The Boy Pianist

(Mm) (oral) (humil) (nc)

I prowled the halls of the Music Conservatory looking for just the right entertainment. I passed over a dozen boys and girls that were not what I was seeking and was ready to call it a day when I spotted him. He was small and thin, an unruly mop of hair on his head, and he wore glasses. He had the look of an unmagical Harry Potter. He had no secret weapon with which to fend off evil. He was hurrying down the hall with small quick steps with his head lowered while thinking of some piece of music in his head. His face was pale, boyish, and quite beautiful. He had nice full lips and large eyes which were magnified by his glasses. I glanced at his hands. Thin and delicate with long fingers. As he passed me, I took a look at his fine round teenage ass or what I could see of it in the loose trousers he wore.
“Excuse me, young man.”
I allowed one hand to touch his thin shoulder. He stopped and spun, looking up at me, eyes blinking behind the glasses. Oh yes, he would do nicely.
“Eh…yeah…yes, sir?”
“I need some help, and perhaps you could give me a few minutes of your time.”
“I’m on my way to practice, but sure…yeah…if I can.”
He had a nice smile and a nervousness about him that almost screamed submissive. I was a lot taller than he was and much more muscular, and I could tell that he was not one to stand up to authority.
“I’m looking for a pianist to give a concert at a party I am throwing. The pay will be quite good.”
BINGO. He lit up like a Christmas tree. I knew how poor most of these students are, and I also knew they loved to play gigs that brought in money to help them save to go to college. He was so excited that he stuttered.
“Oh…I p-p-p-p-p-play concerts. I could do your party.”
His smile grew larger, and he bounced like an eager puppy.
“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to hear you play something and discuss the date and details in private. Is there somewhere we could go?”
‘Let’s go into your parlor,’ said the spider to the fly. The boy showed me to a room off the central wing of the building on the second floor. It was a small, well-appointed space with a raised dais at one end on, which stood a grand piano.
“We use this for mini-concerts and stuff. We can talk, and I can play in here. When is the party?”
I closed the door, taking note of the lock and taking time to lock it.
“Before we get into the details, could we chat for just a bit? Put your music down, and come and sit here.”
I turned two chairs to face each other. The boy was happy to join me, so he plopped his Tchaikovsky and Mozart onto the piano and bounced over. I loved this kid’s enthusiasm. He was not at all faggy, but very delicate.
“I’m Todd,” he said, holding out a hand for me to shake. I took it in a tight grasp and pumped it. I let him know at once that I was strong and could physically break him.
“How old are you, Todd?” I asked, still holding his hand.
“Seventeen. I’ll be eighteen in March.”
I released his hand so he could sit opposite me. I glanced around to make sure the heavy velvet drapes over the windows in the room were pulled closed.
“And are you going on to study music when you graduate?”
He frowned a bit and pushed the glasses higher on the bridge of his cute nose.
“Yes, Sir. I have a scholarship. But I need to earn money for housing and food and stuff.”
I sat silently looking at him until I could feel him getting quite nervous. He fidgeted while crossing and uncrossing his legs.
“Should I play something for you now, sir?”
“In a minute. Tell me, is it rough liking classical music in high school? I mean, do the other kids tease you a lot?”
His eyes changed focus, and I could see he remembered his tormentors.
“Not so much now, but at first. I mean, there are a whole bunch of kids who are into choir and band and stuff, and they’re all fun, but you get some teasing from the jocks and some of the girls.”
He folded his hands in his lap out of nervousness.
“So, are you picked on and bullied a lot and stuff like that?”
I had noticed his use of the word, ‘stuff,’ and thought I would relax it by throwing it back his way. He squirmed in his chair. I could tell he was growing uncomfortable.
“Was it worse when you were younger or now that you are a senior?”
“Definitely worse when I was younger. Most of the kids respect me now except for a few of the really cruddy dumb-ass jocks. Should I play now?”
“Did they beat you up and stuff? I mean even now, you look pretty small and frail, and I imagine you are a perfect target for bullies.”
He cocked his cute head to one side.
“Yeah, it was pretty rough for a while.”
