The Dick

(Mm) (anal, oral, ws) (nc)

Austin crawled across the floor after the dick. He stuck his tongue out of his mouth as the man had taught him to do, panting for more huge cock. He kept his eyes only on the dick and balls. To look anywhere else, ever was to ask for serious punishment. That, like so many other rules, had been hard to learn. His eyes and mind had wandered at first, back to his family, to friends and school, to his previous life before he had become a cock whore. Would he ever have a normal life again? Would he ever have a moment of happiness? He wiped the thoughts from his mind as the dick moved toward the bathroom.

The owner of the dick was a large, muscular, six foot three, twenty-eight-year-old man. His well-toned body has a light sprinkling of dark hair here and there. The man was very handsome, that at least was a blessing, not that Austin was allowed to look at him anymore. He was only allowed to look at the dick! The man had trained him to realize that his entire life, safety and well-being revolved around his service of the dick.

The dick was huge. The man had patiently explained to him that the reason the man had to abduct boys to service the dick was because the man liked his fuckholes young, very young, and no girl would date him for fear of having her cunt ripped open by the massive size of the dick. Austin had cried then, and the man had wiped the hair from his eyes and smiled, telling him that his little asshole, his boy-cunt would not rip, that was just foolish nonsense created by fear. The man would take time to stretch his tiny asshole so that it could take the dick. Then the man patted his butt as he explained that he could only go so far before his dick would be blocked. The man would only be able to get about eight inches in him since he was still so tiny and young, but with perseverance his baby asshole would stretch so he could be fucked balls deep, as the man would be able to work his dick up into his intestines. If the man was careful, he would not hurt anything, although eventually from getting fucked by such a large prick, he would lose control of his bowels. Austin was pretty young to understand all of this, but he was smart enough to be scared almost out of his mind.

The dick was huge. It now hung over seven inches flaccid and swung over orange-sized nuts as the man walked to the bathroom. The head of the dick was like a peach. It had a wide piss hole. Austin crawled next to the man, his head lifted to look at the swinging dick. The dick was his master and his new god. The man taught him that. It brought his sustenance, safety and relief from pain. He must think of nothing but dick all day every day!

The handsome muscular man had fucked lots of boys. Some the man had seduced, some the man had raped, but they had all been terrified when they had actually seen the dick erect. They had begged that they couldn't take it. That was why the man decided to find a little faggot to worship his dick, to live for it. The man reached down and patted Austin on the head. The man stopped and turned toward him.


"You may have a lick!" the man said pleasantly as he smiled.


"Thank you Master!"


Austin lifted his tiny body so his face was now level with the dick. He extended his pretty, little pink tongue and took a gentle, loving swipe at the head of the soda can thick cock. The dick wobbled a bit as the tiny boy's tongue bathed the cockhead and wide piss hole.


"Does that taste so good, faggot? Huh? Isn’t that so fucking good?"


The man loved the power of having a little boy live totally between his legs. Austin often worshipped his balls and asshole as well. He hated licking and sucking the man’s hairy asshole, but the man enjoyed it, so he was forced to do it. The dick was a euphemism in a way for his being a total body servant to this man.


“Baby cocksucker loves the dick, doesn't he?"


"Oh, god, yes Sir. I love the dick!"


He lapped happy as a puppy at the head of the flaccid fuckmeat.


The man smiled down at his own prick. The man did have a gorgeous cock. The man remembered back in high school when all the other jocks had been jealous of the size of it. Even then it was over ten inches long when erect. It was a fucker to be reckoned with. And little Austin knew that. Especially when the man shoved it balls deep down his throat. The man did that several times a day. Even when the man wasn't really in the mood for sex, the man loved to have him sucking on his cockhead while the man watched TV, answered emails, or read. Austin lived down between the man’s legs, constantly waiting for permission to lick his big sweaty nuts, or down under his nuts, or to lovingly lap his thick pecker with his tongue. The man forbade him any hobbies other than his cock. No music, no movies, no conversation, no life, except to worship his fuckmeat. He slept at night down between his legs, with the man’s dick in his mouth. Sometimes when the man came from a date where he had fucked some other boy in the ass, the man had him lick the ass slime off the dick. The man told him that was a special treat for him.


