The Altar Boy

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A palimpsest based on a story by Baba O'Riley

Jake knelt on the cold hard tile awaiting Father Dorgan knowing what lay in store for him this afternoon. Perhaps, Jake thought, Father wouldn't much feel like sex today and instead be content to spend the afternoon chatting with the boy, but Jake knew better than that. Father always fucked him hard without fail before each mass session and today was going to be no exception.

Jake was ready and waiting, wearing only what Father Dorgan desired; a flimsy, loose fitting garment held closed with a red rope drawn around the waist with nothing but pale flesh beneath. The altar boy outfit he wore covered enough to ensure no churchgoer would notice the lack of clothing lying beneath, but still make the priest's cock stand to attention at the mere sight of the boy. His ruffled, blonde hair, skinny, yet toned physique and golden, sun-kissed skin made him the stuff of dreams for boy lovers everywhere.

Jake was kneeling before a table when Father Dorgan entered the darkened room. A smile worked its way slowly across his face as he took in the vision of the semi-naked, pre-teen boy kneeling before him. His cock immediately began to rise.


"Hello, there my boy," he said as he approached the awaiting offering. "All ready for me I see. I've got a little surprise in store for you today."


"There'll be another person coming to train here alongside you. I expect you to treat him with the same respect you bestow upon me and ensure he grows to become as good an altar boy as you have become after all these years of service."


"He will be performing Mass this evening with your assistance, and I am anticipating no problems. I will leave you now to prepare."


Jake was unsure of how to react, so remained silent throughout the conversation. Hearing no word from the boy, Father Dorgan departed the room, only fifteen minutes remained for the priest to prepare his sermon and he still had a few final touches to make.


Jake remained beside the table kneeling as always and when he heard a knock on the door he was unsure of what to do.


"Come in," he uttered.


A boy, no older than eight, slowly entered the room. He too was wearing nothing but a flimsy, altar boy suit similar to Jake. He looked about four and a half feet tall; just a few inches shorter than Jake. His long, dark brown hair fell just to his shoulders framing a cute face with a button nose.


Jake stood to meet the boy. He could tell the boy was a little shy and felt he should try his best settle him a little. He smiled warmly and shook the boy's hand welcoming him to the church. The boy seemed to relax.


"My name's Andy. My father sent me here after he caught me jerking off in our tool shed to "save me from sin" as he likes to say. What's your name?"


"I'm Jake, I've been here five years now, and I know this place pretty good so if you want to know about anything you can ask me."


"OK then, well how come we've got to wear these stupid robes with nothin' underneath?"


Jake smiled nervously and answered as best he could without frightening the young boy.


"That's so Father Dorgan can see you don't steal anything from this place, there's a lot of expensive stuff around here and if you had pockets, a lot of it might go missing."


The boy seemed happy enough with this explanation.


"Now we've got to get to the altar before Mass starts, so let's go."


Jake grabbed Andy by the hand and led him out the door and dragged him onto the altar. Some parishioners had already arrived and were kneeling with heads bowed throughout the church. The two kids headed for the large cloth-covered table in the center of the altar to kneel beneath it while the priest spoke to the parishioners. The table was about four feet high and eight feet long with a cloth covering the front and sides leaving the rear uncovered from where the priest stood. This was where Jake sat during each Mass and performed his duties as an altar boy.


"How come we're sitting here? Shouldn't we be at the sides of the altar?" asked Andy as they settled in place.


"Father Dorgan likes me to stay here during the mass, this way I can assist him more easily if he needs me for anything," replied Jake.


Andy seemed happy with this response.


Finally, the priest arrived, and all parishioners stood to attention. It was a packed house. Just the way the priest liked it. The church had stood for over a hundred years and needed repair. Stained glass windows decorated the sides leaving through just enough light to save the need for artificial lighting.


Father Dorgan took his place at the table and began to address his people in a loud, dominant voice. As he spoke, however, Andy noticed him start to part the middle of his robe a little to reveal a giant hardon that only the two children could see. Andy was in shock. He wanted to crawl out from under the table but remained motionless. Jake, however, was well used to this and simply leaned forward took the cock in his hand and began to pump it up and down in his soft twelve-year-old hand.


Father Dorgan continued to preach to his audience as if nothing was in any way strange and to the congregation, it wasn't. How could they know that beneath the table were two half-naked, pre-teens servicing the priest? To them, it was like any other mass.


Andy's mouth gaped wide open. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. As the priest spoke, his voice began to tremble and his eyes closed, but to the parishioners, he was simply getting lost in the moment, feeling the warmth of God surround him. Little did they know it was the warmth of Jake's hand that was bringing out this emotion from deep inside.


