The Convention

(MBb) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (humil, tort) (beast, inc)

Will met an old friend of his, John, in the hotel bar, shortly after checking in. Will is a good-looking young man of thirty. He has a muscular body, but because he started losing his hair at a young age, he now has his head shaved. The fact that he wears glasses makes him look rather sexy and intellectual. He teaches middle school for a living but shoots kid porno on the side, which allows him to travel to places like this. John is a seventy-two-year-old obese, jolly man with a full head of silver hair. He has a huge stomach and waddles when he walks.

"John, how great to see you again. You look fantastic!"

"At seventy-two, we don't look fantastic, but if we look alive, it's a wonder. I keep active, as you know. How was your flight?"


Will glanced hungrily at the fourteen-year-old Thai bartender. The boy wore nothing except a tiny see through posing pouch, and his full, fat teenage dick and balls were on display. As he turned to prepare Will's drink order, he revealed a beautifully tight, deep cracked ass. While a perfectionist like John D. had no time for a boy as old as fourteen, Will was hard dicked instantly.


"The flight was long but uneventful. I have my son with me this year, so that was fun."


John's face lit up, and his wayward eyebrows rose.


"Yes, I read in the event brochure that you are entering Travis this year. I cannot believe he is ten already."


"Almost eleven. I've got to do it soon if I am ever going to win this fucking contest."


He leaned over the bar to see more of the bartender's ass.


"Spread your ass cheeks for me, will you, boy?" he kindly asked the kid.


The bartender smiled a beautiful Thai smile, reached back, and spread his ass globes to reveal a beautiful pinkish, brown rectum.


"Holy shit, I think I am going to fuck that," Will said, rubbing the large lump in his pants.


"Oh, pooh, he's too old. You just got here. Wait 'til you see what's available. And, the guys who organized this year's contest are outstanding. They supply each room with a Thai boy. You can choose from a whole catalogue. Mine has just turned six. I already had him last night. You should have heard him squeal when he had to take my eight inches balls deep on the first thrust. I thought I was going to rip the little fucker open, but he stretched real nice. I churned up his guts some, but not too badly. This afternoon I am teaching him how to drink piss. Stop by and unload if you want."


John beamed and sipped his Mai-Tai.


"Well, I don't know. I have got some work to do with Travis before the contest begins. I'm not sure if I will even have time for sex until after the main event. I really want this to be my year. The million dollars would set me up for life. I could quit teaching and open my own daycare center. But, if I know you, you have something special up your sleeve, John. Come on, John, level with me. What have you got, this year? Are you entering a boy or not? Your name is in the lists, but nothing about your entry!"


As the fourteen-year-old Thai bartender slid Will's drink across the smooth, wooden bar top, Will grabbed the kid's hand and stroked it. The bartender looked down shyly. Will signaled with his free hand, and the kid behind the bar quickly removed his tiny thong to reveal his naked, teenage dick and balls. While Will did appreciate boy meat of all ages, if the truth were told, he did indeed prefer boys of thirteen and fourteen. He liked boys in that beautiful transition stage. They already had a definite sexual identity. Some part of him couldn't wait until his own son, Travis, reached thirteen. As Will stared at the genitals of the Thai teen, the boy thrust his hips forward, and the boy’s dick started to erect. The boy was obviously very talented and well trained. The teen prick stood up and slapped his young belly.


"Since you like meat that old, why not ask him for his special snack! I saw some guys having it a while ago," John chuckled and sipped.


"May I have a special snack, please?" Will asked, knowing that in this part of the world it pays to be polite. Not like in America.


The teenage bartender beamed and nodded. He started to quickly masturbate his full young dick with fast jerking motions. Not a leisurely masturbation, but a hard almost violent yanking of the prick meat. His balls danced and jiggled under the dick root. He spread his legs and pushed his hips out so Will could watch. Will's prick was painfully hard in his pants. The boy reached over and grabbed a bowl of fresh roasted peanuts. He held the bowl under his dick, yanked again, and pre-cum bubbled out of his pisshole and spilled onto the peanuts. The boy obviously had the skill of producing lots of pre-cum slime for it poured over the nuts coating them with the slick, glossy liquid. The kid gave his cockhead an extra squeeze or two and then proudly handed the bowl of nuts to Will.


"Amazing!" Will said, feeling his own dick leak.


"I tell you, the guys who run this convention know what they are doing," John said. “Everything is top notch.”


Will tasted the pre-fuck coated nuts. They were delicious. He winked and nodded at the boy, who smiled proudly.


"So, John, you still have not told me. What do you have planned for this year? Is my beautiful son, Travis, out of the running already because you have some nasty trick up your perverted sleeve?"


