The Abductor

(Mb) (anal, oral) (nc, rape)

Don was twenty-six years old. He was six feet tall and had brown hair and blue eyes. He was not fat but had good muscles and a well-developed chest with a flat stomach. Clean-shaven with beautiful white teeth and a ready smile, he was often described by people who knew him as “a nice guy.” If only they knew the truth.

Don lived alone and had neither a girlfriend nor a boyfriend. His interest was boys—very young boys. Boys over eight or nine ceased to interest him. The man was cautious, however, to hide this side of his character from neighbors or co-workers. When he went on the prowl for a young boy to torture and rape, he always went a long way from his own home. He did not go prowling too often, maybe four or five times a year.

Don had a secret hideaway in the mountains on several acres. It was a comfortable wooden cabin that was difficult to reach with the nearest neighbors several miles away. As he had no friends, he did not get visitors and never advertised his presence when using his retreat. It was the place to which he brought his boys.

Don had been several months without a boy. He had been busy at work and unable to get away for a long weekend. Now that his workload had eased, Don had decided to take a short break. After a three-hour drive from his home, he came to a small town. He parked his car, had a quiet walk around the town, and found that it had a park. There were few people in the park that morning, but he noticed a woman with a young boy. The boy, about six years old, was playing in a sandbox while the woman, presumably his mother, sat watching. Apart from himself, there was nobody else but those two in sight. Don kept out of sight of the woman by standing behind some bushes.

Then he heard her say to the boy, “Bobby, I’m just popping over to the toilet. I won’t be a few minutes.”


“Okay,” the boy replied and continued playing in the sandbox.


As soon as the woman was out of sight, Don emerged from the bushes.


“Come here, Bobby,” he said. “I must take you to your mommy.”


The boy looked up quite innocently and said, “Mommy has only just gone to have a wee.”


Don bent down and picked the boy up in his arms.


“Yes, I know that Bobby, but she has had an accident and been taken to the hospital. That’s why I’m going to take you to her. She wants you to be with her at the hospital.”


Bobby knew that his mommy must be badly hurt if she was in the hospital, so he was not worried about the man hurrying out of the park with him. They had to get to the hospital quickly because his mommy needed him.


“Here’s my car, Bobby,” Don said


Don opened the front passenger seat and helped the boy in. Then he got in the driver’s seat, and they moved off. Nobody in the town had noticed the boy with the man.


As they drove out of town, Bobby said, “This is not the way to the hospital.”


The young boy knew where the hospital was because his daddy worked there as a janitor. Don pulled off the road into a deserted lane.


“I know that kid,” he said. “I guess that I’ve changed my mind and decided to take you for a little ride instead of going to the hospital. Now, get out of the car.”


A bewildered little boy got out of Don’s car, and the man quickly bundled him into the trunk. Bobby was too confused to put up a struggle. First, Don placed duct tape over the boy’s mouth and then quickly tied his arms behind his back. Finally, he tied the boy’s ankles together and then, laying the boy on the floor of the car, shut and locked the trunk.


He got back behind the wheel of the car and drove rapidly away from the town. Don wanted to get as much distance as possible between him and the town as he guessed that by now, the mother would have raised the alarm about her missing boy. He did not drive straight to his hideaway but first headed in the opposite direction. Then, using a very roundabout route, he got onto the road that would eventually lead to his retreat.


Arriving at the cabin, Don put his car into the lean-to shed and opened the trunk. The boy blinked in the sudden light, and Don saw that the kid had lovely green eyes. He leaned over, picked the young boy up, and then carried him into the house. He did not stop until he had reached the room in which he was going to play with the boy where he dumped the kid on the bed. Don removed the tape from the boy’s mouth, and the kid immediately began to cry and ask for his mommy. Don was having none of that and told the boy to stop crying.


“You won’t be seeing your mommy again,” Don said to the boy causing the kid to cry even louder. “Now, Bobby, how old are you?” Don asked.


The little boy blurted out through his tears, “Six...I’m six, and I’ll be seven on Christmas Day.”


Don’s cock, which was rock hard, jerked, and throbbed with pleasure. ‘Shit,’ he thought to himself, ‘this little fucker is only six and a half years old. I’ve struck gold this time. His boy-cunt will be tight, and it’s just waiting for me to break it in.’