“I would imagine. You have a kind of frail sissy boy body. I don’t mean that as an insult, but anyone can see it. You look very wimpy if I may say so. I’ll bet the older boys had fun with you. Did they trip you and punch you and spit on you?”
I could see he was growing quite upset.
“Some, I guess. Look, maybe we should—”
“You guess? Surely you don’t forget if some beefy older jock hawks a gob of spit on you. I know the games those jocks play. They probably stripped you bare-assed, am I right, stripped you like right in the school halls or in front of girls, right, laughed at your naked body and your small dick, right?”
“Look, I’m not comfortable talking about this. Maybe you should see the secretary at the desk on the first floor, and tell her what you need for your party.”
“Relax, Todd. I’m just curious as to how someone like you, all sensitive and creative, copes with the abuse of the other boys. Did they every strip you?”
He started to move his legs in and out in a nervous gesture and wrung his hands as he looked at the floor.
“Yeah, a couple of times. They could be real assholes.”
“I know, Todd. I know how mean kids can be to one another. Did they make you suck their cocks?”
His eyes flashed behind his glasses, and he stood up. His hands made fists.
“Look, this conversation is over, okay? I’m leaving now.”
However, he didn’t move. That’s how natural subs behave, all talk and no action.
“Well, it stands to reason. On the one hand, you have a bunch of hot horny teenage jocks with big fat dicks and full sacks of balls that need to be emptied, and on the other a wimpy little sissy boy who would be perfect for a face fuck between classes. So, I’ll bet you were sucking dick pretty regularly.”
Poor Todd didn’t know which way to look. He turned stiffly and began to march himself toward the door. I could tell he felt weak in the knees from the way his legs moved.
“I wouldn’t touch that door, or yell out, Todd. If you do, I will break your hands, and that would be the end of your career. Now, be a good boy and turn around and come back here.”
He stopped in his tracks and stood in place weaving. His back was still to me.
“Turn around, Todd and come back here, or I will have to hurt you, and I don’t want to do that.”
That was a lie. Todd spun around and glared at me, and then pushed his glasses up on his nose again.
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“Because I like you, Todd, because I am attracted to you. Now tell me, did the jocks at school make you suck their dicks?”
He shook his head.
“No, never nothing like that. They just shoved me around and stuff.”
I signaled him to come closer to me. He shuffled over.
“But I’ll bet there are some pretty decent looking studs at your school. Do you ever think about sucking any of their dicks?”
His sweet mouth turned down in disgust.
“I’m not gay.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?” Silence. “DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, TODD?”
He shook his head and the mop of hair danced.
“I devote all my time to my music.”
“That’s bullshit. I know you jerk off. All boys, even wimpy simpy sissy boys jerk off. You play classical music, you don’t have a girlfriend, and you look like a faggot piece of shit, and you tell me you’re not gay.”
“No, sir, I’m not gay. May I go now?”
He was trembling, and that made my dick hard in my pants.
“No, you may not go now. As I said, if you force me to break your hands, your career is over. I could snap your fingers like twigs. So be a good boy. So none of the older jocks at your school ever fucked you up the ass?”
He shut his eyes.
“Please, that is a disgusting question.”
“Answer it. Have you ever been fucked up the ass?”
“No, sir!”
I raised my eyebrows and made a clicking sound with my teeth.
“Really, I’m amazed. A cute little faggot piano player with a really adorable butt and no jock ever shoved his dick up it? Christ, when I was in high school, we had two or three faggot boys that we fucked regularly. I mean a dude has to unload, right? You must come from a backward school.”
“Probably, may I go now, sir?”
It was helpless anger mixed with fear that was so intriguing.
“You’re a small kid. There is not much you could do against an older boy or two or a man like me. I think it’s time for you to take off your clothes.”
His mouth dropped open.
“You...I...no…I won’t!”
I slapped him. The feel of my hand on his velvet-soft cheek was like an aphrodisiac. I left quite a mark, and his glasses flew off his head. I bent down and picked up his glasses and then snapped them in two. I threw them to the floor again and stomped on them to shatter the lenses. Tears filled his eyes.
“Oh…please...I...don't have the money to...please.”
He looked down at them helplessly, tears running down his cheeks. He was delicious.
