The Abduction of Sammy

Mb, anal, rape
A palimpsest based on a poem by Hamilcar IV

Sammy cut through the park
Just as it was getting dark.
He was late from class,
A lovely tight ass.

He was young, only eight,
And knew it was getting late.
Dad would surely bawl him out,
Point his finger and maybe shout.

"I wish I hadn't stayed so long
I'm pretty sure it was wrong."
The dark shadows of the trees
Made Sammy feel ill at ease.

On a bench, beneath an oak,
Sat a horny, well-hung bloke.
He watched Sammy as he drew near.
He watched him with a lecherous leer.

A pedophile, through and through,
He was looking for a boy to screw.
As our hero passed his way,
He swooped and took the child away.

Sammy kicked and scratched and bit.
He was a feisty little shit.
This ugly, nasty boogeyman
Dragged poor Sammy to his van.

He tied Sammy up real tight.
So Sammy could no longer fight.
His mouth was filled with a gag.
His head was covered with a bag.

Then they took a long, long ride,
While poor Sammy cried and cried.
He stopped and carried him to a shed
And there he laid Sammy on a bed.

Stripped completely bare.
The youngster was extremely fair.
His hands tied above his head.
His legs tied and widely spread.

The man caressed Sammy’s slender thighs
And pulled the bag from his eyes.
The blinding light made him blink
As the man fingered his juicy pink.

Seven men with big, long dicks,
Were slowly stroking their hard pricks.
As one man released Sammy’s gag
He felt the mattress start to sag.

He looked at the man between his knees
And said, "Don't do it to me. Please."
The little boy had never fucked
So his cherry was still unplucked.

But a virgin is no protection,
Against a man with a hard erection.
One quick thrust did the trick
As Sammy's ass took his prick.

He fucked the boy for quite a while.
And soon the boy gave him a smile.
But when his balls did explode,
He filled the boy with a milky load.


Another man took his place.
And stroked the boy at a faster pace.
This guy knew how to move his rod.
And all too soon he blew his wad.


His cock pumped his heavy load,
Til Sammy's ass overflowed.
Now his crack was so super slick
He barely felt the third man's prick.


The fourth man was the biggest yet.
And he would surely make him sweat.
He was the well-hung man,
The one who forced him into his van.


For his abductor, he raised his butt
As soon as his cock cracked his nut.
And as the man’s monster stretched his lips,
Sammy wiggled and moved his hips.


He moaned and sighed and sweat a lot,
As he moved deeper into the boy’s slot.
It was obvious, Sammy had lots of pluck.
As he savored each delicious fuck.


When the seventh man had creamed his boy-cunt,
Sammy was a happy, well-fucked runt.
So they untied Sammy from the bed
And taught him how to give good head.


They petted him to calm his fear.
And fed him a pizza with cold beer.
And Sammy thought it was awful nice
When five of the guys bonked him twice.


But then it was late at night,
So, the well-hung man tied Sammy tight.
And with sperm leaking from his crack,
In his van, he drove Sammy back.


Although Sammy’s ass was a little sore,
He would have liked to stay for more.
He fell asleep there in the dark
And when He woke, He was in the park.


All the rope had been untied.
His father was at his side.
Dad led Sammy down the path
And took Sammy home for a bath.


Dad scrubbed Sammy everyplace,
Til Sammy's body showed not a trace.
The police were never called or told,
And Daddy kissed but didn't scold.


The next day Sammy saw that van.
His Daddy was with the well-hung man.
Sammy thought it was kind of funny
When the man gave Daddy a wad of money.


The landlord came, and he got paid.
Now Sammy knew why he got laid.
The night He had just spent,
Helped Daddy to pay the rent.