The Addict's Son

MB, anal, oral, humil, reluc
A palimpsest based on a story by Norm DePloom
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Caleb’s father was an addict. The first time he offered to suck me for drug money, I made him a counteroffer. He called me a pervert and went back to his apartment. About a week later I answered the door and found the addict standing there with his ten-year-old son, Caleb. Without saying a word, I gave the addict some money, he pushed his son into my apartment, and then I closed the door. Caleb looked scared, and I can’t say I blamed him. I had no idea what his drug-addicted father had told him about why he was in my apartment, or what was going to happen to him, so I asked.

“Do you know why your father left you here?” I asked as I placed my hand on the back of Caleb’s neck and walked him over to my couch.

“No,” he said softly sounding like he was on the verge of tears.


I sat on the couch with Caleb standing between my knees.


“Your father is an addict.”


Caleb just stared back at me with big beautiful, innocent, eyes.


“That means your father loves his drugs more than anything else, even you.”


Tears welled up in Caleb’s eyes.


“Papa’s sick,” Caleb protested, protecting his father. “Sometimes he needs his ‘special medicine.’ ”


I put my hands on the boy’s hips.


“Your father is an addict,” I told Caleb, “he’ll do anything that will give him enough money to buy his ‘medicine.’ ”


While I talked, I felt his body shiver as I moved my hands up under his shirt until my hands covered his chest. Caleb was shaking his head in denial.


“He’s an addict,” I repeated, “an addict who will turn you into a faggot just so he can continue getting his ‘medicine.’ ”


Caleb continued to cry and shake his head trying to deny the truth of what I was saying. I pulled Caleb’s t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. My cock was already straining the front of my shorts eager to make contact with the warm, smooth flesh of the young boy.


“Your father sold you to me for the night so he could buy his drugs and get high.”


I moved my hands around to Caleb’s back and, pulling him closer, gently licked and kissed each of his nipples in turn. I loved the feel of them hardening between my lips. Caleb’s breathing quickened when I tasted and smelled his smooth, warm skin as I moved my lips up from his left nipple. His entire body shivered as I planted kisses on the side of his neck.


“This feels good, doesn’t it?” I whispered in his ear.


“Yes,” Caleb answered so softly I could barely hear him even with his mouth only a couple of inches from my ear.


I brought our faces together and, pushing my tongue between his soft lips, tasted the remnants of grape-flavored candy in his mouth. While I thoroughly explored the grape-flavored mouth that was hidden behind Caleb’s pouty, little-boy lips, I slid my hands down the warm, smooth skin of his back and, slipping my fingers under the elastic waistband of his shorts and worked them down Caleb’s skinny legs. He stiffened when I pushed his shorts and briefs down his legs, but made no effort to stop me. Caleb’s father must have told him he had to do whatever I told him to do. His grape-flavored tongue was beginning to respond to mine as I moved my hands up the back of his naked legs. When my hands got to his firm, young ass, I pulled his ass cheeks apart and gently pressed the tip of my finger against his tight, puckered anal orifice. My cock throbbed in my shorts when I felt his asshole twitch against my finger.


“Get down on your knees,” I ordered, pulling my mouth away from his lips.


Caleb, with his hands on my legs for support, slowly lowered himself to his knees. Watching the play of emotions on Caleb’s face, I unzipped my hiking shorts and pulled my already hard cock into view. His eyes were no more than three or four inches away as I stroked my hand slowly up and down my hard cock shaft.


“I can’t tell you how many times your father has offered to suck on this if I’d give him money to buy drugs.”


Caleb’s eyes were huge with disbelief.


“Just imagine your father on his knees, just like you are now, taking this in his mouth and swallowing my cum so he could buy his ‘medicine.’ ”


I took Caleb’s trembling right hand off my knee and placed it on the base of my hard shaft. Caleb seemed to be genuinely fascinated by the sight and feel of my hard cock.


“Move up and down like this,” I instructed as I moved his hand.


“See this little ‘v’ shaped spot where my cockhead attaches to the shaft?” I asked, pointing to the spot.


Caleb nodded his head indicating that he did see the indicated place on the underside of my cock.


“Lick it.”


“Lick it?”


Caleb’s eyes grew even wider, something I would not have thought to be possible. His face managed to convey curiosity and repulsion in equal amounts.


“Yes,” I said placing my hand on the back of his head and moving his mouth closer to the target, “lick it.”


Caleb made a face, swallowed, then, with some apparent reluctance, stuck out his tongue and slowly moved the tip up and down over the spot. My cock pulsed in his hand and against his tongue at the first contact causing the boy to giggle just a little and pull away.


“Keep licking,” I insisted while applying pressure on the back of his head to bring his mouth closer to my hard cock. Caleb licked the spot again with the tip of his tongue.


