The Coach Cares

(MM) (humil)

We know the coach cares most about his varsity team, but he pays very special attention to the coming freshmen. He is not as concerned about their professional skill as he is about their loyalty, commitment, endurance, and bonding abilities. You may think his constant humiliation and verbal and physical abuse of the freshman boys is too much, that it is going too far how coach takes college freshman boys and turns them into men. Well, some of them into men, others into sobbing pussies who haven't got the balls that it takes!

Coach measures every dick on the freshman squad. The boys with the biggest cocks are praised and told they are real cuntfuckers and men. The boys with the smallest dicks are made to stay naked in the locker rooms and frequently practice bare-assed, and everyone is ordered to point at their tiny peanut dicks and make fun of them at all times. The boys have their dick sizes written on their chests and often on their foreheads.

They are made to tell girls in the school how small their dicks are and that they probably won’t be a very good fuck. Some boys really fall apart at this, but the coach thinks it is helping a small dicked guy come to grips with his shortcoming.

The boy with the smallest dick is made to beg the other boys to see their dicks and to touch them so he may compare them to his own insignificant peanut. He has to show his dick to everyone and tell them what a loser he is.

Manuel Ortega tries hard to play along and appear happy, but I don’t think he will last the first semester because he is already heard crying in his dorm room at night. The coach has posted an eleven-by-seventeen-inch poster of his naked body showing his worthless dick on the outside door of his dorm room so all the guys in the dorm can see. The coach has had several helpful conferences with Manuel where he kindly explained that those who are not men should learn to serve real men in any way they can. He appointed Manuel the official towel boy and jock strap boy for the team. He had to collect towels and dirty jockstraps for cleaning. Coach told Manuel he doesn’t need a jock as he has nothing to protect. That got a big laugh from all the guys.

The coach wants to keep the boy involved in the team as much as he can though so this week he has ordered Manuel to wash each boy's jockstrap by hand every night. Manuel has to be bare-assed in front of the other boys so they can point at him and laugh. He has to jerk off in front of them too — that gets a big laugh.

Other guys are also put on the spot. Whenever the coach spots a guy leaving the dorm to go on a date, he makes the boy come to his office first. There he makes the boy masturbate five or six times in a row, so the boy goes on a date totally balls empty. The coach says it’s for the boys benefit, so he doesn’t go getting some girl pregnant, and also it helps the boy keep his mind on school and sports.