring “a quite young one with beautiful cocksucker lips.” Some gentlemen want a boy for their sons to be able to abuse for amusement, or to teach their heirs how to treat the “lower classes.” Some want boys for entertainment purposes to put on perverted shows at parties for select pedophiles. The uses for the boys are as many as the perversions of the adults who purchase them or rent them. And somehow, for some reason, a boy is not sold by the time he reaches fourteen he will soon disappear from the Home forever. Well, there only are so many beds and so much room.

The man who runs the Home is Mr. Alain McLean, a surprisingly young and fit fellow for one entrusted with so much responsibility. He dedicates his life to the Home, not only because he loves the wealth which he has accrued, but also because his sexual tastes run to prepubescent males. He is also a dedicated sadist of the most perverted desires. Indeed, it has been said of Alain McLean that he imagines scenes out of hell and then turns them into reality using young boys as his victims.

Let us consider the boys at the Home and the conditions under which they live if living is what it may be called. They sleep in several tiny dorm rooms, eight beds to a room, and four boys to a bed. There is no heating, and the boys are required to sleep naked, so they are grateful to be able to cuddle up with one another. In fact, the beds are so tiny that they must sleep with their young naked forms resting intertwined and on top of one another. That being said, if any boy is caught ever touching himself or another boy indecently (without being ordered to), the lad is punished in a way too horrible for me to recount here to you. The boys sleep with the lights on so the dorm monitor can keep an eye out for boyish erections, or the odd ass cheek or titty rub. The boys are often playful in their tiny beds, as bedtime is one of the only times they are not abused and tormented. For example, a boy will stick his foot intentionally into the mouth of another boy. If the boy is younger, he knows that he had better suck on the toes of the older lad or incur his displeasure. So there is a hierarchy among the boys themselves, and the older lads bully and abuse the younger or weaker ones.

The boys rise at six a.m. They stand at attention at the foot of their bed, and they are required to masturbate themselves to full erection. Even the youngest ones must get a baby boner. The dorm monitor or sometimes Mr. Mclean himself will inspect each boy. An assistant will record the monitor’s observations, which will later come in handy in renting or selling the boys. Daily notes include remarks such as, “Andrew’s balls seem to be dropping, and I think I see a pubic hair. We will have it removed at once”; or “Kyle’s little dicklet is growing at an impressive rate. We are starting to stretch his tiny pisshole as required by the client”; or “Miles has nice full nipples for a little boy, the kind many customers want to see enhanced with hormone injections to develop full girl titties on him.”

The boys are poked and prodded to the satisfaction of the dorm monitor, or teacher, or Mr. McLean himself. On the days Mr. Mclean inspects, the boys are visibly terrified. They know such a visit may result in Mr. McLean ordering one or two of the boys to his office. That was what every boy feared.

The crotches, assholes and scrotal sacks of each boy were checked carefully for signs of emerging pubic hair. For most clients, a boy’s desirability went down in direct proportion to his entry into puberty. These were men of carefully refined and discriminating tastes.

Mornings were an awkward and painful time for many of the boys due to their need to take a morning piss. Pissing without permission was strictly forbidden, as was shitting, eating, talking, and most other harmless human activities we consider perfectly normal behavior. The boys were not allowed to piss first thing in the morning, so many of them had cramps and were in extreme discomfort. The staff at the Home thought it quite funny to see a boy in pain from the need to relieve himself.

When the inspection concluded, the boys marched naked into the dining hall. At the end of the room, on a raised dais, was a table for the faculty and staff of the Home. There were no tables and chairs for the boys. Instead, there were four rows of unwashed bowls on the floor. The boys were required to crawl like animals on all fours over to the bowls and eat their meals using no utensils, but lowering their sweet young faces and lapping at the food like dogs. When they crawled, they were required to use a proper crawling form with backs arched, cute little asses high in the air, legs spread, and their tongues hanging out of their mouths. At this juncture, I should mention something about the menu for the boys. The food served them was filled with vitamins and other supplements to keep the little boys healthy, but in every other way, it was grotesque in ingredients and creation. For example, breakfast might consist of raw eggs mixed with animal semen and human piss. For dessert, each boy might have a banana shoved up his ass (which gave the little ones considerable pain), and then the lads would be required to eat the bananas from each other’s assholes. Why may you ask? For the delight of the staff and the guests who joined them every morning. Men came by and paid an extravagant sum just to watch the boys being abused and tormented continuously. Boys whose asses were being kept virginal for select clients were exempt from any hole stretching or filling games.

For lunch, the boys might be served dog testicle in a vomit broth along with snot pudding. The adults present took particular pleasure in announcing what the meal would consist of and watching the boys cry as they tried not to puke up their food. If a boy dared to vomit, he was punished and had to lick up his vomit as well as the food.

After breakfast, the morning punishments were doled out before everyone as a lesson to all. Some boys had their small delicate dicks nailed to wooden boards for touching themselves without permission. Other boys were shipped on their shapely bare little asses with leather belts or riding crops. Some of the boys were beaten in the ass crack itself or directly on the asshole. A boy who spoke out of turn might be hoisted up overhead by hooks inserted into his little nipples. A boy whose nuts had just fallen might have his newly formed balls beaten with a ruler or birch rod. Suffice to say, tears and screams filled the hall.

