The Angry Priest

(MB) (anal, oral) (nc)

This story is not for everyone. It is not even for most. It will shock and offend many. So don't read it please if the sexual conflict within the church is an issue for you. Religious perversion has always been a classic subject for erotica going way back to the Middle Ages.

Father Tim O’Brian hit the remote for the television and cursed. He was immediately sorry and knew he would have to stop using foul language, but when he got angry, he just couldn't help it sometimes. After all, priests are just human beings. That was part of the problem. Father Tim had been watching the latest reports on the Bishop's Conference, and it sickened him. Father Tim was twenty-eight, with a strong athletic body and dark curly hair. He was a dynamic teacher and a good leader, and all of the kids looked up to him.


Just like the ten-year-old boy kneeling between his legs now licking his big, sweaty balls. The kid had been licking the priest’s nuts for over an hour, right after he ate out the priest's ass.


"What are you doing Fuckface, did I tell you to stop licking?" He scowled at the sweet-faced naked ten-year-old who was doing oral service that morning to the priest. "Do you think Jesus will love you if you don't do your job? He orders you to be good to priests and take care of them."


Little David swallowed. He could taste cock and balls in his mouth, and a piece of black pubic hair was stuck between two of his tiny teeth.


"I'm sorry, Father. I thought you were finished when you turned the TV off."


"Jesus, David, let me do the thinking. You do the fuckmeat licking, okay?"


Father Tim knew of at least thirty other priests who fucked around with young boys. The situation was much worse than anyone even imagined. That's why the church was doing so much to cover it up. Christ, the Catholic church would soon go broke trying to pay off all the former little whores who had given ass and mouth to priest dick. Now, Father Tim had standards and believed that some of the priests were behaving badly. He strongly believed that a boy should not be face fucked under five years of age and should not be ass fucked until he was at least seven. Father Tim spent his life with his boys. He went on camping trips with them. Trips where the good priest and eight to twelve boys spent a whole weekend bare-ass naked sucking and fucking and rimming and pissing and shitting together. He taught the boys proper respect for cock and for the priesthood.


Father Tim pressed little David's soft face harder against his big sagging fat, wrinkled black haired ballsack. He thought for a minute of the really cute fourteen-year-old cumdump that Father Lowrey had sent over from his parish. A gift for Father Tim as a thank you for helping with the rummage sale. That's why Father Tim didn't want to blow a load up David's tiny ass, or in his darling face today, he needed to save his ball juice for whatever the fuck his name was tied up back at the rectory. Fresh fourteen-year-old boy ass — nothing like it on earth. Father Tim actually liked his boys into their teens before he really started to work them over. A boy in his teens is very aware of his sexuality, so it was more fun to corrupt and molest him. It was so good to make a teenage jock boy of fourteen or fifteen feel really guilty while you plowed a priest prick up his asshole. Father Tim loved to fuck with a teenage boy's sense of sexual identity. He actually loved that more than fucking and sucking. Most of the little boycunts never told their parents. They were too afraid of making Jesus angry. And, of those that did, most parents didn't believe them. Until now. Fuck it all. Why did everything have to get ruined now by those fucking investigations? Just when Father Tim was doing so well. He felt the little boy's tongue bathing his scrotum. FatherTim took one large size twelve naked foot and pushed little David back on the rich oriental carpet. Then he stuck the big toe of his right foot into David's tiny bow-shaped mouth.


"Suck my toes, you fucking little shit."


David didn't understand Father Tim's moods. All he knew is that since he was a little boy, his parents had told him to trust priests and do whatever they told him to because they were friends with Jesus and Mary. And David knew that he was a sinner as Father Tim always told him that, and he wanted to be saved and go to Heaven. Father Tim was angry, so he stood up and shoved as much foot down little David's throat as he could. The ten-year-old gagged and choked and spit ran from his mouth down his soft pink cheeks.


"David, you are a fucking sinner, and you know it, and you are going straight to hell if you don't become more obedient. I told you last week to bring me fifteen Polaroid pictures of your little brother naked with things shoved up his ass. I even loaned you the church’s camera. Why the fuck can't you do a simple thing for Jesus when he does so much for you?"


He removed his foot. The little boy sputtered.


"Kyle won't play like you told me to do with him. He says it's dirty."


"He does, huh? Well, we obviously need to get the little twat in here for some counseling, but in the meantime you make the little shit pose for the pics. Beat the fuck out of him if he doesn't. I don't personally like boys as young as Kyle, but Father Martin is hot for baby boys, so I need those pics. I have to impress Father Martin with my dedication. Remember I want clothespins on the kid's titties, and on his prickhead. And, I want lots of different things shoved up his asshole. And, I need those fucking pics by Monday!"


Father Tim punctuated those last words with nice strong kicks to little David's tiny balls. David knew he had to keep his legs spread wide open or the punishment would be worse. That was another reason Father Tim favored teens. They had more ballbag to work with. This little sack wasn't any fun to abuse. Father Tim slipped on some sandals and threw a cassock over his tall, lanky sweat slick frame.


"I gotta do some fucking counseling. Get your sorry ass out of here. And, when I talk to God tonight you’re going to be mentioned, and not in a nice way."


Father Tim reminded himself as he strode down the marble floor of the church that he had to get Tim's stupid Catholic parents to invite him over for dinner again. God, they were pushovers. Father Tim passed twelve-year-old Billy Ashton who was on his hands and knees scrubbing the marble floor. Billy was serving a punishment for talking out of turn in Catholic school. He worked only in his tiny, white underpants so he would not soil his clothing. His body was small and smooth and beautiful. As Father Tim passed him, he kicked the bucket sending soap and water splashing in ever direction, including on Billy.