“Now, Bobby,” Don said to the boy in a friendly voice, “I’m going to untie your arms and legs. Then I want you to take your clothes off.”


The young boy said through his tears, “Why do you want me to undress, mister?”


“Don’t call me mister,” Don said. “Call me Uncle Don or just Uncle. I want you to undress so that I can see what you look like underneath those clothes.”


As Don was speaking, he was releasing the boy’s arms and legs.


“Take your shirt off first,” he told the boy. He watched entranced as the kid pulled his tee-shirt up over his head as he took it off.


Bobby had jet-black hair, curly and shiny, green eyes and lovely red lips with beautiful small white teeth. His rosy cheeks stood out against the whiteness of the rest of his skin. Now that the boy had removed his tee-shirt, Don could see the kid’s naked chest. His heart throbbed, as did his cock as he looked at the boy’s beautiful body.


Bobby’s white chest was hairless, of course, as the boy was only six years old. He had tiny little buttons that marked his undeveloped nipples. The buttons were small pink marks against the boy’s unmarked white skin. He had the most attractive little belly button. It was the type that was sunk into a little hole and looked just like an unopened rose. Don licked his lips


“Now take off your sandals and then remove your shorts,” he said in a hoarse but still quiet voice.


Young Bobby had ceased crying but was still quietly sniveling as he removed his sandals, and then he stood on the bed (Don’s cock jerked and throbbed as the boy did this) and began to unbutton his white shorts. Bobby lowered the shorts to his knees and then let them drop around his ankles. He stepped out of them, leaving them lying on the bed by his feet.


The boy was wearing a pair of blue briefs underneath his shorts. Don drank in the sight of this lovely kid standing naked on his bed apart from the briefs that he still had on. The boy’s legs were well-shaped, and he had the most beautiful thighs that you could imagine. Through his briefs, you could see a pair of perfectly formed buttocks. Don could hardly wait for the boy to remove his briefs so that he could feast his eyes on the hidden parts of the kid’s body.


“Now take off your underpants,” Don told the boy.


“Do I have to?” the boy whined. “If I take off my pants you will see my pee-pee and mommy says that’s not a nice thing for people to see.”


Don grinned widely at the boy.


“Bobby, my little darling, you’re with your Uncle Don now not with your mommy. It doesn’t matter what mommy says. What matters is what your Uncle Don says. Now take off your pants because I want to see your pee-pee.”


Bobby was too young to feel shame. He lowered his pants and then stepped out of them and now stood stark naked on the bed. Don’s body shook, and his hands started to tremble as he saw this naked boy standing in front of him. Bobby had a tiny cock, just an inch long, and a very small tight scrotum to go with it, much too young for his nuggets to have dropped. The little boy’s penis was a delight to see. Just as Don had surmised, the boy’s buttocks were perfect—two tiny half-moons divided by a sweet crack that, at the moment, concealed his virgin rosebud. That would not be hidden for long, as Don was not going to waste too much time before raping this gorgeous creature.


The man approached the bed where the boy was still standing on the mattress. He started to stroke the kid’s shoulders, back, chest and arms as young Bobby flinched and pulled away from him. Don did not speak but picked the naked boy up and then dropped him onto the bed.


“Don’t move,” he said to young Bobby, who once again had started to cry.


Then Don got undressed as the kid watched. The boy could not take his eyes off the man as first Don removed his shirt to reveal a well-developed chest with a smattering of brown hair running down to his navel. Then he lowered his jeans and his cock sprang out. The man was not wearing any underpants. Bobby’s eyes opened wide, and his crying stopped as he saw Don’s hard cock only a few inches from his face. The cock was seven inches long and about an inch thick. The cock head was purple, and pre-cum was leaking from the piss slit. The cock appeared to have a life of its own as it jerked and throbbed in anticipation of the joys to come. Don had a nice pair of balls and a thick brown hairy bush.


“Do you like what you see?” Don asked.


The young kid had never seen a man’s cock like this before. He had seen his daddy’s cock, but it was never sticking out like this and was not nearly as long as this man’s cock.


Don got onto the bed beside the young boy and made him lay flat on his back. Then he started to kiss the boy’s lips then his neck and worked his way down to Bobby’s chest. He licked the boy’s undeveloped nipples and tried to bite them between his teeth. The young kid squealed as Don bit his chest while attempting to get the tiny nipples between his teeth.