When, at last, the boys were allowed to piss, they marched to the bathroom where they stood before large dirty urinals and pissed without touching their dicks. It was so cute to see these sweet little boys, some so tiny that they looked like naked little elves, standing legs spread in front of big ugly old porcelain urinals left over from the time this building was a hospital of sorts. The urinals did not flush. The piss collected and formed lakes of fresh pee over crusty remnants of former pissings. When a urinal was full to overflowing, the boy who was to be punished would be made to lap up the stale piss and lick the porcelain with his sweet pink boy tongue. This was no big deal as most of the boys were used to drinking human and animal piss in many forms. What the boys dreaded, even more, was when they had to clean out the shit holes with their mouths.

After the boys pissed, they turned and stood at attention while their pricklets were, once again, inspected. The monitor would often wipe a drop of piss off a boy’s penis head and deposit it on a boy’s lower lip or tongue.

You can imagine the horror of being kept in such a place. Then imagine the horror if you were five to fourteen years old.

After pissing, if a boy was not selected for specialized training or to entertain some guest, he would be put to work. The boys had to clean the floors of the big dirty old building on hands and knees with toothbrushes. Every once in a while, a visiting gentleman would take the filthy toothbrush the boy had been using to clean the cement floor and make the boy brush his teeth with it. Then for more fun, he would have the boy shove the toothbrush up the asshole of another boy and then brush his teeth with it. Sometimes, Mr. McLean would order all the boys to fuck each other’s little assholes with the toothbrushes and then brush their teeth. It was a hilarious site. At all times, from somewhere in the vast hollow building would come the sound of a child either crying or howling in agony. Whenever a bell rang, the children were required to make their young dicks hard, and they had to keep them hard until the bell rang again, sometimes four or five hours later. Sometimes for fun, the boys were ordered to masturbate each other. One of Mr. McLean’s favorite games was to order two twelve or thirteen-year-old boys to masturbate each other, and the boy who came first was the loser. The loser might is ass or ball whipped, or is forced to dance with his bare feet on broken glass or thumbtacks.

Once a boy, whether the youngest or oldest, had been chosen by many of the clients and anally fucked, his ass was fair game for extremely painful activities. A little boy might have the handle of a tennis racquet fucked ruthlessly in and out of his baby rectum. He might be dildo fucked or receive a baseball bat up his boy-cunt. He might, at a party say, be fist fucked or double fist fucked. If a boy was too young to stretch properly, and his asshole was torn to bits, oh well, there were more boys available. One of the favorite client games, as a matter of fact, was, “HOW MUCH CAN THIS LITTLE BOY TAKE UP HIS ASSHOLE?”

Some boys were especially trained to take dog, goat, monkey, and even donkey dick up their tender tiny asses. These training sessions were called “classes,” and the men who conducted them were called “faculty.”

Boys were taught how to suck dick. Not just to slurp, but to use the tongue on the bottom of the fucker as the lips caressed the prick stalk. They were taught to tease the dick head and the pisshole with the tongue, to clean out dirty foreskins, to lap up drooling pre-fuck, to taste gargle and swallow sperm, and, of course, how to deep throat. Deep-throating a very young boy is an amazing experience, and many customers required it. So the boys had to be taught how to receive a really brutal face fuck. They had to learn to think of their faces as cunts.

Believe it or not, that is easier for a very little boy to do than it is for a boy of eleven or twelve or thirteen. By that time, they have some self-esteem and a sense of their sexuality which must be totally destroyed. It is the older boys at the Home who often have to be strapped with their face impaled on a fucking dick, the meaty prick leaking dick snot down the kid’s gagging throat. The boy’ head is strapped to the body of the fucker. He has to learn how to breathe in a very shallow way through his nose and how to try to get air when his entire throat is clogged with a fat hunk of invading fuckmeat.

And believe you me, the guests like nice long face fucks. Sometimes a boy will fuck the face of a little boy for almost an hour before he unloads. More than a few kids have expired for lack of air. It really is a learned skill.

Of course, the boys also learn how to lick balls properly and how to lick and suck an ass. This last act mentioned often repulses boys to the point of them actually rebelling. More punishments have been delivered to boys refusing to suck a sweaty ass than for almost anything else.

But the gentlemen, especially the overweight ones, do love to sit right down on the faces of very young very little boys and feel their tongues working up inside and lapping at their shitholes. For some reason, the youngest boys are often selected for this duty. The gentlemen get so excited they actually bounce on the tiny pink faces, and sometimes break the little boy’s noses in the process. But unless a boy learns how to eat ass properly, how will he ever be able to serve as a toilet and eat shit?

Like everything else, sexual perversion seems to move in fads and crazes, and one of the very latest is for wealthy perverts to buy young boys to simply serve as full-time toilets for them. The boys will spend the next five to ten years chained on the floor in the bathroom, their only purpose in life to wait for their masters to come in and take a shit in their young mouths. So the boys must be taught to chew, taste and even savor shit. It is why their food is so liberally laced with shit.

