The Day After the Wedding

(MBm) (anal, oral) (cbt, humil, spank, viol) (inc)

Mick knew he was in trouble when he walked in the door. I was standing in the middle of the room, and my brother, Ed, was seated on the couch. We were both a bit hungover from the wedding reception the night before. Mick, my sixteen-year-old son, had gotten married to this sweet little fourteen-year-old pussy. He was in love. It was so fucking touching. Anyway, Mick came in hanging his head.

“You're late. You'll be punished extra for that.”

“Jesus, Dad, it was my wedding night, can't you cut me some slack?”

He was fucking cute. Always a little punky, sassing back and such, and my military background didn't go for that, so I kept him in line. I made sure he was a good student and a good athlete. I kept his dating to a minimum in high school, one date every two months. Christ, it kept him horny all the time. I thought that was goddamned funny. He would beg me to let him go on a date with such and such a cunt that he admired.

I'd tell him, “All right, if you don't jerk off for three weeks, you can go out with her.”


Watching him struggle with his sexual discipline was a hoot. I know what you are thinking. How the fuck did I know if he secretly jerked off in the bathroom or at school. Well, Mr. Smarty Reader, he never used the bathroom unsupervised. Either, my brother Ed or I always monitored him from the time he was eight on. And at school, he wore a cock cage! That's right. He even had to play basketball and baseball with the prick cage on. I wasn't going to have my boy grow up to be a pervert. And, the last thing I needed was for him to get some twat pregnant and ruin our whole life.


When he entered high school, he started to take some advanced courses at the university, and I lost a bit of control. Oh, he still lived at home, but he met this bitch, they fell in love, and the little shit told me he was getting married. Married. At sixteen. And she was only fourteen. Well, once Ed and I saw the pretty, little twat, we said okay, trying to figure out a way that we could get into the cunt's panties ourselves. Still, if Mick thought by bringing a dick dump into his life was going to change things, he had another think coming.


“Dad, it was my wedding night!” he said again.


“That's no excuse to be late for your weekly punishment. You have grown lax boy. We are very disappointed in you. Maybe, if you hadn't had your prick in her cunt all night, you would have remembered that we had a punishment session scheduled for this morning.”


“I honestly thought you'd let me skip just this one since I just got married.”


“Well, you've got another thing coming. Now strip off them clothes!”


Mick began to take off his tee shirt. He was a hot looking, young kid all right. Slender with the short brush cut I made him wear. No long-haired hippies in my family.


“How many times did you fuck her?” Ed asked, rubbing his crotch.


“Please, Uncle Ed, that's my business...” Mick answered.


My hand shot out to slap that pretty little face of his. He fell to his knees, and I stood over him.


“You fucking asswipe, when your Uncle Ed asks you a question, you answer him! How many times did you fuck the bitch?”


My son hung his head.


“Four,” he said in a hushed voice.


He'd been a virgin until the night before, at least with girls. Ed and I had had fun with him ever since he was eight and my wife died. But he'd been a virgin with girls. Mick crawled back to his feet. Ed chuckled.


“Do you like tongue kissing her better than doing it with me?”


Mick didn't know what to say. He continued to strip.


“It's…it's not the same. I love Kira.”


I slapped him again.


“I told you, boy, you want to marry the bitch, then, when we talk about her, her name is Cunt! I don't ever want to hear you use that other name unless she is present or you’re on the phone with her.”


Mick was naked. His big, teen dick did look a bit raw from all the fucking. It swung between his legs. It brought back fond memories of how Ed and I had beat the little fuck all through his junior high and high school days. He got beat for every little thing — if he talked back, if he got low grades, if he didn't come right home after baseball practice, if I drove by the school and saw him talking to any girls.


“Does the cunt shave her pussy, or does she have a cuntal bush?” Ed asked.


He had a nice way of being direct. Mick thought about sassing back but caught the glint in my eye.


“She...she has hair.”


“Fuck, I want her shaved.”


“You heard Uncle Ed, boy; you got one week to convince her to shave her cunt. We want to start shooting videos of the two of you next week. We got the motel all fixed up and everything.”


“Dad, when can I move in with her? Her folks think it's really weird that I have to still live at home,” he moaned


“Oh, maybe six months or so, we'll see how things go. You just tell them that with school and all, we think it's better if you both live in your own homes for a while. From now on, you may fuck the cunt once a week at the motel as we arranged.”


“Her parents said I could come there and spend the night...”


“No way, Jose. Get those underpants off. You’ll do it my way or not at all. Look do you want to stay married to this bitch?”


“Yes, sir, I love her.”


“Then we'll do things my and Uncle Ed's way!”


“Damn straight!” Ed was pawing at his crotch while looking at the kid's hot, naked body.