Now, the man walked toward the bathroom once again, and he crawled after him with the taste of the dickhead still in his mouth. Austin’s belly was bloated from his enema. He looked like he was eight months pregnant. It was obscene, such a huge belly on such a tiny child. The man thought it was hysterically funny. The man would take him to the mall that way, wearing a tight tee shirt and tiny shorts and flip flops, so everyone could see the "pregnant dick worshipping faggot." The man had filled him with water just for the hell of it, because he was so fucking young and cute, and he still looked like a baby. The tee shirt he wore in public said "I LOVE DICK." He had no dick or balls to speak of as he was still too young, but the man made him wear shorts that were wide in the leg so his little baby dick and balls showed when he moved. You can imagine how the men at the mall got off on that.

His little baby asshole, well, I should perhaps not call it a baby asshole. I mean, it belonged to a boy who was just out of babyhood, but it was stretched all to hell by the dick. When the man had picked him up, his asshole was still just a tiny hole, but the man had stretched it with dildos, wooden spoons, candles, cucumbers, anything the man could find to prepare him for the dick.


The first time the man had fucked his asshole, he had passed out four times from the pain. The man had to slap him awake, so he wouldn't miss any of the fun. Now, he knew he would be fucked by the dick four or five times a day, and also by other household objects. The man often stuck vegetables up his asshole and had him dance for him after filling his belly with water. It wasn't easy for him to dance with his bloated belly. He was such a tiny boy. He was so young. He was terrified of the man.


His tits were just starting to form from his daily injections and tittie exercises. His dick and balls were still bald. His face was angelic, young, and beautiful, but his delicate mouth looked ever so slightly sore from sucking so many dicks. The lips were swollen just a bit. The man said he liked that look. It was the look of a cocksucker. He had cocksucker lips.


When the man wasn't interested in having him hover over his dick, when the man needed a break from the adoration, the man made him sit with his legs spread wide, masturbating his dicklet constantly. The man tried to keep him constantly close to orgasm. When the man fucked him and shot his load, the man ordered him to squat and dig his fingers into his asshole and scoop out the cum and then lick it up to show proper respect for the dick and what came out of it.

The man reached the toilet. Austin knelt beside him as the man stood there. The man nodded to him and he respectfully reached up and held the huge dick in his tiny hands. His fingers couldn't even go all the way around it. He held the dick and pointed it his mouth. He felt the man tense and then a heavy spray of dark, yellow piss shot out from the dick. The man had been eating asparagus, and Austin could smell it. The piss spray hit the back of his mouth. He looked lovingly at the dick as it pissed.


"You know, I like you that way, so uncomfortable with a swollen belly. I’m going to fill you every day. Won't that be fun? And as a little gift for you, I have decided to get you a pet too. A nice, big dog, a nice, big dog with a nice, big, pink dick! And then you will have two dicks to suck and two dicks to fuck you. Mine and the dog's. It will be fun watching the dog fucking your asshole. It will be fun to watch you sucking on the dog dick and licking the dog balls and asshole. I'll enjoy that. I've finished pissing, you may clean me."


Austin licked the last few drops of piss from the cockhead. It had a really strong bitter flavor because of what the man had eaten. He licked the dickhead gently, inserting the tip of his tongue into the wide piss hole to get all the piss. The man watched him with mild interest on his face.

There had been lots of pain involved in teaching him how to properly worship dick. He had not wanted to when the man first picked him up. He had had stupid ideas from movies, ideas like kissing girls! Fuck that shit! The only kissing going on would be him kissing the man’s dick!


The man didn't let him brush his teeth or gargle much. The man wanted him to always have the taste of his dick in his mouth. And he did. He always tasted, cum or piss, or cock sweat, or sometimes asshole. His face smelled like his dick and balls, and asshole.

The man turned to him and wiggled his hips, so the huge dick shook right above his face.


"Yeah, you want that big dick, don't you, faggot?"


At first he hadn't wanted it. He had been terrified of it, but now he was conditioned to stick out his tongue and pant like a puppy for it. The man slapped his face with his flaccid dick.