Then the man continued to kiss the squirming boy’s body. He held the boy firmly in place with his hands as he kissed down the kid’s chest and belly until he reached the boy’s belly button. Once there, he started to lick the little hole. His tongue felt wet and warm on the frightened boy’s skin. Poor little Bobby, he did not know what to do. He could not move as Don’s hands pressed him firmly into the mattress. Don’s mouth moved down until it reached the kid’s pee-pee. Don opened his mouth and engulfed the tiny little cock and the tight scrotum. Then he began to suck on that mouthful.


Bobby squealed and gurgled as he began to feel good. The warmth of the man’s mouth around his pee-pee was lovely, and the feeling he was getting as the man sucked was anything but nasty. Bobby was enjoying this part, although he still wished he were home with his mother.


Don sucked and licked the boy’s cock for more than fifteen minutes. He sucked hard on the little cock head. He licked up and down the shaft and, as he did so, the young kid’s little pecker grew hard until it was sticking straight out from his body like a tiny stick. It was now one and a half inches long.


“Yeah, little man, you love Uncle Don licking and sucking your pee-pee,” Don said to the boy. “Okay,” he went on, “turn on your tummy. I’m going to make you feel even happier.”


As Don spoke, he turned the boy over so that he was now lying face down on the bed. Then he pulled the little boy’s legs apart, placed his hands on the kid’s buttocks, and pulled them apart. For the first time, Don could see the boy’s lovely asshole. It was a pinkish brown, and the lips were tightly closed. Don bent over the young boy, poked his tongue out, and started to lick the rim of the kid’s anus. Bobby shivered as he felt the warm tongue licking the crack of his asshole and the lips of his anus. The boy was enjoying this; it did feel terrific. Don tried to push his tongue into the boy’s hole, but the sphincter kept the gate to that secret place firmly shut.


Don licked the little finger of his left hand to get it well and truly wet. Then he pushed it against the boy’s shit hole and pressed down hard. Bobby’s sphincter had no hope against the strength of a grown man. It relaxed and opened as the tip of Don’s finger entered the boy’s tiny hole. For a moment, there was no reaction from Bobby, and then the boy felt pain. He screamed as Don pushed his little finger further up the kid’s sweet hole.


“Don’t worry, Bobby,” Don whispered, “you’ll soon get used to this. Your asshole will stretch nicely, and soon you’ll feel good.”


For five minutes, Don fucked the boy’s asshole with his little finger. Bobby was no longer screaming, but he was crying as his shit hole got used to the intruder. Don removed his little finger and then started to lick the boy’s hole once more. This time, when he poked his tongue against the tiny opening, it entered the kid’s body. Don began to lick the inside of the boy’s sweet hole. He loved the taste of a young kid’s ass, pure and unspoiled with just a hint of young boy shit.


As he slurped and licked and got the boy’s asshole nice and wet, young Bobby stopped crying once more. He started to enjoy the feel of the man’s hot tongue inside his body, which felt delightful, almost as good as when Uncle Don had been sucking and licking his little pee-pee. The boy gurgled with pleasure, and his tiny cock grew stiff.


Don put his hand underneath the kid’s body until he was able to feel his little hard pecker. Then, as he continued to lick and suck on the boy’s asshole, he fondled the kid’s stiff little pee-pee with his hand. Don was having the time of his life.


He now licked his large middle finger and got it nicely wet and then he pressed it against the boy’s asshole. As it entered, Bobby screamed and shrieked. Don continued to push his finger up the boy’s love channel, totally ignoring the kid’s cries and pleas.




Don kept pushing until his long middle finger would go no further. It was buried inside the boy with his hand pressed hard into the kid’s buttocks. Poor Bobby had never felt pain like this. Hot tears ran down the cheeks of his face as he screamed and shrieked without pause. Don kissed the screaming boy’s shoulders and then began to pull his finger out of Bobby’s ass before shoving it back in again. He now started to finger fuck the boy once more as he continued to fondle the kid’s now soft cock. He would pull his finger out of young Bobby’s body until only the tip of the nail was left in. Then he would drive the whole thing back in again.


“Don’t worry, little lover,” he said to the screaming boy. “You think this hurts? You ain’t felt anything yet.”