"Come, come, Will, not so nasty. I have every right to enter a boy just as you do. I know you really need the money, and part of me hopes you do win. Travis is a beautiful little boy-cunt and deserves to win, but you can't blame me for entering my own little cunt boy, now can you?"


"Oh, I don't blame you. It's just that you train boys for a living, and are a professional. I only have my own son to work with. I have spent so much time grooming Travis. You can understand how important it is to me. If he doesn't win Fuckboy International, I hope at least to pick up a trophy and some cash in some of the individual categories like best cocksucker and most beautiful titties. I've been working on his tits for almost a year. They stick out like regular sow nipples. Not bad for a boy of ten. You know how flat and colorless most ten-year-old nipples are. Well, Travis' tits stick out like they could produce milk, almost a full inch from his chest. You can imagine the time and effort that went into that, not to mention pain."


"Pain is good for a boy, and you may well pick up some of those awards. You know I wish you all the best. Travis was one of the best fucks I ever had, Will, and I am ever grateful that you let me have his ass when I came to visit. That boy has superb pussy muscles. He stands a good chance of winning."


"So — "


Will ate more of the pre-fuck covered nuts, and glanced sideways at the bartender, who was gently rubbing his dick, hoping that Will would take him to his room. It was difficult for some of the older boys of fourteen and fifteen to make any extra money with so much very young meat around, and a convention of men who preferred their boy-cunt under twelve. Some of the convention guests would, of course, hire the better-hung teenagers to fuck the little ones, just for entertainment. And if a fourteen or fifteen year old Thai kid had skills in administering pain to a little boy, well, that kid might make quite a bit of money this week.


"So — ?" John said back at his friend.


"So, tell me what you are entering. You are my friend. Tell me."


John ordered another drink and turned his massive body on the bar stool so as to be more intimate with Will.


"Well, since you are my friend and shared your son's ass with me, I will confide in you, but this stays here. I want to keep it under wraps until the competition. I've got a friend of mine's kid. I’ve been working with him for eight months. He just turned eight."


"He just turned eight, and you are entering him in the main event? Has a boy of eight ever won Fuckboy International?"


As far as Will knew, every Fuckboy International winner had been ten to twelve. Sure, younger boys won some of the smaller events, but does a boy of eight have what it takes to win the grand prize?


"He's fully trained at eight?"


John laughed a hearty laugh.


"I had to work like a pig to get him in shape. Stretching his asshole alone was a two-month project, but I honestly think he is not bad. Now I know he'll lose points on the testicle competition. He hasn't even got nuggets yet. But he arches his back real nice and pushes his little pussy up like a pro."


"Amazing. But does he have the stamina?"


"Well, just before we left, I threw a party and had him suck twenty-one dicks in a row. His jaw was so sore he couldn't speak for two days. But he did it. He is not as beautiful as Travis, I'll grant you that, but I think his extreme youth might sway the judges in his favor."


"You know, as part of the main competition, he will be fucked by black men with twelve-inch cocks. That could kill him."


"Well, that's a chance I am willing to take. No risk, no gain. By now, the little fuckhole should be able to take it. Imagine how well he will do in the torture competition though. Who doesn't love to torture an eight year old? Your son at ten will be a sweet victim, but those two years between eight and ten might just make the difference."


Will cursed under this breath. John was right. The judges loved to inflict pain on the very young ones. And he had been working so hard with Travis to get the boy to take the extreme pain without crying out. The judges loved to see a boy cry, but most of them didn't like excessively noisy boys. A boy of ten or eleven was expected to take rods up his pisshole without crying out. He was expected to be able to dance well with thumbtacks in the bottoms of his feet. But how good would a kid of eight be at all of that? If Will knew his friend John, the kid would be very good at it. Will had to hope to gain points for Travis in some of the extra merit competitions which could go toward winning the grand prize.


"Are you entering him in shit eating?"


John puffed up.


"Oh, my, yes. Nothing like seeing the cute face of a sweet eight-year-old boy stuffed full of shit!"


"But at eight, I imagine he is quite small. He won't be able to eat very much."


"Oh, but we have been working on stuffing the little twat until his stomach is bloated and he looks nine months pregnant. That should please the judges."


"Well, I guess, Travis will just have to try harder! I'd better get up to my room and put some extra training time in with him."


John patted Will's leg.


"Now, now, Will, don't be a defeatist. Travis is a fine young cunt boy, and may well win. You have done an excellent job with him. As I say, he was one of the best boy fucks I ever had, and I am sure the judges will agree. He uses his pussy muscles much better than my little tyke does. And, he is a beautiful boy and probably the most beautiful boy in the competition. You stand a great chance of winning. And the way I look at it, if my boy even comes in the top five, I will still get a handsome cash reward. Of course, I will beat the fuck out of the boy for losing, but that's just fun."