“Use your whole tongue.”


Caleb flattened his tongue and moved it up and down my cock, right where the head and shaft meet. It felt wonderful, just knowing that this tongue had never touched a cock before added to the thrill.


“Slip your left hand inside my pants and hold my balls with it.”


Caleb pulled his tongue off my cock and made another ‘icky’ face.


“Don’t stop licking,” I said pushing his head closer to my dick.


Caleb continued to hold my cock with his right hand and lick it with his tongue while he reached into my shorts and cupped my balls with his tiny left hand. The feel of his warm, soft, ten-year-old hand on my scrotum almost caused me to shoot cum on his face, but I managed to hold back.


“Put your mouth over the top of it.”


Caleb opened his mouth and took my cockhead inside his body for the first time.


“Keep moving your tongue over that spot,” I reminded him, “and move your hand up and down.”


I took his right hand and demonstrated how I wanted him to move it.


“When I cum,” I told him as I placed my hands on the back of his head to make sure he did not pull away, “just keep swallowing until it’s all gone.”


It was only thirty or forty seconds later that I anointed Caleb’s mouth with its first jizz bath. I had no doubt it was an experience he would repeat thousands of times throughout his life. Once my eruption had tapered off, I pulled Caleb’s head up from my lap.


“Now,” I said as he sat back on his heels and licked a bit of errant cum from his lower lip, “you are a cocksucking cumdump.”


As Caleb sat, with one hand still holding the base of my cock, and the other still warmly cupping my balls, his face turned a bright red, and tears streamed from his eyes. Nothing in my life can compare to that moment for eroticism. My cock was already hardening again as I watched the feelings of shame and humiliation that were displayed on Caleb’s face.


“Get used to the taste,” I added, “in the future, you’re going to taste cum even more than you will grape candy.”


Not wanting to release them until he was told, Caleb still held the base of my cock and my balls in his hands.


“You can turn loose of my cock and balls now and bring that chair over here.”


I pointed to a straight-backed chair with armrests that was against the wall on the other side of the room. I watched with rising excitement as the naked, flat chested boy walked across the room and dragged the chair back over to where I was sitting. I adjusted the chair’s position so that it faced me with the front edge of the seat about an inch away from my knees.


“Sit right on the edge,” I instructed.


“Now lean back, lift your legs up and put your knees over the armrests.”


Caleb blushed bright red all the way down to his chest when he spread his legs. In spite of his apparent embarrassment, Caleb’s hairless pricklet was hard.


“You’ve got one more hole,” I told him as I placed one hand, palm down, on each of his inner thighs, “and I’m starting to get hard again.”


Using my thumbs to pull him open, moving my thumbs further down, I examined the boy’s tight, crinkled ass hole. I peered at the virgin fuck tunnel that was waiting for me between Caleb’s ten-year-old legs. Watching Caleb’s face, I pushed just the tip of my left thumb into his tightest hole. Caleb’s eyes widened, as I experimentally probed what I already knew was going to be my favorite orifice.


“You only have two tasks to worry about for the rest of your life,” I told Caleb as I moved my thumbs to pull his ass cheeks further apart, “if a man’s cock is soft, it’s your job to make it hard. If it is hard, it is your job to make it cum so it will get soft again.”


While I spoke, I used the thumb and first finger of my left hand to hold Caleb’s ass cheeks open while I slowly probed with the first finger of my right hand at the warm, tight hole.


“Over the next few days,” I continued as I slowly poked at Caleb’s wonderfully tight virgin hole, “I’m going to make sure you get really good at both those jobs.”


I stood up and removed first my shirt, and then my shorts. We were both naked, and my hard cock was pointing right at his cute, pouty, little mouth. Putting my hands on the back of the chair for support, I leaned forward and pushed the tip of my cock head against Caleb’s lips. He hesitated before opening his mouth and allowing me to slip into his mouth.


“That’s a good little cocksucker,” I said as I pushed myself deeper into his mouth, “never refuse a cock when it wants to penetrate your body. Your holes belong to any man who wants them.”


I felt a moan vibrate against my cock and, in all honesty, can only assume it was a result of humiliation and not lust, which was fine with me since the little faggot’s shame turned me on far more than his passion would have. I pushed my hard dick further into Caleb’s mouth until he gagged, and then just fucked a fraction of an inch away from his gag point for several minutes. Looking down at my little fuckhole, I was getting incredibly excited by the sight of my cock moving back and forth through his stretched lips; his wide-open legs displaying his wantonness; and the tears of humiliation rolling down his soft, ten-year-old cheeks. As much as I hated to, I had to pull my cock out of his mouth; I didn’t want to dump another load there before I’d had the opportunity to baptize the walls of his ass with my cum. I sat back down on the couch and just looked at the young virgin cumdump for a few minutes. I really needed the time to calm down and come back from the brink. When it was time to open Caleb’s tight little asshole, I wanted to be sure I’d be inside him for as long as possible.