“It’s your own fault, Todd. I told you to obey me. You insist on resisting me, and that got your glasses smashed. Be grateful it wasn’t your hands. Now do as I say, and we can be friends. Go up onto the stage there at the end of the room, and take off your clothes for me. Do it slowly, so I can enjoy looking at your naked teenage boy body.”
“Oh, god, please don’t make me do that. Please. What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?” The words tumbled out.
“I’m doing this because I want you to be my boyfriend. I want a new boyfriend that I can bully and abuse. I want to bully and abuse you. You’re perfect for it. Well, I think you’re perfect for it. I won’t know for sure until I see your naked body, especially your ass. I have to see if your naked ass is cute enough for me to want to fuck it. Now don’t make me hurt you. Take off your fucking clothes!”
He was crying pretty hard now.
“Please, I’m not gay!”
“Oh, knock off that shit. You’re not a normal healthy American boy that much I think we can establish. You don’t play sports. You diddle the keys of a piano. I can tell you are a born submissive. Whether or not you are naturally gay or not, we’ll determine after I shove my dick down your throat and get you sucking on it. I suspect you’re gay and just don’t know it. That’s common at your age. Now, if I don’t see you on that stage undressing in five seconds, I’m going to break your little finger.”
He stood on the stage, shaking with fright and removed his clothing. First, his jacket and shirt, which revealed a white tee shirt, then the shoes, then, with trembling hands the trousers, leaving him in his underpants and tee shirt and socks. I could tell he wanted to cover himself with his hands but didn’t know where to begin. His legs were slender and just starting to sprout hair. I had a feeling he reached puberty late.
“Take off your socks, Todd.”
Isn’t it strange, how making a kid remove his socks can humiliate him? I mean, they run around barefoot half the summer and think nothing of it, but make a kid strip them off, and the feeling of the cold floor on their naked feet reminds them of just what a precarious position they are in. He gulped and sniffed back tears and stripped off his socks.
“Now, the tee shirt, show me your wimpy chest!”
“Oh, please, mister, don’t do this to me...”
However, he peeled off the tee shirt, allowing me to see his sweet frail young boyish body. Smooth chest, small hard nipples. Now he wore only his underpants. Outside the room in the main hall, a bell rang, and the sound of footsteps clattering up and down stairs made his nakedness even more delightful.
“Well, Todd, it’s time to take off your underpants for me; time for the great unveiling. Don’t be shy. I know your dick is really small. I can tell. With a boy like you, it’s bound to be. You probably couldn’t fuck a cunt even if you wanted to. Take off your underpants, Todd.”
His fingers were shaking so badly he could hardly get them into the waistband of his undies. And then they were around his ankles, and he was bare-ass naked for me. Beautiful. He looked rather like someone in one of those photos of prisoner of war camps. He stood there on the stage naked, hands over his dick and balls, eyes blinking at a furious rate, nose running. It was probably a bit chilly in the room. He lifted first one bare foot and then the other.
“Please…can I go now?”
“Like that? You want to go out into the conservatory naked. What would the other boys and girls think of you then? You’d better get dressed first, but you can’t get dressed not just yet. Take your hands away from your dick and balls, Todd. It’s not fair to cover them up. I want to see them.”
They were typical seventeen-year-old genitals—small but partly shrunken from fear and cold. Of course, I took the opportunity to make fun of him.
“Holy shit, what a pathetic dick. Jesus, you could never hold on to a girlfriend. One look at that peanut and she would never see you again. Do the guys in the locker room see that? I mean you do take gym class, don’t you? Or are you one of those smelly little twerps who refuse to shower? I’ll bet the jocks get lots of laughs telling their girlfriends about your little limp noodle of a dick.”
“I don’t know…please…don’t do this to me.”
“Turn around and let me see your ass.”
“Do I have to?”
He was sobbing now.
“What a fucking stupid question. I have a good mind to break your thumbs. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Now show me your ass.”
I had been right. It was a beauty. Pale and smooth and nicely curved. Deep crack, nice full ass globes. A perfect fuck.
“Now we are talking. Finally, something to brag about. You have a magnificent ass, Todd. You should be proud of it. Go over to that chair and kneel on the chair. Now, reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me so I can see your asshole. Come on, move it. And your hole better be tight and virginal. If you lied to me, if you have been taking jock dick up your pussy, I will go harder on you.”