Jake then suggested Andy have a go, but after seeing him protest silently, decided to take Andy’s hand and make him.


Andy's clammy hand wrapped around the priest's cock and once in place began to jerk it back and forth as he had seen Jake do. He had often seen his older brother masturbate as they shared a bedroom, but had never done it to another man before. Feeling this man's cock in his hand was strangely exciting, and the knowledge that hundreds of people were so close made the feeling even stronger.


After a few minutes watching Andy jerk off the priest and seeing how excited he was getting Jake smiled slyly and offered a suggestion.


"Why don't you try sucking on it?"


No further force or encouragement was needed. Andy leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the priest's large cockhead. His tongue flicked the underside and licked up any pre-cum that was flowing. He then pushed further forward feeling the priest's cock sink deeper into his mouth. He was now eager to impress his new friend and show him he was no chicken.


Jake loved seeing the boy suck the cock of the man he serviced thousands of times throughout the years. He was even getting a little turned on by it. He decided to up the excitement a little and so took Andy's head in his hands and forced him to suck the priest's cock down even further. He shoved hard and made sure the giant cock was stuffed deep down Andy's throat. Andy tried frantically to pull back, but Jake held him in place, pushing further and further forward getting as much of the cock down his tight throat as possible. Only when Andy began to turn blue did he allow him to breathe and then immediately pushed his head forward again stuffing more and more of Father Dorgan's cock inside him.


The priest was in heaven. He started to pump his cock hard inside the child's mouth not caring anymore how it looked. He finally brought his hands below the table and rested them on the back of Andy's head and stuffed even more of his cock inside, loving how it felt when it pushed deep down into the young boy's virgin throat.


Jake could see Andy was secretly enjoying having his throat fucked. Jake loved this too. His cock was already hard, so he removed his robe entirely. With the priest's cock, still inside Andy's mouth Jake began to remove Andy's robe to reveal his pre-pubescent dick.


Andy began to play with his bald dick, circling his dick between his fingers.


The priest was coming close to shooting his load. Seeing this, Jake decided to make the experience that bit more special for him and moved closer to the priest's hammering cock. Jake crawled out slightly from beneath the table, careful not to be spotted, and positioned his head under the priest's robe bringing his lips up to the priest's ass. He then shoved his tongue deep inside his asshole; just the way he knew Father Dorgan liked it, and licked as hard as he could, while Andy continued to service the front.


The priest's cock was deeply lodged in Andy's throat, and he was barely able to breathe through his nose. He was quickly learning to suck and becoming a master cocksucker in the space of minutes.


Father Dorgan could hold on no longer. He shoved his cock so deep down Andy's throat. The child was sure he would suffocate. Father Dorgan then began to shoot rope after rope of hot cum straight down the young kid's throat, pulling his head hard towards his body with every shot of cum that escaped his throbbing cock; it seemed like it would never end. With each spasm, Jake continued to lick the priest's asshole and felt each wave pass through him. The priest pulled back a little nearing the end, shooting the final few shots directly onto Andy's tongue letting him taste the salty cum and roll it around in his mouth. Father Dorgan's softening cock didn't leave Andy's mouth until every drop was released.


Jake was proud of his buddy and was going to pay him back for the good effort he put in. Taking a deep breath, he bent down and began to suck the already hard dick of the eight-year-old, sucking and licking as best he could.


Andy couldn't believe what was happening to him. He let the priest's soft cock slip from his lips and looked down to see Jake slobbering over his. He then fell back and lay flat on the floor while Jake worked on him. Never had the eight-year-old experienced anything like this.


Jake was well used to using his mouth and knew all the tricks. He swirled his tongue around Andy's hot prick with his freckled nose resting on the belly of the boy beneath him. It didn't take long for Andy to climax.


As Andy came, he slammed his body hard against Jake's face repeatedly until finally he was spent. Satisfied he had done a good job Jake removed his lips from Andy's prick and rested alongside him, looking up at the giant cock before them.


"Did you like that?" Jake then asked his new friend.


"Fuck, yeah!"


“Now for your final task, I want you to take Father’s cock in your mouth as he reads the sermon. Father has a treat for you that you'll like, I think. If you let a single drop fall to the floor during this task, you will fail. If you succeed, you'll be rewarded in ways you can't imagine."


"Now wrap your lips around his shaft and wait for your gift."


