The Contract

(B) (humil)

I was introduced by a mutual Thai friend of ours to a young, first year, college student, a very lovely, slender, handsome lad. He was having a hell of a time because he was half-Japanese and he was worried about staying in school in Thailand at Thammasat University. His sponsor had recently died, and he had no money and his status was shaky so I, of course, offered to step in and help out. We had dinner, my Thai friend, the half-Japanese boy whose name was Nok, and Nok's young girlfriend. After a pleasant time and a bit too much wine, I laid my cards on the table. I would get him out of trouble, get his school bills taken care of, and help him maintain good Thai citizenship by signing some property over to him if he met the following conditions.

  1. He had to let me watch him fuck his girlfriend and take pictures.

  2. He had to let me fuck him anytime I chose to for the next year. He must also suck my cock anytime I wanted — night or day. He must be available at all times for my service.

  3. He must let me fuck his girlfriend, and he had to watch and help out if desired.

  4. He must whore himself out to monthly parties putting on sex shows for Thai, Japanese, and Farang businessmen. He must do in these shows whatever I designed for him to do. The shows would get increasingly degrading, humiliating and perverted.

Well, at first of course he refused. In fact, he and his girlfriend stormed away from the restaurant, a most impolite and unAsian thing to do. But, a few days later he telephoned me. He was desperate. That same afternoon in my hotel room, he sucked his first dick. I made him lick my cock and balls, bounce my prick on his tongue, rub my pisshole all over his cute young face. I took him to bed, and the most difficult part for him was when I kissed him and made out with him rubbing his titties and calling him my little girl and feeling his tight, young ass like a pussy. I told him I'd bet his pussy was prettier than his girlfriend’s. I must admit he did have the kind of ass that you could just eat out for hours.

The first time I fucked his tight, little asshole with my big throbbing prick, he cried. It was so sweet and touching. I licked his tears while my cock fucked balls deep into his rectum. I kept reminding him that I was helping him and doing all of this for his future. He begged me not to cum up his hole, but of course I did, after all, he was a virgin, and I had no fear of catching anything. A week later, after I'd fucked him over a dozen times, he put on his first sex show. He danced, masturbated, and worked dildos in and out of his brand new boy-cunt. Some of the dildos had electrical current attached. Of course, I controlled the voltage. The thirty-five men enjoyed the show — Nok did not. He said he wanted to die. I told him he would get used to the shows and to doing perverted sex acts and this would allow him to stay in school and in the country.

I look forward to going back to Thailand in November and continuing my relationship with Nok and his girlfriend. I found out he has never fucked her in the ass. That must be rectified at once. Of course, my ultimate goal is to turn him into a mindless fuck pig. He has already done things no decent boy would do. When I showed him the pictures, he cried and cried, and begged me not to post them. I posted them.