The fuck meat slugged him in the button nose and across his soft, young cheek. Soon it would grow and then he would have to endure getting fucked in the asshole. It still hurt unbearably each time the man fucked him. That was because the man tried to fuck harder and deeper each time. The man fucked his asshole as hard as he could, slamming into him until the room was filled with the sound of his big balls slapping his baby skin.


"Tighten up your hole, you fucking faggot!" The man would scream.


He was so confused. The man spent all day every day, stretching his asshole in every way the man could, and then the man punished him if it were too loose. He tied to do exercises to keep his asshole tight, but the man delighted in painfully stretching it beyond its limits. The man was now working on getting his whole up his asshole, and promised him he would be fisted every day. The pain in his life was truly unbearable. He didn't know what to do. More and more he closed himself off from reality, which was fine with the man, as long as he worshipped the dick!


"Smell it, go on smell my dick!"


Austin leaned up and began to smell the cock and balls. He made loud smelling noises because he knew the man liked that, just like the man liked him to make piggy noises when he sucked on his fuckmeat or on his scrotal eggs.

The food he ate from his dog bowl on the floor was pureed in various combinations of liver, oysters, brussel sprouts, beets, lima beans, mushrooms, cottage cheese, and raisins. Sometimes the man pissed on the food or shot a load onto it for more flavor. The man already had, for a joke it seems, blown his nose onto his food and made him eat it.


Lately, the man had been talking to him about training him to eat his shit. The very thought made him unbearably sick. Could the man do such a disgusting thing? Yes, he decided, the man could do anything. His food had tasted a bit funny lately, and the man often laughed watching him eat. He wondered if the man had already put some shit into slime he was forced to eat.


Sundays were special as he ate his meals with fine china with silver utensils as he dined on penis fillets and with a side of fried or grilled testicles, which he personally chose from the carcass at the butcher shop, all covered with the animal’s cum. He drank the animal’s piss from a crystal goblet.


For entertainment, the man often made him squat over a clear glass bowl and piss into it, and then the man would have him drink it. For a treat, the man would allow him to suck and chew on his filthy stinking underpants and dirty jock straps. In fact his only toy of any sort was the man’s dirty jock strap which he would suck on most of the day. The man worked out at the gym most days, so the man always had a really rank prick pouch for him to clean with his mouth.

Austin saw the dick twitch and knew it would soon be over twelve inches long and dripping. He wondered how the man would want to take his this time. He was fucked every day in either his asshole or throat. He spoke with a permanent husky rasp because of the damage done to his throat by the dick. And, as mentioned before, he now had trouble controlling his bowels because his rectum was so stretched. The man jokingly told him that when he was too stretched out for even his massive dick, he would take him to a farm where he would be fucked by horses. At least, he hoped the man was joking. The dick was hard now and throbbing. The man stood there proudly, the fat cock swaying like a sea monster with one great eye.


"My cumdump wants some, doesn't he? He wants some of the big, fat, beautiful cock! The cock that controls his life. The cock that is his master! Look at that fuckmeat, baby, and think how lucky you are. All fags dream about boyfriends with big dicks. And you are the lucky one. The winner.


“Fags your age live in a fantasy world of huge cocks, I know that. You talk to each other at school about which boy has the biggest dick. You watch them at swim meets or on the basketball court and think about their huge, fat, fucking, teenage dicks. That is all you fags think about day and night. Dick! You think about your father's dicks and dream of your daddy's fucking you. You dream about your brothers fucking you. You dream about your teachers and your ministers at church fucking your assholes.


“You fucking fags live for dick, and you know it! Well, you are a lucky little faggot, because you have one hell of a fucking huge dick to worship and live for. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING CUNT BUSTER, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING HUGE SLAB OF FUCKMEAT AND DROOL. DROOL FOR IT, FAGGOT. I DON'T EVEN WASH IT ANYMORE. I LET YOU CLEAN IT WITH YOUR MOUTH, BECAUSE I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE DICK FLAVOR."


Austin salivated for the dick. He had been trained well. In all the confusion of his dick loving service, he had forgotten what day today was. Today was his thirteenth birthday. What would he be getting for his birthday? What else. HORSE DICK!