The ABC Club

(MmBb) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (humil, spank, viol) (nc) (best, inc)

FUCK YOU, MAN. I don’t give a shit what you think. I know fucking old men homo queers like you will say or do anything to get into my cargo pants and get a taste of my teenage salami so why the fuck should I give a shit what you think about anything.

So, Cocksucker, if you don't like my attitude then stop reading this fucking letter right now. Do you think it’s easy for me to write this? I don't write so good, but that's because I am busy doing real things in the real world rather than sitting at some fucking computer jerking my dick and reading about little boys taking it up the ass. You perverted old men pieces of cunt slime! Oh, pardon me, not even cunt slime because you are faggots. So that would be shit on your dick's right? Or on your lips. Ha, ha.


I'm only sixteen, and I already fucked two hundred and twenty girls. I fucked nine girls pregnant. The youngest cunt I fucked was six, and the oldest was Angelo's mama. Oh my, she was sweet. I've plowed my big teenage dick into three female teachers at school you wonder why I got those good grades, huh, sucker? And I also let two male teachers swing on my big prick and suck my ass not to mention I fucked their asses. And one of them was Coach Hardy, can you believe that?


But, that's not why I am writing this. I am here to write about the club me, and my buddies started. It's a very secret private club, but oooh baby so much fun. This is the not Twat Fucking Club, which I also belong to. Now I know your old men dicks are hard and dripping wondering what the Twat Fucking Club is and what a sixteen-year-old boy does in that club. Okay, okay, stop leaking all over the floor. The Twat Fucking Club is just an ordinary club like guys have in high schools all over the country. We meet with each other and get high and drunk and shit, and talk about the girls we've fucked. We compare notes. We share pics if we have them. We got this pool, not a swimming pool, Cumwad.


Although, I know you hang around pools to watch little boys change into their suits, right? Or to catch a glimpse of some teenage stud fuckmeat like mine? Right? I know that because sometimes when I need some cash, I'll let a faggot look at my dick if he pays me. If he pays enough, he can even lick it. I'm sixteen, and I got almost nine inches. I know most of you old faggot farts got about four.


Anyway, shit for brains, about the pool. This is a gambling pool you know we put money in the kitty and then whoever wins gets the pile of cash. Wins what? Hold on, I'm getting to that. We have games — like contests. You know, like "who can fuck the youngest cunt?" I thought sure I would win that one with six-year-old Lucy Alverez, but I didn't. That fucking Angelo did. He's got no fucking morals at all.


Contests like "who can get a virgin bitch pregnant first?" or "who can seduce the new cunt teacher?"


Even dumb shit like "who can jerk off and shoot their load the furthest?" or “who can crap the longest turd?"


You know, just an ordinary average teenage boy club, but that's not the club I wanted to tell you about.


I wanted to tell you about the ABC Club. The ABC Club Rules! What is it? Well, a bunch of my buddies and me really hate our little brothers. You know — those stinking assholes who are always hanging around ruining our good times and how they say stuff they shouldn't like you fucked some twat in your bedroom and they talk about it at school, so your girlfriend finds out? Shit like that.


Or the little bastards get you in trouble with your parents over stupid shit like you have some drugs stashed in your room. Well, a bunch of us formed this club, the ABC Club. What does it mean? Simple, Fuckface. It means, "Abuse your Brother Club." That's right. We play nasty — really nasty — tricks and games with our little brothers. We do sick perverted things to them, to our own brothers and to each other’s' brothers too. We take pics and sometimes we even sell them for extra cash to perverts like you. Since most of us are between fourteen and eighteen, our little brothers are mostly between nine and twelve. Some guys got even younger brothers like if their mama fucks and gets pregnant and the kid is only like five or six even though he has a teenage brother. Some mothers can't get enough dick. I got three middle-aged scags I pump the prick to three or four times a week. Horny, lonely, middle-aged women love big, fat, teenage cock! You know it. I make them pay for it too. So here are some of the rules of the ABC Club.