His body felt warm as I rested my hand on Caleb’s lower belly then moved my thumb up and down over his hairless, hard pricklet.


“You do know that in a minute or two I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?”


As I asked the question, I rubbed my thumb up and down over Caleb’s little pricklet. Caleb bit his lower lip and nodded his head. His hips were beginning to make small movements as he fucked my hand.




Caleb’s blush deepened, and he looked away.


“Will what?”


“Will it hurt?”


“Probably, you’re a boy, and I’m a full-grown man.”


I paused while I pushed my thumb back inside him.


“But then I’ve never seen a boy so hard waiting to get fucked.”


Caleb bit his lip again and looked away.


“I’m going to enjoy putting my cock in your little hole.”


Caleb looked understandably apprehensive.


“It’s time,” I said, as I knelt before the chair.


I leaned forward to get a closer look at Caleb’s tight, virginal boy-cunt while I continued to stroke my rigid cock. The little fuckhole had a hole my cock had not been inside yet, and I wanted to rectify that as quickly as possible.


I continued to watch the licentiously spread open ten-year-old houseguest while I spread lubricant over the head and shaft of my hard cock. After wiping the excess lubricant off my hand with a towel, I positioned myself behind Caleb with the tip of my stiff, lubricated, more than ready, cock resting right on his tight, crinkled anal orifice while I leaned forward and grasped the back of the chair with one hand on each side of Caleb’s head.


With his knees over the arms and his ass on the front edge of the seat, Caleb’s virgin boy-cunt was positioned perfectly for my vanquishing thrust. Caleb was not the first young virgin fuckhole to assume this position in my chair by a long shot. Holding the base of my cock with one hand, I rubbed my cock head up and down Caleb’s hot, never-been-fucked boy-cunt. One of the reasons I loved this chair was the view it afforded me of the boy’s asshole as my hard dick forced it apart and stretched the virgin tissues. I could look down and see my cock penetrating the virgin boy’s asshole turning it into a cunt, and then I could look up and see the expression on the virgin boy’s face. Whether it was pain, pleasure, humiliation, or some combination of the three, I always loved watching the play of emotions across their face almost as much as I loved watching their asshole stretch to accommodate my hard cock.


I sighed deeply as I worked my cock head deeper into the tight boy-cunt. This was the moment I lived for—the first penetration of a virgin boy’s first fuck. I leaned towards Caleb and pushed my hard cock just a little deeper. I always made the first push into a virgin boy-cunt slowly. I loved to make it last as long as I could. A fraction of an inch at a time, I slowly fucked my cock into Caleb’s ten-year-old virgin boy-cunt. Once I was completely embedded in the tight sheath of Caleb’s fuck tunnel, I held myself buried inside him, enjoying the warmth, the tightness, and the shimmers and shivers that were transmitted from his body to my cock by his traumatized asshole as it turned into a cunt.


I pulled out and pulling with my hands, and thrusting my hips, I plunged my cock all the way into Caleb’s boy-cunt with one thrust.


“Oh, God,” Caleb yelled as I forced him open, “oh, god…oh, god…oh, god.”


“Oh, yes, fuckhole,” I answered him, “Oh, god, yes.”


I looked sideways and could see us both in the mirror. My cock throbbed with power as I watched it fuck in and out of the ten-year-old boy-cunt. I could hear a soft thud as each long, forceful stroke of my cock into Caleb’s hot, tight, fuckhole banged the top of his head against the back of the chair.


I kept fucking him, pushing him closer and closer to an orgasm. As his excitement grew, Caleb’s thighs trembled, his sphincter clasped at my cock and his hips rocked as he fucked himself on my cock. I let his motions stimulate me while he drove himself to orgasm.


Having already cum, I knew Caleb was in for a long, hard ass fuck. I spent half an hour fucking the tight hole with my cock until his hot, clasping asshole pulled the cum from my cock. Once I’d finished drenching his insides with my seed, I pulled my softening dick from the boy and sat on the couch to catch my breath. Caleb slowly slumped into the chair. He appeared to be too exhausted to cry over his lost virginity and having his asshole turned into a cunt. I watched as Caleb’s heavy breathing slowly subsided, and the trembling of his thigh muscles gradually tapered off.


“Oh…my…god,” was the first thing from Caleb after several long minutes. “Oh…my…god,” he repeated several times while he looked around the room appearing to be seeing everything a little differently than he had before.