"You're right, of course, John. It will be a fun week whatever happens, with plenty of fresh boy ass to go around, but I still want to go up to the room and put in some extra time on Travis eating shit! That's one area I really think he can win."


"Listen, I need to take a wicked dump. Would you like me to come up to your room and feed it to Travis?"


"You don't want to give it to your own boy?"


"No, I've got him on a fucking machine, and he still needs a few more hours. By the way, do you use an automatic fucking machine on Travis? For years I fought against it, and I was wrong. They are amazing. You can set them and forget them. A boy can get fucked for eight to ten hours straight, and you don't even need to think about it. It lubes automatically, and you can even set it to vary the speed and depth of thrust by itself. You really should get one for Travis. Anyway, do you want my shit for your boy?"


"Well, since I am trying to increase the volume Travis can swallow, that would be really helpful. You don't mind helping out a competitor?"


"Hell no, we’re friends. Besides, who could resist taking a shit into the mouth of your beautiful ten-year-old son? Now, for Christ's sake, before we go, set up a date with the bartender. He is mooning over you like a lovesick calf. He really wants your cock up his ass!"


Will did just that, promising the teen that he would throw a heavy fuck into him later on that night. The bartender was so happy he jumped up and down. He knew he would get a fine tip, as he was an excellent fuckhole. He was so excited, he came around to the front of the bar and brazenly opened Will's gray suit pants and took out his fat, uncut cock. The boy was delighted with the size of the farang cock meat. He held the fucker in his small brown hands and fondled it as if it was precious. Will could control himself no longer, and shot a huge load, spraying the boy and his pants. Everyone in the bar had a good laugh, and even though Will, was a bit embarrassed, it reminded him that at these conventions that anything goes.


As they approached the elevator, Will started to worry again. He hoped he had taught Travis to crawl properly. As part of the contest, each owner had to walk his boy around the arena on a leash, just like in a dog show. The boys had to arch their backs, so their asses and heads were high. They had to hang their tongues from their mouths as if they were begging for cock. The more arch to the back and the higher the ass rode, the better, but at the same time the more the ass opened while crawling, the better. Each master tried to get his boy to show a bit of pink asshole while he crawled. The best boys also kept their legs slightly apart, so their tiny pricklets and nuggets showed. After circling the arena, the judges would feel up each boy, ramming fingers into the little assholes, yanking on pricklets, rubbing titties, shoving fingers down throats. The little boys were meant to hold their positions during this entire time.


Everything about the boy was judged. How he curled his toes when being fucked. How he reacted to having cum shot up his nose and into his eyes. How he tolerated full force gut and belly punches from muscular adults. How he responded to a thick tube being forced up his pisshole and, of course, how he sucked cock, licked balls, and ate asshole.


Will knew that the judges were especially partial to a boy who was good at eating ass, so he had worked with Travis for hours each day, making the boy eat and suck ass until the little kid's tongue and lips were swollen. Travis, like most of the boys in the contest, was home schooled. No need for them to learn conventional school material, when they would most likely be spending their lives as twenty-four a day fuckholes! Besides, sending a boy like Travis to school created bad habits. He would make friends, which would distract him from cocksucking and getting cock up his ass. He might develop and attraction for girls, God forbid. And the school officials might notice things like the whip marks on his ass globes and legs. Also, there were some days he just could not walk after a bastinado session or pins in his feet. And sometimes, in spite of his excellent rectum control, his ass was just a mess after a heavy weekend of fucking. How could you send a boy like that to school? Also, after a heavy weekend of drinking piss and eating shit, it took two whole days sometimes to get the smell out of the boy. Even Will didn't want to go near him. Shit and piss will eventually start to come out as sweat on a boy, and it takes a couple of days for the waste to be totally cleansed.


Will did, however, have one trick up his own sleeve. He had been training Travis to suck dogs and to get fucked by dog dick. This was a unique kink that only some of the boy owners indulged in. He could pick up some valuable points in this competition. He had taught Travis to suck dog dick with wild abandon, making animal grunting noises and slobbering over the animal pizzle and nuts until boy saliva and dog spooge formed a lake under the animal. Then Travis would scoot down and lick up the scum.


He had also taught Travis to surprise everyone by crawling back and licking and sucking on the dog's asshole. Will remembered how difficult this had been to teach. Travis had just freaked out and flat out refused. Will had had to use the cattle prod up the boy's rectum to get him to comply. Now, Travis was a pro at it. He sucked dog ass as if it was the greatest high in the world. Will was sure the judges would enjoy that.


Yes, he did indeed still have a chance to win, but he would need to push Travis to new levels of depravity to do it, but after all, what are ten-year-old boys for?


Will had a smile on his face as the elevator door closed on him and John It would be a wonderful week!