His hole was divine. Tight and pink and perfect. He whimpered and wailed and cried while he knelt there holding his ass open for my inspection. I went over to him and rubbed a finger over his boy-cunt pucker. He made a mewling kind of sound. I cupped his nuts and squeezed. More moans and groans. It was pretty funny. Then I sat down in one of the chairs facing the stage.
“Okay, now I want to hear you play the piano.”
He was still kneeling on the chair ass open, so my command confused him. I enjoyed that.
“You want me to play for you now…naked?”
“Yes. Climb off the chair and go over to the piano and play.”
He stumbled from the chair, really freaked out and crossed to the piano. He reached out to the keyboard.
“Wait. I want you to play the piano with your hard dick!”
The teenage boy stood there swaying, totally disoriented.
“I don’t understand,” he managed at last.
“Of course, you do. I want you to get your dick hard and then play the piano with your swollen erect penis.”
Tiny little whimpers came out of his mouth. His whole body vibrated like a violin string. He was trembling so badly, his teeth chattered.
“Come on, Todd, don’t make we angry. Get your fucking dick hard and then play the piano with your fuckmeat!”
You can imagine how hard my pecker was watching that seventeen-year-old teenage boy masturbating his dick up there on the stage. It turns out his fucker wasn’t all that small; it only looked tiny when flaccid. Not that I would tell him that. Oh, no! I kept riding him about what a useless clit he had instead of a dick.
“Come on frig that clit more. Get it hard. I have fucked cunt with larger clits than your dick. Get it hard, motherfucker!”
“I’m trying. I’m scared. It won’t get fully hard.”
He yanked and tugged on his teenage meat.
“Get it hard. Think about your mother’s cunt! Think about fucking your mother’s cunt! She’s the only female who would ever take your pathetic little dick.”
He fell to his knees, still jerking on his pecker, sobbing uncontrollably.
“Get back up on your feet and get that dick hard. You have one minute to get a full erection, or I break your fingers.”
“I can’t! I can’t. Leave me alone!”
He threw his head from side to side. I bounded up onto the stage and kicked him hard in the stomach. He grunted and curled up into a little ball. I kicked him again.
“You useless fucking faggot, when I give you an order, you do it! Now get up on your feet and jerk your dick!”
The terrified teenage boy struggled to his feet and pulled harder at his fuckmeat. I slapped his ass, and he howled. I slapped it again. It felt good.
“If you would just follow orders, everything would be fine. Shake your cute ass for me. I want to see you shake your ass. Climb up on the piano bench and shake your ass for me like a cheap whore.”
He scrambled up onto the piano bench and stood there shaking his adorable young ass. My dick started to leak.
“Did I tell you to stop jerking your dick? Shake your ass and jerk your dick. Do it, twatface!”
His breathing grew rough and ragged as he masturbated and wiggled his ass for me. I feared he might pass out. But at last, his fuckmeat was fully hard.
“Good. You see if you would just listen to me, I wouldn’t have to hurt you. Now keep that fucker hard and climb down and stand in front of the piano and play for me using your hard dick!”
He was hysterical by now.
“I…I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to play with my dick!”
“Pound the keys with your dick meat. Let me hear some sound. Don’t use your hands just use your dick! I want a dick sonata.”
It was not easy, and not too successful. However, Todd did manage to get some sound from pushing his fuckmeat against the keys.
“You are not that talented on the piano. Let’s see how you are as a cocksucker.”
I dropped my trousers and let me big fat fucker bounce out, dripping pre-fuck.
“Oh…please…sir, I’ve never done that. Don’t make me do that. Please.”
“Get on your knees in front of me and start out by licking up all this pre-fuck that is hanging in strings from my pisshole.”
“Please, I’ll get sick.”
He made the most agonized face.
“If you puke, you’ll lick that up too. We can’t go messing up the conservatory, now can we? Now scoop up the dick snot on your tongue and swallow it. And make sure I hear you tasting it too!”
“I’ve never done this,” he said while looking up at me with a pleading countenance.