  1. Make your little brother worship your cock! Make him lick it and suck it, and also suck the cocks of any other club members. Make him treat your cock like it was a god. Make him wash it for you and hold it when you pee. Some nights make him sleep with your cock in his mouth all night;
  2. If he does not show enough respect to you or your cock or your buddies, beat the little fucker until he bleeds. Whip his small, pale, baby ass with a nice, thick belt. If he's old enough and his nuts have fallen beat his nuts;
  3. Make him go out and suck cock or take it up the ass to make some cash for you. Require him to earn two hundred dollars a week for the Club. He is only allowed to earn it sucking cock or taking it up the ass.
  4. Make him drink your piss and eat your shit. Put the little Cuntass in his place;
  5. When your parents are not home, those of you who even have fucking parents, make him stay bare-assed at all times. Let your girlfriends and all your buddies see him that way.
  6. Beat the shit out of him every other day. Every club member's little brother must have serious black and blue bruises at all times;
  7. Make him put on kinky homosexual shows at the clubhouse with the little brothers of other club members. Each member's brother must create a show one Saturday a month if the show does not meet the standard of the club, for example, it’s not dirty enough, the little brother and the club member will both be punished;
  8. Each week there will be a Gross Out Contest. The winner is the club member who makes his little brother do the most disgusting, gross thing. (For example, last week I won because I made my ten-year-old brother suck clean a bunch of dirty, blood-soaked Kotex pads I got from a women's toilet.) We laugh and beat off watching our little brother's cry and stuff;
  9. Once a year, you have to break one of your little brother's bones. A finger or toe, or even an arm or leg He will say he did it playing sports, but it will be done at the clubhouse in front of the other club members. Before he is taken to the doctor to have the bone set, the little brother will suck off or be fucked by every single club member. (We have this faggot spic doctor who does repairs for us cheap or even free if we fuck him or let him suck our big teen dicks);
  10. You will brand ABC on your little brother's ass cheek with a red-hot branding iron;
  11. You will force your little brother to do sex shows with animals for the club members — dogs, horses, pigs, goats, whatever the club can procure;
  12. At home, your little brother will sleep on the floor (when he's not sleeping with your cock in his mouth or up his ass);
  13. Your little brother must keep a big rubber dildo up his ass all day equal in length and circumference to his age;
  14. He will do all your household chores for you. He will clean the toilet at home at the clubhouse and the toilets at school with his mouth;
  15. He will wear the official club pin pinned to his nipple, to school every day and to all club meetings;
  16. On the third Saturday of every month, the club will hold a pain contest any member may enter his brother. The member whose brother can stand the greatest amount of pain will win the cash prize;
  17. Each little brother will be given a new official name by which he will be called by the entire membership of the club. Some typical names are Assface, Cuntmouth, Peanut Dick, Fuckhole, Cockhole, and Cumdump. (My little ten-year-old brother's name is Cockhole. I had it printed on a teen shirt and make him wear it to the mall and stuff.

So, you old fucking perverts what do you think of our club? Now, I bet you'd love some nice juicy pics of us abusing our little brothers, wouldn't you? Well, if you send me an email, I just might come across with some for you. Is your faggot dick hard now?


My thick, long, sixteen-year-old, teenage nine incher is throbbing and leaking. I gotta stop writing this and go over to my current girlfriend's house and throw a fuck into her. She's on the rag, so I'll have to fuck her ass, but who cares? A hole is a hole.


Shit, if I met you on the street or at one of those fucking faggot bars I might even take pity on your pathetic life and throw a fuck into your flabby ass. You'd; like that, huh? Hot, little, teen stud with a big dick ramming it up your ass making you crawl around on all fours for him taking a piss in your face. How much would you pay to have a sixteen-year-old stud take a piss in your face?


How the fuck can you be so fucking sick? Just like my fucking little brother. Is a fucking sixteen-year-old cock really that important to you? Jesus, you faggots make me sick. I'll bet you'd gladly suck my ass too, wouldn't you? Stick your faggot face right in my nice, deep, warm, moist ass crack and lick across my shit hole. I make my girlfriends do that. They hate it, but I fucking love it. I make my little brother do it too. All the fucking time. How about you, Faggot? You want to suck my teenage ass? Does teenage ass get you going get you all hot and bothered? Does it get your dick dripping? WELL, FUCK YOU! YOU AIN'T GETTING IT!