As he continued to finger fuck the little boy, he told him what was to happen next.


“When I take this finger out of your poop hole I’m going to put my cock inside you.”


As the screaming boy heard these words, his body began to shiver and tremble, but Don did not care.


“I’m going to fuck that ass of yours, my darling. My big cock will go in and out of you just like this finger, but it’ll be much better because it will shoot some lovely cream inside you at the end. I’m trying to give you my baby. That’s why I’m fucking you.”


Don pulled his finger from the boy’s asshole. He looked long and lovingly at those puckered little pinkish-brown lips and then bent his head over the young boy's small hole. He kissed the puckered lips and then licked the boy’s asshole once more. He stuck his tongue up the tight shit channel and started to lick the inside of the boy’s asshole. He wanted to get it nice and moist for when his cock entered his young victim. He ceased his attention to Bobby’s rectum.


“Some boy lovers are very cruel, my darling. They put grease on their cocks so that their young sweethearts cannot feel the exquisite pleasure of a man’s hard cock entering their body. I’m not like that, my darling. I’m going to fuck you with just my saliva to ease the way. This way, you will feel every moment of my entry. Don’t worry, kid. You’ll scream a lot but remember you’re bringing me a lot of pleasure. That must make you feel good knowing that you’re making Uncle Don feel so happy.”


Bobby could not have cared less about making Uncle Don feel happy. All he wanted was to go home. He might enjoy Don licking and sucking his pee-pee and also his tightly puckered asshole. He most certainly did not like it when the man poked his fingers inside his body. He waited with trepidation for the man to start fucking him with that great big cock. Poor Bobby began to cry loudly in fear, wishing that he was safely at home.


Don knelt between the boy’s wide-open legs. He leaned his body over that of the kid until his hard seven-inch cock was touching the opening to the boy’s magnificent love channel. Don began to drool at the thought of what he was about to do. He would fuck this kid as hard as he could and the more the boy screamed, the harder he would fuck him. God, he was sure that the boy’s tight asshole would give him the thrill of his life.


He pressed the weight of his body down on his cock. His one-inch-thick cock began to force the lips of the boy’s pussy apart. As that massive cock head entered him, stretching his rectum to the breaking point, poor Bobby began to scream and shriek. He had never experienced pain like this before. Don continued to press hard, and his cock slowly began to force its way up the boy’s intestines.


‘God,’ Don thought to himself, ‘this kid’s asshole is so tight that it’s like a vice gripping my cock. Shit, it feels so wonderful it is like nothing else in the world.’


As he thought these things, he continued to force his cock relentlessly up the shrieking boy’s dick ditch.




Don had more than five-inches of his hard cock up the boy. There was no fucking way that he was going to stop now.


“Fuck off, darling,” he replied to the screaming boy, “I’ve not started to fuck you yet. Shit, my sweet little dove, you have such a tight pussy. I’ll have to fuck you a lot more times before I let you go.”


All the time that he spoke, Don was forcing his cock up the boy’s insides. Now he had his whole seven-inch cock up young Bobby’s dick ditch. His big balls were pressed hard into the cheeks of the kid’s ass as his cock was buried to the hilt. Now that he was inside the boy and could go no further, Don rested on top of the kid.


Through the intense pain that he was feeling, Bobby could feel the man’s bush against the tender skin of his ass and the man’s big balls pressing into his flesh.


“Hey, lover, doesn’t that feel good” he purred to the crying boy. “I bet that you have never had such a lovely day before. Uncle Don’s cock up your pussy must feel great. Now, I’m going to make you feel even better because I’m going to fuck the ass hard, darling. This is what a good fucking is all about.”


With that, Don pulled his cock partway out of the boy’s dick ditch and then thrust it all the way back. Without a pause, he withdrew a little further and then shoved it back up again. Out he came again, this time a lot further. Then thrusting back into the hilt he groaned and moaned with pleasure. The boy’s tight velvet intestines gripping his cock were like magic. He could feel the channel pulsating around his probing cock as the young boy breathed heavily.


‘How could any man prefer fucking a girl to a boy?’ he wondered. ‘No girl could give such pleasure,’ he thought to himself.


He now pulled his cock from the boy’s body, leaving just the cock head inside the young kid. He waited a moment and then drove it all the way back in again.