“Well, good, I love first timers. Don’t worry; I’ll help you, as long as I see you’re doing your best. There’s hardly any taste at all to pre-fuck, but you probably know that from slurping up your own. I know how teenage boys like you are when you get cock snot all over your hand and then lick it up. Remember I was a kid too once upon a time.”
I grabbed him by the hair and dragged his face into my leaking dick. Soon, I had cock slop all over his nose and cheeks and lips. He gagged and swallowed his pride along with whatever came up from his stomach.
“Stick out your tongue and lap up that pre-fuck. You’re going to have to get used to that taste, along with cum and piss.”
He tried but wasn’t very good. I yanked his hair to tilt his head back, and then I spit in his face. I ordered him to open his mouth, and I gobbed into it. I held his mouth closed so he could not vomit and had to swallow. I forced his cute face back and spit in his mouth some more. Eventually, he could hold a little lake of spit in his mouth and swallow on command. Next, I forced his mouth open and blew my nose in it. That sent him up the wall. I had to hold his thrashing body still and cover his nose and mouth with my hand until he was forced to swallow my snot. I slapped his face a few times to get his attention.
“As my boyfriend, you’ll get used to swallowing my snot. You’ll come to crave it. I’ll serve you toast buttered with my snot and spit. I’ll offer you taco chip dip made from my cum, snot, and spit. It will take time, but eventually, you will take any and all of my bodily fluids.”
I grabbed him by the ears and shoved my dick into his mouth. He slobbered and spit up and puked up some of his saliva and my spit and snot. It covered my dick stalk. I made him suck it off. I fucked his face brutally. I slammed my dick down his throat, not giving him time to react. Not giving him time to breathe. I fucked into him until my balls were slapping his chin and neck. I could see the shape of my cock in his neck. His cute young face grew red and strained. He made a kind of a rasping sound while his body jerked, twitched, and danced. I tensed as I tightened my ass muscles and shot my load down his throat. I pulled back, so the second spurt covered his face with cum. The third, I shot into his eyes so it would sting and burn. Then I scooped up the cum from his face and fed it to him. He no longer struggled. His pale, smooth naked body hung limply in my hands. I slapped his face with my dick to bring him back to consciousness.
“Now that we’ have gotten to know each other a bit, Todd, we can talk about our relationship. This, of course, was just a get-acquainted face fuck. I’m going to rest my dick for a few minutes until it’s nice and hard, and ready to go. I’m going to have you sit on my lap with my dick up your asshole. I’m going to bounce you on my lap. I’m going to sit on the piano bench with my dick up your ass, and you are going to play for me. And then we will talk about how things are going to be with you as my boyfriend. It’s not going to be easy for you. Being my boyfriend is not only time consuming, but also physically exhausting. Not to mention all the humiliation and degradation and the toll that takes on a boy emotionally and mentally, but I think you’ve got what it takes.
“We’ll have to find a way to deal with your mom and dad, of course. I’ll be fucking you almost every day, and expect you to sleep over a lot. From time to time, there will be bruises and strange marks on your body. There will be times it will be difficult if not impossible for you to walk, due to the anal workouts I give you. I love to work on a boy with large dildos and other objects.
“Of course, I will expect you to suck off, and be fucked by, all of my friends as well. And then there is the toilet training. Not only will you eventually become my full-time urinal, but also your tongue will serve as my toilet paper when I take a shit. I know that sounds impossibly extreme to you now, but give me a chance. These things take time. And if you are a good boy and do everything I say I see no reason to interfere with your musical career. So that’s our deal, right? You do everything I tell you and become my fuckboy, and I allow you to continue with your music. You mess up or cause trouble I might be forced to pierce your eardrums. I do hope none of these extreme measures is called for.
“Oh look, my dick is fully hard again. It must be all the talk about the fun we are going to have. So, what do you say, Todd, time for your very first ass fuck? Now, I should explain that it always hurts like hell the first five or ten times you get ass fucked, especially when the dick fucking you is as large as mine is. I’m sorry about that. I can’t help it. You may want to wet my dick by sucking on it a bit first, and I will allow you to put some spit on your pussy-hole. And then, you are going to sit down on my dick, sit down until it is buried all the way up your boy-cunt, and then you are going to play piano for me. Won’t that be fun? I can tell this is the start of a beautiful friendship!”