“You got cold water all over your underpants, Billy. You don't want to catch a cold, better take them off."


Father Tim didn't have time to play now, so he just smiled as he saw the humiliated twelve-year-old stand and strip off his Fruit of the Loom briefs. Father Tim reminded himself to put Billy on his fuck list as he looked at the boy’s wonderful, small, round, melon-like ass. And the kid's dick was starting to grow nicely. In fact, maybe he'd let his dog, his collie, Thunder, work on Billy. It was always fun to watch a dog fuck a boy since it was so degrading for the boy.


Father Tim turned left and entered a wood paneled room and then went through that to a much more simple area. There, Tommy Linquist waited for him. Tommy was sixteen and a real cute punk with a nicely developed body on him.He had a street punk hairdo, shaved close around the ears and more full on top, and a handsome face. Father Tim had been helping Tommy for some time now. Tommy had his hands behind his back and was staring at the floor.


"How you doing, Hole?" Father Tim said, walking up and slapping the boy hard across the face.


"Fine Father, thank you."


Tommy muttered, knowing he had to answer the priest.


"How's that dirty prick of yours hanging?"


Father Tim grabbed the boy by the balls and squeezed hard.


"I try to be good Father."


Tommy swore he would not cry today. Father Tim always made fun of him for crying. He swore he would be strong.


"You try to be good? Are you still having those nasty fuck thoughts about girls?"


He slid his hands up under Tommy's tee shirt and started to twist and tug at the boy's nice, fat nipples.


"I try to think pure thoughts, but sometimes I can't help it, Father."


Tommy really wanted to date girls, but Father Tim forbade it. He said as long as Tommy had bad sex thoughts about girls he could not date. All of Tommy's buddies were dating girls, and some of them were even fucking them, but Tommy wanted to be a good Catholic, so he had to listen to Father Tim.


Father Tim peeled the boy's tee shirt up, and off exposing the kid's fine, muscular, teenage, jock torso.


"Did you jerk off this week?"


Father Tim unbuckled the boy's belt and unbuttoned the baggy jeans which fell in a puddle around the kid's feet.


"No, sir!"


He hadn't either. Father Tim had forbidden him to masturbate without permission, but his damn dick got hard at least once an hour that he could hardly stand it.


"Did you leak in bed at night?"


Father Tim was feeling Tommy's hardening prick and his big jock balls through his boxer shorts.


"Twice, sir...."


Father Tim shook his head and slapped the boy hard across the face.


"Dirty little fucker. The teenage years are the most dangerous. That's when Satan can get you, boy! You think about fuck all the time even though I milk you almost every week."


Father Tim tugged down the boys plaid boxers to reveal a tiny pair of blue girl’s panties. Father Tim made the boy wear a pair of girl's panties all week without washing them. That way he could check for cum stains and leakage.


"Jesus H. Christ, your panties are stiff with dick drippings, boy."


"I can't help it, sir." Tommy knew he would cry soon. "I get hard so much, and it just drips."


Father Tim sat down and pulled the sixteen-year-old boy over his lap.


"How can you ever go out on a date with a girl? You think she wants to be seen with a guy with cum stains all over his pants?"


He proceeded to spank the teenage boy's bare ass as hard as he could until his hand was worn out. The boy did cry, then sob, then blubber as he begged for forgiveness. Father Tim liked working on Tommy because the boy had a big fucking horse cock like some of the black kids the Father fucked. Tommy was hung like a black only he was white. That big fucking meat always got stiff when it was rubbed against Father Tim's lap. Of course, Father Tim got hard too and blamed Tommy for corrupting him.


When Tommy's ass was fire red, and the boy was wailing like a little pre-teen cunt getting her box busted for the first time, Father Time roughly drilled one thick finger up into Tommy's musky-brown, tight, little ass pucker.


"You've just got to stop having those filthy thoughts about sticking your big, fat, horse cock up little girl's twats, Tommy, I won't have it," he said forcing a second finger in the jock's asshole.


Tommy knew he deserved what was happening to him, but none the less, it always hurt terribly when the Father started to shove things up his asshole.


"I'm sorry! Oh, God, I am sorry!" the boy wailed.


"That's right, pray to God for forgiveness."


Father Tim replaced his fingers with a nice thick candle. He fucked the boy's ass hard with the candle. He could feel his own prick throbbing and bobbing in his cassock, spraying his hairy thighs with pre-fuck. Shit, the tied up fourteen-year-old boy would just have to wait his turn. Young sixteen-year-old Tommy was just too delicious to pass up. The boy's body shook with pain. His ass globes danced and his balls swung between the good Father's legs.


"I don't suppose you did your chore for the week?" he asked while fucking the tight, young ass with the thick candle.


"It's not easy to do. I tried."


"I told you over a week ago to get me naked pictures of your ten-year-old brother. Get him drunk and when he's sleeping, strip him and take some really good hairless asshole shots. We will use those to get you over your obsession with cunt."


"But he's my little brother."


The boy was crying uncontrollably, his tears dripping down onto the floor.


"He has a boy-cunt, doesn't he? You have to learn to not to have dirty thoughts about girl cunt. I'm here to help you boy. You want to date girls, don’t you?"


Father Tim reached over and grabbed the big metal crucifix off the table. He spread the sixteen-year-old jock boy's battered ass cheeks and placed the end of the crucifix at the swollen ass lips, then he shoved. He started to fuck the boy with the crucifix, and that is when his big, fat prick gave a jolt and sprayed fuck slop all down his leg and over the inside of his cassock. The boy screamed and arched his back as he had a twelve-inch metal crucifix up his rectum.


"You have a lot to learn, boy. A lot to learn, but with the help of God and the Holy Virgin you will be made pure in the eyes of the Lord."