“Okay, boy, bend over, we'll start with the paddle.”


I worked his ass until it was bright red and blistered.


“Please Dad, what will I tell Ki...the Cunt?”


“You may tell the cunt anything you want. Tell her your daddy spanked your butt because you were a naughty boy.”


I kept hitting that ass until he was sobbing like a baby.


“Now, we'll move to the belt and work your balls a bit too.”


“Please, Dad, not my balls.”


Stand up, bend over and spread your legs and let your nuts swing. Shit, look how empty they look, Ed. This boy fucked up a storm last night. Did the cunt suck your cock, boy?”


At first, he didn't answer, so I thwacked his ass hard with the belt.


“She licked it. She licked it a little. She's shy.”


Ed laughed.


“Shy? Two to three weeks from now she won't be able to get enough dick in her mouth. I know how those bitches are. Once they get a taste of prick, they go nuts. I can't wait to get my fuckmeat into her pretty, little mouth!”


“Uncle Ed, how can you say that?” Mick yelled.


I swatted him between the legs catching the leather belt right on his fucksack. He crumpled to the floor.


“You know what you promised, boy. You promised that if you could marry the cunt, you'd share! You said you'd share! That's the only reason we let you get married. Now, you just better convince that little whore to spread those goddamned legs for us whenever we want. You got one month to talk the bitch into it. And boy, I want her asshole opened too. I love fucking tight, young ass, as you already know!”


I was beating his upturned ass hard now, and it was blood-streaked and welted, and even cut. Every five or six swats, I brought up the belt up between his legs smacking his scrotum with all my might. He was a quivering mess just the way I liked him to be.


“Now, crawl across the floor and suck Uncle Ed.”


The boy was used to this. He crawled on hands and knees while continued to beat his ass. He reached Ed, who already had his dick out of his pants, and leaned up to take the prick into his mouth.


“What do you say, you cute little married groom asswipe you?”


“Please, Uncle Ed, may I suck your cock?”


“You didn't think for one second that just because you’re getting married, that our little sessions were gonna stop, now did you? We just want to bring the cunt in on our little family fun!”


“And, the cunt's younger brother, what is he, ten? His ass will be perfect for fucking. We gotta get him in on this somehow too.”


Ed was in cock suck heaven. My boy slobbered on the dick. I taught him when he was very young that guys like piggy boys, boys who make animal noises when they suck prick.


“Shit, can I fuck him?”


“Sure. Grooms love to get ass fucked on the day after their wedding. I have been opening up his hole for you with my fingers.”


Ed began to ass plow my son.


“Not too hard now. The opening of the presents party is in three hours, and we want this boy to be able to sit. Although, from the red ass he's got, he is going to be in terrible pain.”


Ed chortled.


“You know me; I just can't be gentle when I fuck. Why do you think I lost all those girlfriends? I ruined them. I like to fuck nice and hard. Just. Like. This.”


He slammed in so hard that Mick slid across the low table on which he was getting fucked. The boy grunted as if he could feel the prick in his stomach. I could hear Ed's big nuts slapping against the boy's bare flesh. I walked around to Mick's head.


“Mick, jerk off while Uncle Ed fucks you. Show us how much you like it.”


“Please, Dad, I'm empty after last night. I don't think I can—”




“I told you to jerk off, boy! You will jerk off and cum four times before you leave this house. If you can fuck that stupid cunt four times, you can jerk off for us four times. Now jerk.”


Mick cried a bit but started to play with his dick while his uncle fucked his teen ass. I rubbed my cock all over the boy's face leaving a trail of dick spooge.


“Open up, boy, and suck daddy.”


My big fucking prick knob worked its way between the lips that had been kissing his new bride all night. Soon Mick was sucking hungrily on my dick, just the way he did five minutes before the wedding service yesterday. Just before the ceremony, he sucked off me, Ed, Stan, the best man, and the two buddies of mine who were acting as ushers. We made sure some of the cum spilled out of his mouth and dripped from his chin onto the front of his tux. We wouldn't let him wipe it off his chin or his tux so that when he kissed his bride at the altar, his breath smelled of our cum.


He also had a seven-inch butt plug up his ass for the wedding. The whole fucking wedding was almost ruined when I caught Ed in the toilet playing with the prick of the six-year-old ring bearer. He had the kid's pants down and was gently frigging the boy’s tiny pricklet. I told Ed to behave himself and get the fuck out, and then I had to talk to the little guy, who was a fucking cousin or something, to make sure he never told. We both did eye the Cunt's little ten-year-old brother quite a bit.


So there we were, just one happy family Me, my brother, and my son. Mick was going to provide lots of fun for us in the future with his new family too. Weddings can open doors for so many of us.