Andy immediately obeyed. He got to his knees below the table and took Father Dorgan's flaccid cock in his mouth and waited for the piss to trickle from it as Jake assured him it would. He wanted to please Jake more than anything at that moment, and if drinking piss straight from the priest's cock were what it took, he would do it. It didn't take long; Father Dorgan loved the altar boys to drink his piss while he performed mass and this new boy would be no exception. He would drink his piss and grow to love the taste like all the other boys had done in the past.


Slowly at first the piss began to flow from Father Dorgan’s prick. Initially, Andy seemed to manage, but soon the flow increased to a point where he started to have trouble swallowing. Piss began to trickle down the boy's naked body and formed a pool on the floor beneath him. He tried and tried to swallow faster, but it was useless. Father Dorgan was intent on covering the boy in yellow piss and made sure he had no hope of swallowing every drop. By the time the priest finished pissing Andy was saturated and a mess with drenched hair, a pool of urine below him, soaked from head to toe in the priest's piss. Jake knew he'd never swallow it all on his first attempt, but even he never imagined the priest would drench the poor boy to this extent. He couldn't help silently sniggering at him.


"I'll clean it up, I'll clean it up," Andy kept saying as he began to lap the piss from the floor like a dog. "See, I can still drink it."


Jake was trying desperately to hold in his laughter seeing the boy lap up the priest's piss from the church floor. He really couldn't believe what a dirty, little slut he had to train. Andy was what Jake exactly wanted.


"Since you're gonna act like a dog we're gonna have to treat you like one," Jake then said.


Andy was unsure of what this meant but stopped lapping up the urine.


"Do whatever you want to me," was all he said, too ashamed to say anymore.


Mass ended and finally every churchgoer departed. Hearing no one about, Jake slowly moved from under the altar table and gestured for Andy to follow. Still naked and dripping with the priest's piss he crawled from under the table and was about to rise when Jake stopped him.


"You crawl wherever you go when you're with me today," he said. "I'm gonna treat you like a dog. You'll crawl on all fours like a dog, wear a collar like a dog and until I am satisfied with your obedience, you will wear a leash like a dog."


Andy was too shocked to say anything. Even though Jake was only four years older than him, it seemed like they were many years apart in terms of maturity. He was willing to do whatever he ordered. Something inside him felt that it was the right thing to do.


Andy crawled from the altar to the back room where he sat on the floor as Jake commanded until Father Dorgan arrived. The priest first congratulated Jake on a great show then patted Andy on the head and thanked him for being his toilet. Andy simply smiled in appreciation. To the question of why he was still naked and sitting on the floor, Jake mentioned that they were playing a doggy game. This brought a chuckle from the priest


Father Dorgan soon changed back to his regular garb and left Jake and Andy alone once again. Jake quickly began putting his plan into action. He ran from the church to the kennel outside and grabbed a dog collar and metal leash from the many hanging on the wall. Father Dorgan loved to keep dogs, and had a marvelous kennel built especially for that purpose at the rear of the church. In size, it could easily have acted just as well as a stable for horses. Inside the kennel, he kept many different breeds including Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds. There was a total of ten male dogs. With the collar and leash in hand, Jake returned to the church.


Jake stood above Andy holding the collar and leash and couldn't help giggling at how pitiful he looked. His long brown hair was still wet and lay sticking to his face dripping piss onto his flat, pre-teen chest.


Jake began to wrap the collar around Andy's neck and attached the leash with little objection. He was thrilled with the result. He looked so helpless now and totally in his control as he dragged Andy from the room, still naked, and led him towards the kennel. The dogs began to bark loudly with this intrusion. Andy was led to a large vacant cage with a bowl of water and bedding inside.


"Get in," said Jake; nodding in the direction he wanted Andy to move.


Andy hesitated for a moment, not sure he should let himself be shut in a cage and relinquish all control and freedom. Jake immediately pulled hard on the leash choking the boy. This quickly halted this and all further protests. Once inside Jake removed the leash and locked the cage shut.


"I'll return shortly," he said, "you lie down and get some rest, you'll need it."


With that, Jake left the kennel. Andy didn't know what to do at first but soon found himself playing along in the role. He lapped up the water in his bowl and snuggled up inside his bedding like any normal dog. His cage was big enough for him to stand but he didn't dare. The thought of what Jake would do if he were caught was enough to stop him. As long as he was in Jake's control, he would do whatever he was told, like the good little fag he was.


When Jake returned, he was delighted to find Andy still in his role. He was uncertain of how he would take to being locked in a cage, but it seemed to have the desired effect, reinforcing the fact that he was now simply an object at the complete mercy of his master, Jake.