Now lots of clients are more creative. They will serve a cute young boy of thirteen a meal of a huge turd on beautiful china. The man will watch while masturbating as the handsome lad is made to cut the shit log with his knife and then daintily feed himself a fork full of feces. Some of the clients will strictly control their own diets so their shit will have different flavors for the boy. They will have other boys or men jerk off onto the boy’s salad to provide dressing. They will have romantic music playing, and they will tell the boy how good he is, as long as the child complies with this most disgusting of acts.

There are countless variations of this scene. Some men only feed the boys animal shit. One party at the Home had four adults dropping turds on plates. Then the thin innocent naked little boy in question had to taste each place of shit and then lick each dirty ass and try to identify which shit log came from which asshole. The boy had a nervous breakdown right in the middle of the game and fainted with his sweet, full young lips coated with shit.

But I am fully aware that scat is a subject that neither pleases nor impresses a large number of you. You are sadists with a most delicate nature. You will do the most unspeakable things to a boy, but you draw the line at scat. How refined! So let us move on.

As I said previously, the greatest fear for any boy, worse than animals, or face fucking, or drinking piss, or eating shit, is the fear of being called to Mr. McLean’s office. Mr. McLean is a very fit handsome laird. He would be considered a hot catch by any young man or woman, but alas men and women of his age did not interest the muscled hunk. He loved to plow his huge dick into the tight tiny rectum of some little boy. He loves to fuck a boy senseless. He loved to cause unbearable pain to a little boy. He loved to play sadistic games with kids and watch them crumble before him.

For example, and this is just one, he will sit in his big leather chair and tell some boy of twelve or thirteen that he wants a body cleansing with the boy’s tongue. He wants the boy to lick him everywhere. He makes the boy start at his feet. The boy has to suck each toe and between the toes lovingly. The boy must lick the soles of his feet. Then the boy has to lick up his well-formed liberally hairy leg. The lad skips the genitals for the moment and moves on to the stomach, the pecs, and the armpits. Sometimes Mr. McLean will have two boys working on him at the same time, a boy lapping at each sweaty armpit, not only licking the pit itself but also lovingly sucking on the armpit hair. He will often have one of the new very young boys in the room to watch and learn.

The boys licking and lapping must maintain full young hard-ons during the entire process. It would be disrespectful not to. Woe is to the boy whose dick goes down when Mr. McLean wants it hard and bobbing.

Then the boys are allowed to move down to his enormously thick dick and fat full balls. Each boy will lick and then gently suck on a nut. Not too lightly and not too roughly. Just right. They must lick and suck clean any ball or crotch hair. Then they are allowed to lick up and down the big dripping dick. At some time during the game, Mr. McLean will probably slide down further in the chair and lift and spread his muscular legs and ask one of the boys to lick and suck his hairy asshole. If the boys are lucky, he will have showered before this encounter, but often he has not washed on purpose. He might in a flight of fancy, ask the new young little boy to step up to the plate and try his as yet untutored skills at asshole licking.

During this tongue bath, Mr. McLean has been making careful note of any lack in the skills of any of the boys. He will soon announce the punishments for their errors. Punishment might include hanging heavy weights from their balls if they have already matured enough, shoving ballpoint pens up their young piss holes, sticking needles through their nipples and dick stalks, burning them with cigarettes or matches, shocking them with a cattle prod to the feet or testicles, shoving things up their assholes, and so on.

Sometimes, Mr. McLean gets carried away. One day, he super glued one boy’s dick into the mouth of another. He left them that way for a week. He might break all of a boy’s fingers or toes. He might ask the boys to piss in each other’s’ mouths. One time a horse belonging to a client had recently died, and he had two of the little boys eat fresh raw horse cock and balls.

There is no end to Mr. McLean’s depravity. He sleeps each night with a young boy’s mouth on his fat dick. That way he can piss without leaving the bed. Some nights he sleeps all night with his fuckmeat up the ass of a little boy. On a whim, if he wants a gentle blowjob, he will have a boy’s teeth pulled so the kid can gum him. Of course, this is not done gently or with any anesthetic. He often walks the halls of the Home slapping the face of each boy he encounters. He hauls off and slams his hand into the little boy’s face, sending the kid flying across the hallway. He has tried to get his entire foot up the asshole of a thirteen-year-old boy, and some say he has dined on boy prick and scrotum. One of his favorite games is to give the little boys enemas until their tiny tummies are bloated like pregnant sows. Then he makes the boys hold the water. Only one boy, the one who can hold it the longest goes unpunished.

This then is a general overview of the Edinburgh Home for Boys. If you like, I can go into far greater detail in the future, but I wanted to introduce you to this most unusual and enchanting place. Might I add that Mr. McLean is a personal friend and a charming and very handsome young man? He has a perfect hunk of fuckmeat, ideal for ass and mouth raping. My thanks to him and all the staff for opening their doors to us.