“Fuckholes get paid for doing that?” he finally asked.


“No, most of the time a fuckhole gets paid to have fat sweaty men, men who can’t get anyone to touch them, fuck their ass as rapidly as possible, dump their cum, and then run off like the fuckhole is too dirty to touch.”


I watched the expression on Caleb’s face change as I told him the truth about the relationship between most men and fuckholes.


“And you’re going to feel dirty. You’re going to feel dirty and worthless every time one of these men fucks you. Then, in an attempt to hide from what a dirty and useless fuckhole you are, you’ll become addicted to drugs, and then you’ll perpetuate the cycle by whoring out your ass so you can stay high.”


Caleb’s mouth slowly dropped open as I talked.


“Of course, you might get lucky and have one of your customers beat you to death.”


I love to fuck their minds after I fuck their bodies.


“Come here,” I ordered as I picked up a permanent marker from the side table.


Caleb looked surprised by my instruction then lowered his legs to the floor. As he stood he collapsed to the floor. Caleb lay motionless on the floor for almost a minute before he got up on his hands and knees and crawled across the floor to where I waited on the couch.


While he was still on his hands and knees, I lifted his head with my left hand under his chin and put a single mark beside his mouth with the marker.


“Stand up.”


After Caleb climbed slowly to his feet and stood on wobbly legs.


“Turn around.”


I put another single mark on his right butt cheek close to his just fucked boy-cunt.


“Now,” I said turning my young fag boy around to face me, “I’ll put another mark beside each of your holes every time I fuck it. That way we can tell your father exactly how many times you were fucked while he was out taking his ‘medicine.’ ”


“Go into the kitchen and find us something to eat.”


Caleb bent over and started to pick up his shorts and t-shirt.


“Leave your clothes,” I told him, “you might as well get used to being naked.”


I took Caleb’s shirt from his hands and began cleaning his fuck-gunk from my cock as I watched Caleb’s freshly fucked ass disappear into my kitchen. Once he was out of sight, I picked up the remote for my satellite TV. Caleb was back in a few minutes with peanut and butter sandwiches and colas for each of us. I’m sure it was the only thing he knew how to make.


“Sit on the chair,” I instructed as I took the offered sandwich, “and spread your legs again. I want to be able to look at your hairless fuckhole while I eat.”


Caleb blushed a beautiful shade of red while he assumed the required position. I reached forward wrapped my fingers around his hard, throbbing pricklet and rubbed his little pricklet while I ate my sandwich.


“How many times,” I asked between bites, “do you think I can fuck you before your father remembers where he left you?”


“I don’t know,” Caleb mumbled around a mouth full of peanut butter and jelly as he looked down at the floor. It was apparent that no one had ever explained the concept of rhetorical questions to him.


“You’re about to find out, aren’t you?”


I took a bite of my sandwich then pulled my hand from his pricklet.


“Play with yourself, while you eat your sandwich,” I told him as I wiped my finger off on his thigh.


Caleb blushed bright red as he moved his hand down between his widespread legs and started playing with his hairless, little-boy pricklet. I laid back and stroked my hardening cock while I watched Caleb stroke his little pricklet while I finished my sandwich.


“Hurry up and finish your lunch,” I said after I swallowed the last bite of my sandwich.


After he had swallowed his last bite, I stood up and pushed the head of my dick against his jelly-smeared lips. Caleb proved he had the instincts of a natural born cocksucker by opening his mouth as soon as my cock touched him.


“You may eat, drink, and talk with this hole,” I said as I held his head with my hands and pushed deeper into him, “but from now on its main function will be as a place for men to dump their cum.”


I looked down and watched more of my hard dick disappear into Caleb’s mouth. Below that, I could see that he was still stroking his hairless pricklet.


“Come on,” I said as I, with some reluctance, pulled my cock from between his lips, “come with me.”


Caleb let his legs drop from the arms of the chair and stood up.


“You have to get used to handling hard cocks,” I said as I took his hand and placed it on my cock then, putting my arm over his shoulder, turned Caleb and walked him into my bathroom. One of the previous tenants must have been handicapped as someone had installed a stainless steel handrail at what I considered to be a very convenient location.


“You have to go?” I asked pointing at my toilet. Caleb blushed again, then shook his head ‘no.’ I turned him to face the wall with the handrail.


“Grab it with both hands,” I told him. Caleb placed both of his hands on the railing.


“Spread your legs and bend over. Now place your head under the bar with the top of your head against the wall.” Once Caleb was in position, (legs spread, bent over, the top of his head against the wall with the back of his head against the underside of the rail, and his hands holding the rail on each side of his head) I knelt behind him and ran my hands over his young, trembling, naked body as I paid particular attention to his inner thighs and butt.