Jake opened the cage and reattached Andy's leash. He then led him out of the cage and into a little area about six feet by ten, which Father Dorgan used to groom his animals. He then tied the leash to the wall giving Andy only enough slack to be able to move about two feet in any direction.


Jake then walked towards the dogs and stopped when he got to the cage occupied by a male black and brown Doberman. Jake knew this dog well. The Doberman was unusually excitable he remembered, almost all the time wanting to hump the leg of a stranger when out for walks. Today he was going to have a little treat.


The dog was led towards Andy. Andy felt a little uneasy at the sight of the huge dog approaching him, but there was nothing he could do in his present state. He was completely at the mercy of Jake. Jake then let the dog loose to explore the new bitch brought through the doors only an hour before.


The dog began sniffing Andy's exposed asshole. Jake immediately stopped any movement Andy made ensuring the dog was allowed do whatever he desired. The Doberman then tentatively began to lick Andy's asshole, softly at first to perhaps excite his new mate or ensure the bitch was willing. With no movement from Andy, the dog must have felt he could go a little further and began to paw the sides of Andy’s body. Again, Andy didn't dare object for fear of Jake's reaction.


The dog now felt sure this new bitch was ready and prepared to mount. Andy knew what was coming and was a little apprehensive, to say the least. He began to sweat profusely adding only to his scent, which drove the hound even wilder. He was unsure of what it would be like being fucked by a dog. He had no choice in the matter now, however. It seemed his fate was sealed.


Jake loved every moment of it. His cock was rock hard looking at the scene playing out before him, knowing where it would lead. The dog's cock was growing along with his own, and the dog was now ready to mount.


The dog moved forward, and he placed both paws on Andy's back and began to mount his body, scratching his sides badly in the process. Andy couldn't help being turned on by the exercise. He was getting harder than ever before and secretly loved the degradation of the act. He desperately wanted the dog's cock buried deep within his body. He wanted Jake to stand over him and watch it, and he wanted it all to happen right now.


He got his wish. The dog slowly mounted and positioned his red cock at the entrance of his bitch's cunt. The dog had a lot of experience when it came to fucking. He began to hammer his cock hard the tight hole without concern for the young boy. Andy could feel the dog's prick shoving at his asshole and knew it wouldn't be long before his virginity would be taken. He was about to lose his virginity to a dog, and it only now occurred to him.


He had often dreamt of how he would first make love. It would be with someone he truly loved on a beach or hilltop under a starlit sky. The reality it seemed was very different; being raped by a hound while tied by a leash to a kennel wall never came into his fantasies.


Finally, the dog began to penetrate. One inch then two disappeared inside the child's hole. It was amazing to look at. Jake couldn't believe how well it was going. Andy simply laid his head on the muddy floor and took what was coming to him.


The dog gradually began to hump harder and faster until he reached a tremendous pace. He broke Andy’s seal with no difficulty and kept on fucking throughout Andy's squeals. His cock was shoved deep into the child's hole and then withdrawn almost entirely before being shoved deep once again. Drool fell from the sides of his mouth landing on the back of Andy's neck. Andy could feel the dog panting in his ear, could hear the pleasure flowing through his body. He was this dog's bitch, taking his cock deep inside his tight hole and he didn't care. He cared for nothing at that moment in time. All he wanted was for that dog to let loose and fill his insides.


The dog kept fucking Andy's asshole for what seemed like forever. Every inch of his cock was lodged inside the child's body; even his enormous knot was wedged deep within the tight opening.


Jake couldn't take it anymore. He had to pull on his cock and relieve the frustration in his loins. He pulled his altar boy outfit aside and began to masturbate over the boy and dog. It didn't take long for him to cum and when he did he made sure every drop spat into the face of the child beneath him.


Andy barely even noticed Jake cumming on his face. Nor did he notice when the dog licked it clean from him. He was completely lost in the moment. Never before did he feel so horny and out of control. The dog was driving him wild. He couldn't believe how much force the dog was fucking him with.


The dog finally drew close to orgasm. Andy could feel he was about to shoot when his thrusts began to quicken. Then suddenly, he came. Spurt after spurt of hot doggy cum shot from the Doberman's cock. This sent Andy over the edge. Feeling the warm cum flood his insides and spill out down his thighs was too much for him. He came with tremendous force, sucking up every drop that shot from the dog's cock deep into his bowels Over and over again, the pleasure washed over his body. As each spasm shuddered through Andy's body, another spurt of hot cum was released from the dog's cock. To Andy it felt like a gallon of cum was shot inside him before the dog eventually stopped.