As he drove in he shouted, “Argh, this feels so fucking good,” while the unfortunate victim of his rape shrieked, “STOP, MISTER! YOU’RE HURTING ME! PLEASE, STOP! I WANT MY MOMMY!”


As he pulled out of the boy once more, Don laughed.


“You want your mommy, cunt. Well, you can’t have her. You’ve got me instead, you ungrateful little bastard. You should be telling me how much you love me, not asking for your mommy.”


This time Don pulled his cock completely out of the boy. He looked down at Bobby’s asshole and saw that it was gaping wide open and a steady trickle of blood was seeping out.


“Now for the real business,” he grunted to the boy. “Now, you little fucker, you’ll find out how it feels to be fucked by a man.”


He drove the whole seven inches of his cock up the boy, pulled it straight back out and drove up the kid again. In and out he went, thrusting his cock unrelentingly into the tight asshole. Sweat poured from his body and soaked the boy beneath him as he fucked the young lad unmercifully. He was thrusting in and pulling out like greased lightning as the boy screamed incessantly. In and out, in and out, there was no way of stopping him. Then Don’s body tensed and tightened. The boy felt the man’s cock in his body swelling and throbbing.


“ARGH…I’M CUMMING…OH, YES…I’M CUMMING!” the man shouted as he started to shoot his hot sperm into the boy’s bowels. “Oh, this feels so good,” Don groaned as he pulled part of the way out of the boy.


Then he thrust back in shooting more of his cock juice into the sweet boy as he did so.


“Fucking hell, kid, you’re such a lovely tight cunt,” Don said to the crying boy as he shot more of his cum into the kid. This last ejaculation emptied his balls. He lay on top of the kid as he recovered his equilibrium. After a few minutes, he pulled right out of the sobbing little lad and just lay on top of the kid.


Then he roused himself and said to the boy, “Stop that fucking noise, cunt or I’ll give you something to really cry about. Now, I’m going to lie on my back, and you are to sit on my face with your bum right over my mouth.”


The boy stopped his sobbing as he tried to comprehend the man’s words. Don in the meanwhile turned and lay with his face to the ceiling. He pulled the boy towards him, and Bobby crawled over Don’s body and positioned himself so that he was sitting with his ass over the man’s mouth. As the boy got into position, Don had opened his mouth wide. He put his hands around the kid’s waist and began to fondle and play with the boy’s soft little prick. Then he started to suck on the asshole that was pressed tight against his open mouth.


As he sucked, the creamy cum that he had placed in the boy’s body came rushing out and into his mouth. It was not only cum that came out. Blood from the boy’s torn intestines together with a smattering of shit also flowed into the greedy mouth of the man. He sucked and slurped as he played with the kid’s little cock. Don was in seventh heaven as he enjoyed the feel of the boy’s buttocks on his face. He loved the taste of the shit and bloody sperm that he was sucking from the boy. He was overjoyed as he felt the kid’s cock stiffen under his hands. Despite all the pain, young Bobby was once again enjoying the attention of his Uncle Don. At last, Don had sucked the last drop of juice from the boy. He pushed the kid off him and sat up on the bed.


Looking down at the boy he announced, “I’m going to give you a rest now, you little fucking fag. When I’m ready, I want you on your knees begging me to fuck your cunt. If you don’t obey, I shall fucking whip you until you do. From now on, until I let you go back to your mommy, I shall fuck you up your asshole and down your throat. I shall whip you and beat you until I fuck you again. Make sure that when I return you are on your knees, ready to beg me to fuck you again.”


With that, Don left the room, locking the door behind him. Of course, he had no intention of returning the boy to his mother. He would extend his break from work so that he could have a longer time with the boy. When he had finished, he would kill the little fucker while fucking him for a final time. He knew how to dispose of the body in the forest so that no remains would ever be found. After all, this was the fifth boy that he had killed in this cabin, so he knew exactly what to do.


He smacked his lips together as he thought about the wonderful time ahead. Each day, he would get rougher with the little fucker. By the end, he should even be able to fist fuck the little brat. And so, with those pleasant thoughts in his head, Don set about preparing a nice meal for himself and the boy. After all, he did not want the little bastard to die of hunger or thirst. No, he’d feed the fucker and then give him a good whipping before retiring to bed.


‘Yes, life was so good when you had a nice young boy for company,’ he thought to himself.