Andy was in ecstasy. He was a wild animal beneath the spurting cock of the dog above him. The dog remained fixed to Andy for some time after he had finished cumming. His giant knot held him firmly in place.


Andy was exhausted. His body lay flat on the ground with the dog's cock sticking in his asshole. He didn't mind in the slightest having the cock still attached to him. In fact, he wanted it to stay there forever, to keep shooting hot cum inside his body. He loved being the dog's bitch.


Finally, the dog's cock slipped from the boy. With it came a flood of cum that rolled out down along Andy's thighs and formed in a pool on the floor. Jake scooped a handful of the overflow up and poured it directly into Andy's mouth. Andy drank it all down like it was milk from heaven.


Seeing how Andy loved the taste so much he brought the dog's cock around to his mouth and made him suck it clean. Taking the red tip in his mouth, he circled it with his tongue and sucked every drop of cum and ass slime from it.


When Jake was happy the dog's cock was cleaned sufficiently, he brought him back to his cage and shut him in.


As Jake made his way back to Andy, he passed by the other dogs and couldn't help but feel somewhat sorry for them. He decided it was only right to let them all out and each have their way with the willing bitch that was Andy. One by one, Jake led them towards Andy and each without fail fucked the boy till they came hard inside his body. He was then made clean them off when they were through with him. He was feeling completely lustful at that moment, and no longer cared what was done to him. He was going to do whatever he was told as long as it meant he'd never stop feeling the way he did when he came.


When Jake finished with Andy, he had been fucked by all ten dogs, filling him to overflowing with cum. There was nothing more that could be done to him today Jake thought.


Before he let Andy free he decided he would clean him off a little before handing him back to his father. He once again pulled his robe to the side and released his cock. He then positioned himself directly in front of his kneeling captive and sprayed his hot piss hard onto his face and into his mouth. Then he pissed onto his body and washed away all the dog cum that remained. When he was finished, Andy was once again saturated from head to toe in piss.


"Get on your knees again and put your face on the floor!"


Andy at once did as he was told. Jake then knelt behind the positioned boy and placed his prick at the entrance to Andy's sweet asshole. He finally found his mark and swiftly began to enter Andy's tight butt hole. His body lay flat on Andy's back as he began to hump the boy beneath him. Having never actually fucked anything before he was a little unsure of what to do but the years of being fucked rubbed off on him, and he soon got the hang of it.


Andy seemed to relax; his hole began to widen allowing Jake enter fully, shoving his entire shaft up the young boy. He then slowly withdrew and hammered home once again to the muffled cries of the boy beneath. He was having the time of his young life. He now knew why Father Dorgan insisted he fuck his tight hole before every mass.


Jake began to quicken the pace. He began to fuck Andy's ass like a jack rabbit, stuffing every inch of his boyhood inside Andy's body with every upstroke and withdrawing almost the entire length of cock on each down stroke. He was sure he would cum soon.


He was right. It didn't take more than a few minutes for Jake to reach climax and shove his cock so far up Andy's sweet ass he thought it might come out the boy’s mouth. He came harder than ever before, shooting spurt after spurt of boy cum deep into the gaping hole of Andy's ass.


Andy, to his amazement, loved having Jake fuck him. He loved having cum flood his insides combining with the dog’s juice deep within him. He never before felt so used, so dirty, so abused and he loved it. His body was there for the taking, anyone who wanted could fuck him at that moment, and he wouldn't have objected. It was what he always wanted but only now understood; he was a fuck toy, and he wanted to be played with.


Jake eventually withdrew his slimy cock from the depths of Andy's ass. He then pulled Andy's face towards his cock and made him suck it clean. Andy did as he was ordered without objection. He knew his place now. He sucked every inch of Jake's cock clean and then began licking his balls, took each ball into his mouth and played with it like a jawbreaker.


When Jake had enough, he lifted Andy's head from his crotch. He then released his leash and collar and hung them on the wall. He then told Andy he could once again stand.


"Well done," he said. "You have done well today; keep this up and you'll become the best altar boy in the parish.


His recently fucked tight little asshole was no longer so tight and dripped cum down his thighs when he moved. It was the sexiest thing Jake had ever seen. Jake led him by the hand back to the church where he washed up before his father came to collect him.


To his father's knowledge, his son was on the road to salvation now; taken into the loving arms of the church, destined for a life of purity. In reality, his child would never know the meaning of the word; he was destined for a childhood of degradation and humiliation. Jake would make sure of that, and he was aware that Father Dorgan would too. Catching his little boy masturbating in the tool shed was the least of this man's worries.